Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Windsor Family Season 6

George Windsor—Elder male family sim
Aries personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 8, Active 6, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—have 6 grandchildren

Andrew Windsor—Adult male fortune sim
Aquarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Lazy 4, Playful 7, Nice 6
Lifetime want—become chief of staff—achieved!

Elizabeth Windsor—Adult female family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—reach top of education career

James Windsor—Teen male popularity sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 2
Lifetime want--own 5 top level businesses

Edward Windsor—Child male sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 1

Victoria Windsor—Toddler sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 3, Active 9, Playful 7, Nice 6

Sophie Windsor—toddler sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7

In the last update—James became a teen and chose the lifetime want of owning 5 top level businesses. Elizabeth gave birth to their fourth child, Victoria, at Edward’s 5th birthday party. Andrew was promoted to Chief of Staff and achieved his lifetime want. The Windsors adopted Sophie, who was really Andrew’s niece, but also a grandchild of George. Philip, the oldest Windsor child, left for university with his girlfriend, Amaya.

Season 6—Winter

Andrew had achieved his lifetime want of becoming Chief of Staff at the hospital. He loved his job and really didn’t want to change careers. Still, he longed to make more money. So, he decided to open a business. He called it The Windsor Library, even though he actually sold the books. It was a lot of work, but with James’ help, Andrew was able to get the business to a level 8 business.

Back at home, George was very unhappy with what he found his grandson doing. Edward was teasing his baby sister, Sophie. He’d hold a toy out in front of her, tease her for a moment, and then pull it away.

George opened the door, grasped Edward by the wrist, took his toy away, and gave his bottom a firm smack. “Is that any way to treat your sister? I have had it with the meanness between you kids. I’m not the nicest sim, but I know to treat family right. I will not tolerate any more teasing, cheating at games, jealousy, punching, hitting, or just plain meanness. Do you understand, young man?”

“Yes, sir,” Edward said, wide-eyed. He didn’t think he’d ever seen his grandfather so angry before.

“I’ve got it, Dad,” Andrew said as he happened to walk right into the conversation as he returned home from the library. “Come on, Edward, we need to have a talk.”

Tears flooded Edwards eyes as he slowly followed his dad. “Am I in trouble, Dad?”

“No, son,” Andrew hugged Edward to reassure him. “Not yet. I think I just haven’t taken the time to teach you and your brothers the importance of being nice. We’re just going to have a conversation about being kind and the importance of family. Come on, let’s go talk in my office. Based off how mean you seem right now, this might be a REALLY long talk. Don’t worry, James is going to get the talk next. He can’t expect to run a successful business if he is mean to his customers.”

Back in the nursery, George cuddled and comforted Sophie. After he had her calmed down, he taught her how to walk. George spent a lot of time with both Sophie and Victoria to ensure that learned all of the important toddler skills.

Before long, it was time for the girl’s birthday party. Philip came home from college for the event. He knew how important birthday parties were in the Windsor family. Elizabeth was overwhelmed with emotion as she saw her oldest son, now an adult, coming down the walk.

Windsor birthday parties were always a large affair, but this was doubly so. It was a double birthday party for two girls.

The girls turned into beautiful little ladies. There was time for a few quick photos after the party, but unfortunately, Philip and Amaya had already left to go back to college.

After the party, the entire family hung out together. Andrew and Elizabeth both realized the importance of stressing family unity now. The children needed time to bond together.

The family was finally complete when one day a social worker called. They had found Lily, Sophie’s little sister. She had only been a baby when her parents died. George had worried about her ever since Sophie had been dropped off at his door step. It turned out that Lily had been living in an orphanage. No one had realized her true identity until she became a toddler. Then her beautiful looks and gorgeous red hair made her easily identifiable as the son of Frederick Windsor, former ruler of Arbordale. The social worker knew to take her immediately to George.

Most toddlers cried when the social worker van brought them to their new home, but Lily was all smiles. She knew that she was going to go live with her real family and her Grandpa George.

With the official adoption of Lily, George achieved his lifetime want of having six grandchildren. Philip, James, Edward, Victoria, Sophie, and Lily meant the world to him.

Family was important to Elizabeth, so of course she agreed to care for her niece. It wasn’t until she was teaching the little girl to talk, and Lily called her “Mommy,” that Elizabeth realized that she would raise Lily as her own daughter.

The Windsors were a bit worried about the reaction the other children would have to having another sibling. Of course, Sophie was thrilled to have her little sister back. Thanks to the encouragement they had received in niceness, the other Windsor children were happy to have a new member of the family, too.

Even Philip and Amaya came over to bond with Lily. Philip was still mostly concerned with his own pleasure, but he had learned to appreciate his family now, too.

Despite the extreme demands of maintaining such a large family, Elizabeth was able to obtain a promotion at work. She was promoted to High School Principal. It was one step closer to her dream of reaching the top of the education career, but Elizabeth worried that she might not ever get there. She was nearing retirement age, and she didn’t know if she would have time to reach the top before then. All of those years of constant maternity leave were affecting her dreams.

At least being in the education field made getting her children into private school a breeze. Philip had graduated from Emerald Isle Academy, and James already attended. It was a mere formality to have her three elementary school age children added to the roster.

With so many children, it was always time for someone’s birthday. This time it was Edward’s turn to become a teen. He chose pleasure as his aspiration, and just like his older brother Philip, Edward wanted to have 50 dream dates.

Concerns about work aside, there was always something Elizabeth needed to be doing for her family. She had to give Lily the time she deserved with Mommy so that she could grow up well.

Elizabeth was proud of her three oldest boys, but she had to admit that her three adorable little girls had her heart.


Season Recap

1. Andrew opened the family’s first business and got it to a level 8.

2. Victoria and Sophie became children.

3. The Windsors adopted Lily. This achieved George’s lifetime want of having 6 grandchildren.

4. Edward became a teen. His lifetime want is 50 dream dates.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 107

New sim, Lily +1

CAS elder achieving LTW +10

New non-money points 118

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 142,043 simoleons.

Author’s Notes

James will be going to college after next round. I’m starting a new rule/way of dealing with Uni. Teens will be sent to Uni after they have been teens for 8 sim days, at the end of the round. Then Uni will be played between houses for the entire next round. James will be the first sim that this new rule applies to.

I didn’t like Edward at all at first, but now that I have him nice and his aspiration is pleasure, I am starting to like him more. I might have some fun dating with him.

Since this family got so large to accommodate George’s LTW, I am going to have to divide the sims into two houses. Andrew and the boys will be moving next door to provide room for Philip and Amaya to move back in next round.


  1. Congrats, you managed to accommodate almost everyone's LTW. Lily is darling. Don't worry, Elizabeth can still make it, unless you've imposed a rule that all sims must retire upon becoming elders. I keep my sims working to give them something to do.
    Just a word of warning, not sure if it's true, but I think sim personality genetics are determined by what they were born with. Just a warning.

  2. Ah--they are getting nicer! Good thing! Wow, those little girls are really darling. All that pretty hair. That's a big family, though!

  3. I love this family! Those little girls are all so cute!

  4. Very cute girls! They are all beautiful, the boys are pretty good too! Can't wait to see all the havoc they wreak in college!

  5. I admire your persistence! You have done things with the game that I could only hope to do! What dedication!

    On another note (and, no,I havent looked on your CC page) where did you get the Uni dorm and the really cute hair for the little girls?

  6. I'm only a year behind in reading you now. I want my kids to be able to tease my toddlers! From my ever-so-brief research, it looks like an OFB thing and I don't have that one. I think I'm due for a new EP soon (although it will probably be freetime, no OFB for a little while).