Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Miserable Sims Challenge Teaser

I'm going to write up this entire challenge in story format once I finish, but some of these pictures were so great, I had to post them now. This is a challenge that I wrote and am in the last stages of finalizing. The purpose of the challenge is to see new negative things in the game.

Family Sim Aspiration Failure:

Sim Shrink Visit:

Romance Aspiration Failure:

Stood Up At The Altar:

What A Wedding Night:

Only A Very Mean Sim Attacks His Own Social Bunny:

The Social Bunny Thinks Being Caught By The Cops for Counterfeiting Is Funny:

Fortune Sim Aspiration Failure:

You Know You're Crazy When Even the Social Bunny Says So:

The Social Bunny and The Sim Shrink Are Friends:

Social Bunnies Fighting: