Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Turner Family Season 7

Will Turner—Adult male family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Graduate 3 children from college

Shenene Turner—Adult female pleasure sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Become criminal mastermind—achieved!

Harry Turner—Toddler male sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7

In the last update—Shenene achieved her lifetime want of reaching the top of the criminal career track and then moved on to be an artist. Will reached the top of the education career track. Having been orphaned at a young age himself, Will realized that adopting children was very important to him. He and Shenene adopted their first son, Harry. Will’s youngest brother, Daniel, left for college. The family graveyard began to fill up as Grandfather Nicholas passed away.

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Season 7—Spring

Will loved being a dad. He loved caring for Harry. Simple things like getting his son dressed in the morning made Will happy. What made him the happiest, though, was seeing the delighted look on Harry’s face as he played. He was a carefree toddler, just like he should be.

Harry was growing up way too quickly. Will and Shenene couldn’t believe it was time for their son’s fifth birthday party. They wanted to make it special for him, but they decided just to make it a family affair. That gave Harry more time to bond with his Uncle Klaus, Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Daniel, and soon-to-be Aunt Ashlee.

At the party, Will asked Daniel if he wanted his cat back. Will had been happy to keep Liebe while Daniel was in college, but he knew that Daniel really missed his cat. “Do you want Liebe now that you have your own house next door? I have to warn you, though. Harry’s really taken to him. You might break his heart if you take him; although, I’m not sure that Liebe would mind if you did.”

“No,” Daniel said after some contemplation. “I love Liebe very much, but I couldn’t take him away from Harry. Ashlee and I plan to start an animal rescue shelter in our home. I know Liebe already has a good home here, and someone to love him. I will take any kittens he fathers, though.”

Harry rushed up and hugged his Uncle Daniel. He’d been listening and worried that he might lose his pet. “Thank you, Uncle Daniel!”

That night when Will took Harry up to tuck him into his bed, Will could tell that something was wrong. “What’s wrong, Harry?” he asked. “Didn’t you have a good birthday?”

Harry looked very sad, but he simply shook his head. “It’s nothing, Dad. The party was great, thanks.”

Will paused. He wasn’t letting this go. He could read his son and know when something was bothering him. “You know you can tell me anything, right, Harry?”

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings,” Harry whispered.

“It’s okay, Harry. Please tell me. I’ll worry more if you don’t tell me what’s wrong,” Will pleaded.

Harry had to look away. He couldn’t look his father in the eye as he told him the truth. “I was just thinking about my real parents. Not that you aren’t really my dad. I love you and Mom, but . . . I wondered what they’d think now that I’m a kid. I don’t want to make you mad, but I kind of miss them.”

“It’s okay to miss your parents, Harry. Remember, my parents died when I was pretty young, too. I know exactly how you’re feeling. You wonder if they’d be proud of you. Even when things are going good, you wonder how different things might be if they were still alive. It’s okay to miss them and still love me.”

“Really?” Harry asked. He’d been sure that talking about his real mom and dad would upset Will. “It’s okay to talk about them?”

“It’s fine to talk about them. I’m here to listen anytime you want. I have an idea. I know where they are buried. Why don’t I take you there tomorrow after school? You can talk to them. I always found that helped me when I was missing my parents,” Will suggested. He didn’t say it aloud, but he also noted that it was time for him to let his own parents move on. He’d been keeping their ghosts in the back yard because he wasn’t ready to let go, but it was time. He’d move his parents’ and his grandfathers’ graves to the cemetery the next day as well.

Harry gave Will a big hug. He was so lucky to have such an understanding and loving adopted father.

The next morning Harry was in a much better mood. He had an eating contest with his mom to determine who could eat their pancakes the fastest. Will simply rolled his eyes. At least Shenene was bonding with their son.

As promised, Will took Harry to his parents’ graves after school. Harry cried. It broke Will’s heart to see his son so sad, but he knew it was necessary to help Harry properly cope with his parents’ deaths. As they mourned the dead, it started to snow.

