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Turner Family Season 5

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Nicholas Turner—Elder male romance sim
Aries personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 8, Active 6, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—have 20 simultaneous lovers

Klaus Turner—Teen male knowledge sim
Gemini personality
Sloppy 4, Outgoing 8, Active 8, Serious 3, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Max out 7 skills

Daniel Turner—Teen male family sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 4, Outgoing 8, Lazy 4, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Raise 20 puppies or kittens

Season 5—Fall

It was Will’s first day of college, and Klaus and Daniel’s first full day without their brother. They both missed him like crazy already. The breakfast table seemed so empty without him. Although they never would have admitted it to Will, they were both also worried about keeping up with all of the household responsibilities.

“I think we can handle this if we divide up the chores. It’s still going to be hard for us, but we can do it. You’re a better cook, so why don’t you handle the cooking, grocery shopping, and gardening. I’ll take care of all of the cleaning and paying the bills,” Klaus suggested.

“Sure, that sounds reasonable,” Daniel agreed. Klaus was the oldest now, so it was reasonable for him to be responsible for the bills. Daniel didn’t mind cooking, and the rest of his tasks went along with providing food. Klaus still had his part-time job, so it was fair if he didn’t have quite as many tasks.

After school, both boys immediately began their homework in this new buckled-down routine. Klaus barely had time to finish his before it was time to go to his job as a fast food shift manager. As soon as he got home, he had to pick up the house and pay the bills. It was practically bedtime and he hadn’t had a chance to work on his logic or inventing at all. Klaus gave himself a little pep talk in the bathroom mirror. “You’re the man of the house now, Klaus. With Will gone, you’re in charge. You might not have time to do as many fun things, but it’s your responsibility to provide for the family.”

After completing his homework and all of his chores, Daniel barely had any time either. He made sure to devote the time he did have to Liebe. Kittens needed lots of play time. He was responsible for Liebe, and that included feeding him, cleaning up after him, teaching him, and playing with him. Daniel loved being the caregiver for his little pet.

When the phone rang, Klaus and Daniel raced each other to the phone. Daniel made it first. “Hello?”

“Daniel, how are you?”

Daniel smiled at the sound of his brother’s voice. He missed him more than he even wanted to admit to himself. “How’s college?” he asked, trying to sound excited for his brother. He knew how much the opportunity meant to Will.

Will only spoke a little about college before launching into a series of questions. Had they eaten? Were roaches and flies taking over the place yet? Did they have any unpaid bills? Apparently, Will thought, or perhaps feared, that the house would completely fall apart without him. Daniel laughed, “Will, you’ve only been gone one day.”

“I know. I just worry about you,” Will said. Daniel couldn’t begin to describe how much he appreciated that concern. Honestly, he could tell that things could quickly get out of hand if he and Klaus didn’t stay completely on top of their chores. He didn’t want Will to know that they were already finding it hard, though. He knew his brother. If he thought for an instant that Daniel or Klaus were struggling, Daniel knew that he would drop out of college and come immediately home to care for them. Will had already given up so much for them; Daniel wouldn’t let him sacrifice anymore. He assured him that they were fine, and that everything was going to be fine. Daniel didn’t miss the tears in his brother’s voice when he told him that he loved him and then asked for him to pass Klaus the phone.

The next few days were even harder for Daniel. He had no idea how Will had handled it all. He was exhausted from doing his chores

doing his homework

and keeping up with the skill building he knew he’d need for college.

And, he was only responsible for half of the household responsibilities. He knew he couldn’t manage if Klaus wasn’t doing his half. He was tired all of the time now, and sad. He didn’t have any time for fun, and hardly any time to properly play with Liebe. Daniel massaged his temples as he sat at the dinner table. He didn’t have the energy to move, but morning wasn’t coming any later. He needed to put away the leftovers and get to bed. He marveled again at how Will had done all of this while taking care of two smaller children. Then he remembered what Will had said about his grades. Daniel wasn’t willing to let school slip, but it helped to know that his brother had struggled, too.

“I can’t take it any more, Klaus,” Daniel told his brother when they got home from school the next day. He was already exhausted from classes, and he had to start everything all over again. He needed to do his homework; he had to start his chores. “If I don’t let myself have some fun soon, I’m going to lose it.”

“Let’s take a night off, then. I could use some time to work on my chess game, and didn’t you say that there was a cute girl that wanted to come over tonight?”

Daniel took Klaus up on that suggestion. He needed a night off, so he called that cute girl he’d met at school. Her name was Meadow Thayer, and she quickly made her way up to his bedroom. She wasted no time in kissing him. Finally, Daniel’s social and fun needs were fulfilled for the first time since Will had left.

The boys had to suffer the consequences of their decision the next day. Klaus hadn’t done the dishes. The stench filled the kitchen. Daniel hadn’t had a chance to do the grocery shopping; they were left eating mostly spoiled eggs.

