Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Season 4 University

Will Turner—Young adult male family sim with Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Graduate 3 children from college

Shenene Mellon—Young adult female pleasure sim with Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—become criminal mastermind

Season 4 University

The cab ride to Academie Le Tour was long and lonely. As excited as Will was about going to college, he already missed his brothers terribly. It was going to be hard to be away from his family for so long. Will nervously pulled his suitcase from the trunk of the cab before it pulled away. He was left standing all alone in such a big and overwhelming place.

It didn’t help that all of the other students were arriving with their parents. Loved ones were hugging and saying their tearful goodbyes. Will told himself that it was silly to miss his parents so much now. He’d been living without them for years. But, that didn’t stop the tears from forming in his eyes as he watched a father help his son move in. Maybe if Klaus or Daniel had been there it wouldn’t have been as bad. He wouldn’t have felt so all alone. Even if Grandfather Nicholas had . . . but of course, he wouldn’t.

Slowly, Will regained his composure. He’d dreamed of going to college his entire life. This new world was filled with new possibilities. He just had to be brave.

239 Lafontaine Drive, Apartment 4” Will said aloud as he read his room assignment off the papers the university had sent. Will started glancing at the house numbers. Quickly he found one labeled the same as his paper, but there had to be a mistake. He hardly had enough scholarship money to pay for tuition. He should be staying in an old and decaying dorm room, but this . . . the apartment that matched the number looked enormous. Sure that he had to be reading the numbers wrong, Will left his suitcase on the steps to the door. He was surprised when his key actually worked. As Will walked in he realized this wasn’t just an apartment, it was a suite! The inside was furnished nicely and there were . . . posters of his favorite football team on the walls? In the beautifully decorated bedroom, yes it actually had a separate bedroom, were pictures of him and Shenene and his brothers. It was wonderfully comforting to see them, even if it was just their pictures.

Still confused, Will went back to get his suitcase. He still couldn’t make sense of this. How had he been assigned such a nice place? And who had decorated for him?

“Hello, Mr. Turner. Like your new accommodations?”

Will spun around, immediately recognizing Shenene’s voice. What he saw; however, shocked him. It was Shenene, but she was . . . beautiful. Will had always found her pretty in her own way. She’d never been one to worry about her appearance, instead choosing to stuff her hair under a hat and wear comfortable clothes. But, Will had found her pretty for her beautiful green eyes and her personality. But this girl, no, this woman that stood before him was supermodel gorgeous. “Shenene . . .” Will couldn’t get his jaw to close. “You look . . . amazing.”

“Oh, this?” she blushed. “Mother insisted that I start looking more appropriate, since I am a young adult now. That’s what she called it, ‘appropriate.’ Well, anyway, she forced me to the mall for a makeover. I have to admit, I don’t look too bad.”

Will thought that was the understatement of the year. “It’s so good to see you,” he smiled. He didn’t feel near as lonely anymore. To his surprise, she gave him a hug.

“It’s good to see you, too. That was a long summer at my parents without you. But, you haven’t answered my question. Do you like your apartment?”

“You did this,” he said, realization dawning on him.

“I might have pulled a few strings. Okay, well actually I told the housing director that if she didn’t put you in the apartment next to mine I’d decide to go to another school and take my parents’ donations with me. It was an empty threat. Everybody knows my family’s been donating here for decades, but she gave me what I wanted anyway.”

Will was in awe. He had no idea what it must feel like to have that much money, to be able to get anything you wanted. “Thanks for decorating for me. The family photos were really nice.”

She smiled. “I should um . . .,” she pointed to her apartment, “get settled in.”

“I’m, I’m sorry. Of course, you have things to do. I just . . .” He’d been keeping her standing on their doorstep and hadn’t even offered to help her carry her suitcase in. Will felt incredibly stupid.

“It’s okay,” she said opening her door. “Why don’t you go unpack and I’ll do the same, and then I’ll come over in a few minutes,” she offered.

It didn’t take Will long to unpack. He didn’t own very much. Still feeling a little bit overwhelmed, Will sat down with the campus guide. There were maps of the school and information about its history. One of the first things it recommended doing was choosing a major. Will hadn’t really given this much thought. Before Grandpa Monty had died Will had planned on working as a crossing guard for the school and then taking night classes in teaching. He’d hoped to be a teacher’s aide some day. Now he had options; he had opportunities. He could be a full blown teacher if he wanted to. That idea appealed to Will. He liked children, and the education field would offer him good hours if he wanted to raise children of his own someday, which he knew he did. Reading through the section on majors it looked like psychology would be the best major for a career in education, so Will called up to the registrar’s office and declared his major.