“Thanks for letting me come visit them, Dad. I . . . I felt guilty thinking about them when you’re so good to me, but it really helped to get to talk to them.” Harry gave his dad a big hug.

Will showed Harry the graves of his parents as well. It was hard for Will to say goodbye to them, but the passage of time had eased the pain of those wounds some. Bill, Claire, Monty, and Nich were all laid to rest along with Harry’s parents in the new Turner family plot of the Emerald Isle Cemetery.

One night, Will received a call from the social worker. His heart leaped into his throat when he answered the phone. It had been a long time since he’d actually had anything to fear from social services. Harry was well fed and cared for. Still, Will had been so terrified of the social worker as a teen, he didn’t think that initial reaction would ever go away. “Harry’s doing very well,” Will found himself saying in response to her question.

“Excellent. The reason for my call is that I was hoping I could get you to take another child. I have a kid I’d really like to place in a home right away,” the social worker informed him.

“Oh,” Will sighed slightly with relief. “You know I’d love to help out, but my wife actually wants to have a biological child. We’ve been trying for a baby, so I really can’t take another child now.”

“Of course, I understand,” the social worker replied. “It’s just that this poor boy really could use a loving home. I hate to put him in the orphanage. You see, he’s been badly neglected. The child was only being fed the school lunches. His father didn’t give him any other food at all. He desperately needs new clothes and some attention.”

Will’s stomach flopped. He remembered what it was like not to have the money for food or clothes. He remembered worrying that they would run out of cereal and he wouldn’t be able to get breakfast for his brothers before they went to school. “Maybe his family just needs some financial assistance. That doesn’t make them bad parents,” he said to her.

“Will, the boy’s social need was rock bottom when I arrived at the house. He wouldn’t admit to it, but there is clear evidence that his father physically abused him, too. That’s why I don’t want him going to just any foster home. I’d like to place him with someone that can love him. I understand why you can’t, but I need to find him a home tonight.”

A tear slipped down Will’s cheek. He remembered being that hungry and that poor, but at least he’d had his brothers’ love. He couldn’t imagine the pain that boy must be in if his own father hit him. “I’ll take him,” Will found himself saying.

“What?” the social worker asked in surprise.

“I have to check with Shenene, but . . . I’ll take him. Bring him by in the morning.” There was no way that Will was letting that poor child grow up in an orphanage or foster care.

The evidence of the abuse was obvious the moment Severus got out of the social worker’s van. He had a black eye and scraped knee. He was skin and bones, and his clothes looked like they’d been the rejects from the local charity store.

Severus Turner—Child male sim
Virgo personality
Neat 9, Shy 2, Active 6, Serious 3, Nice 5

Will immediately went to give Severus a hug. That was the contact he’d craved as a lonely teen, and it had definitely helped him bond immediately with Harry. Severus’ reaction broke his heart. The boy jerked back and gasped. He ducked his head as if he feared a blow. Will already knew that he would do anything to make this boy feel safe and loved. “It’s okay, Severus. I’m not going to hurt you. I was going to hug you, because I’m happy you’ve joined our family.” Severus said nothing, but watched his new adopted father very cautiously.

Will wasn’t sure what to do. He knew how to help a child who’d suffered the loss of his parents. He didn’t have a clue when it came to helping an abused boy. He only hoped that his love would be enough to help them through it. Obviously the social worker had thought him capable of helping the child. He could only do his best. “I thought maybe we could go shopping today. You’re going to need some new clothes, maybe a new coat and shoes. I’ll take you to buy a new toy for yourself, too, if you’d like.”

Severus only nodded, but he followed Will and Shenene into the car. At the store, Severus seemed tentative and frightened. He found the clearance rack and kept glancing nervously at Will. Finally, Will directed him to the normal clothing racks. “I’ll buy you any outfit you’d like. I don’t want you to worry about how much it costs. What would you like to wear, Severus? It’s still a little chilly for spring, so maybe a sweater. What kind of sweater would you like?”

