Tuesday, July 15, 2008

String Me Along

Mature Content Warning--This entry is rated PG-16. In this challenge, my sim woohoos his way to the top with any sim that comes home in the carpool. I'm not always going to use the word "woohoo." I don't use the f-word or anything, but it's not as PG-13 as the game in describing it. Also, anyone that dislikes gay sims will probably not want to read this.


Wen is still working out the full rules of this challenge, but the basic rules are that your sim can’t ever earn skills to advance in his job. He must use chance cards or datings/outings to get to the top of his career. There are also some bonus modules related to each EP that you can choose to complete. I’m trying for Pets (adopt two strays, breed them, and give the offspring to a coworker), Bon Voyage (take a coworker on vacation to say thanks and earn all vacation mementos for that location), and Freetime (give your coworker an expensive hobby gift).


I chose pleasure as the primary aspiration for my sim so that he will want to go on outings. I chose popularity as my sim’s secondary aspiration for the lifetime benefits. I chose the first three popularity aspiration benefits and the first two work ones to bring home more coworkers and to have better odds at chance cards. I will have my sim go on dates and outings with coworkers to get to the top. I chose his turn-ons as level 6+ job and high creativity so that he will be attracted to sims that can help him out. My sim has chosen a lifetime want of reaching the top of the culinary track, which means my sim can’t do anything to gain cooking, creativity, or logic. No cooking, that is going to be tuff. My sim will have to live off of food eaten at work, outing/date boosts to hunger, food cooked by sims influenced to cook it, and take out. I can also have my sim go to community lots and cook on grills since he can’t earn skills there.

I made my sim’s personality for characterization. A sim that’s doing this to get to the top of the career has to be lazy! Also, Wen's rules allow for money cheats, but I chose not to use any to make it harder.


Me: Everyone, meet Loren. Poor Loren just turned eighteen. He grew-up in foster care, and the moment he turned eighteen, they kicked him out. Now he has nothing: no friends, no family, no money, no skills. He has to figure out how to make his way in the world with nothing to start from.

Loren Napier
Pleasure Sim with Popularity Secondary Aspiration
Taurus personality
Sloppy 4, Outgoing 6, Lazy 2, Playful 7, Nice 6
Turn-ons—Level 6+ job, Creative Sims
Lifetime want—Become celebrity chef

Me: Hi, Loren. What’s up? Oh, hey, are you crying? What’s the matter?

Loren: I . . . I don’t know what to do. I need money to pay the bills. I’m completely broke. The only reason I even get to rent this house is because I burst out into tears when the landlord explained that even the cheapest housing would require a deposit for the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit to cover for damages. He was real nice. He offered to waive the 20,000 simoleon deposit on this place after he heard my sob story. But, he made me promise to always pay my rent and all of the bills on time. If I’m late even once, he’ll have to evict me. Someone said there’s a way to just get money for free, something about saying the word “kaching,” but everyone I tell that to just laughs at me. Apparently there’s no such thing as free money.

Me: Well, why don’t you look for a job in that paper in your hand?

Loren: This is no good. All of the decent paying jobs require skills. I don’t have any skills. Well, I have some skills, but not in anything that would get me a job.

Loren: I'm not really good at learning. I try, but . . . concentrating is real hard for me. I don’t think I’ll be able to learn the skills I need. I’ll never be able to get a decent job. I’m going to get evicted and end up living on the streets!

Me: Shh, Loren, don’t cry. You want to be a chef someday, right?

Loren: Yeah, but who’s going to let some kid that’s never even been in a kitchen be a celebrity chef?

Me: Here, take this job as a Dish Washer (level 1). You can handle that.

Loren: I don’t know. That hardly pays any money at all, and it sounds like a lot of hard work. I still won’t have enough to pay the rent with those wages, even if I work myself to exhaustion. This is hopeless.

Me: Hey, trust your narrator here. I know this story is going to end well. Take the job, Loren. Things are going to work out okay. You just relax and start dreaming of what you want with all of the money you’re going to earn someday.

Loren (sniffling): Yes, ma'am.

Me: I see you’re dreaming of a big screen television. That’s good. Dream big, Loren.

Me: I see you’re meeting the neighbors, Loren. And you’re asking all of them if they can get you a better job or get you a promotion. Good for you.

Loren: Yeah, but I don’t think any of them really want to help me, though.

Me: Woah, Loren, I really don’t think that this is the way to handle your problems.

