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Werewolves of Baton Rouge Amber Rounds 9 and 10

It has been a very long time since I updated my main completion challenge blog.  Basically I was playing round 9 right before generations came out, and I wanted to keep everyone the age they were to try out the generations features, so I turned aging off for round 9.  I ended up playing several test hoods and different roleplay characters in different hoods for a while, including my amazing Hogwarts neighborhood (some pictures available on my Facebook), but I am now finally getting around to playing round 10.  I’m going to post rounds 9 and 10 as if they happened together since there was no aging up in round 9.  So I think it’s time to reacquaint everyone with the characters in my main legacy house.

The Winchester Family Tree

Amber Winchester Cormier

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Good
  3. Artistic
  4. Hopeless Romantic
  5. Family Oriented

LTW—Illustrious Author—Achieved!

Rene Cormier

  1. Natural Cook
  2. Athletic
  3. Good
  4. Friendly
  5. Family Oriented

LTW—Become a Chess Legend

Daniel Cormier

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Grumpy
  3. Athletic
  4. Stupid

Lifetime want—Reach the top of the sports career

Alex Cormier

  1. Artistic
  2. Neurotic
  3. Family Oriented

Not shown here are Toby and his family, who FINALLY moved out and got a house of their own!

Despite all that extra room in the house, Daniel and Alex decided to share a room.  They are so close that they just want to be together as much as possible.


The Cormier family is a very tight-nit family that enjoy spending a lot of time together.  Rene particularly enjoys cooking for family meals together.9Amber111



The whole Cormier family gathers around the television to watch Rene’s football games every Sunday.  Rene made it to the top of the sports career and is a football superstar now.


This whole family is into football.  Daniel wants to grow-up to be a football superstar, just like hi father.  And Alex enjoys playing with his brother too.  Daniel joined the high school football team.  Besides spending time with his family, football is Daniel’s favorite thing.  He loves playing football, training for football, and watching film.





Rene spends a lot of time with the kids.  He likes to help them with their homework.





But it quickly became apparent that overcoming Daniel’s stupid trait was going to be too much for Rene to tackle alone.  I learned recently that the stupid trait is not in the base game but is actually in the EA code and exposed by Awesomemod.  For those that don’t know, it’s a really cute trait.  Daniel isn’t stupid in a mean way, he’s just a slow learner.  He struggles with his homework and reading.  In fact, he was close to failing math.  He was told if he didn’t improve his grades, he’d be kicked off the football team, so the Cormiers hired a tutor, Sabine, for him.  Does anyone know if the game actually kicks you out of afterschool activities if you get bad grades?  It should, so I’m playing like it does.


At first Sabine did not like Daniel.  She thought all dumb jocks were the same.  Sabine’s a genius and top of her class.  She’s excellent at math and science.  Before she met Daniel, the jocks were all mean to her and teased her.


But she quickly learned that Daniel admired smart girls and genuinely wanted to learn from her.  They seemed to hit it off after that. Sabine hugged him and told him she was sorry she judged him based on a stereotype.


Daniel began spending a lot of his time at the library studying with Sabine.  It worked to bring up his grades, and things also began turning in a romantic direction for the couple once Sabine learned that Daniel finds her attractive.


Sabine fits in just great with this family.



Amber’s career is going pretty well too.  The writing career is a difficult but fun one.  She made it to level 9 in her career and received the author’s honor trophy for surpassing 25,000 simoleons in sales.


Alex is very artistic.  Besides spending time with his family, his favorite activity is painting.  He’s definitely inherited some of his mother’s talent.


He’s a quiet child that is easily scared.  He liked spending time with his brother especially, but when Daniel’s not around, he’s either painting or playing with the dollhouse his mother played with as a child.  Sometimes when Amber and Rene listen to how he plays with the dollhouse, they can tell how neurotic he already is.


Alex is close with some of his cousins, though, particularly Rita and Raelin.


We always have a lot of ghost sightings on this lot.  I love seeing founders Jessie and Morgana in my game still.  But, for the first time, Morgana began actually haunting the lot.  That did NOT help Daniel and Alex with their nightmare problems.  Maybe Morgana wasn’t too happy about the prospect of her grandson failing school, or maybe she thought he needed help with his football strategy, LOL!



Amber eventually had a conversation with her late mother and was able to convince Morgana to stop scaring the boys.


