Monday, December 27, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Matty Round 7

Let’s refresh ourselves on who’s in this house.  This is the house of Matty Winchester, the oldest son of the legacy founder.  He lives with his wife Brenna and two sons, Sam and Tommy.

Matty Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Genius
  3. Frugal
  4. Workaholic
  5. Neat

Lifetime Want—Present the Perfect Aquarium—Achieved!

Brenna Winchester

  1. Family Oriented
  2. Kleptomaniac
  3. Can’t Stand Art
  4. Overemotional
  5. Flirty

LTW—Have a household net worth of $100,000—Achieved!

Sam Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Absent Minded
  3. Technophobe
  4. Loner

LTW—Reach Top of Culinary Career

Tommy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Heavy Sleeper
  3. Daredevil
  4. Hotheaded

Somehow during the course of playing all of the other houses, Brenna put on a lot of weight.  I think it might be all the birthday cake.  Anyway, the first thing I do is have her work out to get her normal figure back.


Matty still loves her anyway, though.  He says she’s as beautiful as the day he met her, and he loves her more and more every day.  Awww.


Sam is trying to cook a little healthier for the family, though by using all natural ingredients grown in their garden.



Note to self—although bladder need can be fulfilled at school or work, I should not push this to the extremes.  It results in embarrassing accidents.  Poor Sam is humiliated!   Look at everyone laughing at him.  In front of his cousins and his little brother’s girlfriend, too.  Poor thing.  He just has this confused look, like “I forgot where I was.”


After that, Sam didn’t want to go back to high school anymore (who could blame him!) so he decided to get his GED and move on with his life.  It was time for him to become an adult anyway.  Party time!






Sam Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Absent Minded
  3. Technophobe
  4. Loner
  5. Natural Cook

LTW—Reach Top of Culinary Career

I decided to give Sam one easy trait since all of his other rolls were so tough on him.  Besides, natural cook works well with the character of Sam from True Blood.  He owns Merlotte’s after all.

Sam’s been in love with his former babysitter since he was a kid.  They’ve gone steady throughout all of Sam’s teen years.  They still seem really happy together, so I decided to age her up with him.



OMG!  Sam’s girlfriend is smoking hot!


She wasn’t much to look at as a teen.  I just thought she seemed to be nice and got along with Sam, but I didn’t have any huge plans for this house.  But I LOVE this girl.  She’s gorgeous!  Marry her, Sam!  Marry her before someone else swoops in and takes her away!

Sam:  “Holly, you’re the most gorgeous sim I’ve ever seen.  I’ve always loved you, but you’re so very beautiful now.”

Holly:  “Oh, Sam, stop.  You’re just saying that!”


Sam:  “I’m not!  I love you, Holly!”

Holly:  “I love you too, Sam.”


Sam decided to take my advice and propose to Holly right away.  Good decision, Sam.


Sam:  “Holly, I have a surprise for you.”

Holly:  “What are you doing, Sam?”



Holly:  “Squee!  OMG yes yes yes!”



Aww, look at how happy she looks.  Sam asks her to spend the night.  He’s not letting her out of his sight for a minute before the wedding.  She spent most of her time reading romance novels in their new bed (on the brand new second floor I built for them).  Maybe this means she’s a romantic sim.  We’ll just have to wait for the wedding to find out.


In the meantime, Brenna is doing very well in her career.  She finally reached the top of the Rock Musician career.  She came home in sunglasses with a pink limousine and everything.  Not sure why the limo is pink, though.  Do boy musicians come home in pink limos too?



Autograph session


A funny thing happened to Tommy.  I was letting him slack off at school, and he got detention!  I think he’s my first sim to get detention, and it fits his personality so well.  LOL!  The tone options for detention were so funny “clean chalkboard erasers,” “stare at clock,” and “lick stamps for school newspaper.”

Sam got a job in the culinary career right away.  He had to start out as a dishwasher, but he has dreams of owning his own restaurant some day.  His cooking skill is already near the top from so much cooking as a child and teen, so he spends a lot of his free time gardening, working on growing those perfect ingredients for recipes.  I started him off well by having him harvest plants from Toby’s garden, so he started growing perfect fruits and vegetables right away.  He achieved the Botanical Boss skill challenge rather quickly.

Another funny thing happened with Sam.  He got locked in the freezer at work!  It said he was in there thirty minutes.  He got a check from his boss to make up for it, but I think he should have gotten some sort of uncomfortable moodlet from it or something.  Poor Sam!  Nearly froze to death.




I love weddings.  I decided to have this one on the beach for a little something different.  Cousins Sookie and Selene were the flower girls.









Welcome to the family, Holly!


Holly Winchester

  1. Family Oriented
  2. Kleptomaniac
  3. Savvy Sculptor
  4. Charismatic
  5. Hydrophobic

LTW—Become a Master Thief

This confirms my suspensions that all babysitters are family oriented kleptos.  Kind of funny.  But I had not planned on her being a criminal.  Oh well.

The wedding guests gather around to watch the couple’s first dance.  I love this shot.  What everyone is thinking about the wedding so matches their personalities.  Matty’s thinking about his job and money and not the wedding.  Toby’s thinking there’s too many people around.  And artist Amber is thinking what a beautiful scene this is and how gorgeous it would be to paint.


Anyway, first dance as a married couple.






I do really miss the wedding cake and toasting set from the Sims 2.  I even bought the wedding set from the sims store, but there’s no animation.  It’s just not the same.  So instead we’re improvising here.  The wedding dinner is a picnic and we’re having little Sookie’s cupcakes for wedding cake.



