Sunday, December 2, 2007

Season 5 University

Klaus Turner—Young adult male knowledge sim
Gemini personality
Sloppy 4, Outgoing 8, Active 8, Serious 3, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Max out 7 skills

Tiffany Sampson—Young adult female knowledge sim
Aries personality
Sloppy 4, Outgoing 5, Lazy 4, Playful 6, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Reach top of Education Career

Philip Windsor—Young adult male pleasure sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 2, Shy 3, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 4
Lifetime want—Fifty dream dates

Amaya Bachmann—Young adult female romance sim
Taurus personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 5, Lazy 3, Playful 8, Grumpy 4
Lifetime want—Reach top of Slacker Career

Season 5 University

Klaus arrived at Academie Le Tour, just like his brother. He didn’t mind arriving alone in a taxi cab. He was excited about all of the opportunities for advanced skill building available in college.

Klaus had enough scholarship money from all of his skills to stay in the fancy apartment dorm, like Klaus and Shenene had done their first two years. Klaus was surprised to run into an acquaintance on his way to his apartment. Will’s friend, Tiffany Sampson, was there. She’d completed one degree, but was so eager for knowledge, she decided to stay in college and get a double major.

Klaus and Tiffany chatted for a little while, and then decided to go catch lunch in the mini-cafeteria. They ran into Philip Windsor and Amaya Bachmann there. It was a great opportunity for the new college students to socialize together.

After lunch, Klaus asked Tiffany if she’d like to join him for a chess match. He discovered that, not only were her logic skills impressive, but she was a great conversationalist. They could talk about anything together.

They even studied together well; although, they were planning on taking different courses.

That reminded everyone that they needed to declare their majors. Tiffany already knew what she wanted as her second major; she was remaining in school to get a psychology major. She intended to be a teacher some day. It was too bad that it took her so long to realize that, but she was certain now. A psychology major would really help her climb the educational career ladder.

Klaus also knew what he wanted. He was interested in science. He never even considered anything other than biology as his major. He called the registrar’s office right away to announce his choice.

Philip’s decision was already made for him. He’d convinced his family to let him leave early for college and convinced his grandfather to pay the bill under the guise that he wanted to go into politics. Although he had absolutely no interest in politics, Philip called the registrar’s office and declared his major as political sciences. It was best to keep up appearances for as long as he could. He wasn’t ready yet to tell his family that he was really interested in a career in acting.

Choosing a major was hardest for Amaya. She called the registrar’s office, and they asked her what major she wanted to declare. “Umm, can you go over my choices with me. You see, I really just came to college so that I could meet hot guys to make out with. I never really thought much about the school part of it, so what majors are there again?” In the end, Amaya chose to major in art. That didn’t sound too hard.

“Amaya, did you really mean what you just told the registrar’s office? You only came here to meet other men?” Philip asked. He’d overheard the whole conversation and was heartbroken. He’d only come to college to follow Amaya. He loved her.

“Well, yeah, you know I’m a romance sim. School doesn’t really interest me,” Amaya replied.

Philip wasn’t willing to give up on Amaya that easily. Romance sim or not, he loved her, and wanted to spend every day of the rest of his life having dream dates with her. “Amaya, I only came to Academie Le Tour to be with you. I know you crave romance, but I was hoping that maybe I could be all of the romance that you need. I promise you more dream dates than you can count. I’ll take you fun and exciting places and bring you flowers. We can have woohoo every single night before we go to bed. Amaya, I love you. Say that you can be happy with me, just me, if I promise to put my full effort into romancing you.” He reached up and gently caressed her cheek.

“You do know how to woo a girl, Philip Windsor.” She didn’t promise anything, but she kissed him. It was such a deep, passionate kiss; Philip had no reservations that he’d be able to keep Amaya for himself.

Philip suggested that they begin the romance right away and asked Amaya on a date right then and there. They started off watching some college football together, but that quickly led to making out.

Amaya invited Philip to spend the night in her apartment. They had woohoo for the first time that night. It was wonderful and left them both feeling very content. They knew that they could be happy with each other.

That night, Klaus had horrible nightmares. He’d been up skill building and studying pretty late, but he just couldn’t rest. He kept panicking that he was going to fail out of school. It wasn’t like him to worry. He was a genius, and he knew it. Still, the feeling and the nightmares wouldn’t go away.