“You think Will would flip out if he knew we were eating rotten food?” Daniel asked. He was angry at himself for putting them in the situation, but he’d needed the fun. A teen couldn’t go all of the time without any fun.

“You know he would. That’s why we aren’t going to tell him. When he asks how things are going, we have to tell him that everything is fine.”

Daniel knew that Klaus was right, but he hated the prospect of lying to his brother. The day went downhill from there. Daniel was so excited to tell Evan, his friend from school, about Meadow. He had no idea that even that conversation would end up bad. “I had the greatest time last night. I had my first kiss with a girl.”

“Really?” Evan asked, excited for his friend. “Who?”

“Meadow Thayer,” Daniel said with a blush. He wasn’t one to kiss and tell, but he was certain that they would be going steady soon, so it would be common knowledge before long.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Evan said furiously.

“No, why?” Daniel asked, confused.

“She’s been making out with me,” Evan said sadly. “I really thought we had something going.”

“I thought we did, too,” Daniel said while feeling dejected. He couldn’t believe that he’d fallen for such a hussy.

“Now I know why Uncle Cam wanted to date so many women. You can’t really tell which girls are the good ones and which ones are the flirts.”

“Yeah,” Daniel agreed. “This sucks! Life kind of sucks right now.”

“Tell me about it,” Evan said with a sigh. “Uncle Cam was the only person making my home life tolerable since the wicked witch married my dad. He just moved out.” They sat grumbling for a while before Evan came up with an idea. “I think we need to let off some stress tonight. What do you say? I think I could talk Uncle Cam into letting me borrow his limousine tonight. Want to sneak out with me? We could go clubbing at Midnight Flows.”

“Yes, yes, I do,” Daniel agreed. He felt guilty already about abandoning his chores and sneaking out, but he really wanted to have some fun.

Evan showed up in his uncle’s limousine at 1 AM, as promised. Daniel was worried that they might get arrested for violating Emerald Isle’s curfew, but he went anyway. He wanted to have some fun and maybe meet some girls.

Evan snuck back home the next morning feeling guiltier than ever. Things were quickly spiraling out of control. Partying all night had not been a good idea. He had to go to school, but he was so tired, he was about ready to pass out.

The only positive thought he had was that it was almost visitation day at Academie Le Tour. He’d finally get to go see Will. He knew he couldn’t tell Will how everything was falling apart at home, but maybe he could still talk to him about some of his problems. He could definitely discuss girls with Will, and maybe he could even try to find out how Will had gone without fun or free time for so long. At the least he could get a hug from his big brother, and that alone would make him feel so much better.

Nicholas wasn’t helping the boys out at all. He still had his lifelong dream of having 20 simultaneous lovers. Monty’s death really hit him hard. It wasn’t only because he’d lost his friend. Nich now realized that life was too short and he really needed to focus on his priorities if he wanted to accomplish his goals before his own impending demise. He decided that the best way to meet women was to open an escort service business. He’d offer matching making services for the ladies. Their matches would then take them out on dates. The thing the ladies didn’t know was that they would always match to him. He’d have a chance to charm the attractive ones when they stopped in to fill out their match questionnaire. Later, when he contacted them to inform them of their match and ask them out on a date, they’d already be under his spell.

The plan worked brilliantly. There were beautiful women stopping by his shop all of the time. It took no time at all to meet enough women and seduce them all. Finally, he had twenty women in love with him at the same time. He felt satisfied for the first time in his life. After achieving something as monumental as that, nothing could get him down.

Nich did not anticipate all of his girlfriends finding out where he lived, nor did he realize that they would all want to show him their gratuity. The first round of girls left almost a dozen bouquets of flowers.

“Boys, lock the doors, quick!” Nich commanded in a panic. He was terrified that the girls would all notice each other and become furious at him. He’d have a swarm of women attacking the door.

“What’s going on?” Klaus asked as he looked out the window.

“Get away from there!” Nich said. But as he looked, the women didn’t seem to be getting angry. They were lining up to show their devotion.

It didn’t stop there. Girls continued to come for hours and hours. Many of them left roses. Several of them brought more extravagant gifts.

It continued well into the night until, finally, Grandpa Monty’s ghost began scaring them away.

After that fiasco, the most amazing thing happened. Nich wasn’t interested in women nearly as much as he used to be. He’d had his fill of romance for a while. In the end, what did having more women in love with him really get him? He suddenly regretted not spending more time with his grandsons. He wanted to be their friend now. He spent that night watching television and talking with the boys. “How are things going with you two? We haven’t had a chance to talk. How’s school?”

“Not . . . not good, Grandfather Nicholas,” Daniel said, shocked that his grandfather hadn’t noticed.

“What’s wrong?” Nich asked.

“We can’t keep up without Will. Daniel and I are both exhausted and bored all of the time. The house is falling apart because we can’t keep up with it, but there’s still no time for us to have fun. Haven’t you noticed the messes piling up?” Klaus asked.

