Friday, July 6, 2007

Windsor Family Season 4 Summer

George Windsor—Elder male family sim
Aries personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 8, Active 6, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—have 6 grandchildren

Andrew Windsor—Adult male fortune sim
Aquarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Lazy 4, Playful 7, Nice 6
Lifetime want—become chief of staff

Elizabeth Windsor—Adult female family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—reach top of education career

Philip Windsor—Teen male pleasure sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 2, Shy 3, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 4
Lifetime want—fifty dream dates

James Windsor—Child male sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 1

Season 4—Summer

Andrew was faced with a dilemma at work. He wanted to be the chief of staff someday, but he seemed to be stalled out in his career at Sim City General Hospital. The work required to reach the next level seemed insurmountable, but then some officials from the local HMO approached him. They wanted to meet with him about the possibility of working for them, and they offered him a much higher position and more money. Something about it just didn’t seem right to Andrew, though. He was a loyal sim, and jumping to an unknown hospital didn’t seem like a very good idea. The guys he would meet with seemed . . . suspicious. So, Andrew decided to tell the chief of staff that the HMO was trying to poach doctors from Sim City General. It just seemed like the right thing to do, and he was honestly worried about some of his colleagues taking the offer. The chief of staff was so impressed with Andrew’s loyalty and commitment that he certified Andrew immediately on several of the requirements for promotion to the next level.

After that, being given the promotion to surgeon was practically a formality. Andrew decided to combine his bonus check with their savings to expand the house. They had a new little joy on the way, and for some reason George kept hinting that they could always have twins, you never knew. If they did by some chance have twins they would need a bigger nursery. And, Andrew was tired of sharing his bedroom with his father. Besides that, he really wanted an office where he could concentrate on increasing his surgical skills.

As soon as Philip got home from school he invited over Amaya Bachmann. His friend Will Turner had introduced them, and Will had been completely right; they were made for each other. Philip had only met her the one time at Will’s house, but already he had an amazing relationship with her. One single flirtatious interaction and they had crushes on each other.

Amaya liked his blond hair and fun-loving personality.

Better than that, she loved doing all of the same things that Philip loved: clubbing,

playing poker,


cruising in the car,

and making out.

Elizabeth was definitely ready by the time she went into labor. She felt like she had been pregnant forever. She’d gotten so big she couldn’t even lie down comfortably. The first birthing pains hit at the breakfast table, but Andrew was able to quickly get her to the hospital.

A few days later she brought home her third son, Edward, from the hospital.

George was thrilled to hold another strong grandson in his arms. He snuggled Edward but then looked quizzically at Elizabeth. “Where’s the other baby?” he asked. Perhaps the twin was still out in the car?

“What other baby?” Andrew asked. “Look, Dad, I know you had your heart set on twins, but the odds of twins are pretty low. Only 3% of births are twins. You didn’t really think we’d have two did you?”

“But . . . I . . .but . . .” George stammered in confusion. He’d fed Elizabeth the cheesecake and watched her eat every bite. Could he have messed up the recipe? In any case he was going to have to work a lot harder if he hoped to see six grandchildren in his lifetime. He had three wonderful grandsons, but he simply would not allow himself to pass on until he saw three more.

As before, Elizabeth left her baby in George’s hands. She worried about what kind of effect spending so much time with an Aries fortune sim would have on her children, but she had career ambitions. She enjoyed working at the school and wanted to progress up the career ladder. So, she decided to return to work right away. She just hoped she wouldn’t regret it later. The first day went well. The superintendent told her that her skills would be put to better use teaching at the high school. The promotion meant more money and, most important to Elizabeth, more intellectual stimulation.

Elizabeth got in a few minutes of snuggle and tickle time with Edward, then it was back to work. She knew she needed to work out daily if she wanted to lose all of that baby weight.

Philip was practicing his dancing skills when James got home from school.

“Do you want to dance together, Philip?” James asked.

“What is this one of your practical jokes? Do you have a joy buzzer in your hand or something? Or are you just going to make fun of me?” Philip asked bitterly. He didn’t really like his brother. He wasn’t very nice. He cheated at games and pulled practical jokes on him all of the time.

“No, I just want to learn how to dance. You look like you have so much fun. Please teach me?”

“Oh, all right, but this better not be a trick,” Philip agreed. He showed his little brother how to get down and have some fun on the dance floor.

Andrew came in a little bit later. “Philip, can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked from the doorway.

“Sure, Dad,” Philip swallowed hard. He recognized that tone. He was in trouble, but he had no idea what for. Andrew motioned for Philip to follow him to the study. That worried Philip even more.

“Philip, we need to talk about your aspiration and lifetime goals,” Andrew started his speech.

“Oh,” said Philip in surprise. Maybe he wasn’t in trouble after all. “I picked an aspiration on my birthday, Dad.”

“Great, what is it?” Andrew asked.

“Pleasure. I want to have fifty dream dates with Amaya and have fun enjoying life.”

“I thought you meant a real aspiration,” Andrew said condescendingly. “I’ve noticed that you’re wasting all of your time dating and partying. That is unacceptable. You need a real life goal.”

