Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miserable Sims Challenge

Hi! My name is Jessie Winchester, and I’m going to tell you my story. Let me start out by showing you a picture of my family. That’s me with my mom, Christine, and my dad, Thomas. We were a really great family. I loved my mom and dad so much.

My dad was the best! He’d go fishing with me, and play ball with me, and read me stories, and he was the absolute best for hugs.

My dad and my mom were really happy and in love too. They were always cuddling and snuggling.

My dad had just gotten a promotion when our story begins. None of us knew this at the time, but I guess it turns out that one of the guys at work got really jealous of Dad. Dad had everything, you know, wife and kids, awesome house in the woods, and Dad got the promotion this evil witch guy thought he should have had.

You’d think they’re be some big cloud of smoke or explosion or SOMETHING when you get a horrible curse on your family, but it didn’t happen like that. The first thing I noticed is that Mom and Dad were fighting. Mom and Dad had never fought before, and it really really really upset me!

I guess I should have known something was really wrong when Mom told a guy she wanted to cheat on Dad with him. My mom was a family sim. This behavior wasn’t like her! I caught her flirting with the guy and just started sobbing.

Dad came in to see what I was crying so loudly about, and he was just heart broken. I know he felt betrayed by Mom. I couldn’t take it so I ran upstairs to cry in my room. I do that a lot.

Dad had a meltdown. Mom and her new boyfriend Gilbert thought he was going nuts. Maybe he was, but family was really important to my Dad; he was just that kind of guy.

Mom wasn’t doing much better. All the fighting with Dad was taking its toll on her too. She was acting crazy, dancing with an imaginary man.

Finally she and dad had a serious talk. Mom started crying. She said she didn’t know why she’d cheated on Dad. She hadn’t wanted to. It just happened, like she was bewitched or something.

But then all the sudden she started acting like someone else was controlling her again. She attacked Dad and they had a real physical fight!

After the fight, Dad was so despondent that Mom had to call a shrink in for him. He seemed to think that helped, but I don’t know about that.

Mom was still acting as crazy as ever. Yeah, that’s what she started doing when she came to tuck me into bed. Weird!

Then lots of little bad things started happening. Just everything broke or went wrong. My favorite toy robot my Dad had made me broke.

All the food in the house kept spoiling.

I got sprayed by a skunk.

Mom and I both got sunburned. Really badly! Mom even passed out from heat stroke!

I got really sick. Tummy troubles. Mom said something about food poisoning from all the spoiled food.

And Dad was having really, really bad nightmares.

This is when my life truly became miserable. I can’t . . . I can’t even talk about it. It was the worst day of my life! *sob* My . . . my Dad . . . he was out trimming the hedges, and it was like the clippers turned on him or something. We found him . . . *sob* . . . dead by the clippers.

I cried and cried and cried. Mom just kept acting crazy like she always did anymore. But I couldn’t stop crying. I was angry. How could my Dad leave me! I’d kick and scream. And I cried. I’d get so overwhelmed with sadness that I’d double over crying wherever I was. I loved my Dad! He was the best. And I missed him sooo much.

Mom called that Shrink for her this time. She told him she thought she was cursed.

I guess he talked her into thinking things would be okay, though, because after that she proposed to that guy, Gilbert.

I heard about it when I got home from school. I was soooo miserable. My tummy was still all upset. It hurt!

And . . . this is really embarrassing. I don’t even want to tell you, because I’m so ashamed, but I guess I have to tell you about all the things the curse did. I got my first D that day. I started crying when the teacher gave me my graded test. I thought I’d known all the answers, but when I looked at it, all the answers were different than the ones I’d picked. I felt so stupid and ashamed. I came home and cried even more. I just couldn’t stop crying. All I could think about was how was how ashamed my Daddy would have been of me.

I decided to go talk to my Dad about it. That made me feel a little better.

Some good things did happen. Mom finally agreed to let me have a dog!

And I found out that Gilbert wasn’t too bad a guy. He was actually nice and played with me sometimes.

Of course as soon as I decided I liked him, things started going badly for him and Mom. I guess the curse made her flirt with any guy that happened to walk by her. And Gilbert caught her doing it on a date! I think he was pretty mad about it.

Mom was convinced of the curse thing now, so she decided to try to become a witch to undo the curse. She found out that you can’t just undo a serious curse like the one over us just because you became a witch. She discovered that curse breaking is really hard, so she had another breakdown.

She called Gilbert over and explained the curse to him. She begged him to understand that she loved him and wanted to be with him, but the curse was just making her do crazy things. I guess he believed her, because they didn’t call off the wedding. But Mom was still worried about it. She told me she had nightmares about cheating on him.

Wedding time came, and it was pretty at first, but I guess Gilbert realized he didn’t want to marry into a cursed family. He got this panicked look in his eyes and then just bolted. Mom was devastated.

I cried because I was pretty upset too. I knew Gilbert couldn’t replace my Dad, but he was a nice guy. He’d played with me, and I’d been excited about having two parents again.

I guess Dad didn’t think much of Mom trying to get remarried, because he started haunting the house a lot more after that.

Desperate, Mom went to the wicked witch’s house to try to read her book of evil spells to see if she could learn more about the curse. But that didn’t work out too well.

After that she met another man, Armando. I hated Armando. So much. He wasn’t nice at all. And he kept putting his hands all over Mom. But she asked him to marry her, and he stupidly said yes.