Shenene came over as promised shortly after. “Have you declared a major, yet?” Will asked her.

“Yeah, poly sci, my parents are making me,” she quickly added. “They want me to be a lawyer,” she sighed, obviously not at all interested in that possibility. “So, this place has a really great swimming pool. I was thinking about going for a dip this afternoon. Would you like to join me?”

“Swi-swimming?” Will whispered. He looked at the floor, embarrassed. “I don’t know how to swim,” he finally got up the nerve to tell her. He’d never been.

“Don’t know how to swim!” she exclaimed. “That, Will Turner, is a travesty, and one we will have to remedy. Come on, I can teach you how.”

Will was nervous. He didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of Shenene, but he needn’t have worried. Shenene was an excellent teacher, and she had Will swimming in no time. They had a lot of fun splashing and playing in the enormous pool.

“You know what would be great after this?” she asked. “A dip in the hot tub!” She led him upstairs where there was indeed a very expensive looking indoor hot tub. There were already two boys relaxing in the water, but Shenene jumped right in. Reluctantly, Will followed her. He tried to make conversation and make friends with the other boys, but it quickly became apparent to him that they were interested in nothing but Shenene. He couldn’t blame them. She looked incredibly hot in her little string bikini, but Will hated the feelings of jealousy the looks they gave her stirred within him.

They showered off in the public showers by the pool. Will felt awkward and rather self-conscious showering in front of the other college guys. He was extremely grateful that Shenene had managed to get him an apartment so that he didn’t have to use the communal showers at the dorm. After that they went back to their apartments. The apartment community had a common room with a small kitchen that had its own personal chef. Will joined Shenene for dinner there and tried to make some friends with his new neighbors. Even there, Will couldn’t help but notice that every guy was lusting after Shenene.

Shenene followed him back to his apartment. He was very happy to have her there, but something was really bothering him. They sat in an unsettling silence for a while. Finally, Will gathered the courage to speak. “Shenene . . .”

“Hmm?” she asked.

“Do you umm . . . I mean are we . . . because, I would understand if you didn’t want to . . . I . . . I released you from your promise to be mine when I said I wasn’t going to university and . . . I would understand, you know . . . now that you’re gorgeous, if you want a better guy . . .”

“A better guy!” she exclaimed, interrupting him. “Will Turner, you are the most wonderful man I’ve ever met in my life. Just because my mother made me put on some make-up and wear a dress, that doesn’t mean I’ve changed who I am inside. I love you, Will Turner, for the amazing person that you are. As long as you still love me . . .”

Well, that was decided. Words couldn’t describe the relief Will felt at knowing that Shenene still loved him. She could have any guy in the school, of that Will was certain, but she was still choosing him. “I love you,” he whispered before leaning in for a kiss. The kiss turned into a little bit more as they both acted upon hormones that had been building for some time. They’d never really had any time alone before.

Belatedly, Will realized that he had missed his first class that day. He’d been so preoccupied with his thoughts of Shenene that class simply slipped his mind. He made a vow that he would have to try better from then on out. He couldn’t imagine the shame he would feel if he had to tell his brothers he’d been put on academic probation.

Before going to bed, Will called home. Daniel answered. “Daniel, how are you?” Will asked, so happy to hear the sound of his brother’s voice.

“We’re fine, Will. How’s college?”

“It’s exciting,” Will replied. He didn’t want to admit that he’d managed to miss class already. “Is everything okay at home? You guys had dinner? There’s plenty of cereal for breakfast tomorrow? You both got your homework done? You aren’t letting a mess pile up, because it will attract roaches and cause disease.”

Daniel laughed. “Will, you’ve only been gone one day.”

Will sighed. “I know. I just worry about you.”

“I know, brother. I love that you care about us so much, but I promise that Klaus and I are fine. We will call if we have any problems. Just relax and let yourself have some fun for a change.”

“Love you, too, brother,” Will whispered, trying not to cry. He did miss them terribly. “Let me talk to Klaus,” he requested. He needed to hear both of their voices that night before going to sleep.

The next day Will reminded himself not to get too carried away with his new freedoms. He made his bed and picked up the apartment, just like he did every day at home. He made himself go to class and concentrate hard. He started his assignment immediately upon returning to the apartment.

After he finished, he found Shenene. “I was going to go the library to start on my term paper. Do you want to come?”

