Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Miserable Sims Challenge Teaser

I'm going to write up this entire challenge in story format once I finish, but some of these pictures were so great, I had to post them now. This is a challenge that I wrote and am in the last stages of finalizing. The purpose of the challenge is to see new negative things in the game.

Family Sim Aspiration Failure:

Sim Shrink Visit:

Romance Aspiration Failure:

Stood Up At The Altar:

What A Wedding Night:

Only A Very Mean Sim Attacks His Own Social Bunny:

The Social Bunny Thinks Being Caught By The Cops for Counterfeiting Is Funny:

Fortune Sim Aspiration Failure:

You Know You're Crazy When Even the Social Bunny Says So:

The Social Bunny and The Sim Shrink Are Friends:

Social Bunnies Fighting:


  1. This is fantastic! I'm gonna have to do this at some point.

  2. hehehe! How funny! LOL I would like to see the Social Bunny stuff.

  3. I've seen left at the altar, but not in a long time. But I don't think I've ever seen two social bunnies.

  4. This looks like an interesting challenge. I would love to try this with sims 3!

  5. Two social bunnies isn't too hard to achieve. You need two sims to drop all the way to zero in social at the same time. They can get either a blue, pink, or yellow bunny, which is determined at random. Same colored bunnies fight. Blue and pink bunnies interact romantically together. I'm still trying to get that.

    This challenge could definitely be adapted for sims 3. You'd just have to convert the list of negative events into things that happen in sims 3.

  6. OMG, this looks great. I totally want to try it sometime.

  7. This looks like a hilarious challenge!