Thursday, August 14, 2008

University Season 8

James Windsor—Young adult male popularity sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 2
Lifetime want—own 5 top level businesses
Preferred hobby—Sports

In the last update—James is the oldest generation 2 sim in Emerald Isle. One of Andrew and Elizabeth Windsor’s six children, James happily left the crowded Windsor home for the excitement of university.

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Season 8

The very first thing that James Windsor wanted to do as a young adult was get some plastic surgery. He’d wanted it ever since his mother had declared him hideous as a toddler. James’ brother Philip had given him a surgery station, but he couldn’t actually have the surgery until he was a young adult, capable of giving informed consent.

Unfortunately, the surgeon couldn’t perform miracles. James’ eyes were too small, and that was nearly impossible to fix. But his jaw line and cheekbone structure was easy to improve upon.

People seemed to like his new look. James found that it was suddenly much easier to make friends. The dorm was full of new friends to make. That decided it. James no longer cared about running five top level businesses. He didn’t need to own top businesses to make friends. He could do it all on his own now.

That, however, left James wondering what he should do with his life. He knew he wanted to make as many friends as he could, but that did little to help him decide on a career. On a whim, James wanted to be a drama major. There was no rhyme or reason for it, he just wanted to, so he decided to do it. He was a new James that did things just because they sounded fun. The drama major involved little work outside of the classroom. James found that he could influence his friends to write the few papers he needed while he surfed the web and chowed down on Chinese food.

Joining a greek house sounded like the right thing for a popularity sim to do. Academy Le Tour only had one co-ed fraternity that James was eligible to join. It was more service oriented than James would have liked, but joining did mean toga parties, so he was in.

Being inducted into the secret society followed joining the greek house. The secret society members introduced a whole new group of sims that James could be friends with.

And, James made friends with the people at his gym. James loved sports, especially football, but to some degree basketball and baseball, too. He had access to a gym club and had fun hanging out with other sports enthusiasts there.

Occasionally James would have sports parties at his dorm. It was THE place to watch the college football games.

It was barely into the start of sophomore year when James achieved the impossible want of thirty best friends. Everyone liked him.

Classes were going well, too. It wasn’t hard to get good grades as a drama major, especially one with lots of friends. Still, James was proud when he finished sophomore year with a 4.0 average.

James jumped at the chance to change his aspiration and lifetime want. He knew he didn’t want to own five top level businesses anymore, and he’d really already achieved everything a popularity sim could hope for. James decided that perhaps his new face was good enough to try out being a romance sim. It would be easy to convert his female friends into love interests. That still left James’ lifetime want to be decided. He loved sports so much he decided that he wanted to reach the top of the athletic career.

James Windsor—Young adult male romance sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 2
Lifetime want—become hall of famer
Preferred hobby--Sports

James had loved living in the dorm as a popularity sim. It was a great way for him to meet new people, but as a romance sim, he decided that a bit more privacy might be in order. James decided to move to the Greek house. He wouldn’t have to do his own homework. He could get pledges to write his term papers and clean his room, but he could still have some privacy to woo the women.

Who better than his athletic coach to begin his romancing with? She was pretty and could help him with his sport enthusiasm.

James decided he wanted one of these wishing wells he’d heard about from Daniel Turner. Apparently you could wish for romance, and a girl would just crawl out of the well. The only way to get one, though, was to have an impeccable garden, so James worked on his garden and earned a gold gardening badge.

After that, he mostly used the Greek house to seduce women. Once he asked a woman to pledge, he could convince them to do just about anything for him. Then he’d add just a bit of his charm, and he’d have them in his bed.

Some of his Greek house mates didn’t seem to like his inductees too much. “What makes you so special? Why do you think you belong in this fraternity?” Tori demanded.

Sometimes the girls had an answer to that, sometimes not, but James’ method always worked, over and over again, for woman after woman.

Occasionally James got caught cheating by his girlfriends. “Who’s this?” the girl would demand.

“She’s just a pledge, baby,” James would try to explain.

“Just a PLEDGE??? I KNOW what you do with pledges!” It always resulted in a slap to the face.

Then a moment would come when he’d have to choose between chasing after his upset lover and continuing to seduce the newbie. The excitement of woohooing the new girl won out every time.

All James ever thought about was all woohoo all the time. Sometimes it was woohoo in a hot tub, sometimes in a bed, sometimes in public, but it was always all woohoo. He never had to lift a finger. He’d influence one girl to write his term paper while another did his cleaning.

Eventually James even gave up on getting dressed. What was the point? He’d be naked with the girl soon enough anyway.

Unexpectedly, James got a hobby plaque in nature. He’d been trying for sports. Sports were his favorite hobby. He only kept up the garden he’d started for the wishing well, but apparently that was enough to earn him the plaque. James decided he’d accept anything he didn’t have to work hard for. A weird gypsy lady also showed up and gave him an odd, old lamp.

James finally graduated summa cum laude. He was sad to leave university. He’d enjoyed having so many women around to romance and so little to do, but he supposed it was time for him to grow-up. His parents threw a huge graduation party for him and even bought him a nice graduation present: a gold watch.

Sophie got into the “fruit punch.” Their parents were going to have such a hard time keeping her out of trouble as a teen.

Other than, the graduation party went off without a hitch, and James was riding back with his parents to Emerald Isle.

Season Recap

1. James decided that running businesses wasn’t for him after all, so he focused on his popularity instead. He made thirty best friends by his sophomore year, when he changed his aspiration to romance. His new lifetime want is to reach the top of the athletic career.

2. James joined the Greek house and the Secret Society. He was also way beyond a Big Sim on Campus.

3. Over ten women woohooed with James and he seduced many more. He lost a few loves due to his cheating, but he’s well on his way to the impossible want of thirty simultaneous lovers.

4. James graduated summa cum laude in drama.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 171

Impossible want, James popularity +3

Big Sim on Campus +1

Summa Cum Laude +1

Hobby Plaque +1

Gold badges, (2 total) +1

New non-money points 178

Author’s Notes

I’m ashamed to admit that seducing all of those women without concern about the consequences was kind of fun. Here’s a teaser, though, all of those woohoos might come back to haunt James eventually.