“Term paper?” Shenene gave him a raised eyebrow. “It’s only the second day of the term. You have plenty of time to put that off.”

“Please, Shenene,” Will begged. He wanted to spend more time with her, but he wouldn’t be able to relax until he knew he was going to get good marks for the term. He’d had nightmares all night about flunking out of school. “I don’t want to get put on academic probation.”

“You’re a very silly boy, Will,” she said with a smile. “But, I love that you’re so responsible. I think you balance out my pleasure-seeking personality. It won’t kill me to start on my paper.”

They both stayed at the library long enough to finish their term papers in one sitting, but they did both take frequent breaks to make some new college friends.

Will didn’t have any more nightmares about being put on academic probation that night, but that didn’t mean he slept well. Ever since his parents death he’d been plagued with constant nightmares. They had become less vivid since leaving home. He didn’t see ghosts anymore, but he still woke up sweat-soaked and tangled in the sheets most nights. That night he dreamt of Grandpa Monty.

The time seemed to fly by. In what seemed like mere days, their first semester of college was completed. Will and Shenene both finished the semester with A+s, earning them a spot on the coveted Dean’s list and 1,200 simoleons.

Will decided to celebrate their achievements by asking Shenene out on a fancy date. She deserved the best, and a very special expensive date was the best Will could think of to give her. He brought her a bouquet of roses to start the romance.

Then he took her to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. The prices were higher than Will had planned on, but he insisted that Shenene order whatever she wanted, full 3 courses and all. Will ordered only a salad and water for himself. As long as she had a good time, that was all that mattered. He didn’t want her to get bored with him or start looking at other guys.

“Did you enjoy dinner?” Will asked nervously as they exited the restaurant.

“The lobster was wonderful, Will. This has been a really sweet date, but you know, I do enjoy burger and fry joints, too. You don’t have to try to impress me.” She hugged him and whispered in his ear, “You’ve already won my heart.”

Their date ended up a dream date. When they returned home Shenene followed Will into his apartment instead of turning to go into hers. Their quick make-out session quickly moved from the couch to the bedroom. Their kisses were extremely passionate, but Will was afraid that they were moving to fast.

He started to pull away.

“What is it?” Shenene asked, slightly breathless.

“Shenene . . . I . . . I’ve never . . .” he hesitated. Would she think less of him?

“Shhh,” she whispered. “It’s my first time, too.” She kissed him.

“Don’t you think that we should,” it was hard to get the words in around her kisses “talk about this, first?”

She whispered in his ear, “Just do what feels good.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Will let himself do what he had always wanted to do. He ran his fingers along her leg, up her thigh, getting to know her body, all of her body. He was soft and gentle with her as they had their first woohoo.

Will was a little concerned that the next morning would be a little awkward. He hoped that she didn’t regret her decision. But, she was glowing and happy the next morning. She said it was the most wonderful thing she’d ever done in her whole life.

After that they settled into a pattern that would get them through every semester to come. The first day of class they would go to the library and work on their term papers.

And while they were there, they would work on making a few friends. This trip Will met a very nice girl named Tiffany. He learned that they were both there on the same scholarship, The Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund. So, her parents were dead, too. Will got her number so that they could talk some about what it was like not to have parents. Will wasn’t romantically interested in her; he only had eyes for Shenene, but it was nice to meet someone that understood what he was going through. After making friends with Tiffany, Will was officially a Big Sim on Campus. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to Will; most of his friends were from Emerald Isle, not campus, but it counted anyway.

After they both were sure their grades were secure, Will and Shenene would spend the rest of the semester happily dating.

and making-out.

It was nearing the end of Freshman year, and finally it was time for a very special day. It was teen visitation day, when little brothers and sisters of college students along with any teens interested in learning more about the university could visit. Will of course invited both of his brothers, as he desperately missed them. A few of Shenene’s siblings came, but since her family was so well acquainted with the school, she volunteered to show around Alyssa Cory, a teen from the neighborhood that was interested in attending Academie Le Tour in the future.

Will must have hugged his brothers about 50 times that day. He missed them too much for words to describe. Daniel and Klaus seemed very happy to see him, too. They assured him that everything was fine, but they did miss having their older brother around.

Klaus was full of questions about college. He talked to Will and Shenene both extensively about it. He was planning on attending Academie Le Tour as soon as he graduated from high school.

When it finally came time for his brothers to return home, Will fought his hardest not to cry. He didn’t succeed, though. Klaus and Daniel gave their brother a long, tearful, goodbye hug, then left in the return cab to Emerald Isle. Will considered hiding his pain from Shenene, but she wouldn’t let him. The moment they were gone she hugged him herself and kissed away his tears.