“Klaus, that’s awful. It’s very important for my grandsons to be happy. You need to go after your dreams, boys. Life is too short to be unhappy. What can I do to help?”

“You’re serious?” Klaus asked.

“I am. I know you boys will have more time for fun if I help out. So, what can I do?”

Klaus felt like hugging his grandfather for the first time since he was a small child. He was so appreciative of his offer for help.

“You could tend the apple tree. It’s really overgrown and bug infested. If we don’t get to it soon, we won’t have anything edible from it at all, and we really could use the food. We’re going through the inheritance money fast. If we don’t watch it, we won’t have money for groceries before long,” Daniel explained.

“I have lots of money now. My business made tons. You boys can have it. There’s not much that an old man can do with that kind of money. I’ll still tend the apple tree for you, though. I’ll go take care of it right now.”

“He can’t be serious, can he?” Daniel asked his brother. The offer of help sounded great, but surely he wasn’t going to actually give them a large amount of cash.

“Maybe he’s gone crazy,” Klaus offered. That was as likely an explanation as any. Klaus wondered if it Nich had really lost it or if it was just temporary insanity.

Daniel awoke the next morning more relaxed than he had in over a year. His grandfather was helping them with their chores. They had some real money, too. They could finally restore the house. Daniel actually felt cheery as he made the family breakfast.

They had a wonderful breakfast together as a family before the boys went to school feeling content and refreshed.

Things were finally looking up for the Turner clan. They used the money from Nich’s business to make improvements all around the house. The best thing, though, was that Will had moved into an off-campus house. That meant that Klaus and Daniel could visit anytime they wanted. It wasn’t feasible for them to visit every weekend; although, they wanted to. It was just too long a drive. But, they were able to get together at least one weekend a month. Both Klaus and Daniel really appreciated the encouragement their brother gave them.

The next few years flew by. Klaus was in his senior year of high school. He was doing well, but he couldn’t bring himself to properly devote himself to doing his homework. High school was too boring for him. He liked learning about more complex things, like inventing, logic, and mechanics. Daniel cared more about animals than school, but he was managing to keep his grades up. He wasn’t having much luck with women, though. Will told him to be patient and that the right woman would come along, but it was difficult not having a girlfriend in high school.

Klaus, Daniel, and Nich all attended Will and Shenene’s graduation party. The boys were so proud of their brother. Will graduated Summa Cum Laude with a major in psychology. Shenene graduated Summa Cum Laude, as well, with a major in literature. Both Klaus and Daniel looked up to their brother and hoped to do as well as him when they finally got the chance to attend college.

It was also time for a wedding. Will and Shenene decided to get married immediately after graduation. They didn’t have much money for the event, which meant a limited guest list. Since they didn’t have to wait on anyone, they chose to marry right away at the church across the street from the Turner home.

Will Turner—Young adult male family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Graduate 3 children from college

Shenene Mellon—Young adult female pleasure sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—become criminal mastermind

Will was much more nervous than he thought he would be as he practiced his vows in the bathroom mirror. He knew that Shenene loved him. He didn’t have any doubts anymore, but still, it was his wedding day. He’d always dreamed of getting married to a wonderful woman, and now he was moments away from realizing that dream. It was enough to make anyone jittery.

Shenene was just as nervous as she checked her make-up. She told herself that she was pretty. Will would find her pretty at least. She’d always thought growing up that she would have several beauticians at her disposal before her wedding. She’d never really been that good at doing her hair or make-up herself. But, Will would think she was pretty; she knew he would. As she thought about him seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time as she walked down the aisle, she tried not to dwell on the other things that she’d always expected to be a part of her wedding day. Shenene knew that marrying Will was the right decision, but it still hurt to know that she would be walking down the aisle without her father.

The guests began arriving shortly after that.

Will took his place at the altar. He was amazingly even more nervous than before. He knew that Shenene wasn’t shallow, but he was still worried. If Shenene had married someone else she would be having a lavish celebration. He knew that all girls dreamed of their wedding day. He only hoped that he could live up to half of her expectations. He was standing alone at the altar, nervously wringing his hands as he waited, when he heard a familiar voice from behind him.

“Nervous, brother?” Klaus asked.

“Klaus! Daniel!” Will exclaimed, relieved to see them.

“I’m so glad you guys are here. It means so much to have you with me today.” Will greeted both his brothers with a hug.

“We wouldn’t be anywhere else,” Klaus said when he hugged his brother. “We both love you so much.”

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Daniel offered. “I know you said it’s a small ceremony, so there wasn’t much to do in preparation, but we’d be happy to help out with any last minute things.”

“You could help the guests find their seats. There aren’t too many people coming, but if you could greet them all for me, that would be great.”

“Who are you expecting?” Klaus asked.

