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Windsor Family Season 5 Fall

George Windsor—Elder male family sim
Aries personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 8, Active 6, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—have 6 grandchildren

Andrew Windsor—Adult male fortune sim
Aquarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Lazy 4, Playful 7, Nice 6
Lifetime want—become chief of staff

Elizabeth Windsor—Adult female family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—reach top of education career

Philip Windsor—Teen male pleasure sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 2, Shy 3, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 4
Lifetime want—fifty dream dates

James Windsor—Child male sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 2

Edward Windsor—Toddler male sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 1

Season 5—Fall

Elizabeth was definitely pregnant again. She was getting bigger than she ever remembered getting with any of her boys. Perhaps she would get the daughter that she wanted after all.

Rubbing her tummy as she watched Edward sleep, she knew that it was all worth it. Children could be difficult at times and pregnancy was definitely unpleasant, but having such a strong and wonderful family was definitely satisfying.

It was time for James’ thirteenth birthday party. It seemed like just yesterday that he was born. The Windsors had to throw a huge birthday bash. They invited everyone they knew: the Turners, the Sinclairs, and the Corys.

Everyone cheered as James blew out the candles and officially became a teen. Elizabeth marveled as she looked at him. The baby she had once found so ugly was now a teen, and he wasn’t that bad looking at all.

James chose his aspiration in life and his lifetime want. He wanted to be popular. He wanted to be so popular that everyone in Emerald Isle knew his name. He decided the best way to accomplish that would be to own 5 top level businesses.

The party was a great time. People enjoyed cake and dancing as everyone got to know their neighbors a little bit better.

The party ended up a good time. Philip even made up with his brother. He had resented James ever since his parents had forgotten Philip’s thirteenth birthday because they were caring for James. Philip was old enough and mature enough now, he understood. His parents loved them all, but toddlers required a lot of time and work. It was so hard for the family to balance it all. James wasn’t a very nice brother, but that was no reason to hate him. He was family after all, so he decided to let his grudge go. Hating someone got in the way of having fun anyway.

With his new outlook, Philip even began helping his parents out with his brothers. He still wasn’t a family sim. Potty training was not any fun, but he wasn’t opposed to giving his parents an occasional break.

In the next few days, Andrew was promoted to Medical Researcher. Elizabeth wanted a promotion very badly, but she was on maternity leave yet again. She always used her maternity leaves to work on her skills, but a small part of her wished that she could still go to work. She knew that she could fly through the promotions so much faster if she wasn’t constantly pregnant.

It was time for another birthday party. With so many children in the house, it felt like someone was constantly having a birthday. Elizabeth was due any day, but she wasn’t going to let that spoil her Edward’s fifth birthday party. She’d made the mistake of not throwing a birthday party for Philip one year. She would not make that mistake again with Edward. All of the guests were invited, and she showed them into the house. As she made her way to follow, Elizabeth felt a sudden contraction.

“Oh no,” she whispered. That wasn’t good. She was not going to ruin Edward’s party.

Andrew noticed her pain and rushed to take her to the hospital, but Elizabeth refused. She was not leaving the party. She’d been through this enough, and her husband was a great doctor. She could give birth without a hospital.

The delivery was actually quite quick and easy. Victoria Windsor was born on the lawn at her brother’s birthday party. All of the guests rushed out in shock when Andrew announced that they had a new baby girl.

“I can’t believe she wouldn’t leave the party! That’s dedication,” one guest said.

“She had the little baby girl on the lawn, wow!” another said.

“Where’s the other baby!” Grandpa George demanded once again.

“I told you, Dad. The odds of having twins are very low. We already have 3 boys. We just wanted to have a little girl,” Andrew explained.

“Should we go blow out the candles on Edward’s cake?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, this is certainly a roof raiser party. Who ever heard of a more exciting time?” Alyssa Cory commented. She had thought that her mom was the party girl. This took things to a whole new level.

James offered to hold his brother and carry him to the cake. He didn’t think that it was a very good idea for his mother to be carrying around a toddler, considering that she had just given birth.

Edward leaned down and blew out the candles with his big brother’s help. He was finally a child. The party ended up another good time despite the excitement.

