Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Alcide Round 7

This is the house of Jessie’s youngest boy, Alcide Winchester, his wife Frances Lum Winchester, and their two children, Sookie and baby Adrian.

Alcide Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Artistic
  3. Athletic
  4. Family Oriented
  5. Handy

Lifetime Want—Reach the top of the sports career

Frances Lum Winchester

  1. Can’t Stand Art
  2. Easily Impressed
  3. Hopeless Romantic
  4. Light Sleeper
  5. Slob

Lifetime Want—Golden Fingers/Golden Tongue

Sookie Winchester

  1. Easily Impressed
  2. Good
  3. Friendly

Adrian Winchester

  1. Athletic
  2. Brave

We start this round with Adrian becoming a toddler.  I didn’t have a big party this time, although that is one of my challenge goals, but sometimes I get burned out on the big birthday parties that seem to take FOREVER in the sims 3 but at the same time there’s hardly any time to interact with anyone because it’s the birthday cake that takes forever.  Anyway, a quiet little birthday for baby Adrian.




Adrian Winchester

  1. Athletic
  2. Brave

Aww, he’s adorable.  He has daddy Alcide’s hair (from legacy founder Jessie) and mommy Frances’ eyes.  He looks almost exactly like he should look to be my roleplay Adrian.  Love him! 

I thought this was a good time to check on the family tree.  I like this family because Frances is the born in game daughter of the Lum family.  I played the Lum family as my very first Sims 3 try out the game family.  They had a different daughter in that game, but I like seeing the Lums in the family tree.


Here’s some more pictures of the cutie.  I had to throw in a picture of Adrian in the toy box because I remember an adorable pictures of his father Alcide as a toddler in the toy box too.  And there are lots of pictures of Adrian with his little car.  He loves that thing and carries it around with him everywhere.








Sookie spent a lot of time selling her baked goods again.  I discovered something this round.  If you get your child to cooking level three using the little toy oven, they’re baked goods turn out perfect.  I haven’t been able to get a perfect meal from any of my adults, even those with the natural cook trait, even when using perfect home grown vegetables.  But children can do it easily.  As long as they’re at cooking level three, all of their baked goods end up perfect.  Here’s the best part, eating a ‘perfect meal’ gives the amazing meal moodlet which gives a whopping +50 mood points!  And just eating a perfect muffin gives this moodlet.  Another bonus is that children can cook baked goods much faster than adults can cook a meal.  So it takes only a few mintues to make the whole family a plate of muffins that will give everyone a plus fifty mood bonus!


Something weird happened at the baked sale.  I sometimes wish that sims 3 still had memories like sims 2.  I want to know what happened here!  It looked like Rene was about to slap his nephew, Christopher.  I have no idea why he would do that.  Rene is a good, friendly, family-oriented sim.  He would never hit a child!  But Christopher looks pretty scared of him.  Awwww.  I wish I knew what really happened in game.  Personality-wise, the only thing I could think of that would make Rene act like that was if Christopher was picking on or bullying Rene’s sons, Daniel and Alex.  Rene is very protective of his family.  So we’ll say that’s what happened.  Christopher picked on little Alex and Rene almost lost it but pulled himself back together at the last minute.


Frances has started fundraising for her politics campaign.  She stumbled upon a technique that really worked well.  Instead of birthday parties she threw campaign fundraising parties for her kids’ birthdays.  Relatives donated to her campaign just for attending the party, and during the party she can hit up her brother and sister-in-laws for more donations.  It worked great.





Sookie Winchester

  1. Easily Impressed
  2. Good
  3. Friendly
  4. Family Oriented

Sookie looks a lot like her mom now.  Her eyes got slanty like Frances’, and she has Frances’ big, puffy lips.  She does have Alcide’s eye color, though.  Also it seems like she’s inherited the Winchester super skinny gene.

Sookie’s hobbies include reading in the library, cooking for her family, caring for her little brother and baby-sitting her cousins, and gardening for those perfect ingredients.  It was interesting when Sookie browsed for a book to read at the library.  The books available include Peter and the Wolves, The Real Werewolves of Baton Rouge, Twilight, Evernight Academy, and The Southern Vampire Novels:  Dead Until Dark, Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead.  I love custom books in sims 3.





Frances is still working on improving her charisma and guitar skill.  She finally maxed the guitar skill and earned a lot of tips.  The bake sale stand seemed to draw people to the area for her to earn tips from even if it was unattended.


Alcide made it to Superstar Athlete, which is actually level 9 in the athletics career, but it fulfilled his lifetime wish.  His new career outfit looks a little Chad Ochocinco to me.  Now he spends all of his time running around like a superstar and working on his martial arts skills.  I’m trying to get him high enough to be able to break the space rock board.  He also still really loves fishing.





Frances taught Adrian how to walk just in time for another big fundraiser birthday party.





Adrian Winchester

  1. Athletic
  2. Brave
  3. Hotheaded

Adrian looks a lot like his father to me.  He has his nose.  But I like that he has his mother’s eye color.  Such a cutie.

Accomplishments this round:

  • Alcide reached level 9 of the athletics career and achieved his lifetime want of being a superstar athlete.
  • Frances maxed out her guitar skill, halfway there to her lifetime want.  She’s at charisma level 8.
  • Frances is a local represenative (level 6) in the politics career.
  • Sookie created the Personable and Celebrity skill challenges.  I think it’s the way that I play that almost all of my sims complete those challenges if they have any charisma skill at all.  First I have all of my sims get to know the full extended family including aunts and uncles and cousins, which is a lot of sims.  And also by playing all the different houses they meet other people while I’m not playing their house.  So I just hit these without trying.


  1. I don't know if it's only me, but nearly half the pictures were missing. Glad I could see at least one picture of toddler Adrian!

  2. I loaded the page on several different browsers and the pictures all seemed fine. Maybe try to refresh and see if you can see them now? Maybe it was just a bad load.