“Obviously you two and Grandfather Nicholas, Amaya and Philip, Evan Sinclair, Alyssa Cory, oh and Tiffany Sampson is coming to play the piano for us.”

Klaus and Daniel went out to greet the arriving guests and asked them all to go ahead and take a seat so that the ceremony could begin.

The butterflies started in Will’s stomach again as Tiffany began playing. It was time for Shenene to walk down the aisle. Will knew she was coming. There was absolutely no chance that she would stand him up at the altar. So why were his hands so sweaty?

Will was relieved when the church door opened and Shenene stepped through. She was beautiful. She was always beautiful, but she was simply glowing in her wedding gown.

Will was nothing but smiles as he watched his beautiful blushing bride walk down the aisle and join him at the altar.

Shenene took her place, put her hands on her hips, and smiled. “Let’s get this ceremony started, huh?”

Will laughed as he instantly relaxed. He really appreciated her sense of humor and laid-back personality. Shenene always knew how to put him at ease.

The guests all looked on in awe as the loving couple began their vows.

“Shenene, I, Will Turner, do take you to be my lawfully wedded wife . . .” Will began his vows as he slid the ring on his bride’s finger.

“I, Shenene, take you, Will Turner, to be my lawfully wedded husband . . .” Shenene repeated. “I promise to love and honor you from this day forth.”

They both stared happily into each other’s eyes. They wanted to appreciate the moment. Love, genuine love, like they had was what made weddings so special. Anyone could see, just from looking at them, how much they loved each other.

Then it was time to kiss the bride.

Everyone was moved by the simple beauty of their ceremony. At the end, the guests all stood to greet the newly married couple.

Klaus rushed to the front of the receiving line to hug his new sister-in-law. He was so happy for his brother and new sister.

After that, Will and Shenene broke away from the crowd to take some quick wedding photos. They didn’t have the money for a real photographer, but they had the camera they’d received at the secret society. They quickly snapped a few shots as the wedding guests moved to the reception area.

Will had paid for a full buffet. It was expensive but worth it to have a sit-down dinner at the reception. He liked having the time to sit and talk to his wedding guests.

Next, it was time to cut the cake.

Will knew that he was supposed to delicately feed a piece of cake to Shenene. It was supposed to symbolize his providing for her for the rest of their lives. He was worried about messing up. What if he missed her mouth? What if the cake fell off the fork? He knew he was supposed to do this properly, but . . . Shenene had a good sense of humor. He decided to go for the humor and smashed the cake into her face. Sure enough, she burst out laughing.

Shenene was nice enough to cut Will a nice piece and feed it to him the right away; although, she was rather tempted to shove a piece into Will’s face as well.

Everyone else grabbed a piece. The cake was delectable. Pretty fondant cakes were expensive, but tasted horrible. They got a steal on the tasty buttercream they bought. It was gorgeous, cheap, and to die for.

The couple’s first dance was the official way to open the dance floor. It was yet another thing for Will to be nervous about. He wasn’t that good at ballroom dancing. His hand was shaking slightly when he took Shenene’s in his. Looking into her emerald eyes relaxed him, though. They loved each other. That would show through on the dance floor. That was what everyone was watching, not his dance moves. Will moved in to dance close. No one expected a formal dance from them. Shenene looked like an angel as he twirled her around the dance floor. He enjoyed every moment of their dance. At the end, he dipped her for a deep kiss. He was so immersed in her; he didn’t even notice the applause from their guests.

It was party time! Everyone joined Will and Shenene on the dance floor as they got down to the beat. A great time was had by all. No one took things too seriously. They just relaxed and boogied.

As the night grew to a close, Will asked Shenene for one last dance. “Are you happy with your wedding day, love?” he asked. He was still worried that he hadn’t lived up to her expectations.

“Thank you for giving me the wedding of my dreams,” Shenene whispered in his ear. “You’re my prince. The one that knows that true love conquers all.”

There was clinking behind them. Will turned around to find Klaus with their toasting set. They’d purchased sparkling grape juice instead of champagne. It was legal for teenagers and much cheaper.

“I’d like to propose a toast. To my brother, Will, and his bride. May their love inspire us all. To the newlyweds!”

Everyone thought of Will and everything he’d overcome to get to this point in his life. They thought about how wonderful it was to see two people so much in love. Everyone was thinking about Will and Shenene. Everyone, that is, except for Alyssa Cory. Alyssa was secretly thinking about the type of man she would like to marry. To her shock, when she pictured herself in a wedding gown walking down the aisle; it wasn’t to George, her boyfriend, but to her secret crush and longtime friend, Evan Sinclair.

After everyone drank, the guests began tapping their glasses. They wouldn’t stop until Will and Shenene kissed.

The party was over, but everyone had a rockin’ time. At the end of the night, Shenene said, “Follow me,” and dashed away.

Confused, Will followed her.