“Look, Dad, you weren’t there when I picked my aspiration. You didn’t even have time to tell me happy birthday. So, you don’t have the right to judge my goals.”

Andrew sighed. “Look, even if you stick with this whole pleasure thing you’ll need to pick a career. You’ll need to pick a major in college.”

“How about slacker and philosophy,” Philip suggested.

“A real career,” Andrew said firmly. “Look, I’d be thrilled if you picked something respectable like business, politics, or medicine, but it doesn’t have to be one of those. But I do want you to pick something you can be proud of, Philip. What are you interested in art, cooking, logic?”

“I’m not really interested in anything like that, Dad.”

“Well, why don’t you start exploring some career options? You can still go out on dates with Amaya, but start learning more about some of the careers. Get some hands on experience and decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. Why don’t I show you a little bit about medicine tonight?” Andrew suggested.

Andrew demonstrated some basic surgical technique to Philip then instructed him on how to remove an appendix.

The instructions were too fast for Philip and it was way too confusing. He made a slight mistake in his cut and the alarms started going off.

“Ohhh, you’re loosing him, better clamp off that artery,” Andrew instructed.

“The what?” Philip asked in a panic. His dad kept shouting orders at him, but it sounded like gibberish to him and he had no idea what he was doing. The alarm constantly going off didn’t help things either. Philip sat down the tools as the alarm continued to sound.

“Dad, I don’t think medicine is right for me,” Philip said before he walked out of the room and left his dad to deal with shutting off the alarms. He called Amaya and went downtown on another date. That’s all he wanted, fun and romance. He didn’t care about a career.

Tired and worried after his talk with Philip, Andrew decided to retire early for the night. He was surprised to find Elizabeth lying in her sexy nightgown on the bed waiting for him.

“Hey, honey, feel like cuddling tonight?” she asked.

Andrew snuggled on the bed next to her. “I’m a little tired,” he replied. “Aren’t you? I mean taking care of Edward, making sure James and Philip are growing up well, now you’re a high school teacher, that’s a lot of responsibility.”

She nodded. It was. But, she just had her heart set on something. “I was thinking we should try for a girl.”

Andrew raised his eyebrows. “That’s a lot of kids.”

“Are you turning me down?” she asked.

He shook his head. “You know I’ve never been able to turn you down when you wear something sexy like that.”

When Elizabeth came home for breakfast the next morning she was surprised to see George serving cheesecake instead of their usual pancakes.

“Eat up, Elizabeth. You’ll need lots of energy to teach all of those high schoolers today.”

“I don’t think cheesecake is a very appropriate food for breakfast, George.”

“Nonsense,” he said.

“I’m cooking something nutritious for breakfast,” Elizabeth said shaking her head.

“You don’t have time before you have to go to work, now come on Elizabeth. I know you’re hungry, eat up.”

That afternoon was Edward’s birthday party. It was a family only affair; although Denise and Amaya were invited to attend.

Meet Edward Windsor:

Personality Sagittarius
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 1

With a personality as bad as your brothers’, you’d better get an early start on skill building for a future career, little Edward.

Season Recap

1. Andrew earned the medical career reward surgery station, and Elizabeth earned the education career reward bookshelf. Andrew was promoted to surgeon. Elizabeth was promoted to high school teacher.

2. Philip had nine dream dates with Amaya.

3. Child number three, Edward, was born and transitioned to a toddler. His personality is Sagittarius, and he seems to be identical to James.

4. Elizabeth is pregnant again.

Points Recap

Previous Subtotal 16

New Points

New Sim, Edward +1

New total 17

Author’s Notes

Philip and Amaya had a daily rating of 84% just from that one encounter at Will’s house where I wasn’t able to control either one of them. How amazing is that? They definitely are meant to be together.

I was very disappointed with Edward. First, I was sure I had twins. I thought you had to eat cheesecake prior to conception, but apparently it’s while you are pregnant, so I am trying for twins again. Second, he is identical to James. Apparently this is something called the first born effect. It causes children to end up the same. I’d never heard of it. Anyway, apparently the way around it is to hit the randomizer button in CAS every time you load up the game. So, I will have to do that from now on. I didn’t like James’ looks or personality, and now I am stuck with two of them. Hopefully I will get twins, at least one girl, and hopefully better looks and personality in the next offspring. I know I shouldn’t be having so many children, but I want those 10 points for letting George see 6 grandchildren.

Taking Philip and Amaya out on dates is actually fun.


  1. Good jobs on the promotion. When you mentioned cheesecake, I was sure there were to be twins too. I could've told you they needed to eat it while pregnant. Sorry.
    Now I know how to keep my Legacy bloodline interesting. Thanks for the note.

  2. Go George! He's determined to get twin gran-babies! LOL. I'm sure it'll work this time. ;)

    It's a fun-filled action packed house- love it. :)

  3. The problem seems to be that they have George/Andrew's eyes. That's why the kids are 'hideous'.

    And woo cheesecake :)