And just to make the boys’ nightmares worse, we had a burglar break in this round.  Daniel is always a light sleeper even though he doesn’t have the trait.  He was the first one the scene.  Definitely not a good thing for neurotic Alex to witness.


Rene tried to pull the family back together with a nice breakfast and time to chat about everything that had happened.


It affected Alex enough that he had to sleep in his parents’ bed for a while.  Rene had to read him to sleep every night.


I can’t believe it’s already time for Alex to become a teen, even taking a break from aging in round 9.  Alex doesn’t seem like he’s quite sure what to wish for as a teenager.


Alex teen picture

Alex Cormier

  1. Artistic
  2. Neurotic
  3. Family Oriented
  4. Coward

Rene had a big present saved for the boys.  Since they were both teenagers now, he bought them a car.  He might have gone a bit overboard for the boys’ first car, but there are some advantages to having a superstar football player for a father.



Let me say that I am sooo happy to finally have prom in Sims.  I’ve been trying to create a prom of sorts since my Prosperity challenge in Sims 2. I am somewhat disappointed that it’s a rabbithole, but I am overall really impressed with the interactions and pop-ups you do get.  It makes things really interesting.  The only thing is that I wish you could trigger the prom when you want it.  I want to make sure that all of my teens get a chance to attend, which is hard playing rotational style.  I’m getting around the rabbithole problem by having my sims do prom-like things outside of the actual prom like take a date out to dinner and have a dance party at one of the clubs.

Here’s proud mother Amber taking pictures of her boys before they head off for the prom.  Daniel asked Sabine, but Alex went stag.


Daniel took Sabine out to dinner at the formal restaurant in town before the prom.


Then the kids headed off to the dance.



Daniel seemed to have a great prom with his girlfriend, Sabine.  We got a pop-up that said “Daniel definitely impressed Sabine with the chicken dance. Sabine starting doing it too.”  Then, we got a pop-up that just thrilled me.  “The band played Daniel’s favorite song, and Sabine asked Daniel to go steady with him!”  Aww, yay!  I wanted them to go steady and get married someday, but that she initiated it is just awesome!


Poor little Alex had a much worse prom experience at first.  I think part of that is because he went stag.  The other part is that he just became a teen, so he probably doesn’t have many teen friends.  The first pop-up Alex received really surprised me, but I’m happy about it.  Apparently the game will decide sexuality of your teen on its own if you haven’t had any romantic interactions with that teen.  Alex first pop-up involved him asking another guy out!  “Alex asked the most popular GUY in school out, and he walked away laughing. Alex was mortified.” Later, we got a pop-up that said “Alex hates himself for asking his crush to dance.  He not only said no, but also made fun of him in front of all of everyone.” It also resulted in the “denied for dance” moodlet. I actually think it’s adorable sims can have a bad prom experience, and I’m glad that the game decided that Alex must be bi. 

Things went better later for Alex.  He did eventually ask a girl to dance.  I got a pop-up that said that Alex was hitting it off with Holly Alto!   That resulted in the happy “first romance” moodlet and they got a nearly full relationship bar (from no relationship beforehand).  Alex and Holly could possibly be a cute couple (but I’ll probably rename her since I have another Holly).  I think I’ll rename her Lauren since that was his girlfriend’s name in my roleplay.




I really love the in-game pictures you get from the prom.


After prom, it was time for Daniel to become a young adult.  *sniff*  As much as I love playing through the generations, it always makes me sad when they age up.


Daniel YA

Daniel Cormier

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Grumpy
  3. Athletic
  4. Stupid
  5. Family oriented

At least now we get graduation when teenagers age up.  I love the new graduation ceremony and awards.  Daniel was voted most likely to have a big family.



Rene picked these up at the consignment shop.



Spying on the neighbors:

Here are Christy’s triplets.  They are probably my favorite generation three sims.  I love them so much!


And this picture just makes me giggle.  Here’s teenage Bill Compton gossiping with child Eric Northman.


Apparently cousin Christopher has been overworking himself too much as an overachiever and collapsed outside the school.


Accomplishments this round:

Rene accomplished his lifetime want—become a chess legend!  Sorry, didn’t get a good picture for this one.

Rene made it to the top of the sports career.


Rene completed the marathon runner skill challenge and the fitness nut skill challenge.

Rene reached cooking level 10, a little side challenge of mine for him.

Amber received the author’s honor trophy for surpassing 25,000 simoleons in sales. She made it to level 9 in the writing career.


Amber completed the proficient painter skill challenge.

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