Thursday, September 27, 2007

Season 1-4 Funnies

Some photos are just too funny not to post, even if they don't contribute to the storyline. This is the place for those photos. You'll find the photos that had me dying laughing with a little comment on each one.

1. Cameron and the Windsor men toss back a couple of brewskies. Okay, I know there's no beer in the game, but it looks like it, doesn't it? Socialization would certainly be easier if there was beer in game.

2. The pressure of raising a family and keeping up his school performance is finally too much for Will. He can't let his little brother, Daniel, flunk out of elementary school, so Will decides complete his homework for him. Unfortunately, Will is so tired and stressed out, he finds himself struggling with even the ABCs.

3. Alyssa's nanny can do it all. She watches the kids, cooks amazing meals, cleans, and entertains. Karaoke machine you say? No problem. Nanny can get down!!!

4. Umm, Elizabeth, I don't think you are suppose to drink when you are pregnant. Why is the bartender serving you? And why isn't anyone saying anything?

5. Okay, you definitely shouldn't do that if you're pregnant.

6. Why is there a penguin in the kitchen? Anyone? Anyone?

7. Shenene says, "Sorry, I . . . I thought this was Will's room."

"Oh, it is, Dear, we're just going to use the bed for a few minutes."

Shenene slowly backs away before sprinting down the stairs. That will definitely scar a teen for life.

8. Well, at least Nich's slutty girlfriends are good for something. But, shouldn't she really put on some clothes before pulling weeds?

9. "Dad, it's really hard to focus on my chess game or learning logic when you insist on standing right in the middle of the board! No wonder I have nightmares and trouble in school."

10. "I have three loves," Denise said casually over their chess game.

"Excuse me?" George said as he dropped his piece. He'd been certain that he was in an exclusive relationship with her.

"Oh, grow up, George. It's no big deal. I've had woohoo with three different sims. Variety is the spice of life."

Me--Wait, George is 1, Nich is 2, who's 3???? Oh and Denise, it's bad enough that you're sleeping around, but do you have to out yourself to your boyfriend?

11. Overheard from the Grim Reaper, "That's the third sim struck by lighting after getting out of a hot tub naked this week. What is this sim world coming to?"

12. "Ummm, Andrew, you know we're buds, but Shenene and I were . . . you know . . . maybe you could learn to knock?"

I think he likes to watch.

13. Of all of the places to study in the empty dorm rooms, this sim chooses to study in the middle of her filthy bathroom? Gosh those college townies are weird.


  1. I love the "out takes". Glad to see your Simmies back.

  2. Hello SirenPrincess!

    Just wanna say that you're really good at blogging, you really inspired me to also make a story out of my blogging. It seems like it makes it more fun:D
    Your stories are really good, very creative.. Where do you get it from.. ? :P
    Looking foreward to reading more, and once again thanks for the idea :P lol

    Mizz Julez

  3. I love the penguin in the kitchen and the homework in the bathroom.

  4. So funny - thanks for sharing that. It even makes these stories more real!