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The Windsor2 Family Season 9

Andrew Windsor—Elder male fortune sim
Aquarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Lazy 4, Playful 7, Nice 6
Lifetime want—become chief of staff—Achieved!
Preferred hobbies—Tinkering

James Windsor—Adult male romance sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 4, Active 9, Playful 7, Grumpy 2
Lifetime want—become hall of famer
Preferred hobby—Nature

Victoria Windsor—Teen female knowledge sim
Sagittarius personality
Sloppy 4, Shy 3, Active 9, Playful 7, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Max all skills
Preferred hobby—Tinkering

Sophie Windsor—Teen female pleasure sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Become Professional Party Guest
Preferred hobby—Cuisine

Check out the Windsor Family Tree.

In the last update— The Windsor house was divided in two. Andrew moved out into this house with Edward, Victoria, and Sophie to make room for Philip and Amaya in the main Windsor house. Victoria and Sophie became teens, while Andrew became an elder and retired. Edward took Sophie clubbing for the first time. There she met Loren, a troubled teen who’s homeless. Sophie started taking Loren out to eat for food and sneaking him into her bedroom at night so that he would have somewhere to sleep. Edward left for college with his boyfriend Joshua. James was in college the last round. He became a romance sim and started woohooing every girl that joined his coed fraternity. There were lots and lots of girls.

Season 9—Fall

Andrew was so happy when James returned from college. Although he was disappointed that James no longer wanted to run top level businesses, he was proud that his second son had graduated from college. He was also very happy to have an heir for this house. Philip, his eldest son, was the heir to the real Windsor Manor, but James would be his heir for their second home.

Soon after his arrival, there was a different kind of arrival. Hathor, Victoria’s cat, went into labor. She was pregnant by Omi, Sophie’s cat. Hathor had just one kitten, Kurama.

Things were pretty much the same as they had been for the rest of the family. Victoria still spent all of her time with her nose in a book, studying. Sophie was still sneaking her homeless boyfriend, Loren, into the house. He was careful to always sneak out in the wee hours of the morning before Andrew was awake. It was a dangerous thing to be doing, but at least he had a safe place to sleep. And Sophie made him feel loved and wanted.

James had only been home for a few months when something drastic happened to change the household forever. Andrew noticed an odd blue van outside the house. He went out to check it out and see what was going on.

“James, I think you better get out here,” Andrew called when he saw the van’s occupants.

“What’s up, Dad?” James asked as he came outside.

Andrew simply nodded toward the social worker and the toddler she was carrying.

“I’m looking for a Mr. James Windsor,” the social worker explained.

Confused, James simply stared at her. Andrew had to give him a little shove. “Uhh, yeah, that’s me.”

“Mr. Windsor, this is your daughter, Catherine. Her mother, a Marian Webster, gave her up for adoption. She said she couldn’t take the stress anymore, and that she was going back to college to finish her degree. She listed you as the father of the child, so we’re pleased to inform you that you’ve been granted custody of her.”

James’ eyes went wide. This was his worst nightmare. He did not have a kid!

“James? Are this woman’s claims true? Did you sleep with this . . . Marian Webster?” Andrew asked.

“Marian . . . Marian? Hmmmm, which one was Marian? I . . . well, there were so many girls . . . uhhhh . . . there might have been a Marian.” James tried to remember.

“But, no, I’m not . . . I’m not a FATHER. Take the kid back to the orphanage lady,” James added quickly.

“James, if there’s even a possibility that she’s your daughter, you’re going to do the responsible thing here. I’m appalled by your behavior, but . . . if she’s your daughter, then she’s a Windsor, and she will be raised as one. It’s time to start acting like an adult,” Andrew explained.

James did not like that idea at all. “I’m not getting saddled with a kid! I’m not the one that chose to have the baby. She didn’t even tell me she was pregnant!”

Andrew became furious. He’d known that his son had turned into a romance sim, but he had no idea that his behavior had gotten so out of hand. “You march your butt over there right now, young man, and claim that little girl!” Andrew commanded. “If you want to keep your inheritance and stay in my will, you’re going to do what I say!”

That was enough to motivate James. He didn’t want to risk his inheritance, especially not since he hadn’t been able to land a job as a star athlete yet. He went over to the social worker and signed the paper to take custody of Catherine.

