Sunday, December 9, 2007

Turner Family Season 6

Nicholas Turner
—Elder male romance sim
Aries personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 8, Active 6, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—Have 20 simultaneous lovers—achieved!

Will Turner—Adult male family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Graduate 3 children from college

Shenene Turner—Adult female pleasure sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Become criminal mastermind

Daniel Turner—Teen male family sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 4, Outgoing 8, Lazy 4, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Raise 20 puppies or kittens

In the last update—Nicholas achieved his lifetime want of 20 simultaneous loves. Will and Shenene returned from college and got married. Klaus left for university.

Season 6—Winter

Shenene had a deep, dark secret. She had taken a job in the criminal career. She knew that Will wouldn’t approve, but she wanted more money. She’d grown up rich. She never thought that money would matter so much to her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t happy with Will. She was; she would be happy with him even if they were dirt poor. Still, she wanted a job, and she wanted to bring in some good money. She made it all the way to the top of the criminal world. She was a Criminal Mastermind, and the money was great.

Still, it wasn’t worth keeping such an awful secret from Will. Shenene thought that there had to be some other job that she was qualified for. She’d majored in literature, which didn’t count for much outside Academie Le Tour. The help wanted ads never seemed to have much for her. Shenene spent her free time writing creative short stories and painting. One day, an art gallery owner noticed her work. They offered her a job as an Acclaimed Muralist.

Even Liebe, Daniel’s cat, started adding money to the family funds. Daniel found him a job as a service pet. Daniel spent lots of time loving his little cat and teaching him. He raced through the pet service career.

Everyone really missed Klaus, who was at Academie Le Tour himself. He came home for frequent visits with his new girlfriend, Tiffany, and his college friends. The Turners loved to host fun dinner parties for the neighbors whenever Klaus came home for the weekend.

In the meantime, Nich’s escort service was still booming. He’d planned on stopping the business once he reached twenty simultaneous lovers, but the girls were demanding his services. Nich couldn’t deny their desires. He occasionally went to the store and managed to make a few more women fall in love with him. Before long, he had thirty simultaneous loves.

Work was going well for Will. He loved teaching. Before long, he had reached the top of the education career.

That night, Will approached Shenene. “You know, Shenene, we are actually doing quite well financially, now. My salary is higher than I ever thought it would be, and you aren’t doing bad as an artist either. I was thinking. Maybe it’s time. Maybe we could adopt a child.”

“Adopt?” Shenene asked, stunned. She knew that Will was a family sim. She’d prepared herself for family life when she married him, but she’d never even considered adoption before. “Will, I don’t know,” Shenene hesitated. “When we got married, I thought that you would want to have children of our own.”

“We would raise the little boy or girl as our own. What do you think?” Will asked.

“It’s just . . . why would we want a child that nobody wants, when we could have a normal, healthy child of our own? Don’t you realize how emotionally damaged most children in foster care are?”

“I can’t believe you just said that, Shenene.” Tears sprang to Will’s eyes. “Don’t you realize how close I came to ending up in foster care myself? If I had been a year younger when Mom and Dad died . . . we’d all have . . . or if . . . if . . . if I hadn’t skipped so many meals so that my brothers could eat, or if . . . if Principal Norrington had reported me . . . there were days I was sure the social worker was going to show up at my door and take Klaus and Daniel away. Yes, the children in foster care are hurting, but don’t you think that they should have a good home to go to? Wouldn’t it make you feel good to know that if a child does lose his parents, he can still have a family to love him?”

“Will, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking when I said . . . I’m sorry. Do you really think that we’d be good parents for an orphan?”

“I know we would. As long as you can find it in your heart to love him or her, we can do it. Remember, I’ve been through what he’ll be going through. We’ll be great parents.”

“Okay, Will,” Shenene smiled as she wrapped her arms around her husband. “Make the call to social services.”

After calling to inform the social worker that they would be willing to adopt a child, Will was extremely happy. He decided to show his gratitude to Shenene by asking her on a date. He didn’t want her to think that their romance would be over just because they were getting a child. He knew that having dream dates was still very important to his wife.

Nich was spending his remaining years of life fishing. He was sick of romance. He did like spending time with Will and Daniel. He wanted to make peace with his grandsons. He worked on building his relationship with them and on passing on the few things that he had learned about running a business. Somehow, Nich could sense that he wasn’t long for this world. He would be joining his daughter and son-in-law in the grave before long.