Severus still looked cautious, but he finally acknowledged that green was his favorite color. Will helped him find a rack full of green clothes to choose from. With a little coaxing, he tried on a green sweater and jeans. Will promptly purchased them for his new son.

After all of the shopping, Will and Shenene took Severus to a restaurant for lunch as a special treat. Severus was shocked to get a whole hamburger all to himself to eat. He held the sandwich gratefully as he took his first bite. He savored the taste. He wasn’t sure how long this nice treatment would last, but he was determined to enjoy it while he could.

After the hamburgers, Will ordered cake for them. Severus couldn’t believe it. “That’s really for me?” Severus asked.

“You look like you’ve been hungry for a while and could use a few extra calories. Besides, today is a very special day,” Will said.

“It is?” Severus asked with confusion. He didn’t think it was Easter or Christmas or anything.

“Yes, today’s the day I adopted my second son and the day you got a family that loves you. That calls for a celebration in my books. So, eat your cake,” Will said with a smile.

When the family got home, Severus turned to Will. He was so nervous about what he was about to do, he was quivering. Still, Severus decided to take the risk. He wanted Will to know that he appreciated what he’d done for him. Still afraid that he’d somehow mess it up, Severus gave Will his first hug. “Thanks for today,” he whispered while trying not to cry.

“You’re welcome,” Will said. Severus was going to be okay. It would be a lot of work getting him to learn to accept love, but if they could make that much progress in an afternoon, Will knew it was possible. “Why don’t you go up to your room and change into one of your new outfits. You can play until your brother, Harry, gets home.”

Severus changed into his new green sweater and decided to read a book while he waited. Severus was nervous about meeting his new brother. He was certain that the kid would resent him for moving in on his territory.

He shouldn’t have worried, though. Harry was excited about having a new brother. “Want to play cops and robbers?” Harry asked.

“Sure, but you’re going to have to teach me how to play. I’ve . . . I’ve never played a children’s game before,” Severus replied.

That night, Will got a call from the school. “Severus wasn’t in classes today,” the angry teacher said.

“Yes, we just adopted him today, you see. The social worker didn’t bring him until after school had already started and besides he needed a day to adjust to his new home,” Will explained.

“Skipping school and not completing homework assignments is unacceptable. If Severus isn’t in class tomorrow I’m calling social services,” the teacher threatened.

Will blinked. Hadn’t the teacher just heard him say that social services brought him Severus that day? Surely he couldn’t be held accountable for the boy missing one day of class. Still, Will knew better than to risk pushing the issue. “He’ll be in class tomorrow,” Will said with certainty.

“Was that about me?” Severus asked as his newly adopted father hung up the phone.

“They just want to make sure you are in school tomorrow,” Will informed him. “It’s nothing to worry about.”

Severus did worry, though. His stomach bottomed out at the mention of school. At his old elementary school, all of the other kids had teased him horribly. He held little hope that this new school would be any better. He’d hoped that maybe he’d have a few days for his black eye to heal before he had to meet his new classmates, but that obviously wasn’t going to be the case.

Severus tossed and turned with nightmares that night. Sometimes he had flashbacks of his father; other times he worried about the future and the kids teasing him in school. The worst nightmare was when he dreamed that Will got angry at him. This new family seemed so perfect; Severus knew it just couldn’t last.

As the boys made their beds the next morning, Harry commented on Severus’ outcries in the night. “Were you dreaming about your mom and dad?” Harry asked.

“No,” Severus said simply.

“If you miss them, Dad will take you to see their graves. He says it’s okay to talk about them. It’s even okay to miss them,” Harry said.

“He can not take me to their graves,” Severus said, trying to end the conversation. He liked Harry, but he didn’t want to talk about this with him.

“Oh, he can. He took me to my mom and dad’s graves,” Harry explained innocently.