With all of the children running around the house, Andrew was spending all of his time at the hospital. He loved his kids, but he just didn’t have the patience with them that Elizabeth and George did. He was much more comfortable at work. His time away from home paid off as he was finally promoted to Chief of Staff. That had always been his lifelong dream, and he couldn’t imagine being any happier. He didn’t really want anything else out of life.

Career success was contagious. Elizabeth was promoted to University Guest Lecturer. She missed being with the younger children, but she knew that she was on the right path. She could be a principal and maybe even Minister of Education someday.

Philip was also starting to get a feel for what he might want to do as a career someday, but he didn’t dare share his feelings with his family. He starred in the school play, “Our Sim Town.” It was fun and he loved acting. The applause from the audience was amazing. Philip started to develop an itch to go into show business, but he knew his parents wouldn’t approve. So, he didn’t tell anyone except his girlfriend, Amaya.

Elizabeth started Edward down the right path to a good career someday. She taught him how to do homework. Having a teacher for a mother was definitely a help, and Edward learned very quickly.

With Andrew spending all of his time at the hospital, Elizabeth helping Edward learn for school, and Philip sneaking off to play practice; James was stuck with baby care duties. He even had to change Victoria’s diapers. Normally Grandpa George loved being in charge of child care, but even he needed an occasional break.

All of the promotions gave the family enough money that they were finally able to purchase a mostly frivolous item, a pool table. It was fun and a good place to socialize. Both Philip and James enjoyed it, and they finally became friends as they played.

The next day, the weirdest thing happened. George was looking out the window in his room when he saw a van pull up outside their house. A woman got out and was carrying a small little girl. He was too far away to see their faces, but George was certain that the woman was a social worker.

George rushed down the stairs and opened the front door. What he saw shocked him. The woman had just left the little girl on the yard. She hadn’t even rung the door bell. The little girl was crawling all alone towards the door, but if George hadn’t happened to have been looking out the window, the poor child might have starved to death or frozen before someone found her.

George scooped the toddler up in his arms, perplexed. As he looked into the adorable face and beautiful dark eyes, George recognized her. It was his granddaughter, Sophie. George had never met her, but he’d seen pictures. George’s son, Frederick, was the ruler of Arbordale. He’d been so proud of Frederick when he’d chosen to go into politics. The recent pictures of his growing family had made George so happy. Something horrible must have happened to Frederick for the social worker to just drop Sophie off on the lawn like that. He was certain; Frederick and his wife were dead. George only hoped that his other granddaughter, Lily, was okay. Lily was just a baby. But at least Sophie was safe with her grandfather. She seemed happy as he held her.

Sophie Windsor—female toddler sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7

Sophie was a Windsor, and she was George’s granddaughter. She would be a part of this family. George was certain that Andrew and Elizabeth would raiser her as their own.

George took her inside and began to teach her to talk. He knew that they didn’t even speak Simlish in Arbordale, so it was going to be a difficult task. He tried teaching her bottle, teddy, and to say Sophie with no luck. Then he said “Grandpa” and she said “Grandpa!” Tears came to his eyes. He was so proud of his fifth grandchild.

It was always time for a birthday at the Windsor house. This time, it was time for Victoria to become a toddler. As always, Elizabeth sent invitations to everyone on Emerald Isle. Before long, guests were arriving, ready to have a good time.

Andrew brought Victoria to the cake as everyone cheered. Right before their eyes, she became a toddler.

Victoria Windsor—female toddler sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 3, Active 9, Playful 7, Nice 6

The party was a roof raiser, just like all of the Windsor birthday parties. This one was particularly fun with all of the children there to play.

Philip loved his new little sisters. He didn’t mind occasionally helping out with Sophie and Victoria as he had with Edward, but the house was starting to feel very crowded. Philip wasn’t really that into children. He didn’t like hanging out at home much anymore. He spent most of his time on outings downtown with his friends or on dates with Amaya.

While on a date one night, Amaya told Philip, “This has been really fun, Philip. I’ve really enjoyed being your girlfriend. Thanks for a great time these last few years.”