Klaus decided to call home and talk to Will. It was late, but he knew that his brother would be there for him. Klaus and Will had a good heart to heart. Will was very understanding and sympathetic. He listened to all that Klaus had to say and offered some good advice.

One thing that Will suggested was completing a term paper early. He said it made him feel more relaxed and confident in his grades. Klaus decided to go start one, even if it was the middle of the night. He found Tiffany in the computer lab, already working on one herself. He should have known that she was smart enough to know that trick.

With his first term paper completed, Klaus was definitely feeling a lot better. He was ready to have some fun. Maybe he’d spend some more time with Tiffany. They both loved learning. They could have fun learning and hanging out together.

The next morning at breakfast, Klaus and Philip had some fun roughhousing. It was great to have some friends to hang out with.

In the spirit of finding more fun while still keeping up on his studies, Klaus decided to join the service fraternity that his brother and Shenene founded. It was still thriving and accepting new members. Klaus thought he might be able to learn something from some of those sims, so he called and inquired about joining. He was surprised to find that Philip, Amaya, and Tiffany were all interested in joining, too. He suspected that perhaps Amaya only wanted to join because she thought it might introduce her to some more romantic hopefuls, and that Philip was only joining because he wanted to keep an eye on Amaya. It didn’t matter, though. It was fun for them all to join the same fraternity. Tiffany said that she was sick of all of the backstabbing in her old sorority. She was ready for some intellectual company, so she joined Annya Var Oresha, too.

All four of them brought home A+ report cards for their first semester. Their freshman year was flying by rather quickly. Before long, it was family visitation day. The Windsors and the Turners all came to visit.

Seeing how happy Will and Shenene were together on family visitation day made Klaus long for a bit of romance, too. He wanted to be more than just friends and intellectual companions with Tiffany. She was brilliant, funny, and pretty. Klaus decided to finally make a move on her. She reciprocated his affection, and they had their very first kiss in his living room.

The problem was that the dorms were so crowded, it was almost impossible to find anywhere to make out in private. Even in his own living room, Klaus couldn’t get people to leave him and Tiffany alone.

Feeling very frustrated with their living arrangements, Klaus made a proposal to Philip. The four of them could move out into their own place. It would be just Philip, Amaya, Klaus, and Tiffany. Then they could finally find some peace and quiet. They could have moved into the fraternity house if they wanted, but that didn’t seem like it would be that private. They wanted their own home. Philip said he would make the necessary arrangements.

Freshman year ended with every receiving A+s again. Philip, Amaya, Klaus, and Tiffany moved out of the student dorm apartments and into a home of their own.

Klaus was very unhappy with the house that Philip had purchased for them. He’d felt comfortable enough for the four of them to move in together, but Philip had chosen a two bedroom house! Of course Philip and Amaya were going to sleep together, but that meant that Klaus and Tiffany had to share a bedroom as well. Klaus was worried. He wasn’t sure that Tiffany would be comfortable with those arrangements. Their relationship was relatively new.

Philip and Amaya wasted no time getting straight to the woohoo. They were so happy to be away from the crowded dorms.

Klaus was nervous. He was worried about what Tiffany thought of their new sleeping arrangements. She didn’t seem upset about it, but he didn’t want to make any assumptions. “Are you sure that you’re okay with sharing a bedroom?” Klaus asked as he cuddled her in bed.

“Of course,” she replied.

“We don’t have to do anything tonight, if you’re not ready,” Klaus reassured her.

“Oh, come here,” Tiffany laughed. She decided to put her own moves on Klaus.

Tiffany and Klaus had woohoo together for the first time. That night both couples slept through the night very content.

Klaus was excited to wake up the next morning and make breakfast. He looked forward to cooking more and improving his skills.

A campus police officer showed up to arrest Klaus one night. Will had warned Klaus about this. It was something called the Secret Society, which it was completely forbidden to speak about. Klaus was sure that was what was going on. He hadn’t done anything wrong. Still, there was that slightest doubt in his mind. What if it wasn’t? What if he really was being arrested? It was a scary thought. Klaus kept telling himself that this was just the terrifying moment that Will had warned him about, but he still had to fight hard not to cry.

The next night it was Amaya’s turn. “Don’t worry, Amaya. It’s not scary; they just take you to that place we can’t talk about. It’s fun. You’ll be fine,” Klaus reassured her.