The term came to a close. Will and Shenene left their freshman year behind them, but ended it on a high note. They both managed to get A+s for the semester and further grants for their good marks.

Sophomore year started the same as the previous terms. Will and Shenene put their full effort into attending class, doing their assignments, and completing their term paper. They also continued to work on building friendships. You could never have too many friends. Friends could be really useful later in life.

In their free time the couple kept up with their usual activities: dating, snuggling, and making out. After one particularly satisfying make-out session

Shenene made a rather startling suggestion. “Why don’t I just start sleeping over here, Will? I mean, we are together almost every night, and I’m tired of getting dressed again to walk back over to my apartment.”

Will froze. He loved the idea of Shenene spending every night with him and the thought of holding her in his arms, but there was a very big problem. Will still had nightmares almost every night. He tossed and turned horribly in fits of night terrors. That had never really gone away. He couldn’t imagine the embarrassment he would feel if he woke Shenene up while he was crying in the middle of the night. Still, he couldn’t refuse her. She was scantily dressed, sitting in his lap, and asking to be in his bed. There was no way he could possible get himself to say no.

“Sure, honey, I’d love to room with you,” he agreed. He followed her into his bedroom and tried to quiet his screaming nerves as he slipped into bed.

Shenene was out cold within minutes, but Will stared at the ceiling all night long, too afraid to fall asleep. The thought of the humiliation he would feel if he fell asleep and had one of his nightmares in front of her kept him from even shutting his eyes. He was tired, so tired, but he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of her. Finally some time during the night, Will decided to roll over and hug Shenene. He was sure she wouldn’t mind if he cuddled on her, and that calmed him enough for him to at least get some rest.

The next morning Shenene awoke to find Will extremely groggy and tossing violently in a half-asleep yet half-awake state. “Sweetheart, are you all right?” she asked with concern while putting her hand gently to his forehead. He was warm and sweaty.

“Gotta, gotta wake up and do my assignment before class,” he whispered while struggling to sit himself up.

Shenene put gentle pressure on his shoulders to urge him to lie back down. “Will, I think you’re sick. You should go back to sleep. I don’t think you’re really awake yet anyway.”

He fought her in his exhausted delirium. “I have to do my assignment. I’ll end up on academic probation . . .”

“Shhh,” she soothed. “Go back to sleep, baby. I’ll do your assignment for you. You need some rest.”

Shenene stayed at his side, gently soothing him, until she was certain he had fallen back asleep. She found Will’s assignment in the living room and sat down at his desk to work on it. It was much harder than she expected, but then, what did she know about psychology? Shenene found herself grumbling about doing Will’s assignment. If only he weren’t so constantly afraid of failure, he would understand that not doing one assignment wasn’t the end of the world.

However, Shenene loved Will. She’d promised him that she would do the assignment, so she forced herself to read his textbook and do a proper job of completing the assignment. She hated doing her own homework, much less someone else’s, but she would do anything for Will.

She woke Will up in time for him to attend his class for that day. He was unusually sad and quiet, but he didn’t appear to be sick anymore. Shenene was waiting for him when he came back from campus.

“Will, we need to talk. I noticed your hesitancy last night and how miserable you seemed this morning. Do you not want me to live with you? Do you not love me anymore? Do you want to break up? Or, do you think we just aren’t ready for that?”

Will’s heart thumped into his throat. He couldn’t lose Shenene. He was too embarrassed to tell her the truth, but he just couldn’t risk losing her. It hurt to even think about telling her his secret, but not as much as the thought of losing.

“Let’s sit down, Shenene. You’re right. We need to talk,” Will suggested. She sat next to him on the couch. It was hard for him to know where to start. He was scared that she would think him a coward, or worse. Still, if he didn’t tell her the truth, he would lose her for sure. “Shenene, the reason I hesitated when you asked to move in is that I was embarrassed. I . . . I tried not to let myself sleep last night, because I didn’t want to humiliate myself in front of you. I have . . . horrible nightmares, every night. They seem so real; I wake up screaming most of the time. I didn’t want to expose you to that, or keep you up with my violent tossing.”

Shenene had been patiently listening all through his confession. When he finally paused long enough for her to be certain that he wasn’t going to continue, she prompted him to keep him talking more. “What are the nightmares about?”

“You’ll think I’m crazy,” he whispered while keeping his gaze fixed on his shaking hands.