“What do you mean enjoyed? What are you saying, Amaya?” Philip was confused, and afraid. He loved Amaya. He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He knew that she was into romance, but surely he’d done enough to romance her. He took her on dates every single night.

“I’m graduating, Philip. I’m going away to college, Academie Le Tour, I’ve decided. I’ve really enjoyed being your girlfriend, but that’s not really going to be possible anymore once I go off to college.”

Philip somehow managed not to break into tears. He knew that Amaya was older than him. She was closer to Will’s age. He should have realized that she was going to be graduating off into the world soon. Still, it was breaking his heart. Amaya was fun, and she enjoyed dating as much as he did. He didn’t want to give up his nightly dream date. How was he ever going to go on without her?

He dropped Amaya off at her house and drove home. He agreed to help his Grandfather tuck in his little sisters, and then Edward wanted him to play with him. Philip did, but all he could think about was Amaya. He didn’t want to lose her.

Secretly, Philip went to his father’s office and used his computer to research Academie Le Tour’s admittance requirements. He was surprised to learn that he already qualified for admission. He even qualified for a lot of scholarships. They didn’t require you to graduate from high school if you had enough skills, which Philip did.

Philip made up his mind. He was going to Academie Le Tour right away. He wasn’t going to lose Amaya. He had to convince his family to let him go, though. He started with Grandpa George. He would be the easiest to convince.

“Grandpa George, I’ve been thinking. You know how you always said I should go into politics. Well, I think you’re right. I want to go to college so that I can get a head start on a politics career. Do you think you could talk Mom and Dad into letting me go to Academie Le Tour now?”

His plan worked. Grandpa George was ecstatic and offered to pay for the whole thing if needed. He easily convinced Andrew and Elizabeth to let Philip go. With that, he was off to join Amaya at Academie Le Tour.

Still, life went on in the Windsor home. The toddlers didn’t pause in their needs as the adults said goodbye. George would miss Philip, but he was so proud of him now. He consoled himself by teaching Victoria how to walk. He still had plenty of grandchildren to raise.

Season Recap

1. The children are all growing up. James became a teen, and Edward became a toddler.

2. Elizabeth gave birth to Victoria, who is now a toddler. The Windsors adopted Sophie, giving George his fifth grandchild.

3. Andrew became Chief of Staff, reaching the top of the medical field, and achieving his lifetime want.

4. Elizabeth is a University Guest Lecturer. She’s working her way towards the top of her career; although, it’s slow going with all of the maternity leaves.

5. Philip left for college with his girlfriend, Amaya. Philip has scholarships for all skills, an A report card, and dancing skills. Philip and Amaya had 14 dream dates as teens. His lifetime want is to have 50 dream dates.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 71

Top of career +1

New sims +2

New non-money points 74

Money points

Turner 177,363

Sinclair 75,775

Cory 52,910

Windsor 67,691

Total Neighborhood Money 373,739 simoleons

Money Points 4

Current Total Points 78

Author’s Notes

I have no idea why Elizabeth didn’t have twins. She ate nothing but cheesecake before she got pregnant. I’ve fed this woman so much cheesecake, she should have 3 sets of twins by now. I’m going to chalk it up to a game glitch. In any case, their natural children aren’t turning out so good looking, so I decided to let them adopt the last 2 anyway. George wants 6 grandchildren as his lifetime want. I’ve come this far, I am getting those points!

I’m allowing myself to create a custom adoption pool, similar to creating custom townies. I’m rolling their personalities at random, but I want pretty children to adopt. It makes it more interesting for me. Sophie is so beautiful, isn’t she? I’m so excited to play her!

I can’t decide if I want to reroll James’ aspiration when he is in college. I don’t really like playing businesses, and 5 top level businesses seems horribly boring. Still, it might encourage me to learn a new aspect of the game I don’t normally play. What do you think?

All of the Windsor children are ending up Sagittarius. Philip was rolled Sagittarius to start the challenge. All 3 natural Windsor children were born Sagittarius. This is so weird to me. At least Victoria was born nice. Finally, my first nice gen 2 sim. I did reroll the dice in CAS several times before she was born. But, besides the nice, she is pretty similar to her brothers.