“Yes, yes, Secret Society, I’m thrilled,” Amaya dismissed the cheering crowd. “But, my final is already in progress. I’ve got to go!” She raced off to try to make it to her final exam.

Tiffany and Philip were abducted next. With the friends from the Secret Society, everybody became big men and women on campus. It was also the end of sophomore year, which resulted in more A+s for everyone. The thing that concerned Philip the most, though, was how hot Amaya looked in her Secret Society uniform.

Living in their own home meant that they were free to invite guests over more often. Philip was interested in making as many friends as possible. He invited over Cameron Sinclair and the Cory family. He knew that Cameron was in with some pretty famous people and could potentially introduce him to some Hollywood directors.

Everyone was enjoying the dinner party until a streaker showed up. Klaus chewed the man out. There were women and children present!

Klaus invited his former headmaster over for dinner the next night. He hoped that the man might help him establish some connections in the scientific community.

“You have got to be kidding, Klaus. You never applied yourself at my school. I can’t recommend you to my intellectual friends. I know that you’re a genius. It’s obvious from your standardized testing scores, but you haven’t even maxed out all of your skills yet. I still don’t think that you’re living up to your potential. You can push yourself harder. If you’re serious about wanting to be a natural scientist someday, you need to give that 100% of your attention.”

The speech from the Emerald Isle Academy headmaster hurt Klaus deeply. He wanted to be a scientist and an intellectual. He thought he was doing okay, but obviously not. The harsh words brought tears to his eyes.

Klaus was miserable after he left. He couldn’t stop crying. Tiffany knew just the right things to say to make him feel better. As a knowledge sim herself, she understood Klaus. They were in tune with each other. She assured him that they would both manage to max out all of their skills before long. Klaus would show them all once he reached the top of the natural sciences career. A little bit of making out was all that was needed to really make Klaus feel better.

Amaya and Philip were busy themselves upstairs. “Philip, remember how you promised me all the romance I could want?” Amaya asked.

“Of course,” Philip said with a grin.

“Well, you know that romance sims like to have woohoo in lots of different places. Our bed is getting boring. How about we woohoo in Klaus and Tiffany’s bed?” she requested.

“I don’t know,” Philip hesitated. “They could come upstairs any minute. What if they walk in on us?”

“That’s the fun of it,” Amaya giggled.

“Oh, okay, anything for you,” Philip agreed.

Amaya leaped into his arms. She was so happy. Philip could keep up with her romantic desires.

Klaus, Tiffany, Philip, and Amaya were all finally seniors. They all still had 4.0 GPAs. Keeping up with school wasn’t that challenging any more, so they decided to take up some hobbies. Phillip decided to try his hand at writing a screen play. He thought that might get him some good Hollywood contacts. To his surprise, his screen play sold, which earned him a lot of money. They also decided to purchase an orange tree. It was fun to tend the tree and watch the fruits of their labor.

Klaus had big plans for his future. One of them involved becoming a world renowned scientist with fully maxed skills. His other desire was to spend the rest of his life with Tiffany. He hoped that she felt the same way, too. Philip and Amaya went downtown with Tiffany and Klaus on a double date.

Klaus found a romantic spot to carry through on his intentions. “Tiffany, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner. You’re smart, independent, witty, and beautiful. We’re perfect for each other. You’re the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Will you marry me?”

“Yes, yes, of course I want to marry you!” Tiffany leaped into his arms.

The two couples danced together happily.

Seeing Tiffany promise Klaus her love and devotion made Philip want the same thing from Amaya. He’d purchased an engagement ring months ago, but he had been afraid to propose to her. He was terrified that Amaya would say no. She was a romance sim. She had never even really been willing to commit to an exclusive relationship. Still, Philip knew that he wanted to be with Amaya forever. They made each other happy.

Before he had a chance to talk himself out of it, Philip went down on one knee.

“Philip, no, no . . . Philip, what are you doing?”

“Amaya, I want to be the one that satisfies all of your romantic needs for the rest of your life. I love you, and you love me. Let’s get married. We can spend the rest of our lives pleasing each other.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, Philip. That is a nice ring. I do want to stay with you, but what if I mess up. You know I sometimes get romantic inclinations to be with someone else. It’s not that I don’t love you; it’s just a part of my nature. I don’t want to end up getting divorced later. If we get married, will you forgive me if I make a mistake? Will you honestly love me forever?”

“Of course, Amaya. I want to be with you forever, no matter what. I promise to love you always,” Philip pledged.