“I have a surprise,” she admitted as she stood next to the limousine that was waiting outside the church. “My old driver, Clyde, agreed to take us for a ride as a wedding present. He always was really nice to me. He wanted to give us something nice for our wedding, even though Mom and Dad wouldn’t approve.”

“I’m sorry they didn’t come,” Will apologized. He knew it hurt Shenene, whether she would admit it or not.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve never been this happy in my whole life. I have a man that loves me for the person I really am. I know I made the right decision. Come on, Clyde can only drive us around for a few hours. Let’s make the most of it.”

Will joined her in the limousine. They had a great mini-honeymoon.

Klaus awoke extremely early the morning after Will’s wedding. He was so excited. His brother was coming home. He wasn’t surprised to find Daniel already awake and pacing the living room floor with anticipation.

“Will’s coming home!” Daniel said the moment he saw Klaus. “He’s coming home today.” There were already unshed tears in his eyes. It was obvious that both Klaus and Daniel had really missed their brother.

“Do you think it would be okay if I made breakfast today?” Klaus asked. It was normally Daniel’s responsibility, but Klaus was getting better at cooking, too. “I want to make pancakes for Will and Shenene, like Will use to make for us.”

“That’s a great idea. I know he’ll appreciate it. Why don’t we work on that together?” Daniel suggested. It gave them something to do instead of anxiously waiting for the newlyweds to return from their honeymoon.

They were just serving the pancakes from the skillet when they heard a car door. Both Klaus and Daniel raced to give their brother and new sister-in-law a hug. When they hugged, no one wanted to let go.

It felt like the family was complete again, almost. The household didn’t seem as empty anymore, but everyone still missed Bill, Claire, and Monty. Despite that, the brothers’ happiness at finally living together again was obvious.

“Come into the house,” Daniel said as he led the way. “Klaus and I made you a special breakfast.”

The family used the time they spent eating at the breakfast table to catch up, just like old times. It was going to be great to be able to have a meal as a family every day, not just a weekend a month. Will had really missed knowing every detail of his brothers’ lives.

“I love what you two have done with the kitchen. It looks like a dream to cook in. We have real counters, and numerous pots and pans, and actual utensils now. Is that a juice machine? How in the world did you two afford it?” Will asked. He eyed what was now his own kitchen enviously. It had everything he could want to make the family a nice meal, but he knew that a new kitchen like that was expensive. The insurance money from Monty’s death wouldn’t have covered all of that.

“Grandfather Nicholas paid for it,” Klaus explained as Daniel started the dishes.

“Our Grandfather Nicholas?” Will asked in shock. He had noticed that his grandfather seemed much friendlier recently. Nich had spent the time driving the boys up to see him on occasional weekends, but Will still couldn’t imagine the man that had originally refused to help them at all paying for a new kitchen. Certainly the Nich that had spent the money that they needed for groceries on love potions when Will was a teenager hadn’t given them that kind of money.

“Yeah, he’s been great. He started a business downtown and it made a lot of money. Ever since then, he’s given us lot of money for whatever we need or want. He’s even been helping out with the chores around the house.”

“Wow!” Will said. He was astonished at his grandfather’s apparent change of heart. He was helping his brothers and giving them money? That was very surprising. “Where is Grandfather Nicholas?” Will asked. He was a little hurt that he hadn’t greeted them or joined them for breakfast, but Will had learned a long time ago not to expect too much from his grandfather.

“He’s sick with the flu,” Daniel informed him. “He didn’t want to pass it to any of us, so he’s resting up in bed.”

“Oh, I hope he’s all right.” Will felt guilty for thinking poorly of his grandfather just a moment ago. He honestly did hope that Grandfather Nicholas would be okay. The flu could be deadly at his age, and Will didn’t think he could endure burying another family member again so soon.

“It’s almost time for us to go to school,” Daniel reminded everyone. “Come upstairs, Will. There’s something else we need to show you. It’s a surprise. Come on,” he called before racing up the stairs. Everyone dashed to follow him.

Will’s jaw dropped as he turned the corner into what used to be Grandpa Monty’s and Grandfather Nicholas’ room. It had been completely remodeled. It had tasteful wallpaper and hardwood floors now. There was a gorgeous double bed with a quilt on it, two nightstands, a dresser for clothes, and even a reading chair. Best of all, there were windows now that looked out onto the ocean.

“This room is yours now,” Daniel informed him. “Grandfather Nicholas and I are sharing your old room and Klaus is staying in the other. We tried to make it nice for a married couple. We . . . we really hope you like it, both of you, and that you’ll want to stay here and not move out.” Tears finally escaped his eyes at the last statement. He knew that Will loved him and would always be there for him. He knew that Shenene cared about their family, too, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he worried that they would want a house of their own soon.

Will couldn’t help himself; he was drawn to those windows. “The ocean looks so peaceful, doesn’t it?” he asked. “It reminds me of Mom and Dad. You can see there graves from here, can’t you. I guess that sounds morbid, but I actually find that rather comforting. It’s like they are able to look over us from here.”