“I won’t,” she assured him.

“Ghosts, mostly, my mom and dad, now Grandpa Monty . . . it . . . it was a lot worse when I was younger. After Mom and Dad first died, when I woke up, I could still see them. It’s been better since I’ve been at college. At least now they stay in my dreams, but . . . they aren’t dreams; they’re really painful nightmares. Sometimes they tell me how disappointed they are in me, and it hurts so much. They tell me I’m not doing a good enough job raising my brothers or that they’re disappointed in my school performance. I usually wake up screaming or crying a couple of times every night.”

“I don’t think you’re crazy,” Shenene said calmly. She put her hand on top of his trembling ones and squeezed gently. “You know those aren’t really your parents, don’t you? You did an amazing job raising your brothers. Daniel was just a toddler when your parents passed away, and with your help he is now a well-adjusted teen. Both your brothers are doing well in school and are interested in going to college. That’s amazing considering you practically raised them yourself. And, Will you’ve gotten nothing but A+s here. How can your parents possibly be disappointed in that?”

“It wasn’t always like that. I . . . I got some Fs in high school. And there were times I didn’t have enough money to put proper food on the table for my brothers.”

“Those times are over, though. You made it through them, and I know your parents would be so proud of you for all that you’ve done.” Shenene pulled him up and gave him a really long hug.

“I understand now if you don’t want me sleeping over, but I promise I won’t think anything bad if you have a nightmare while I’m in your bed. I’d like to be there to hold you after one. We’re committed to each other like that, right? We’ll always be there for each other through it all, no matter what?”

“Yeah,” Will whispered as he hugged her tighter. That type of relationship was what he had always wanted. Shenene was the girl that could give him that, unconditional love through the difficult times in life.

That night Shenene wrapped her arms around Will as they tried to fall asleep. She assured him that it was okay if he had a nightmare. She would be there for him. Will fell asleep thinking about Shenene and how wonderful she was. For the first time since his parents’ deaths, Will slept through the night.

Grades were out the next day with the end of the term. Once again both Will and Shenene had perfect A+s.

Shortly after the start of winter term, Will invited Shenene out on another super fancy date. She had told him the last time he took her to an extravagant restaurant that it wasn’t necessary, but this was a very special occasion. Will knew that Shenene was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He also knew now that she loved him the same way. He started the date off right by bringing her flowers.

He took her to the super-expensive restaurant he’d taken her to on their first fancy date. This time he was prepared for the price. His scholarship money wasn’t really intended for something like this, but he wanted this evening to be perfect. He and Shenene would remember it for the rest of their lives. He ordered champagne for them both and suggested a toast.

Will was surprised to find that he was still extremely nervous. He knew he loved her; he knew she loved him. He’d felt confident of her answer an hour ago, but now sitting at the table he was starting to have doubts. Maybe proposing in such a public place hadn’t been such a good idea. God, what if she said no? Will mustered his courage and sat the box on the table. He didn’t have the nerve to go down on one knee in front of everyone has he had planned, but it took her only seconds to recognize the box for what it was.

She seemed happy. There didn’t appear to be any hesitancy in her eyes. Surely she was going to say yes.

“Shenene will you grant me the honor of your hand in marriage?” His voice still hitched a little as he tried to make words come out of his throat.

“Of course!” she exclaimed as she slipped the ring on her finger.

“I know the ring isn’t much. I don’t have the money to give you a ring like you deserve, but we can buy you a larger diamond later if you want. After we graduate and I get a job, I’ll buy you anything you want.”

“Will, the ring is perfect. It’s exactly what I want because it’s from you,” she said firmly.

Will finally relaxed and smiled. She said yes. Maybe things were really going to be okay now.

When they returned from dinner they both went to their own apartments. Will had to call his brothers and let them know the good news. He knew Daniel and Klaus would be happy for him. Shenene was anxious to call her parents, too. Will was shocked when she returned from the phone call in tears.

“Shenene?” he asked with concern.

“They said . . . I . . . I won’t even repeat what they said, Will, but they . . . they feel you aren’t worthy of marrying a Mellon. They said it would be degrading for me to marry you. They won’t be attending the wedding and they’re cutting me off. I . . .” she was crying hysterically.

Will hugged her tight. It had been too much to hope for to think that he’d really get the chance to marry the love of his life. The next words he had to say were going to be the hardest thing he’d ever said in his life. Inside his heart was already dying from the pain, but he couldn’t stand to see Shenene cry. He couldn’t blame her for choosing the money over him. “It’s okay, Shenene. I . . . I understand if you want to change your mind about marrying me now.”