“Okay,” Amaya shrugged. “I’ll marry you.” She happily slipped the ring on her finger.

“Let me show you how I can satisfy all of those romantic wants, Amaya. There is a photo booth on this lot,” Philip pointed out.

Thrilled, Amaya leapt into Philip’s arms. “I knew you were the right man for me!” she exclaimed.

Amaya raced over to the photo booth. Philip cautiously followed her inside.

They had their first public woohoo inside the photo booth. It was good, really good, and exciting. It made Amaya’s happier than she’d ever been in her whole life. What Philip and Amaya did not anticipate were the cheers from Tiffany and Klaus as they exited the booth. Philip blushed horribly, but the smile on Amaya’s face made it all worth it.

Klaus invited his family over for Thanksgiving and to celebrate his engagement. Grandfather Nicholas, Will, and Daniel were all so happy for him.

Everyone enjoyed the turkey and the company as they had a great Thanksgiving party.

The rest of their senior year was gone in a flash. Everyone graduated summa cum laude. It was time for one final bash. They threw a huge graduation party. They invited everyone they knew over for hotdogs and hamburgers. The guests danced the night away. There was barely time to take a few snapshots before it was time to return to Emerald Isle.

Season Recap

1. Klaus Turner and Philip Windsor from Emerald Isle went to Academie Le Tour. They were joined by their girlfriends, Tiffany Sampson and Amaya Bachmann.

2. All four sims graduated summa cum laude. Klaus majored in biology, Philip in political sciences, Tiffany in psychology, and Amaya in art.

3. All four sims joined the Secret Society and Annya Var Oresha fraternity. They also all were big sims on campus.

4. Klaus proposed to Tiffany, and Philip proposed to Amaya.

5. Philip and Amaya had 30 dream dates. Add that to the 14 they had as teens, and Philip is at 44 dream dates. Only 6 more to reach Philip's lifetime want.

6. I worked very hard on skill building. Here are their current skill levels.

Klaus—cooking 8, mechanical 10, charisma 9, body 8, logic 10, creativity 8, cleaning 9

Tiffany— cooking 6, mechanical 1, charisma 8, body 1, logic 10, creativity 7, cleaning 9

Philip— cooking 9, mechanical 8, charisma 10, body 10, logic 8, creativity 10, cleaning 9

Amaya— cooking 5, mechanical 5, charisma 5, body 1, logic 8, creativity 9, cleaning 3

Points Recap

Previous Non-Money Subtotal 74

New sim in game—Tiffany +1

New sim in game—Amaya +1

Graduating summa cum laude +4

Big Sim on Campus +4

New Points +10

New Non-Money Total 84

New Total With Money 88

Author’s Notes

Not much to comment on this round. It was just standard Uni play. I’m happy with the two couples, and I’m excited to play them as adults.

I had to move them out of the dorm, because my game was playing too slow. I didn’t want to move them into the Greek house. I really made the Greek house to small, now that I think about it. So, I just had them buy a house. It was fun to play them in a normal house anyway.

One interesting thing that did happen was that Amaya did get abducted by the Secret Society right as she was on her way to her final exam. I panicked. I was so afraid it would adversely affect her grade. She left for her final the moment she arrived on the Secret Society lot, and it worked out just fine.

Also, I have no idea why the private school headmaster was so grumpy and mean to Klaus. He actually made Klaus cry, but it was out of nowhere.

I have a long way to go if I’m going to go for the impossible want and maximize all of Tiffany’s skills. Oh well, it will give me something to have her do as an elder. Too bad I don’t get any points if Philip maximizes all of his, since he’s a pleasure sim. I could have easily had him maxed out in college.


  1. Great job! Way to go with all the dream dates and skilling. You were busy!

    They are two very cute couples.

  2. What I can't remember--you probably said in an earlier post, but I've forgotten--is how Klaus met Tiffany. Was it when he came to visit Will on campus, and you just had her "double" her degree to explain why she's still on campus, after Will has graduated?

    Good luck to Philip, with Amaya--she'll keep him, um, on his toes--or something like that!

  3. I knew Amaya didn't have a polygamous LTW. I just knew it. Now, on to the real business:
    Wow. I have only had one sim max out their skills before adulthood. Good job. Are you going for badges? That's a lot of something you can do as an elder. I'm glad Philip and Amaya are together; I was rooting for them.