Philip and James are both learning skills way too fast. Philip had all skills at 8, except 10 body and 10 charisma. I decided to go ahead and let him go to college ahead of his peers, or I wouldn’t have anything for him to do as an adult. Plus, I needed the space in the house for the sixth grandchild. James is pretty close to maxing all of his skills, too. He has 8 cooking, 8 mechanical, 9 charisma, 7 body, 5 body, 8 creativity, 8 cleaning.

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The Cory Family Season 5

Note: All pictures are now clickable!

Cameron Sinclair—Adult male romance sim
Aquarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Lazy 4, Fun 7, Nice 6
Lifetime want—become professional party guest—Achieved

Amanda Cory—Adult female popularity sim
Aries personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 8, Active 6, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—have 20 simultaneous best friends

Alyssa Cory—Teen female family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 4, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—reach top of education career

Matthew Cory—Baby male sim

Season 5—Fall

Cameron Sinclair was finally comfortable with his role as a father. He didn’t mind holding Matthew or feeding him, even if he did still hate changing diapers. He kept telling himself that he wasn’t a family sim; he liked partying and fun. Yet, even Cameron couldn’t deny the smile that filled his face whenever he held his son.

It was good that Cameron enjoyed caring for Matthew, otherwise he might have ended up raised by nannies as Alyssa and Amanda both had been. Despite her best intentions to be there for her son, Amanda found it very difficult to balance work, her own goals of popularity, and family life. In an attempt to gain popularity while earning money, Amanda opened a small business. The business did allow her to multitask, but it meant that she was hardly ever home for her son. Luckily, Alyssa also enjoyed babysitting her little brother. Cameron always gave Matthew to her whenever his diaper needed to be changed.

Alyssa loved her little brother, and she made sure that he was loved and held enough as a baby. It had been years, but she still remembered what it had felt like as a toddler to go for days without interaction with anyone but her nanny. Things were going to be different for her brother, and things were going to be different in her future. One day she would be a good mother, the kind she had always wished that Amanda could have been for her. She also wanted to go into teaching. She could nurture the poor children that didn’t have anyone to love them. Alyssa had visited Academie Le Tour last year and had decided that she wanted to go to college. Therefore, Alyssa spent a lot of time developing her skills so that she could earn some scholarships. She tried to concentrate on the skills she knew that she would need as a teacher someday.

The final necessary step for fulfilling her dreams was finding the perfect man to be the father of her children. Alyssa knew that she loved George. He made her so happy. Still, she had reservations. He was a fortune sim. Alyssa worried that George would become too obsessed with money and neglect their children. It was odd, she supposed, for a teen to be worried about such things. She should just relax and enjoy his wonderful kisses, but a part of her still wondered if he was the right mate for her. Would he love her always? Would he be the great father she wanted for her future children? Only time would tell.

The little ones always seem to grow up so fast. Matthew was nearly a toddler. As was now typical for her, Amanda wanted to throw the most lavish party in an attempt to make up for the time she had been unable to spend with her son. Of course, everyone else realized that the party was more for Amanda than the baby, but she thought that giving her son the best birthday party ever would show him how much she loved him. Everything had to be just right. Amanda invited as many people as she could. She decided to host the event outdoors to accommodate the large number of invitees. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as the party opened with a killer party game.

“Cameron, go get the baby,” Amanda suggested. People were going to want to see him before he became a toddler.

Gary followed his brother up to Matthew’s bedroom. He watched in total surprise as Cameron spoke baby talk and cuddled the baby as he lifted him out of his crib. “I can’t believe it. My brother, responsible father,” Gary said. It seemed sarcastic, but Cameron detected the hint of pride in his voice.

“I want him to grow up knowing that he’s loved, not like we did,” Cameron explained. “The responsibility part is still scary, but . . . if you tell anyone, I’ll deny it, but . . . I really enjoy snuggling him. It makes me feel good to care for him.”

Gary nodded. He understood. He hadn’t made all of the right decisions raising Evan, but he definitely understood the joy of fatherhood. Cameron asked if Gary wanted to hold his nephew. Of course Gary did. He smiled as he held the baby in his arms. He’d forgotten what it was like when they were that little. With Regina pregnant, it wouldn’t be long before he would know what it was like to hold an infant of his own again. Gary was determined. He would do better for his next baby. It still stung his heart to know that Evan had thought that Gary didn’t love him.