“No,” she whispered while returning his embrace. “They want me to marry Francis Worthington just because he comes from a rich family, too. I don’t have anything in common with him, Will. All he cares about is money, and I don’t want to marry someone like that. I love you and they can accept that or not, but it’s not going to change how I feel. It’s not just this either. I’m sick of them using their money to control me. I don’t want to be a lawyer. I don’t want to be a poly sci major. I . . . I want to make my own choices for a change.”

“It’s going to be okay, Shenene,” he kissed her forehead before hugging her again. “Money will be tight if we’re just living off of our grant money, but we’re a lot better off than I use to be. We can make it work. As long as we have each other, it will be all right.”

Shenene relaxed some at his words. Will would take care of things for her.

Despite his reassurances, Will was worried about money. They wouldn’t have enough to afford the rent on these expensive apartments any more for sure. He wasn’t sure how Shenene would take that. Nightmares of being poor again and nearly starving to death plagued Will all night long.

A small part of Will was also afraid that Shenene would have a change of heart once she realized what living without money was like. The next morning she showed no signs of regret, though, when she kissed Will and whispered, “Good morning, Love.”

And, she was quick to tell everyone she saw on campus about their engagement. Shenene had racked up enough friends to be a Big Woman on Campus, so everyone knew of their engagement before long.

They had already prepaid for their rent and food for the second term of sophomore year, so they were okay financially for the time being. Will insisted that they go through their normal routine of attending class and writing their term papers to maintain their grades. They needed the stipends for good grades. Will also worked on budgeting, but he found that he was correct. There was no way they could keep the apartments even with the highest scholarships, so he informed Shenene that we were going to have to move. She was not happy with the news. She’d never really had to make sacrifices before. Will assured her that he could find a small house off campus that they could rent in their price range. She was skeptical but did not try to call her parents again for more money.

Will and Shenene finished sophomore year with more A+s and sizeable grants from the dean’s office. Shenene chose a different major. She would be majoring in literature from then on. Life was full of changes as they moved to the off-campus home that Will had found for them.

Will tried to look at the situation as another new adventure. He’d put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect house to make Shenene happy; still he knew that Shenene was upset about having to leave their posh apartments.

“The house needs a little work, that’s why it was so cheap, but it really is a nice house. I know you’ll miss some of the nicer things in the apartments, but I got you a house with your own swimming pool, Shenene. I thought that you might really like that. Why don’t you go for a dip, and I’ll make you breakfast? Let me show you that my cooking can be even better than that of a professional chef.”

Shenene agreed. She did love swimming, and she hoped that a quick dip would cheer her up. Will was being so sweet, so she was trying not to be bitter about the way her parents had treated her. It still stung, though.

Will proceeded to the kitchen. He wanted to show Shenene what a good cook he really was. He’d always been the one to cook for his brothers, and he’d actually missed it while living in the apartments. His cooking skill was nearly maximized, so he knew he could do better than the university cooks. He set out to make Shenene a breakfast that would blow her away.

Shenene showered off after her dip in the pool, and Will set up their romantic breakfast out on the patio. He hoped that the sunlight would brighten Shenene’s mood.

“Oh my goodness, this omelet is amazing, Will,” Shenene commented. “This whole breakfast is so sweet. My parents are blind if they don’t realize that there are so many more important things about a person than how much money they have.”

Will smiled at her praise. Her opinion meant so much to him. He had told her that he would understand if she wanted to break up with him after her parents threat, but truth be told, he didn’t think he could live without her. “The house isn’t too bad a place to live in, then?” Will asked with hope. He had put a lot of effort into finding an affordable place that would make Shenene happy.

“Not at all, Will. It’s actually quite roomy. I’ve been thinking. I’ve always wanted to join a sorority, but I don’t think that I want to join one of the snobby ones my parents belonged to now. What would you think about starting our own Greek house? We have the room. We could make inclusion into our co-ed fraternity about community service and talent, not about money and looks. What do you think?”

“That’s a great idea, Shenene.”

After breakfast, Shenene called the campus information booth and set things up to create their fraternity.

The Annya Var Oresha fraternity was founded.

Will and Shenene immediately invited over some friends that they knew shared their love of helping others. They asked a few of those sims to pledge the fraternity.