Loren: I know, but I’m trying to meet some new people that might be able to help me get a better job.

Me: Okay, then.

Me: Hey, Loren. How was your first day as a Dish Washer?

Loren: Actually, it went great. The restaurant critic walked in the door right before we were getting ready to close. All of the chefs were gone, so the owner asked me if I could put something together. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it worked out great. I got a promotion, some cooking skill, and a bonus.

Me: That’s great, Loren.

Loren: And, I brought this friend home from work. His name’s Julien. I’m actually pretty attracted to him. I guess I’ll give him what I’m sure he came home to my place for. He’s not bad looking, and maybe he can get me another promotion.

Me: Hmm, looks like things are going well with Julien.

Loren: Yeah, he’s great. I know he’s attracted to me, but he didn’t make a move on me. He actually just wanted to talk about food. He even listened when I talked about things. Nobody ever does that. At the end of the night he hugged me and said he’d try to get me a promotion at work, if he could.

Me: Wonderful, Loren.

Me: Loren, it’s well past noon. What are you still doing in bed?

Loren: That’s the great thing about being in culinary. The hours are late, which is great for a kid like me, who is definitely not a morning person.

Me: And what are you doing now?

Loren: Working on restoring this old car. I bought some parts at the local junk yard. It’s pretty much all garbage, but I thought I might be able to get a running car out of it. I really want a car.

Me: I see you and Julien have started dating.

Loren: Yes, he’s real nice to me. We have fun just watching television and hanging out. He’s been bringing me flowers. I like him a lot. He even got me promoted to Fast Food Manager (level 3).

Me: I see you finally got that car working. That must have taken you forever.

Loren: Yeah, it was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I’m a cool car owner now.

Loren: Hey there, boy. What are you doing here? Are you a stray, huh? It’s okay. I know what it’s like when nobody wants you. I don’t really have the money, but I’ll feed you and give you some love.

Me: Woah, what’s happening here?

Loren: It’s awful. This burglar tried to rob my house. I don’t have hardly anything, but she broke in and got all the way into my bedroom. It was so upsetting. I couldn’t sleep last night. I napped in the chair with a baseball bat in my hand. I’m scared, and I can’t get it out of my head.

Loren: I invited Julien over for a date the next morning. I was so happy to see him. I just wanted to have some fun and relax, and Julien always helps me do that.

Me: Loren, what are you doing? Are you giving Julien the keys to your car?

Loren: Yeah, Julien has been so nice to me. He got me promoted above him to being a Host (level 4). He was so sweet to me after the burglar, and he listens when I talk, and he doesn’t pressure me to do things I don’t feel ready for. He’s been great. But, I feel horrible for taking advantage of him. I’ve been using him for promotions, but . . . it’s not like that. I really like him. I felt guilty. I should treat him better, so I gave him my car. He seemed to really like it.

Loren: Hey, boy. I didn’t think I’d see you back around here again. You need some loving, don’t you? Gosh, I really can’t afford a dog, but . . . you need me, don’t you? Yeah, I’ll find a way to pay for your food. Why don’t I adopt you, Rover?

Me: Of course the first thing Rover did was chew up Loren’s CD collection.

Loren: Bad dog! Bad dog! I don’t have much. You can’t destroy my stuff. Bad Dog!

Loren: Oh, hey, hey . . . It’s okay. I’m not going to hit you, boy. I would never . . . I’m sorry, Rover. (Tearing up) It’s okay. I love you. I’d never hurt you. Come here. Let me give you some loving. I don’t even care if you do tear up my stuff. I’m going to take good care of you, Rover.

Me: You’re gardening now, Loren?

Loren: Seemed like a good idea. I’m not making much money off of it, but every simoleon helps.

Me: Who’s this?

Loren: That’s Allyn. Julien told me that he couldn’t get me any more promotions at work. He’s already gotten me promoted above him, and that’s the best that he can do. Allyn hit on me at the restaurant, so I brought her home. She said she’d get me a promotion, so I let her touch me. She’d been eyeing my butt all night, so I knew that was what she wanted. I really don’t want to do it again. I don’t like her; she’s mean.

Me: Okay, Loren. How do you feel about this coworker? I believe his name is Holden.

Loren: He’s alright, I guess. He’s pretty high up at the restaurant. I think he could definitely get me a promotion. I’m just going to jump straight to it and give him what he wants. It’s what they all want from me. I don’t care anymore. I’ve been trying for this promotion for years, and I’m getting desperate.