“He can’t take me to their graves because they aren’t dead, okay? Can we please talk about something else?” Severus practically begged him.

“But . . . if you’re parents aren’t dead then how come you were adopted?” Harry asked, perplexed.

Severus simply glared at him. Was it possible that anyone was that naive? He ignored his brother’s question as he dressed for school.

“Oh my gosh, your eye!” Harry realized as he dressed. “Is that why you were adopted? Your mom and dad hurt you?”

Severus simply nodded. Now it would start. Harry would start making fun of him now that he knew the truth. How awful a son did Severus have to be for his parents to hurt him and treat him so badly? What kind of kid was so terrible that his own parents couldn’t love him? Harry would tease him about it, and then all of the kids at his new school would tease him about it, too. Eventually Harry would be able to convince Will and Shenene how worthless Severus was, and then he’d lose his perfect new family. All of Severus’ greatest fears were about to happen.

Harry didn’t do any of those things, though. He hugged his brother and whispered, “I’m sorry. That’s awful. Don’t worry, Mom and Dad will treat you really good.”

Well, at least he had one loyal ally. Harry was a great brother and friend. That still didn’t solve his problem about going to school. Severus stared into the mirror. If he was more comfortable with his new mother he would have asked her if he could borrow some of her makeup to cover his eye. He was too scared to ask her, though. Will had made it very clear he had to go to school today. There was nothing that could be done about it. All of the kids at school would know. Severus reluctantly went downstairs with Harry when Shenene called that breakfast with ready.

Harry was an even better brother than Severus had realized. He introduced Severus to his friends and lunch and played with him at recess. He even stood up to the mean kids that teased Severus. One boy had said something particularly cruel to Severus. Harry threw a desk at him. Severus was sure they were both going to get sent to the principal’s office, but the teacher that noticed was delighted. He was the gym teacher and coach. He immediately recruited Harry for the junior football team. Harry came home with the exciting news and a B+ report card. Severus shamefully brought home a D, but Will didn’t reprimand him when he handed it to him.

Harry immediately asked Will to help him with his homework. Severus watched jealously as Will began to instruction Harry. He knew he shouldn’t be envious, but he was as he sat down with his own workbook from school.

To his surprise, Shenene came up behind him. “Would you like some help with your work, Severus?” she asked. Severus was grateful as Shenene helped him complete his work.

The boys were given some free time since it was the weekend. Most children were probably watching Saturday morning cartoons, but Harry and Severus both liked to read. They spent their morning reading books together on the living room couch.

“Dad, I want a kitten,” Harry told Will. “Can we get a kitten for Liebe to play with?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know,” Will said. “I would kind of like a kitten, too. What do you think, Severus? Would you like a kitten in the house?”

Severus ducked his head. He didn’t want to answer. He was already jealous of Harry’s relationship with Liebe. He really wanted a cat of his own, but he didn’t want to seem ungrateful. Will, Shenene, and Harry had all been so kind to him. He couldn’t admit that he was jealous.

“Severus, do you like cats?” Will pushed him a little to talk.

Finally, after much coaxing, Severus whispered, “I’d really like a cat of my own.”

Will and Shenene smiled when Severus finally opened up enough to admit that. The family took a trip to the pet store. They let Severus pick out whatever kind of pet he wanted. It would be his cat. He picked a black female cat and named her Siren. The whole family was excited with the prospect of her having kittens with Liebe.

It was the weekend, so Will invited his family to come over and meet Severus. Klaus and Daniel, Will’s brothers, came with their significant others. Daniel was so happy to have a new nephew. He ran up to hug Severus. Unfortunately, the sudden movement spooked Severus. He shook his head, raised his arms to protect himself, and stepped away fearfully.

Will rushed to the scene. “It’s okay. Uncle Daniel was just going to hug you, Severus. He’d never hurt you.” Will put his hand ever so gently on Severus’ shoulder to reassure him. “Sorry, Daniel. He isn’t quite used to hugs yet. He didn’t come from a very loving family.”