“Do you like it, then?” Klaus asked with a smile. He’d made most of the decisions on the decorating. He knew that Will would like it; he hoped that Shenene would.

“It’s wonderful,” Shenene replied. “I can’t believe you two did this for us.” She looked around again and then noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Was that tile in the bathroom? She’d visited this house numerous times as a teen. She knew that before Will left for college they still hadn’t replaced half of the wallpaper that had been ripped off the walls by the repo men. “Did you redo the bathroom, too?”

Klaus smiled. “It’s a couple’s bathroom now. We had to make it special.”

Shenene led the way this time.

The master bath was even more impressive than their redone bedroom. Expensive tile now covered both the walls and the floor. There was a soaking tub and a shower grotto for a romantic shower for two.

“This is the sweetest thing. I can’t believe you did this for us,” Will started to tear up now.

“We couldn’t have done it without Grandfather Nicholas’ help,” Klaus reminded him. No one objected when Will pulled them all into a giant group hug.

Unfortunately, it was time for Klaus and Daniel to go to school. They left very reluctantly, but Will insisted that his brothers were not missing school. After they left, Will knew there was something that he needed to do. It had been four years since he’d been able to visit his parent’s graves. Before that he had visited them almost daily.

“Mom, Dad, Grandpa Monty . . .” he began. There was so much to catch them up on, but it was difficult to start. “I graduated from college, real college, Academie Le Tour. I think you would have been proud of me. I got all As and worked really hard. I don’t want you to think I abandoned the family, though. I talked to Klaus and Will almost daily on the phone and had them over a lot. I made sure that I was there to encourage them when they needed it. I . . . I got married yesterday, too. I really wish you could have seen the ceremony. I want you meet my bride, Shenene.”

Emotions overwhelmed Will. A part of him was proud. He’d accomplished so many of his goals. He’d done things he knew his family would be proud of. Still, he couldn’t help feeling sad. He still wished that his parents or even Grandpa Monty could have lived to see any of it.

A small meow from behind him distracted Will. He turned around to find Daniel’s kitten, Liebe. Will knew that Daniel got a kitten for love and cuddling after he left for college, but Will had never seen it. It was cute. Picking it up and holding it seemed to relax him and put his mind at ease. Will suddenly understood why Daniel loved animals so much.

Klaus and Daniel returned home that afternoon from school to find that dinner was already started, the bills were paid, and the yard work was done. It was nice not to come home to a list of chores.

Nich was feeling better by dinner time, so the Turners finally had a full meal as a family. Every single member of the family cherished the moment. Time together meant a lot to all of them, now.

After dinner, Will had to have an unpleasant conversation with Klaus. Perhaps his brothers didn’t think that he had noticed, but Will had seen the discarded report cards in the trash. Daniel had managed to maintain his As, but Klaus’ report card had shown a C+.

Will went upstairs and found Klaus, not doing his homework, but reading a book on mechanical inventions. “Klaus, we need to talk about your report card,” Will began.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “So, I haven’t been doing my homework. Those assignments are so boring. I have to keep a C to keep my job, so I’ve been doing that, but otherwise, who cares?”

“I care, Klaus. Cs are not acceptable. I know you can do better. I expect you to bring home the kind of grades that you are capable of,” Will said firmly.

“Don’t talk to me like that, Will. You’re not Dad. You’re not even that much older than me. I’m old enough to make my own decisions now.”

Will couldn’t swallow. His brother’s words hurt so much. Will wondered for a moment if his brother even realized what he’d just said. “I know I’m not Dad.”

“You just went through all of this yourself. You know that high school grades don’t really matter. No one will care once I get into college. You know that.”

Pain stabbed in Will’s heart. He couldn’t believe that Klaus was talking back to him like that. He and his brothers had always been so close. He never dreamed that one of them would throw the F he had received in high school into his face like that. It was still a sensitive topic years later, and it hurt for Klaus to use that as justification for not trying at school. “Daniel told you about my F,” Will said weakly. He was a bit surprised that Daniel had shared that most humiliating memory, but he hadn’t told him that it was a secret.

“F, you got an F?” Klaus asked in shock.

“Daniel didn’t tell you that I got an F after Mom and Dad died?” Will asked, now confused.

“No . . . wow, I had no idea,” Klaus said.

“Then what did you mean by ‘I know that grades don’t really matter?”

“Just that once you get into college, no one ever looks at your high school grades anymore, but you carry skills with you for the rest of your life,” Klaus said softly.

“Oh,” Will said. This conversation wasn’t going as he had planned at all. “That may be true, but you lost your academic scholarship by losing your A average, Klaus.”

“There are scholarships for skills, too,” he countered.