Me: Well, Loren. How are things working out with Holden?

Loren: It worked. He got me the promotion to waiter (level 5) that I’d been waiting on for forever. I’m going to keep dating him and see if he can get me higher.

Me: No! No, no, no! What’s happening?

Loren: Oh, sorry to give you a scare there. I’m teaching Rover how to play dead.

Me: Shew, what a relief.

Me: Ohhh, is that a girl dog you could adopt, too? Maybe you could breed her with Rover?

Me: Maybe not.

Me: Is that a chef’s uniform, Loren?

Loren: Yes. Holden pulled some more strings and got me promoted to prep cook (level 6). I finally get to actually cook something, but I’m so nervous. I’m worried my lack of cooking skill will show now.

Loren: First thing today my boss put me in charge of making soup for a wedding. I decided to make an Italian wedding soup. I was so scared when I found out the family was Italian. I almost started crying as I peered around a pillar to watch their reaction.

I was sure I was going to get fired, and I really need my job. It turns out they loved it. I earned a bonus and some more cooking skill.

Me: Is that another coworker, Loren?

Loren: Yes, that’s Jessie. He owns the restaurant I work at. I’ve started sleeping with him, too. I bring Holden home from work and woohoo with him. He usually brings me a gift in the middle of the night. Then I call Jessie over in the morning before the restaurant opens.

Me: That sounds complicated.

Loren: Yeah, I’m dead if either one ever finds out about the other. I’ll lose my job for sure then, but I have to take the gamble. I know it’s the only way I’ll ever be able to reach the top. And, it’s working. Jessie got my promotions to sous chef (level 7), executive chef (level 8), and restauranteur (level 9) really quickly. Now all I have to do is sit back and relax and wait to see if one of them can get me to level 10.

Me: Congratulations, Loren. I see that it worked. You made it to celebrity chef (level 10), the top of the culinary career, and your lifetime want.

Loren: I even have my own television cooking show now. And I guess woohooing both Jessie and Holden did pay off in the end. It was Holden that managed to get me that last promotion.

Me: So, now that you’ve achieved your dream, what are you going to do now?

Loren: I’m calling Julien.

Me: You’re calling Julien?

Loren: I really miss him. He was so nice to me. He listened when I talked, and we just had fun together. I wish I could have just kept dating him, but I knew he couldn’t get me to where I wanted to be. Now that I’m free of all of that, I just want to be with him. He made me feel special.

Julien: Hi, Loren. I didn’t expect to hear from you again. Lo-Lo-Loren (choked by kiss).

Loren: I really missed you, Julien. I don’t even care about the stupid money or the fame. I want to be with you.

Loren: Oh crap. I can’t let Julien see my living room. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. He’s going to know all those flowers are from other lovers. He’s going to realize what I did. What do I do?

Me: Maybe you should tell him the truth, Loren.

Loren: No way. He’ll never want me if he knows what I’ve done.

Me: Loren, this is another one of those times when I need you to trust me. Tell Julien the truth. I know it’s hard, but if you really want a relationship with Julien, then you need to start it off open and honest. Tell him. I have a feeling Julien will forgive you.

Loren: Ummm, maybe we could talk in the bedroom? I want to get him away from all of this stuff.

Me: Okay

Loren: Julien . . . I . . . I need to tell you something. I’ve done something I’m really not proud of, but I want you to know the truth. I woohooed my way to the top of the culinary career. I dated and slept with anyone and everyone to get myself promoted.

Julien: Is that why you started dating me?

Loren: Yes, but then . . . It wasn’t like that with you. I’m so sorry, Julien.

Julien: (Deep breath) Why are you telling me this, Loren?

Loren (starting to cry): I feel so dirty for what I did, Julien. I thought I wanted the money and the fame, but . . . it isn’t worth what I did to get there. The thing is that I really like you. You never made me feel like some sexual object you were using. You made me feel special and even . . . loved. I thought . . . I hoped . . . I know it’s too much to ask, but I thought if I told you the truth now, maybe you would forgive me and we could start fresh. That was really stupid, huh? I should have known you’d never want someone as filthy as me once I told you the truth, but I just didn’t want to lie to you anymore.

Julien: Oh, Loren. My sweet, Loren. Come here.