That year, there was a giant blizzard in Emerald Isle. The snow was so deep that Liebe could barely even make it through to the carpool.

It was in the middle of the snowstorm that the social worker showed up with a crying little boy. Before then, Will had never imagined that he would ever be HAPPY to see the social worker. But, seeing her pull that adorable toddler out of the van made him the happiest man in the world. He and Shenene would be great parents for this poor, hurting, little orphan.

The boy’s name was Harry. His parents had died in a tragic fire. Somehow, the boy had magically survived.

Harry was miserable from having witnessed the horrific death of both of his parents.

He’d finally curled up next to his bunny rabbit and cried himself to sleep before social services found him.

Will scooped Harry up into his arms and held him tight. He knew how much a hug could help when you were really hurting. “It’s okay, Harry. You’re safe and loved here.”

Will couldn’t help smiling as he saw the happy expression on Harry’s face. He’d already helped Harry feel a little bit better. “That’s it. Everything is going to be alright now.”

Harry Turner—male toddler sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7

Will really enjoyed caring for Harry. Something as simple as giving him a bottle made Will feel all warm inside.

Daniel enjoyed playing with his nephew, too. He could identify a lot with Harry. Daniel had been a toddler when his parents had died, too. Family meant a lot to Daniel, and that included nephews. Daniel made a silent promise that he would be there for Harry when he needed someone to talk to.

Unfortunately, it was time for Daniel to leave for college. He’d graduated from high school. Daniel knew that if he didn’t leave for Academie Le Tour right away, he’d never get the chance to go. Daniel applied for scholarships, as both of his brothers had done. He received a very hefty sum. He qualified for the Sim Orphan Assistance fund, scholarships for all skills, and a special scholarship for excellent dancing ability.

Daniel left for college, regretting that he couldn’t spend more time with his nephew.

Will decided to cuddle Shenene in bed for a little while. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep for long. He’d have to get up in the middle of the night with Harry; he was sure. Still, he needed to hold his wife. He was proud that Daniel had left for college, but the house still felt a little empty. His littlest brother was a man now.

Sure enough, Will heard Harry crying a few hours later. Will got up and cuddled him. It was understandable that Harry was having nightmares after what he’d witnessed. Once Harry had quieted down, Will took him to the potty and potty trained him.

Will put Harry back in his crib and headed back to bed. As he crossed the hall, he noticed a figure lying in Nich’s room. Will rushed to his side, but Grandfather Nicholas was already dead.

As he stood there, Will could have sworn that he could sense the soul of his grandfather passing on. He’d seen ghosts most of his life, and he was sure that he could see one that night.

Nich’s insurance policy benefited 34 people. Even Liebe mourned the loss of Nich.

Shenene agreed to take over caring for Harry that night.

She knew that Will would need some rest to deal with the painful emotions he was experiencing. He had never truly been close to Nicholas, not after he’d refused to care for the boys when they were younger. Still, Will had grown closer to his grandfather recently. Since family was so important to Will, the loss hit him particularly hard.

As Shenene took care of Harry that night, she had to admit that the boy was growing on her. When he called her “Mama,” Shenene’s heart clenched. Harry was her little boy. No one would ever be able to tell her any differently.

Shenene offered to stay home with Will that day, but he insisted that he would be okay. He focused on caring for Harry. It was time to introduce Harry to rice cereal, even if Harry wasn’t too keen on giving up his bottle.

Shenene was glad she went to work. She was promoted to Visionary, the top of the artist career track.

Daniel, Klaus, and Tiffany came home that night for Nich’s funeral. Will gave each of them a genuine hug. He was so grateful that he didn’t have to bury his grandfather alone.

The funeral was difficult for everyone. Will started crying right away. Daniel and Klaus weren’t far behind. At least they were able to give him a proper burial.

To make matters worse, it was Christmas time. It’s always difficult to lose a loved one, but it’s even harder when it happens near a holiday. Everyone tried to put the death behind them and move on. The family sat around the television and watched some football while Will made a turkey.