“I know, but . . . I spent my entire high school life wishing that I had the chance to do my homework, that I would have the opportunity to succeed. You have that opportunity, Klaus. You have a comfortable bed to sleep in and food at every meal. I’m home now, so you don’t have any other responsibilities. You have the time, so I expect you to do your homework and attend class every day. I know I’m not Dad, and I guess I can’t make you, but . . . I can’t just watch you throw away the chance that I always wished that I’d had.”

“It’s just so boring, Will. The assignments they give us are so below my level. It’s not an excuse. You’re right. I should be grateful, but . . . it’s soooo boring.”

“I think I can help with that problem. I’ll add some college level enrichment work to your assignments. I’ll make it more challenging and add some things I know will come in useful for you later. How does that sound?”

“Really? That would be great!”

Will shook his head. Only his knowledge-loving brother would be happy about the idea of making the homework harder.

After Klaus had finally completed all of his backlogged assignments, Will went to check on Daniel. Daniel had already completed his homework. Will told him how proud he was of him. He knew that it had to have been hard for Daniel to force himself to keep up with school.

Will wanted some family time with his brothers. He still felt disconnected from them, and he hated that feeling. Skill building and cooking were important to all of them, so Will suggested that they watch an episode on the cooking network together. It was a good opportunity for them to spend some time reconnecting while increasing their fun and learning together.

While they were talking, Daniel confided in Will that he was still longing for a girlfriend. Will could definitely relate. He reminded Daniel how he had waited for so long, thought that Amaya was the one, and then realized that she was all wrong for him. Will reassured him, yet again, that he only needed to be patient. Will knew that he would meet the right girl someday.

“Alyssa Cory looked really pretty at the wedding, didn’t she? Her hair just sparkles when she pulls it up. I . . . I sort of have a crush on her,” Daniel admitted.

“She’s a very sweet girl,” Will commented. “I know she’s interested in a family someday.”

“She also has a boyfriend, though,” Shenene felt compelled to inform him.

Will put an arm around his brother. He knew what it felt like to long for a girl that wasn’t interested in you. “Just be yourself, Daniel. I know you’re going to end up as happily married as I am some day.” He smiled as he looked up into his wife’s beautiful green eyes.

“Will, can I talk to you for a moment?” Klaus asked.

Will gave him a curious look. Klaus was behaving oddly, but Will simply nodded and followed his brother into the kitchen.

“I need to apologize for the way I acted earlier. I never should have back talked you. I know you’re just concerned about me. I guess it’s just weird . . . suddenly being in charge of the house and then suddenly not being again. That doesn’t make the way I talked to you okay, though. I really am sorry.”

Tears flooded Will’s eyes. He knew his sweet and loving brother was still in there despite the teenage hormones. He remembered what it was like to be angry, frustrated, and confused with life. He understood. “It’s okay, brother. I love you so much.” They wrapped each other in a deep hug. The transition of moving back in wasn’t seamless, but this family could make it through anything.

It was getting late, so Will suggested that it was time that they all go to bed. Neither brother argued with him over suddenly having a bedtime. In their hearts, they had missed having someone care about what time they went to bed and whether or not they got up in time to eat breakfast before heading to class.

“This was certainly an emotional first day back, don’t you think?” Shenene asked Will as they cuddled that night in bed.

“Definitely. I’m glad that I didn’t have to go through it alone, though. I’m so proud to have you with me here as my wife,” Will said as he caressed her shoulder. “I know it was a rough first day, but do you think that you can be happy here, honey?”

“Of course. Your brothers went to so much trouble to make our room so nice for us. I knew when I married you that I was marrying into a family. I like that. It’s so different than my family. It’s a family that’s about love and caring for each other, not money.”

“I love you so much, my wonderful wife,” he whispered in her ear.

“Are you too tired to perform one last marital duty before we go to bed?” Shenene asked with a playful grin.

“Of course not, we do need to break in the bed,” Will said as he chased her under the covers.

Will enjoyed his tasks to take care of the house the next day. He was providing for his family. That gave him joy, even if he was doing the most mundane of chores. He was pleased to see that the legacy apple tree that he had planted in his parents’ and Grandpa Monty’s honor was now producing tasty fruit. Harvesting the apples was a pleasure.

Next, Will needed to find a job. The money that Grandfather Nicholas had given them was great, but Will also knew that it wouldn’t last forever. He had gone to college for a reason: he wanted to be a teacher. It might be difficult to find a job in the teaching field on Emerald Isle, but Will decided to put his resume in on a few job postings. To his amazement, he got an offer to be the Dean of Students at Emerald Isle Academy. Will couldn’t believe it. He’d simply hoped to be a teacher, but his former school insisted that he was one of the most qualified candidates that they’d seen. Grandpa Monty’s friend was ready to retire, and they were certain that with his curriculum and grades in college, Will would be the perfect person for the position. Will happily accepted it, even if he was rather nervous about the advanced position.