Victoria and Sophie had been watching the drama from the porch. James seemed reluctant to hold his little girl, so Sophie decided to step in and help. She scooped her niece up into her arms and said, “I’ll take her in to get a bottle. What a cutie you are! Yes, who’s Aunt Sophie’s little sweetie pie?”

Catherine Windsor—Toddler female sim
Pisces personality
Neat 5, Shy 3, Active 7, Serious 3, Nice 7

Andrew called the other half of the Windsor family and invited them over. His wife, Elizabeth, and their eldest son’s family came over for the emergency meeting.

“Andrew, what is all this about?” Elizabeth asked as she greeted her husband.

“I think you might need to sit down for this one,” Andrew said as he hugged her. “We have a fourth grandchild now.”

“What?” Elizabeth gasped. Was one of her teenage daughters pregnant? But Andrew explained everything to them all as he showed them into the house and introduced the whole family to Catherine.

The entire extended family spent some time bonding that night. “Congrats on that great party last week, brother,” James said to Philip as Victoria and Amaya played chess.

“Yes, well congratulations on being a father. It’s a big responsibility,” Philip explained. He knew. He had three children of his own now.

“Not for me,” James said. He had no intention of altering his lifestyle for a kid.

Elizabeth tucked little Catherine into her new crib that night. They’d brought over some of Caroline’s old things, since she’d outgrown them. This wasn’t the way Elizabeth would have chosen to have another grandchild, but there was no way not to love the little girl as she held her in her arms. Another baby was always a happy thing.

The next day James acted as if nothing had happened at all. He was immediately up to his old tricks. He introduced himself to any lady that happened to walk down the street and very quickly managed to get her into her underwear.

It wasn’t just one woman, either. It was lots and lots of women. His woohoo count was really getting up there. James was keeping track.

During all of this, Catherine was left roaming the house alone. No one was watching her at all. She just ran around and got into things.

Eventually she got tired, but there wasn’t anyone to put her in her crib, so she fell asleep on the cat’s bed. It looked soft and comfortable.

Andrew happened to stumble upon the snoozing toddler. Poor dear! She was a Windsor, and she was not going to be raised like a stable boy’s child! He woke her up and decided to teach her a nursery rhyme. She needed love and attention.

After Catherine was safely tucked into her crib, Andrew found James and went off on him. “I have had it! It’s time you start pulling your weight around here. You don’t have a job, you don’t do any chores, and now you’re not even taking care of your own kid! It stops today! You’re going to get a job, starting helping out around the house, and you are going to take care of that little girl! She’s your responsibility. I don’t want to see anymore naked women running in and out of my house at all hours. Have you got it? This house isn’t a brothel!”

“All right, all right,” James grumbled. He finally accepted a job as an athletic coach. He was a star athlete, and that was the only job he thought he should have, but he wanted to get his father off his back. Being a coach wasn’t so bad. He also decided to help his father out in the garden. James liked nature, so that wasn’t too painful a chore for him. He wasn’t doing anything else, though.

When Andrew saw how much money he could make selling James’ produce, he decided that maybe his son being into nature wasn’t such a bad thing after all. And he was at least bringing home a pay check now.

Andrew finally decided to forgive his son once he got him into the gardening club. It was a prestigious club, which, of course, the Windsors should belong to. Plus, he could wish for money daily now.

Victoria ended up being the one to care for poor Catherine most of the time. Victoria wasn’t really a family sim, but she took pity on her niece. No one ever paid any attention to the little girl, and she was lonely and sad all the time. Victoria knew it was important for Catherine to learn some skills as a toddler, so she spent some time teaching her. She actually kind of enjoyed it.

Sophie was still spending any available moment she could with her boyfriend, Loren. He had to sneak out of the house really early in the morning, and she spent her days at school, but after school she tried to make sure that Loren got something to eat. He was always starving, probably because she was only able to get him that one meal a day.

And then they’d go clubbing at night. Neither one of them was interested in picking up any one else, but they did really enjoy dancing together.

Really, the place they were at was unimportant. Everything else disappeared as they held each other in their arms, but going to the club was a good way for them to get to spend some time alone.

Then they’d go back to the house, and Sophie would sneak Loren into her bedroom for the night. She always gave him a loving kiss before he snuck out in the morning.