It was all too much for Daniel, though. He started to flip out. He’d been repressing his feelings for too long. He’d lost his parents; he’d now lost both of his grandfathers. He still didn’t have a girlfriend, and now he was away from his family at college. Once Christmas was over, he wouldn’t have his brothers for support. He couldn’t help raise his nephew. He was all alone.

Will calmed Daniel down with a hug. He promised his little brother that Christmas dinner as a family would help make him feel better. After that, he was welcome to come home from college every weekend if he needed. Will would make the drive to Academie Le Tour to pick him up. Daniel was not alone. It was hard, but they all sat down for a very satisfying meal.

After dinner, Will presented Klaus with a present. It was a third of Nich’s fortune.

“Will, I can’t accept this,” Klaus said.

“Of course you can, “ Will said firmly. “Nicholas wouldn’t have wanted the money to go all to me. He left it for all three of us. It’s only fair to divide it between us. I won’t have my brothers living in poverty. There’s one for you, too, Daniel.”

They spent some time together as a family. It would take some more time for the hurt to heal, but talking about it together helped. Finally, Klaus and Daniel had to go home.

Will spent the next day teaching Harry to walk. He had a purpose in life. He wanted to help orphans. He was glad he was there for Harry. It was so rewarding to care for his son. But, Will wanted to help other little boys, too. He planned to adopt another orphan soon.

Still, Will didn’t forget to give his wife the attention she needed. He knew that she wanted to have a lot of dream dates. He invited Klaus and Tiffany over to babysit so that he and Shenene could have a quick woohoo.

Season Recap

1. Shenene reached the top of the criminal and artist career tracks, which achieved her lifetime want. Shenene’s next lifetime want is 50 dream dates. Will reached the top of the education career track. Liebe climbed the service pet career ladder.

2. Will and Shenene adopted Harry.

3. Daniel left for college with scholarships for all skills.

4. Nicholas died. He achieved both his lifetime want and an impossible want. He’s my first platinum grave. He also had top influence at the time of his death.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 84

CAS elder impossible want +10

Platinum grave +1

Top influence at time of death +1

Top of career +3 (Shenene +2, Will +1)

New sim, Harry +1

New non-money points 100

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 123,575 simoleons. Note the money went down, not up, this season because Will gave about 40,000 simoleons worth of presents to both Klaus and Daniel. Will inherited the house and the business. It just seemed fair to give 1/3 of the cash that Nich earned in his business to the other boys.

Author’s Notes

I can’t believe I was able to get the impossible want of 30 simultaneous lovers for my CAS elder. Well, I want to try for all of the impossible wants at least once, so I can scratch that one off of my list. And, I have my first platinum grave. That is really cool.

I’m so excited to have Harry added to this family. It’s important to note that I’ve added some Harry Potter character sims to the adoption pool. I’m just using their names and appearances. It’s not meant to represent anything that actually happens in the books. I mean, Harry could roll up a lifetime want of becoming a criminal mastermind or having twenty simultaneous lovers. I even rolled for the personalities in the adoption pool. I enjoy using the celebrity/famous characters sims, but they aren’t meant to actually be the characters from their representative stories. Playing with Harry was so cute. I love the pictures of Will snuggling him.

Nich died the night that Daniel left for school. He should have died at 6 PM, because I think sims always die at 6, but he didn’t because he was passed out from exhaustion at that point. He died when he woke up. The death apparently hit Daniel extremely hard, because he honestly did have a flip out. I don’t know if he’s actually at aspiration failure yet or not. I’m not sure how you tell in teens and especially if they aren’t the sim you are playing. I’ll see once I load the college lot. He’ll probably hit aspiration failure, and then I’ll have to deduct the points then. We’ll see. Poor Daniel, he’s such a sweet, family sim.


  1. That's so sweet, adopting kiddies. You will let them have a kid of their own, right? Those genes are too good to go to waste!
    I'm kinda sad Nich died, but congrats on the IW! I haven't even done that LTW yet. Maybe I'll try once I re-install Uni.

  2. Wow, that was fascinating. I love the Turners. I enjoyed the back-story photos for Harry, too. And the shot of poor dead Nich lying on the floor gave me chills. You do a great job of using your photos creatively to make the story effective.

    Poor Daniel--flipping out at Christmas dinner! This was a great update, I really enjoyed it.

  3. Harry is so cute! That's a great idea adding kids to the adoption pool. Maybe I'll do that. And good job with the 30 loves!

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