The next evening Shenene came up with another great idea. She was very creative; that was why she has chosen to major in literature; so she might as well put her creativity to good use. Will was doing his part by providing free cooking and cleaning services, she might as well try to help them earn some money. She began selling her paintings and actually managed to sell a masterpiece. She also began performing nightly at King’s Musical Hall for tips. She quickly became popular and earned them more money that she had ever dreamed of.

Will used the time while Shenene was performing to mingle and make new friends. Sometimes he met some people that were interested in joining their service oriented fraternity.

One night after a great performance, Shenene and Will were relaxing at home when suddenly a campus police officer just walked in their door.

“Mr. Turner, you need to come with me,” he said before poking Will in the chest.

“What? What’s this all about?” Will asked with concern.

“Put your hands on your head. You need to come with me,” he repeated.

“But, I haven’t done anything. You have to at least tell me what I’m being arrested for. You can’t just take me.”

“I said ‘put your hands on your head,’” the man said without responding to Will’s valid questions. He shoved Will hard when he didn’t obey. “Put your hands on your head.”

“Okay, okay,” Will replied. He didn’t want to add resisting arrest to whatever the charges were.

The officer grabbed Will’s wrist none too gently and wrenched it further back. As Will felt the snap of the cold metal handcuff around his wrist, he began to quietly cry. He had enough experience with hiding his fears and sadness to be able to stop himself from sobbing, but he couldn’t hold back the tears. Whatever was going on, being arrested could ruin his dreams of being a teacher and adopting a family someday. He didn’t even know what he was being accused of, which just made it even scarier.

“Shenene, call Klaus and Daniel and make sure they are okay. Then try to find me a lawyer, please.” Will was scared. He was trying not to let it show in his voice, but he didn’t want to go to jail. Awful things happened to people in jail. He might be beaten by the guards or other prisoners or . . . worse. He knew what type of things went on in prisons.

Will was surprised when the officer hauled him out, not to a police car, but to a limousine. What was going on? They didn’t put people in limos after they were arrested. Will’s frightened mind began churning. What if it was Shenene’s parents? They would have the money and the resources to have Will taken care of if they thought he was stealing away their daughter. He didn’t even know where this limo was taking him. He was completely and utterly helpless in his restraints, locked in the back seat.

Will’s heart was pounding when the limousine finally stopped. He was told to get out of the car. It took every ounce of Will’s courage to comply. He was shocked to find several of his friends standing around an old building when he looked up. His handcuffs were removed. One of his friends came up and slapped him on the shoulder. “Welcome to the Secret Society, Will.”

Will was furious, but he was so relieved that he wasn’t being arrested or murdered that he didn’t have it in him to yell. He let his friends clap and cheer for a few minutes, but then asked if he could please go home to Shenene. He had to let her know that he was okay. He had to call his brothers and tell them that he had, in fact, not been arrested.

The next evening they repeated the same process with Shenene, but this time, she knew what was going on.

“You know we can skip the whole handcuff thing. I know where we’re going,” she tried to explain.

“Put your hands on your head, Mam,” the man replied in a cold voice.

“Do we really have to do this?” Shenene asked with a sigh. Will had cuts on his wrists from where the handcuffs had sliced into him, and she wasn’t particularly keen to be handcuffed herself.

“Hands on your head.”

“Right,” Shenene sighed again. This really was quite stupid.

Shenene tried one more time as the man forced her into the limo. “I am a Mellon. Do you know what my parents will do when they find out you’ve abducted me. I already know about this whole Secret Society thing, so why don’t you just let me go and tell me I’ve been inducted.”

“I can assure you that your parents both went through this initiation when they were in school, Shenene. Just play along.”

Shenene obeyed. When she arrived at the Secret Society she thanked her friends for inducting her, and then immediately asked to be returned home.

That was enough excitement to last them a lifetime. Will and Shenene happily finished out their junior year quietly with A+s again.

By Senior year, the Annya Var Oresha fraternity house was thriving. It was a level 6 house and could have tons of members.

Will and Shenene learned that they could force their pledges to do their homework and term papers for them. Of course, they weren’t mean and didn’t want to haze their pledges, but they all seemed happy to prove their usefulness just to get accepted into Annya Var Oresha.

Both Will and Shenene knew how to put their free time to good use. They worked very hard on skill building. Shenene wanted to maximize her body skill while Will wanted to officially top off cooking, cleaning, and logic while also developing his charisma for a future teaching position. They both worked hard and managed to achieve their goals, even if it did mean swimming during the middle of winter and 6 AM sit-ups.