It made Andrew sad to do it, but he gave Kurama to Daniel Turner. When he’d adopted Hathor for Victoria, he’d promise Daniel that he could raise any kittens. Andrew really wanted to keep Kurama to be Catherine’s kitten, but a promise was a promise.

The cats, Hathor and Omi, decided right away to try for another kitten. They missed Kurama terribly.

It didn’t seem like it was possible for it to be time, but it was. It was Catherine’s fifth birthday party, and Andrew insisted on having a proper party for her. She was a Windsor. Windsors had big birthday parties.

Birthday Party Guests
Philip Windsor—Catherine’s uncle
Amaya Windsor—Catherine’s aunt and Philip’s wife
Lily Windsor—Catherine’s aunt
Severus Turner—Lily’s boyfriend
Joshua Jennings—Edward’s boyfriend

Elizabeth Windsor—Catherine’s grandmother
Edward Windsor—Catherine’s uncle
Caroline Windsor—Catherine’s cousin and Philip and Amaya’s daughter

Victoria was, once again, the one paying attention to Catherine when the party guests arrived. She had Catherine singing a nursery rhyme with her. She was such a cute little girl.

As the party got swinging, Andrew took a moment to pull Severus aside and talk to him. He hadn’t missed how the boy had been making out with his youngest daughter, Lily, at the last birthday party. “Listen, Severus, keep your hands off of Lily today. I know you kids like each other, but you’re too young for that. Hands off. Got it?”

“Dad!” Lily screamed, mortified.

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir,” Severus replied submissively. He didn’t like it when adults got mad at him.

Sensing Severus’ sudden discomfort, Andrew put his hand gently on the boys shoulder. “It’s okay, Severus. We really like you. From the way Lily talks, it looks like you might be a part of this family some day, and that makes me very happy. But we don’t need any more happy accidents in this family any time soon, if you get what I mean.”

“Oh my God, Dad!” Lily interrupted him. She grabbed Severus’ hand and led him away before her father could embarrass her any further. The message didn’t fall on deaf ears, though. She’d slow things down. She didn’t want to end up like James, with an unexpected child.

The Windsor had a very big party planned. This party needed to be spectacular if for no other reason than their public image. They got a little pony ride for Catherine and had everyone playing outdoors. Catherine loved the pony ride!

The Windsors had some family photos taken, since they were all together for once. First, we have three generations of Windsors.

And then they had a photo taken of all of the Windsor family with all of their significant others.

Then the party was moved inside for cake and ice cream.

And here’s the birthday girl herself.

The party was a roof raiser, but by the end of the night, Catherine was once again left on her own. She played with her toys and tinkered with her toy boat. She was a quiet, shy child. She didn’t really mind being alone, as long as her family did love her.

Catherine attended her first day of school the next day. She came home nervous. She had homework to do, and the teacher had suggested they get an adult to help them with their homework. Catherine knew that her father would never, ever help her with her homework. He didn’t care about her at all! But Catherine’s Aunt Victoria had always been really nice to her in the past and had taught her most of her skills. Catherine decided to ask her if she’d help her with her homework.

“Umm, Aunt Victoria, I . . . I have this assignment to do for school. I know you think learning is really important, so I hoped that you would help me?” Catherine asked nervously.

“Umm, yeah, doing your school work is really important, Catherine, but I don’t have time right now. I’m really busy studying for my final exams. I’d love to help you kiddo, but I really need to focus on these tests. If I don’t ace my exams, I’ll lose my college scholarship.”

Catherine ran to her bedroom, crying. Nobody cared about her! Nobody at all! She’d thought that her Aunt Victoria loved her, but she didn’t. There was nobody to help her. She had nobody. She was all alone!

Andrew was walking down the hall when he heard the sobs emanating from his granddaughter’s room. “Catherine? Catherine, can I come in?” he asked.

When she didn’t object he entered. He found her sobbing on her bed. Andrew secretly wished for a moment that his wife still lived with him. He wasn’t any good at dealing with little girl problems, but . . . he hated to hear the girl cry so hard. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“I . . . I have to do my homework, and we’re supposed to get an adult to help us, but . . . I don’t have anyone to ask. My father hates me. You know he does. He wishes I had never been born! And I thought Aunt Victoria was my friend, but she said no because she has to study for her school . . . and . . .”

“Homework,” Andrew repeated. That was a manageable problem. “I could help you with your homework,” he offered. Emotions he wasn’t so good with, but homework he could do.