“I’m sorry I scared you, Severus,” Daniel said. It did hurt him that his nephew was afraid of him.

Severus swallowed, slowed his breathing, and mustered his courage. “No, I’m sorry Uncle Daniel. Can we try again?” This time, Severus was able to hug his uncle. He felt stupid for overreacting, but the real hug did make him feel better.

Will ordered a pizza for the family. It was very unusual for him not to cook for the family dinner, but he wanted to stay close to Severus and Harry and not waste time cooking. The Turner family enjoyed the pizza and watching a football game on the television as the boys bonded with their extended relatives.

The party went late into the night. Will let the boys stay up, but eventually Harry accidentally fell asleep in his parent’s bed. He was adorable as Will woke him enough to walk him to his own bed.

Things were going good for the Turners. Shenene loved her work as an artist. She sold so much artwork, she earned 25,000 simoleons. Liebe was doing well in his career and was promoted to being a Rescue Pet.

The cats were getting along well. Romance was in the air as the two chased butterflies one spring day. Before long, kittens were on the way.

Breeding was not going so well for Will and Shenene though. Shenene knew something was wrong. She really wanted her own biological child. She hadn’t used birth control in years, and still she wasn’t getting pregnant. Shenene and Will had been trying for a long time. Finally, Shenene sat Will down to tell him what he had learned. “Will, I had an appointment with Dr. Windsor. He said . . . there’s something wrong. I have eggs, but I can’t carry my own child. He says if we want our own baby, we’ll have to use a surrogate mother.” Shenene started to cry.

“I know having a biological child is important to you, Shenene. We can make it work. My friend Gary is a lawyer. I’m sure that with Gary and Andrew Windsor’s help, we can work this surrogate mother thing out,” Will assured her.

Sure enough, it was no time and the details were worked out. A surrogate mother was pregnant with Will and Shenene’s biological child. Both parents sat the boys down to explain to them what was going on. They would have a baby brother soon.

After the news, Severus talked to Harry. “That’s it. The fun’s over for us,” Severus whispered.

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked.

“You don’t honestly think that Mom and Dad are going to still love us once they have a real child of their own, do you? As soon as that baby comes, we’ll just be in the way,” Severus explained.

“Mom and Dad wouldn’t treat us like that. They love us!” Harry defended his parents.

“They love us now. As soon as they see their own kid, well . . . they won’t want us anymore.”

“Maybe if we promise to be really good and do everything Mom and Dad say, then maybe they won’t want the new baby anymore?” Harry started to cry.

“Mom really wants a baby that’s hers. I saw it in her eyes,” Severus said sadly.

“What are we going to do?” Harry didn’t think he could take losing his adopted parents as well.

“Let’s make a promise, you and me. Let’s promise that we’ll take care of each other, Harry. Then no matter what does or doesn’t happen with Mom and Dad, we’ll still be best friends. We can take care of ourselves, if it comes to that. At least we’ll always have each other.”

Harry gave his brother a hug. He pledged that he would always be there for his brother, no matter what.

Will and Shenene’s biological child, Jeremy, was born at the end of spring. Jeremy had Shenene’s eyes, but Will’s brown hair. He was a sweet and happy baby. Both Will and Shenene were thrilled to have a third son.

Will found that he had actually missed the late nights staying up with a child. He loved caring for Jeremy and cuddling him. Luckily, between Will and Shenene’s hours they didn’t have to hire a nanny. Uncle Daniel came and helped out with Jeremy any time they needed a sitter for a few hours.

Severus brought home a note from school. He was so scared to show it to his parents. He knew they were busy with the baby and didn’t have time to deal with him, but Severus’ teacher had said that a parent had to sign it. Severus felt like crying as he reread the note and thought about giving it to his dad.

Finally, he had to overcome his fear and give Will the note. He stepped nervously out of arms’ reach after passing his father the paper. Severus lowered his head in shame as his father read.