Will also realized that he didn’t have to wait for school approved days to invite his family over anymore. He called his brothers and to his surprise, Grandfather Nicholas was willing to drive them over and spend some time with him at least one weekend a month. Will was able to get his fill of hugs, and he was able to be there for his brothers. He could advise them on school and girls. He didn’t have to worry about his brothers all of the time.

Will introduced Klaus to his friend Tiffany, and they really hit it off. Tiffany was a good match for Klaus’ brains. The two of them loved spending long afternoons debating mathematical theory and quantum physics.

That left plenty of time for Will to practice his chess game with Daniel. Daniel was a worthy adversary in chess, it gave the boys some time to bond, and it improved Will’s logic skills.

It was always hard on Will when it came time to say goodbye, but it helped that he knew it wouldn’t be too terribly long before he could see his brothers again.

When the Turners weren’t visiting and they weren’t working on their skill building, Will and Shenene spent their time together. Shenene informed Will that one of her lifetime goals was to have fifty dream dates with him. Simple dates wouldn’t do, they had to be dream dates. Will was constantly inventing ways to send Shenene’s pleasure meter through the roof. He wanted her to have everything she desired in life, so he made sure to give her at least a dream date a day. A little bit of cuddling and amazing woohoo usually got him the mark he sought.

Senior year was over in what seemed like no time. Both Will and Shenene graduated Summa Cum Laude since they had both received nothing but A+s in college. Will’s brief brush with bad grades in high school had been enough for him to be certain that it never happened to him again, and Shenene usually followed his lead. Klaus and Daniel were both extremely proud of their brother’s achievements.

The fraternity threw a graduation party for their founding members. It was a rocking time as everyone danced the night away.

Feeling sentimental, Shenene insisted upon taking a few pictures of her and Will. She knew they would want to remember this moment for years to come.

Their college years were over, but the future was very bright. Will and Shenene had plans to get married right away, and their career prospects were very hopeful considering their high skill levels and impressive grades.

Season Recap

1. Will and Shenene both became Big Sims on Campus and were inducted into the Secret Society.

2. Will proposed to Shenene, and she accepted.

3. The Annya Var Oresha fraternity was founded.

4. Shenene and Will received all A+s in college and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Will’s major was psychology, and Shenene’s major was literature.

5. Will maxed out his cooking, cleaning, and logic skills and got all of his skills high for a career in education. His skills are cooking 10, mechanical 6, charisma 8, body 4, logic 10, creativity 6, cleaning 10.

6. Shenene maxed out her mechanical, body, and creativity skills. She’s all set to reach her lifetime want of being at the top of the criminal career, and then is hopefully ready to change to a more appropriate career like show business. Her skills are cooking 6, mechanical 10, charisma 4, body 10, logic 4, creativity 10, cleaning 2.

7. Will and Shenene went on 25 dream dates, half-way there to an impossible want.

Points Recap

Previous Subtotal 17

New Points

New sim in game—Shenene +1
Graduating summa cum laude +2
Big Sim on Campus +2
All college sims pledging greek house bonus +12
All college sims inducted into secret society bonus +25

New Points Total 42

New total 59

Neighborhood Money Points

Turner 42,134

Sinclair 67,201

Cory 45,054

Windsor 46,479

Neighborhood Total 200,868 simoleons=+3 points

New Total 62 Points

Author’s Notes

I thought really hard about changing Shenene’s aspiration. You are allowed to reroll them at the end of sophomore year, and I had originally planned to do that. Family and pleasure sims aren’t a great match. However, I became really considered about what I might roll up for Shenene. Romance would have been worse, and if she rolled fortune I could get a lifetime want that I really didn’t want like 10 top level businesses. Her current lifetime want of reaching the top of the criminal career will be easy to achieve and doesn’t conflict with being a happy and faithful wife. I’ve had no problems keeping them happy together, so I decided to leave her as she is. It wasn’t worth the risk of rerolling.

Writing up the university level nearly killed me. Seriously, this took me forever. I don’t think I will go into this level of detail for other sims, but Will and Shenene are my favorite, so I had to for them. There were 106 pictures in this round! It was very fun to play them. They are so cute together. I’ve added on a bonus just for fun picture. Here is Shenene holding Will to help him with his nightmares so he can sleep through the night. Notice how her arm is wrapped around his abdomen, and they are spooned together. Isn’t that adorable?

I think/hope I have them all set up for prosperous and happy adult lives. I’m really going to miss having all of my Turner boys in one house, though. I was able to constantly invite over Will’s brothers during college, but I think that will be hard to keep up with once they all start families.


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