“You’d really help me with my homework?” Catherine asked, shocked.

Andrew proceeded to spend some time with her and made sure that she understood and completed her assignment. He really felt sorry for the little girl. James was still treating her horribly.

Loren snuck into Sophie’s room that night, like he did every night. This night, though, Sophie had something special to tell Loren. “Hi, sweetie,” Sophie greeted Loren by caressing his cheek.

Loren ate the affection up. He loved it when Sophie touched him. She made him feel so loved, special . . . wanted.

“I have big news. I got accepted to Academie Le Tour! That was my first choice school!”

Loren felt his world crumbling apart around him. He was falling and there was nothing strong to grasp onto to hold him up. Sophie was leaving! He’d known eventually that she would move on. She was too good for someone like him, but . . . She was everything to him. Without her . . . he’d . . . he’d have to go back to . . . And he’d be all alone. Loren immediately started sobbing.

“What’s the matter, Loren?” Sophie asked with concern. “Aren’t . . . aren’t you happy for me?”

Loren forced himself to be brave. He had already let Sophie see him entirely too vulnerable. He didn’t want to let her hurt him anymore. With one last sob, he wiped the tears from his eyes. “Of course I’m happy for you, Sophie. You deserve . . . better than me . . . bigger things . . .”

“What are you talking about, Loren? You’re coming with me, of course,” Sophie said.

“To college? Sophie I dropped out of school when I was 10,” Loren said incredulously.

“They have programs for underprivileged students. Look at Joshua . . .”

“Joshua’s good at something, Sophie! He’s a musician. I’m nothing!” Loren interrupted. He couldn’t take it anymore. Losing Sophie was painful enough. Having to go back to his previous life . . . he didn’t need to discuss it, or why he was so worthless! He took off at a run for downtown before Sophie could catch him.

Sophie’s heart was broken. She cried as she watched Loren take off. She slumped against the house door. She couldn’t even talk to anyone about this, because Loren was a secret.

Sophie tried to focus on finishing her scholarship applications, but how could she concentrate? All she could think about was Loren. He didn’t come by to sleep that night. Where was he sleeping? Did he have anything to eat? Was he going to be alright?

In the end, both Sophie and Victoria got scholarships for their grades and four skills. Sophie got an additional 1,000 simoleon scholarship for her dancing ability. Victoria couldn’t believe it. How had Sophie got more scholarships than her? Victoria was the brainiac that worked hard at school! Fair or not, the girls left for college with 9,000 simoleons between them. Catherine was really going to miss her aunts. Victoria was still her favorite relative. She at least paid attention to her sometimes. It was going to be hard to live in a house, where she knew she was unloved, without her Auntie.

Andrew was still hard at work at his tinkering hobby. He was building servos now. Eventually, it was enough to earn him a hobby plaque in tinkering. He hung it near the nature hobby plaque James had brought home from university.

Season Recap

1. James returned from college.

2. Hathor and Omi had a kitten, Kurama, which was given to Daniel Turner to raise.

3. James got a surprise when he was given custody of the little girl of a woman he’d knocked up in college. Catherine grew-up mostly on her own, unloved and unwelcome. Catherine is my first generation three sim!

4. Andrew Windsor got into the gardening club and got a wishing well with James’ help.

5. Catherine had her fifth birthday part and became a child.

6. Sophie and Victoria left for college. Loren, Sophie’s boyfriend, was very upset by this and took off.

7. Andrew earned a hobby plaque in tinkering.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 186

Hobby plaque, Andrew +1
New sim, Catherine +1
House with 3 generations, +1

New non-money points 189

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 186,074 simoleons.

Author’s Notes

Catherine actually is James’ biological daughter. I play rolling a set of dice every time a sim woohoos. He rolled within the pregnancy percentage with one girl that he woohooed in college. So I extracted her using simPE and then recreated the ‘parents’ in CAS. I used the make a baby option to make little Catherine. That way, even in college, woohoo has consequences.

I’m so proud of my first generation three sim! It’s going to be a while before I have another one. Most of the little kids I have now are my CAS toddler’s children. But I let James have a little girl to get the quick gen 3 sim.

I really wish that toddlers could visit other houses. It would have been awesome to have all four of the Windsor grandchildren in the same photo with their parents and grandparents. Oh well. Next round maybe.

Don’t worry. We haven’t seen the last of Loren.


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