I walked in on him having woohoo with Mom one night. I totally freaked out. This was not okay! I was so upset; I destroyed my own doll house. I was so sad after I did that. It was one of my only toys, and then it was gone.

I acted really immaturely and threw a temper tantrum during the wedding, but the vows were actually exchanged this time. Gilbert was there. I’d have thought that he’d have been upset too, but he just looked happy that it wasn’t him.

Armando quickly learned that you can’t stay happy in this house. The curse made him wet his pants at the party! Ha ha ha

Armando cried pretty hard after he learned about the curse that he had married into. He was such a mess, he got a social bunny. But Armando’s so mean he tried to beat up his own social bunny!

My got pregnant and told me she was going to have another baby. I wasn’t too happy about that. Apparently she wasn’t either. She spent a lot of time worrying.

Mom was worried about money with the new baby coming, so she tried to counterfeit some money. Unfortunately it just caught on fire.

The curse was still in full effect. It made Mom flirt with the fireman while he and Armando were trying to put out the fire. Armando lost it and hit Mom!!!

I did the only thing I could think of to do. I ran to Dad’s grave and cried and cried and cried.

Armando gave the counterfeiting machine a try too, but the police just showed up. I hoped that they would arrest him, but they just gave him a big fine.

Armando ended up pan-handling for money, but he didn’t make much doing that. I had to learn what the repo man is. He comes and takes all of your stuff!

Mom gave birth to her baby, my little brother, Damon.

I guess she wasn’t too happy about the new baby either, because she collapsed to the floor and making her crazy sounds again. But at least her shrink and her social bunny seem to get along.

But Mom and Armando’s social bunnies really do not!

You know you live in a really bad place when even the social bunny ends up crying there.

But at least the social bunnies make good babysitters.

That’s pretty much how I spent my childhood. I ended up running to my room crying about how horrible Armando was to me almost every night. He was just so mean!

About the only thing that kept me happy were my dogs.

They were really good dogs. Molly even tried to help when our clean bot broke. She knew something really bad was going on. But that didn’t turn it off.

Mom ended up having to clean up the mess. And it . . . well, it killed her. That’s right, Mom was killed by flies.

Thank God, Armando pled with the grim reaper and won. He saved my mom. I guess he wasn’t all bad.

I could only hug my teddy and cry in gratitude that I hadn’t just become an orphan. Armando wouldn’t have taken care of me, I know it.

Mom had trouble waking up the next morning. I guess that’s normal after you die and are raised from the dead. Armando was nice enough to truly smash the alarm clock for her.

They had to get up, though, because it was Damon’s birthday. Here’s some pictures of him. I guess he wasn’t so bad as a toddler.

He couldn’t escape the curse either. It was affecting him too, even as a toddler.

The curse made Armando do bad things too. He cheated on Mom with this girl, Jessica. I came across them making out on the couch and started crying. I don’t know why. I didn’t like Armando and I didn’t like him with Mom, but I guess I wanted her happy, and didn’t want her to have to deal with this.

Mom was furious! For believing in the curse, she sure wasn’t very understanding herself. She told Armando that she wanted a divorce and he had to get out right then! He was sad, and I actually felt a little bit sorry for him.

Armando still came over from time to time. He wanted to be a good father to Damon, despite the divorce.

He had some nerve, though! He invited Jessica over to Damon’s birthday party!

There’s Damon as a child. Of course the first thing he did was torment me.

At the party, Armando ended up talking to Gilbert about the curse and how every adult in this house ended up cheating. Awkward!

Damon was really, really mean to me. He picked on me all the time. We ended up getting into a big fight, punching and kicking and everything. He hurt me bad, but Mom didn’t do anything about it.

At least Dad got him back for me.

It was my birthday, but I didn’t want a big party. I just wanted some alone time with my Dad.

I was old enough to go to college. It was way early to be going, but it was allowed. I was out of there first chance I got!

I talked to Mom recently. She said she finally learned enough magic to break the curse. Her and Armando are thinking about getting back together. Things are different now that the curse is gone.

Me? I’m hoping that things go well in college. I want to meet a nice girl that can love me. Maybe I can get a good job, have a family, get my life back on track.

I know this was a real sad story, but you should know about curses and the bad things that can happen. I believe I’m going to be happy now. But if that’s not a happy enough ending for you, how about some pictures of my puppies? Their the best! The little ones are Danny and Sammy.

And one funny picture to make you laugh after all the sadness. Apparently vampires don't like witches. Or at least, they don't want lesbian kisses from a witch? Too funny!


  1. That was fantastic and horrific! I can't believe all that happened while Jessie was a child. Also, I love that the repo man took the omelettes.

    I'll be brave enough to try this eventually!

  2. Wow I actually felt bad since it was written from the persceptvie of the kid. I'll definitely have to pick a sim I don't like to be this mean to. Great story!

  3. I am so happy to see you back! So far, this story is awesome. Can't wait to read more. :)

  4. Finally got a chance to read your story, and I think it's great :) Hope you continue with it...or is the challenge over for him now?

  5. Wow, I really enjoyed your story. It must have been hard to see all that misery, but it sure makes things very interesting.

  6. So great to see you back. What a great tragic miserable challenge story. Poor kid had a really rough life there. Certainly plenty of things I've never seen before,