“Severus did not complete his homework today. Since you are the Minister of Education for Emerald Isle, I am sure that you realize how important school work is. If Severus does not begin turning in his completed homework, I will have to report you to social services, even if you are the Minister of Education,” Will read aloud. He did not like the tone of the letter at all, but what worried him more was Severus’ demeanor. He’d clearly noticed Severus’ back-step. Slowly, Will lowed himself to one knee to get on Severus’ level. He didn’t make any moves toward the boy. He’d been the child’s father long enough to learn to cope with Severus’ fears. “Sev, I thought you told me you finished your homework last night?” Will asked gently.

“I . . . I mostly finished it on my own. I realized this morning there was about 10% I couldn’t get done on my own. I . . . I didn’t want to bother you or Mom by asking for help.”

“It’s not a bother if you ask for help, Severus. I’m here to help you. I’m happy to help you. It does concern me that you lied to me about having it done, though. Lying to me is not acceptable, Severus,” Will softly chastised.

“Yes, sir,” Severus nodded weakly.

“You can call me Dad, Severus. You know that,” Will commented with concern. Severus hadn’t called him ‘sir’ since Will first adopted him. Something was wrong.

Severus seemed to brighten a little at being reminded that ‘Dad’ was okay. He nodded and then added, “I guess I better go get started on finishing that homework right now. I don’t want to get into trouble again tomorrow.”

Will smiled. He remembered how hard it was to come home straight from school, drained off all fun, and get straight to work on homework. “You don’t have to start right now. I know you need a little fun break. Why don’t you and Harry play for a little while? I’ll get Jeremy his afternoon bottle and settle him in for a nap, then I’ll come help you with your homework. It won’t take as long if you let me help you.”

“O-okay, Dad,” Severus said with relief. Will was still going to make time for him, even with the baby. He seemed to still care about him. Comforted by his initial response to the letter, Severus decided to go ahead and tell his father the whole truth. “Dad, she . . . she humiliated me in front of the whole class today,” he whispered.

“Who? Your teacher?” Will asked in shock.

Severus nodded. “I know I’m supposed to do my homework, but she made such a big deal out of it. She went on and on in front of all of the other kids about how the Education Minister’s son should turn in his homework, and what a shame I was on our family if I couldn’t even complete simple assignments. All of the other kids laughed at me,” Severus confided.

“That teacher has been cruel to you since you first started there. I think it’s because I’m her boss. She wants my job. She’s upset she was passed over for the position, and she’s taking it out on you. That’s not fair. I’ll deal with her, but I think maybe it’s best if I went ahead and got you into a different school. Emerald Isle Academy is the best school on the island. That’s where your mom and I went, and all of your uncles. I’ll have a talk with the headmaster. I’m sure he’ll be happy to have you and Harry at his school. Would you like that, Severus?”

Tears sprang to Severus’ eyes. “You’d . . . you’d really do that for me? You’d pay for me to go to private school, even though . . . even though . . . I’m not your real kid?” Severus cried.

Will wrapped Severus up into a hug. “You are my real son. You, Harry, and Jeremy are all three my children, and I will not put up with anyone saying any differently. I love you three all the same.”

It was too good to be true. “I love you, too, Dad,” Severus cried through the hug.

“Go on now, go play with Harry some. We do still have to get that homework done tonight,” Will reminded him.

Severus was delighted to tell Harry that he had been wrong about their parents. As they played cars, he told Harry that their family was just perfect and just the way it was supposed to be.

Season Recap

1. Harry had his birthday and became a child.

2. Will and Harry moved all of the gravestones to a community lot.

3. Will and Shenene adopted their second child, Severus.

4. Harry is now the owner of Daniel’s cat, Liebe. Severus got his own cat, Siren. Liebe and Siren are expecting kittens very soon.

5. Will and Shenene used a surrogate mother to have their third child, a biological son. His name is Jeremy.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 133

New sim, Severus +1

New sim, Jeremy +1

New non-money points 135

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 140,631 simoleons.