“Come on, Gary. We’d bettered get downstairs before Amanda has a heart attack. I don’t want to be responsible for ruining the party by making the cake 10 minutes late!”

The party was nearly ruined as the rain started to fall. That was one disadvantage of an outdoor party. Amanda recovered quickly, though. She ushered everyone inside, even if the house was very crowded. The excitement returned to Amanda’s eyes when she saw Cameron and Gary coming downstairs with the baby. “Time for cake and ice cream, everyone!” she announced.

People began filing into the dining room. Evan stood close to Alyssa. She really had made him feel loved when he’d called that desperate night he’d nearly run away. Then her boyfriend, George, joined them. Evan couldn’t help but sneer at him. George was so beneath Alyssa. Sure, he acted all sweet around her, but Evan knew that George was a fortune sim that only cared about money. Evan had once even seen him stealing out of the register at Emerald Isle Grocery. George wasn’t the type of man that would make the good father that Evan knew that Alyssa wanted. His feelings were all muddled, because Evan knew that he was starting to fall in love with Alyssa. They had been best friends for as long he could remember, but teenage hormones and his recent break-up with the trashy Meadow Thayer changed those feelings he had for her into a crush. Evan knew that Alyssa was the type of sim he could trust to love him for the rest of his life. If only she weren’t dating George. Evan wasn’t the type to try to break them up, though. All he could do was watch his rival and sneer.

As everyone finally crammed into the dining room, it was time for Matthew to blow out the candles. Amanda had thought of everything, blowers and noise makers included. Of course, since Matthew was still way too little to blow out his own candles, Daddy helped.

Matthew was officially a toddler, and he was as cute as a button. Everyone cheered when they saw how adorable he looked. It was obvious that he took after his father in physical appearance. Both Cameron and Amanda had blond hair, but Matthew had Cameron’s angular jaw and the Sinclair family eyes.

In personality, though, Matthew definitely took after his mother. He was an Aries, like her.

Matthew Cory—Toddler male sim
Aries personality
Neat 7, Outgoing 8, Active 6, Serious 3, Grumpy 2

Cameron had hoped that Amanda would want to carry Matthew around with her to show him off to all of her friends, but she was too busy socializing to even think about her son. Cameron gave Matthew a snuggle. “It’s okay, Daddy’s got you,” Cameron whispered.

Matthew clung to his father. He loved his daddy so much.

Matthew started giggling. “Shew, is that you?” Cameron’s nose crinkled at the smell. His son would find it funny to make stinky at a party. He was relieved when Alyssa approached them and offered to take him.

George followed Alyssa as she carried her brother upstairs for a diaper change.

“I love you, Matthew. Sissy loves you,” she whispered as she hugged him.

George thought about his relationship with Alyssa as he watched her care for her brother. He definitely loved Alyssa. She had a great body and was a very fun date. Was she the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with? He was unsure. They were so young. He decided to set aside his worries and just enjoy the rest of the party. It ended up a roof raiser, as anyone would expect an Amanda Cory party to be.

Matthew’s time with his mother was still very limited.

Amanda was always busy working on her skills for promotions and making friends.

Still, Matthew enjoyed every moment he got with her. He loved both his mommy and daddy so much.

Amanda’s work at the paper was going well. She began to look around for new jobs and took a position as a Magazine Editor. It was definitely a step-up in the publishing world. With all that she had learned, it was not long before Amanda was finally a Media Magnate. She’d reached the top of the publishing career. Only Amanda could decide if the promotions were worth the time she’d lost with Matthew.

One wouldn’t normally think of Professional Party Guest as the ideal job for a father, but it was working out well for Cameron. He only had to leave the house for his parties on the weekend, so he could spend most of his time with his son. The money he made at the parties was more than enough to help support his family. He never would have thought it possible, but Cameron actually enjoyed staying home with his son. He taught Matthew to walk.