Shenene decided to try her luck at looking for a job as well. She really wanted to make some money of her own. However, there wasn’t much call for a literature major. She wanted to be a fiction writer, but she couldn’t really find any jobs that matched that career. There were jobs in journalism, but that didn’t really interest her. If there was one thing that she was certain of, Shenene knew that she didn’t want to be a lawyer or doctor like her parents would have forced her to be. There was one job that caught her eye. It sounded very interesting. She knew it was wrong, very, very wrong; but she wanted some fun and excitement in her life. She took a job in the criminal track as a Smuggler. She just couldn’t let her husband know what her real job was.

Time seemed to fly by as the Turner family settled into their new lives together. Will’s pressure on Klaus to give his full effort at school paid off when Klaus won the science fair with his exhibit entitled “Splice and Dice: Easy Home Genetics Revealed.” It took effort and creativity for Will to keep Klaus engaged in school, but he didn’t mind. His brother was a genius. Will loved seeing him put that mind to use in his creations and at school.

Further evidence of the passage of time occurred when Liebe finally became a cat. Daniel was so proud of himself. The little kitten that had been no bigger than the palm of his hand when he got him was now a sleek and refined gray cat. He was graceful and regal as he pranced around the house, but that didn’t stop him from having fun playing finger wiggler from time to time.

Before the Turners even realized it, the school year had come to a close. Klaus graduated from high school with his proud family in the audience. After the graduation ceremony, Klaus came home and applied for some scholarships. He knew that he hadn’t managed to bring his average back up to the A that was required for an academic scholarship, but he did have a lot of skills. He applied for every scholarship he could think of. He also sent in his application to Academie Le Tour. He wanted to go to his brother’s alma mater.

“I’m proud of you, Klaus,” Grandfather Nicholas told him as he paced the deck by the lake awaiting the results of his applications.

“I still lost my academic scholarship,” Klaus admitted with shame. “I told Will I wasn’t worried, but what if my B average isn’t good enough? I guess I’m more nervous about this step than I thought.”

Grandfather Nicholas surprised Klaus by pulling him in for a hug. “My grandson is a genius. Any moron will see that. You’ll get into that school, and you’ll have plenty of scholarships.”

Klaus asked for support from his family as he went in to check his e-mail. The results of his applications would be in there. Will, Shenene, Daniel, and Nicholas all came to stand by his side as he read his responses. He was awarded the Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund, the Young Entrepreneurs Award, the Bui Engineering Award, the Hogan Award for Athletics, the Will Wright Genius Grant, the Quigly Visual Arts Stipend, and the Tsang Footwork Award. That last one was quite a surprise. He had only ever really danced at Will’s college fraternity parties, but he was awarded the scholarship nonetheless. It was plenty of money. The last thing to check was, yes, he had an acceptance letter from Academie Le Tour in his inbox. Klaus was all set to go to college.

Klaus was happy, proud, and excited; yet still scared and lonely as his family waved goodbye. He was off to start his own adventure at Academie Le Tour.

Season Recap

1. Klaus, Daniel, and Nicholas struggled some while Will was away. Klaus devoted his time to skill building. Daniel worked on skill building and playing with his kitten.

2. Nicholas opened an escort service business. He was able to achieve his lifetime want of having 20 simultaneous loves. He also got the business to a level 7. He took all of the cash rewards offered and made the family a small fortune. He also continued to work on romancing some after achieving his lifetime want. He now has 28 simultaneous loves, two away from achieving an impossible want in an elder.

3. Will returned from college and married Shenene. They moved back in with the family. Both took jobs in their chosen careers one promotion away from the top.

4. Klaus left for Academie Le Tour with a sizeable amount of scholarships; although he lost his academic one.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 59

CAS elder achieving lifetime want +10

New non-money points 69

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 177,363 simoleons

Author’s Notes

I was able to have Will encourage the boys a lot while at college. He took Klaus up a lot in the nice personality points. He's now even nicer than Will! And, I worked on getting both Klaus and Daniel to neat, but I didn't quite get them there.

Getting Nich so many loves was the most tedious thing I’ve ever done in the game, but I think it was worth it. Thanks to Rachel from the Sims2 Challenges Podcast for giving me the idea for how I could get him 20 loves before he died. It’s quick tip 22 on her site if you want to learn how I did it. The girls dropping off all of the flowers from his dates was the funnies thing I’ve ever seen in the game. I laughed for hours as the girls continued to come and come. I have him at 28 simultaneous loves now, and I hope to get him to the impossible want of 30 before he dies. Then I’m never going for that IW again. I can’t believe how high a level I got for his business (level 7) or how much money he made off of it (like 130,000 simoleons) without ever selling a thing!

Will and Shenene’s wedding was beautiful. I really had fun playing that part.

I’m very pleased with how pretty Liebe, the cat, turned out.

I really need to stop including so many pictures and making these updates so long. It takes forever, but the Turners are my favorites, so they deserved the work.