Julien: Sleeping your way to the top was a very big mistake, but I think I can understand why you did it. Thank you for telling me the truth. Shhh, don’t cry, Loren. Let’s try this fresh start. You’re right. I did think you were special, and I loved you. I still do.

Loren: Oh, Julien!

Loren: This is going to sound really weird, after what I just told you, but . . . you and I never woohooed. That means something to me. You never pressured me. I . . . I’ve never been with someone that cared about what I felt. With the others, it was always all about them. I was wondering if you’d be the first person I’ve ever actually made love with.

Julien: My Loren. I always wanted you, but I wanted to wait until you were ready. We’ll go slow and gentle. I promise I’ll make it feel good for you.

Loren: Julien, that was amazing. I . . . I want to do something. God, you’re probably going to turn me down, but I want to show you that you I’m committed to you now. I don’t want to be with anyone else. Will you take this commitment ring from me?

Julien: I love it, Loren. It means so much to me.

Me: Loren and Julien spent some time dating. They needed to get to know each other better and get more comfortable with each other after their fresh start. It was wonderful. Julien enjoyed cooking for Loren. They’d take Rover out on walks together. They ended every night cuddling together in bed.

Me: Loren, what are you doing on the computer? Are you booking a vacation?

Loren: Yeah, I’m planning our honeymoon. I think Julien would like a week in the mountains. He enjoys the simple life, and I’d like to get away from it all, too.

Loren: We’re getting married. Well, we can’t actually get married, but we can have a civil union. You watch the ceremony. Look at the love and commitment in our eyes as we say our vows and tell me that what we have isn’t really a marriage.

Me: There’s no doubt in my mind that you two are going to be happily married.

Loren: We did decide to spend our honeymoon in a small mountain cabin. I had a great time showing Julien all that you could do there. I paid for everything, as a small thank you for everything he’s done for me. He did get me my first real promotion, but beyond that, he forgave me. So, I made sure that Julien earned all of the vacation memories you can from the mountains.

Loren: Of course, we had to make time for a few other honeymoon pursuits before it was time to go home.

Me: Sounds like you two had a great time. So how are things now?

Loren: Great! Julien and I just decided to adopt a kid from care. We’re in trouble. She’s full of spunk and energy, but we’re going to make sure that she grows up safe, happy, and loved.

Me: Your family is beautiful, Loren. I’m so happy for you.

Challenge Discussion

Getting Loren promoted was not that hard. You just need to keep dating or using outings on your co-workers. I only got him promoted from a chance card once. All the rest were from outings. I did seem to notice that I’d stop getting promotions from sims. I think that it’s harder for sims in lower positions to your sim promoted compared to sims with higher level jobs. I know the coworker can get your sim promoted beyond his own job, but I think there’s a limit or it’s harder. After finishing the challenge, I looked in sims PE. Julien was level 3 (got Loren to level 4). Allyn was level 2 (never got a promotion out of her). Holden was level 8 and Jessie was level 9. Holden and Jessie got Loren the later promotions, but it was Holden that got him to level 10. This seemed to have more effect than niceness in my playing. It’s probably a good idea if you can manage it, to go on outings or dates with several different coworkers so you can increase your odds of being promoted.

I obviously failed at the Pets module. I could not get a female adult dog on the lot. I kept getting males, which did me no good. The one female dog I showed in the photos never came back, even though Loren got to 56 relationship with her. I still really want that dog to wonder on the lot! I really wanted them to make puppies. It made me so sad to fail at this.

I sort of completed the Bon Voyage module. I did it as a honeymoon after reaching TOC for fun. There’s no reason I couldn’t have done it earlier, so I’m counting it. I just did it this way for the story.

This is a great challenge, especially for anyone that hasn't used datings and outings a lot before. It really does show you how much you can do with those tools. I also think that this could be fun to incorporate as a mini challenge into a longer challenge. If you're playing legacy or prosperity, why not pick an heir that you apply these rules to? Or tweak it a bit. Maybe pick one teen that rolls up pleasure or romance and create a no skilling rule from then on for that sim. Maybe even have that sim get through college without ever studying or attending class too. See how much you can do with this. It spices things up.


9 days left to elderhood +9

Career LTW +5

Freetime module +5

Bon Voyage module +5

Trophy room +10

Approved hack list +15

Total Points 49

Author’s Note: Loren’s character was based upon the work of the amazingly talented Elizabeth Marshall.


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