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The Werewolves of Baton Rouge Toby Rounds 9 and 10

Toby Winchester Dubose

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Loner
  3. Good Sense of Humor
  4. Good
  5. Handy

LTW—Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, level 9 of Science Career—Achieved!

Allyson Dubose

  1. Artistic
  2. Angler
  3. Good Sense of Humor
  4. Photographer’s Eye
  5. Perfectionist

LTW—Visionary—Master the Photography and Painting Skills—Achieved!

Christopher Dubose

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Light Sleeper
  3. Ambitious
  4. Charismatic

Rita Dubose

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Eccentric
  3. Neat

Refresh yourself on who’s who with my family tree.

This is the first round that Toby and his family have had their own home.  They had previously been living in my main legacy house but finally bought a home of their own now that the the children are a bit older.  Here’s some pictures of the new house.9Toby003









Rita is my little inventor.  She loves playing with toys she makes on the inventing station.  But really, what kind of world is the Sims that children can play with blowtorches and craft with metal but not garden?



Christopher is still struggling with his weight.  He lost a lot as a child, but he seems to be gaining some of it back as I’m not playing his house.  So he jogs to school every morning and home every afternoon.


You may or may not remember that last round Christopher fell in love with a girl, Lisa, but she rejected his moves for a first kiss.  She was really cute and hugged him after rejecting him, though. 


Looks like he’s having more success this round.


Much more success!  They’re now going steady.


He enjoys taking her out on fancy dates.




Christopher also joined The Young Politican’s club (an opportunity) and the drama and debate clubs (generations afterschool activities).  Christopher wants to be the leader of the free world when he grows up, so he spends every day practicing his speeches.  Rita, by the way, enrolled in scouting and improved her fishing skill.



We really miss having Rene in the main legacy house to do the cooking.  Allyson has started trying to learn how to cook since the family has to eat.


Despite being a very serious and ambitious student, Christopher is still a teenager, subject to mood swings.  He got a mood swing and a wish to egg an house, so I let him.


I expected the home owner to come out and yell at him, but she didn’t.  It seemed sort of lame at first, like there weren’t going to be any consequences.  Then, the next thing I knew, the cops came and arrested Christopher!


Needless to say, Toby was never happy with his son.


And Christopher was grounded.  Even with Awesomemod, I still got the glitch where Christopher couldn’t go to school.  Finally, I teleported him out so he could go to school.  Then he got the stuck sneaking glitch.  We had to use a Twallan mod to fix that.  Goodness, how much trouble throwing eggs can lead to!


The next day, Christopher’s class took a field trip to the police station to see what happens to naughty boys.  The whole experience left Christopher with nightmares about his arrest.


Luckily, Christopher discovered that he could still invite Lisa over after he was grounded.  Getting to see her and hang out with her seemed to ease his stress level.



Allyson eventually let Christopher off the hook without any intervention on my part because Christopher took out the trash and did the laundry.


Allyson worked hard to get promoted in her career as a journalist.  Journalism is a hard career with the charisma AND reports requirements.  Allyson even resorted to digging through the trash to get the scoop on her neighbors.



Luckily, all that work paid off, and Allyson reached the top of the journalism career.

Here’s Rita’s birthday party.




Rita Dubose

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Eccentric
  3. Neat
  4. Computer Whiz

Rita aged up into a party outfit and a drop-dead gorgeous socialite-looking teen.  I find this hilarious since she is always using her blow torch and signed up for shop club.


She’s also a bit of a daddy’s girl.  She enjoys playing chess and fishing with him.




I finally found a teen side ponytail hairstyle similar to the Peggy’s child and toddler hairstyle I lost due to the new patches.  I still can’t quite find anything that captures ‘Rita’ but the party girl look is still funny on her.



Here’s my attempt at having a prom for these teens.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a pop-up for a prom until after their round was over.  I’m very tempted to switch back to their lot for the prom that is going to be in two days, but I also want Sookie and Adrian (the next house I’ll play) to be able to attend the prom too!  I really wish you could trigger prom when you want it.  I want all my teens to have the opportunity to go.  Anyway, here’s my non-rabbit hole pretending it’s prom pictures.

Christopher took Lisa out to dinner at the fancy new café that came with Town Life and overlooks the ocean.



And then we had a teen party for the prom.


Rita talked to Ethan bunch for a while, but they didn’t really seem to hit it off.  I almost aged up Spencer Funke to potentially be her boyfriend since they were good friends as children, but I’m waiting to age him up with his twin sister in another house.  Rita is one I’d really love to see what the game would do with her attending the prom on her own.


Christopher and Lisa had a great time dancing and kissing at my prom, but Rita ended up dancing with her cousin Alex.  At least it looks like she still had a good time.








Spying on the Neighbors



Accomplishments this round

By far my proudest accomplishment is the garden.  Toby has one of every plant available in the game (except the Omni plant) growing in his garden.  That includes all of the plants available from travels and all EPs.  Let me just say that getting all of those foreign plants growing in my local hood was a lot of work!  All of the plants are perfect plants except for the steak plant (recent opportunity), plasma plant (just learned how to plant this—you have to pick plant while it’s still in your inventory), and the carrot plant (new with Pets EP).  I’ve heard there might be a glitch with the Omni plant opportunity not coming up.  Does anyone know anything about that?  I’m hoping by the end of the next round I’ll have every available plant in perfect condition growing in his garden.


Toby completed the Consignment Store Reputation, Consignment Store Sales, and the Consignment Profit skill challenges by selling his harvested fruit and vegetables, fish, and Allyson’s paintings.  He also completed the Commercial Fisherman Skill Challenge.

Allyson completed the Human Form Skill Challenge.  She was doing well completing photo collections until I installed Generations and heard of the photo bugs.  I’ve been too scared to try again since.  Does anyone know if this is fixed yet?


Allyson completed the Super Friendly Skill Challenge.

Christopher completed the Celebrity Skill Challenge.

Rita invented a magical gnome of invention.  I’ve had them in my game in several houses from the consignment shop, but this is the first one that a sim has actually invented on her own.


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