But, he made sure to make it fun for his son. He allowed plenty of time for play time, too. He didn’t want Matthew growing up obsessed with perfection and terrified of rejection for failure like his nephew, Evan, had.

Cameron was luckily enough to be around for Matthew’s first word, too. Amanda was at her business, working on making more friends and gaining notoriety, so she missed it. Cameron had really hoped that Matthew’s first word would be “Dada.” He’d been working on teaching his son that word for a while, but in the middle of play time one evening before bed, Matthew said “Teddy!” Cameron started. His son’s first word! Of course it would be teddy; Matthew loved falling asleep holding his teddy bear. Cameron smiled. There would be time to work on “Dada” later. He was happy to go grab Matthew’s bear for him.

With Alyssa around to help with potty training, Matthew was growing up well.

Amanda’s business was booming. One day Amanda insisted that they leave Matthew with a nanny so that both Alyssa and Cameron could help her with a super big sale day.

Alyssa pulled Cameron aside. “I need to talk to you, Cameron,” Alyssa began.

“I haven’t been cheating on your mom. I haven’t been with anyone else since I moved in!” Cameron said defensively.

“I know, Cam,” Alyssa said with a smile. “I just wanted to say that I was wrong about you. You’ve been a great father to my brother. I understand now why Evan said that you were so great. You may not be a family sim, but you really are good at heart. Thank you so much for making this the first time my brother’s had to stay with a nanny.” Cameron was shocked as Alyssa gave him a hug.

The income from Amanda’s business along with Amanda and Cameron’s top of career salaries were making things good for the Cory family. They finally had the money to finish the porch and to make some improvements in the kitchen. Alyssa went outside to begin greeting guests for Matthew’s fifth birthday party when she noticed that it was starting to snow. It was unusually early for snow, but that didn’t stop the heavy flakes from coming.

Regina helped out in the kitchen as they prepared the food for the party. It was time for another fabulous party.

Matthew’s fifth birthday party was the place to be. With a super popular mom and a professional party guest father, how could it be anything else? Everyone gathered around as Matthew blew out the candles on his cake.

Matthew spent some time getting to know his Uncle Gary. Gary even took him outside to teach him how to play catch.

While the party carried on inside. George made no attempt to keep his hands off of Alyssa in public. He didn’t like the way her friend, Evan, was looking at her. He wanted to make it clear, Alyssa was his.

Matthew’s party ended up a roof raiser. It was fun for everyone.

After the party, Amanda and Cameron took Matthew up to his room. He discovered that they had bought him a brand new bedroom complete with a big boy bed and toys. Matthew went to bed that night a very content little boy.

Season Recap

1. Matthew became a toddler and then a child with roof raiser birthday parties. Cameron taught Matthew to walk and talk. Alyssa potty trained Matthew.

2. Amanda was promoted to Media Magnate.

3. Amanda opened a business to have more time to spend making friends. She has 15 best friends and 4 more friends that will become best friends once the friendship ages. I’m getting close to the 20 best friends she wants.

4. Alyssa has 8 skill points in all skill except for body. She had several dream dates with George.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 70

Top of career +1

New non-money points 71

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 52,910 simoleons

Author’s Notes

I am so happy with the way that Matthew turned out. He was an adorable toddler. I’m just sad that the toddler years go so fast. He was soooo cute! He’s super neat, too. He started picking up the house right away after he became a child. Too bad he isn’t nice. I’ll have to have Cameron work on encouraging him.

I let Cameron keep his job as professional party guest while he worked on raising Matthew. I wanted to have him around so that I didn’t have to worry about nannies. I’ll probably let him start on his next career next season.

Getting 20 best friends is harder than getting 20 lovers. Honestly, it is so hard. But, I hope that I am getting Amanda close. At least I have her at her top of career now, so I don’t have to worry about working on that anymore.

Oh, and I edited George from an S3 skintone to an S2. I think he looks more realistic now. I haven’t decided for sure who Alyssa will end up with. She’s one lightening bolt with George and two with Evan. She keeps thinking about Evan a lot. I didn’t want to mix all of the Cory bloodline with the Sinclairs, but I think that they would have really pretty offspring. I have a thought for another mate for George.