Author’s Notes

When I moved all of the gravestones to the community lot, my sims all acted like the dead had just died. Harry got a memory of Bill, a placeholder, dying and went into red aspiration because “a relative had died.” Keep in mind, Bill died like 40 sim days ago. As many of you read on the TS2 Challenges group, Nich’s headstone suddenly became non-platinum, which makes me very sad. But, the Emerald Isle Cemetery is all set up, and I am otherwise happy with it.

The Harry and Severus being brothers storyline is a nod to one of my favorite fanfics, “A Nick In Time” by Tira Nog. It was so fun to play, and they are so adorable.

The message from school about Severus’ D really happened in the game. They adopted Severus on a Friday. Since the social worker drops the kid of at 10 AM, of course he missed school. I got constant reminders about Severus’ D all weekend long. It was like the game was constantly threatening to take him away. It was a little funny.

The surrogate mother part is also kind of true. I realized by playing around in body shop that Will had a very custom skin to make him look just like the actor. Any children would have that skin tone, which really didn’t work on other face shapes. Also, his facial structure did not transfer well genetically. But, as Fini pointed out with the last update, Shenene’s genes were too good to waste. So, I made a clone of Shenene. I also cloned Daniel to get some Turner genes, but gave him brown hair like Will. I had the clone Shenene and the clone Daniel/Will have a baby. The baby’s genetics and personality will be random just like if it was Will and Shenene’s child. Then I killed the parents with a fire and had Will and Shenene adopt the baby. There you go, genetic baby without the skintone problem.


  1. Awesome. I'm glad you did that. I was wondering why Daniel and Jeremy looked the same. Severus is so sweet, but quite independent. Kinda sounds like the real one. I may not be qualified to say that, having stopped reading the series after book 4, but still...

  2. Aw, poor Severus. What a rough start! I hated seeing him with his black eye!

    The game is so funny--I've also adopted kids on a Friday and got the weekend worth of threats. Loved the tie-in with the jealous teacher--hope the boys like private school better!

    Jeremy's birth sounds very complicated--you have a lot of patience! But he's really cute and genetically related, so great work!

  3. I think you succeded in making a story that tugs at the heartstring. Sadness, joy and hope. I did not actually reflect on the names of the children until after I had finished reading. I wonder what the future has in store for them...

  4. You almost had me crying tonight, as usual.. ;) I really like this family and their struggle.

  5. I definitely have big plans for Harry and Severus. No worries about that. But, let's see what fun plans the game rolls up for them, too :-) Harry Potter is my other favorite love besides the sims, so it's fun to combine them for me. I'll play them as I've played all of the other sims on Emerald Isle. Their story is based on the fandom, but the game rolls and game activities take the story places.

    Oh, and I am starting a tradition. The heir to the Turner original home will always be adopted. All of the other houses have traditional heirs, but I want to do something different with this house. My orphans will always want to care for more orphans. They can have biological kids for sure, but the heir will be adopted.

    Thanks to everyone for commenting. I forgot to thank everyone for the great comments last update. You all nearly made me cry with how kind your comments were.


  6. And I'm back to reading. I adopted a kid on a Friday recently too...never again. I can take one day of those notices, but all weekend was really annoying. And clever idea with the surrogate.

  7. It is very dangerous to read these updates while I'm at work. I was just about in tears reading about little Severus. Not that I actually even connected the names until the end, but I was so happy when he got to tell Harry about how their family is really perfect. :)

  8. Really amazing story-telling. I can't believe the lengths you've gone to making such a compelling story. You've inspired me to play with a lot more thought.

  9. roboref, thank you so much for your very kind comments. Writing out a full story like this is a LOT of work. A lot. I'm glad to hear that someone appreciates it. You're encouraging me to play some more sims 2 and blog the full version like this some more. My sims 3 blog is more just comments because this sims 2 full story blog is draining. Thanks so much for encouraging me!