Wedding Night




The next morning Holly searches the paper for her next ‘job’ and gets started in her career as a thief.


She needs to improve her athletic skill to be a great thief.  There’s dangling from museum ceilings and quick getaways to think about, so Holly starts working out.  I really hope it doesn’t affect her body too much, because I think she’s gorgeous now.  Does anyone know how working affects the new sliders that came with Late Night?


Time for Tommy to become an adult!




Tommy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Heavy Sleeper
  3. Daredevil
  4. Hotheaded
  5. Dramatic

LTW—Jack of All Trades (Reach Level 5 in 3 Different Careers)

I’d originally intended for him to be a thief, but since Holly has that as her lifetime want, I decided to go with this for Tommy.  He can start out as a thief, then maybe get a job at Sam’s restaurant, then eventually try to find something that’s actually him.

I’d also planned on letting Tommy marry his pretty little friend from childhood.  I’ve been aging them up together.  She’s not gorgeous, but I think she has unique, interesting looks that would be cool to breed.  But I tried and tried and tried and couldn’t get Tommy and Irene to go steady as teens.  They could get to ‘very alluring’ but not higher no matter how hard I tried multiple times.  So I didn’t age her up, but I’m questioning that decision.  What do you think?  Should I age her up and let them get married next round?  Or should I save her for someone else later on (she won’t age until I age her because of the mods I use and the way I play).  For clarity, here’s the girl we’re talking about.


Here’s a picture of Christy and Holly dancing at Tommy’s party.  Christy was my previous favorite pretty sim.  But just for comparison look at how skinny she is compared to Holly!  Holly’s legs look so beefy you could put both of Christy’s legs together to be one of Holly’s legs, and Holly’s not fat.  Anyway, love the new body features.


Holly can only work out so long before becoming fatigued right now, and her ‘job’ doesn’t start for a few days, so she needs a hobby.  I decide to let her be a sculptor for fun since she has the savvy sculptor trait and I haven’t played around with that before.



Here’s Tommy.  He’s keeping busy even as an unmarried adult.  He had Holly help him get in on the criminal job she has coming up.  And he’s my collector sim.  I’ve had him run around the entire hood and collect just about everything he can get his hands on.  But he’s stalled out not finding new gems or metals or butterflies.  He has the collector reward, so I know I’m getting all the spawn spots.  I think my problem is that I have World Adventures and don’t really play it, but he might have to travel to get some of the gems and metals.  I’m not really into sim travel, so that’s not really appealing to me.  My new strategy is to have him check the pawn shop/second hand store every day, and also to have him explore the catacombs.  I’ve heard that breaking sculptures give gems, but Holly won’t break any because she’s got the savvy sculptor trait.  I’ll have to have someone else do it.  Does TOMMY have to be the one to break the statue to get the gems or can someone else do it and he can pick them up?  Also I might try the board breaker from the martial arts skill for him too.


Tommy did get me my first magic gnome!  I’ve been trying and trying and trying to get a gnome forever.  Fishing and fishing and no gnome.  Laundry and laundry and no gnome.  Finally some of the gems Tommy sent off to have cut came back as gnomes!  Here’s the funny thing.  It must be a trigger per day or something because he sent off four gems that game and got back four gnomes!  I couldn’t get one, and now I have four!  I’m going to try to figure out if I can use awesomemod and given the gnomes to my other families for fun.  Anyway, first gnome sighting!


Holly’s pregnant!  Yay, I want to pass on those genes.


Her pregnancy nighty is so cute.


Holly doesn’t let being pregnant get in the way of skill building.  Bring on the chain saw!


Ha ha ha ha!  Here’s Holly ‘jogging.’  I told her to go jogging, not sure if the game would let a very pregnant sim do that or not.  Ha ha ha, it let her, but she just waddle-walked.  Sooo funny to see her.  But she built her skill anyway.


Sam is going to be such a good dad.


Baby’s coming!


Meet Emma


Emma Winchester

  1. Friendly
  2. Good

In my roleplay, Emma is a vampire that’s in charge of housing at the casino.  She helps everyone out and is so kind and caring.

Anyway, that wraps up this round.  It seems like such a long update, but it really was just one week.  Some weeks go super fast and I have hardly anything to post and other weeks like this one are just full of tons of pictures and events I want to post.

Accomplishments This Round

  • Matty completed the Fisherman Skill Challenge.  It took FOREVER, but he did it.  He also randomly accomplished the Plumber Skill Challenge just from fixing things up around the house.
  • Brenna reached the top of the Rock Music career.  She’s making good progress on the Money Maker Guitar Skill Challenge, but apparently concerts don’t count towards that.  Only tips and opportunities.  There’s a third guitar skill challenge, Guitar Star, which according to Carl’s guide is based on opportunities instead of what it actually says in the description.  Has anyone ever completed this one?  Brenna’s not getting any opportunities offered.  And I don’t really get what the goal actually is from Carl’s site.
  • Sam completed the Botanical Boss Skill Challenge.  It’s so much easier once you have a garden growing perfect fruits and vegetables to start from.
  • Tommy’s working on his collecting but hasn’t accomplished any of the skill challenges yet.  He’s at 35% gems, 29% metals, 45% space rocks, and 38% butterflies.

And to send us off this post, here’s a few random pictures of Toby caring around the toddlers from the main legacy house.