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Emerald Isle Table of Contents

Emerald Isle Prosperity Challenge

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Season 1 Fall

Turner Family Can the Turner children overcome the tragic death of their parents?

Sinclair Family The death of their father brings together two brothers that haven't spoken since the youngest ran away as a teen.

Cory Family A pampered princess gets a lesson in the real world after her parents disown her for having a daughter out of wedlock.

Windsor Family George has plans to rebuild his family and fortune in Emerald Isle. Will he be able to achieve his goals, or will Andrew and Elizabeth's own personal goals get in the way?

Season 2 Winter
Turner Family Will battles starvation, trouble at school, and nightmares of his parents. Will he be able to hold his family together or will they be taken away by the social worker?
Sinclair Family Evan struggles to meet his father's expectations while Cameron enjoys romancing the ladies.

Cory Family Alyssa learns to take care of herself since her mother is never around.

Windsor Family The Windsors have their first born-in-game child.

Season 3 Spring
Turner Family Daniel becomes a teen; will he grow-up well? Will finally gets a girlfriend.

Sinclair Family Evan becomes a teen. There's trouble for Cameron.

Cory Family Alyssa becomes a teen and meets a man.

Windsor Family Will the Windsors accept Philip's choice of aspiration when he transitions to a teen?

Season 4 Summer
Turner Family There's another death in the Turner family. How will the boys deal?

Sinclair Family A wedding!

Cory Family Amanda has a big surprise for Cameron.

Windsor Family Another birth for the Windsor family. Will everyone make progress on their goals, or will the challenges of a larger family get in the way?

University It's difficult for Will to leave his brothers behind. Will he adapt to college life, or will he flunk out and return home in shame? What about his relationship with Shenene?

Seasons 1-4 Funnies
See the photos that have really made me laugh from the first four seasons.

Season 5 Fall
Turner Family How do Nich, Klaus, and Daniel fare with Will away at college? The family adapts when the newlyweds, Will and Shenene, move back home.

Sinclair Family Now that Gary has married Regina and Cameron has moved out, how will Evan cope?

Cory Family Will Matthew be raised by nannies as all Cory children have been, or will a relative care for him with love so that he can grow up well?

Windsor Family
This house is exploding with children.

University Klaus and Tiffany apply themselves to their studies while Philip and Amaya spend all of their time dating.

Season 6 Winter
Turner Family Everything comes full circle. New members enter the family as older members move on.

Sinclair Family Business and careers are blossoming, but how are things really going at home?

The Cory Family A Cory Family Christmas

The Windsor Family There will be no more meanness in this family! It's time for some family togetherness.

The Turner 2 Family Klaus and Tiffany Turner and Philip and Amaya Windsor have a double wedding followed by a double honeymoon. It's Emerald Isle's first vacation.

Will Daniel, Evan, and Alyssa find love or will this round leave someone broken hearted? Find out as my youngest Generation 1 Sims go to college.

Season 7 Spring
The Turner Family The Turner family grows as Will gets his wish to raise three boys.

The Sinclair Family Will Gary and Regina succeed in balancing work, business, and family or will they fail miserably?
How will Gary's youngest boys cope with the pressure of his demand for perfection?

The Cory Family Amanda has to tell her fiance Cameron that she is accidentally pregnant yet again. The most popular girl in Emerald Isle throws a double birthday party for her kids.

The Windsor Family Death touches the Windsor family. Everyone deals with their grief in a different way, but each Windsor family member manages to find that special something that makes them feel happy and fulfilled.

The Turner 2 Family Klaus, Tiffany, Philip, and Amaya try to advance in their first careers. Missing his brothers, Klaus hosts a family retreat in the mountains.

The Turner 3 Family Daniel and Ashlee get married and start a farm. They also open an animal shelter with the help of a very famous guest.

The Sinclair 2 Family Lifelong friends Evan and Alyssa have found that they can love each other for who they are. They marry despite their complicated family tree, but did Alyssa inherit her mother's super-fertility?

Season 5-7 Funnies See some more funny shots.

Season 8 Summer
The Turner Family Was adopting two hurt boys too big a challenge for Will? Can the family prosper despite everyone's tragic pasts, or will the new baby tear this family apart?

The Sinclair Family It's time for Gary to settle down and retire, but life has a few surprises in store for the Sinclair Family.

The Cory Family Everyone has to grow-up eventually, but a party a day will definitely keep the Corys feeling young.

The Windsor Family The Windsor family finally grows too large for one house as Andrew and Elizabeth get their first grandchild. They certainly have their hands full as the three Windsor girls all become teenagers.

The Turner 2 Family Klaus and Tiffany decide to begin filling their empty house with children of their own.

The Turner 3 Family Ashlee and Daniel are extremely busy raising kittens and puppies in their animal shelter, but they decide to make time to start their own family as well.

The Sinclair 2 Family Emerald Isle's first set of twins are raised, but will Evan and Alyssa make the same parenting mistakes their parents did or will Christopher and Rose grow-up well?

University James Windsor doesn't want to own five top level businesses anymore, but what does he want to do?

Season 9
The Turner Family Will continues to help his hurt and abandoned boys prosper. And, for the first time, a Turner girl?

The Sinclair Family
Ethan looks for love while Eli struggles with meeting his parents' expectations. Little Jack is growing up.

The Cory Family The story of the Cory family continues to cross paths with the story of the Sinclair family as Cameron helps Eli and Matthew gets to the bottom of the conflict between Ethan and Anna.

The Windsor Family Philip and Amaya need a male heir. Do they get one? Does living in separate houses divide the Windsor family or do they remain a strong extended family?

The Windsor 2 Family An unexpected surprise brings Emerald Isle's first generation 3 sim.

The Turner 2 Family Hopefully Klaus and Tiffany (two knowledge sims) really enjoy being parents, because they're about to have their hands full of children.

The Turner 3 Family The animal shelter is very full as Daniel and Ashlee try to run their farm while raising their family.

The Sinclair 2 Family Can Evan protect his children from the pressure their grandfather puts on them? Spoiler alert--Alyssa's pregnant with a Twilight Sim.

University Edward Windsor and his boyfriend Joshua Jennings make their mark on Academie Le Tour.

Other Challenges

Nickeled and Dimed Challenge This is the story of another challenge I played, the Nickled and Dimed challenge. It's more of a strategy discussion, but it does give some basic background on the characters. The children from this challenge will be converted into Uni townies in Emerald Isle and will probably eventually marry into some Emerald Isle prosperity families.

String Me Along This challenge involves getting your sim to the top of his career, but never allowing him to skill. Basically, my sim woohoos his way to the top.

Miserable Sims Teaser This is a challenge I am creating. The goal is to see lots of negative events in the game. Full story coming soon.

The Miserable Sims Challenge This is the full story of the sims that I played in a new challenge I created called the Miserable Sims Challenge. It's heartbreaking in spots, but funny too, and has a happy ending.

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge Sims 3 Legacy
Jessie Winchester--Post 1 Introduction to the challenge, my werewolves, and Jessie. The start of my legacy home and Jessie's first three children are born.

Jessie Winchester--Post 2 The family grows. Ut oh, triplets!

Jessie Winchester--Post 3 Matty completes his lifetime want. Toby meets a girl. The triplets become children.

Matty Winchester--Post 1
Matty's wedding our first generation 3 sim.

Jessie Winchester--Post 4 Toby's wedding and the triplets become teens.

Matty Winchester--Post 2 Tommy is born.

Four Weddings and Two Funerals
My generation one sims pass away and the generation two heir is named.

Matty Winchester--Post 3 Sam becomes a teen. Tommy becomes a child.

Alcide Winchester--Post 1 Alcide and Frances have a child.

Christy Winchester--Post 1
Christy and Andres focus on their careers. My first Ambitions post.

Alicia Winchester--Post 1 Alicia and Connor start a family. And my first accomplishments list.

Round 6
Amber Cormier Amber and Rene raise Daniel while Allyson and Toby raise Christopher. Lots of career progression and skill challenge accomplishments.

Matty Winchester Tommy becomes a teen. Everyone in this house has some personality issues.

Alcide Winchester Sookie becomes a child and has the sims best bake sale. Baby Adrian is born.

Christy Winchester Andres accomplishes a lot as a firefighter, and Christy gives birth to their first child.

Alicia Winchester Baby Selene becomes the cutest toddler and child. Wrap-up of accomplishments.

Round 7
Amber Cormier Christopher and Daniel become children. The generation three spares are born. Toby and Amber accomplish a lot in their careers and accomplish their lifetime wants.

Matty Winchester
Sam's wedding and my first generation four sim!

Alcide Winchester Sookie becomes a teen, Adrian becomes a toddler and child. Frances works on her politics career while Alcide becomes a superstar athlete.

Christy Winchester Triplets in generation three!

Alicia Winchester My first sims 3 vacation. Selene becomes a teen.

Family Tree

Round 8
Amber Cormier Alex and Rita are adorable toddlers. Christopher and Daniel become teens. Allyson gets fit. Lots of skill challenges accomplished.

Matty Winchester My oldest generation two sims become elders. My first trip to Egypt.

Alcide Winchester Sookie meets Bill. My first trip to China. Adrian becomes a teen.

Christy Winchester
The terrible twos are so much harder when there are three. Generation three triplets Drostan, Elyssa, and Raelin make it through the toddler stage.

Alicia Winchester A late surprise for Connor and Alicia. Selene meets a cute new boy.

Family Tree

Round 9
Amber Cormier My first update after installing the Generations EP brings my first prom.

Toby Dubose Toby's family finally get their own home. Christopher gets into a bit of trouble, and Rita becomes a teen.

Matty Winchester Sam converts his brother from the criminal career while his wife continues to move up the criminal ranks. My first generation four sim, Emma, becomes a child and adopts my first Sims 3 kitten.

Alcide Winchester Alcide hopes martial arts will help Adrian with his hot-headed tendencies. Sookie adopts a cat and graduates from high school.

The Princes of Gwynedd
Round 1 Llywelyn begins a dynasty.