Monday, February 18, 2008

The Sinclair Family Season 7

Gary Sinclair—Adult male fortune sim
Scorpio personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—earn 100,000 simoleons—Achieved!

Regina Sinclair—Adult female fortune sim
Scorpio personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Serious 3, and Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—reach top of business career

Ethan Sinclair—Male toddler sim
Gemini Personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 10, Active 10, Serious 3, Grumpy 3

In the last updateRegina gave birth to her first son, Ethan. Evan, Gary’s son from a previous marriage, left for college. After both reached the top of the law enforcement career, Gary and Regina began new careers, Gary in law, and Regina in business. Gary achieved his lifetime want of earning 100,000 simoleons and got his business to a level 8 business.

Season 7—Spring

Regina Sinclair never was someone to relax through her maternity leave. She had dreams of making it to the top of the business career, and she had a lot of work to do before she could realize that dream.

Gary was quite busy himself. He was promoted to Entertainment Attorney, but he still wanted to progress in the law enforcement track. In addition to that, he was still running his decorative glass business. He worked and worked at it until it became a level 10 business. His manager ran the business most of the time, but it required constant checking in to remain successful. To top it all off, Gary had taken up a hobby crafting robots. Gary was a very busy man.

Amidst all of this work, Regina went into labor and gave birth to her second son, Eli.

Eli looked a lot like his older brother, Ethan. They both had black hair and the beautiful Sinclair blue eyes.

Since Gary and Regina were both so busy with their careers, they were extremely lucky to have the best nanny in Emerald Isle. She had cared for Ethan as a child. This nanny was great with children. She played with Eli. She even picked up the house when she wasn’t busy with her child care duties.

And, Gary’s oldest son, Evan, came over to help out from time to time as well. Evan liked spending time with his little half-brothers, and his babysitting was free.

Ethan was growing up quickly. The Sinclairs threw a large birthday party for his fifth birthday.

Ethan looked a lot like his father. He was a very athletic and outgoing child. He loved football and basketball the best. Gary and Regina were both so proud of their son.

One of the first things that Gary did after Ethan became a child was to teach him how to study and do homework. Grades were very important in the Sinclair house. Gary impressed upon his son how important it was to get A+s.

Ethan’s first grade wasn’t that great. He brought home a B+. That wouldn’t be good enough for Gary’s standards.

That night Evan called to talk to Ethan. Evan wanted to be sure that his little brother was doing okay. He knew how much pressure their dad could put on a kid, and he knew what it was like to bring a B home to Gary.

“Are you doing okay, Ethan? I’m here if you want to talk,” Evan offered.

“That’s okay, Ev. I’m good. I understand I’ve got to study harder and bring home an A+ for Dad. I was just about to start on my homework when you called. Thanks for thinking of me, though,” Ethan replied.

Evan couldn’t believe how well Ethan was handling the pressure. He’d been a nervous wreck himself at that age. He’d been so worried about his grades. He didn’t think he would have made it through if not for the support and love of his Uncle Cameron. Evan wanted to be that supportive figure for his younger brother, but it seemed that Ethan didn’t need it. It was amazing really. Evan still did things that were completely out of his character in an attempt to please his father. His daily run to stay in tip-top shape was a good example. But, Ethan was serious and athletic like Gary. His personality was better suited for fulfilling Gary’s dreams for his sons. Evan would have to wait and see how Eli’s personality turned out. His brotherly support might be needed one day after all.

Gary and Regina were also fulfilling their own dreams. Regina was promoted to CEO of her company, and Gary reached the top of the law career. To celebrate, Gary decided to buy Ethan a dog. A police German Shepard was just what a growing boy needed for companionship.

“Awesome!” Ethan exclaimed as Gary brought Duke home. “A dog!” Ethan jumped up and down with excitement as he played with his new best friend.

“I don’t know, Gary,” Regina whispered as she pulled her husband aside. “I wish you would have talked to me about this. I don’t think a dog is such a good idea right now. I’m worried about the baby being around a dog, and we both already have so many responsibilities.”

“Nonsense,” Gary brushed her off. “He’s a German Shepard. He’s going to be a police dog. You know from working on the force how well trained those dogs are. He won’t hurt the baby. And, taking care of Duke will be Ethan’s job. It will be good for him to have some responsibility.”

Reluctantly, Regina agreed.

Gary signed Duke up for a job as a security dog right away. Unfortunately, Ethan wasn’t quite as up for the responsibility of providing for a pet as Gary thought. Ethan went to school and completely forgot to feed Duke. Duke was starving and near death by the time Ethan got home. The pleading look on Duke’s face was enough to teach him a lesson, though. He’d remember to feed his dog from then on. Ethan just hoped that his dad wouldn’t find out about his mistake.

It was difficult for Gary and Regina to get home from work at a reasonable time, but they made a strong effort to have a great birthday party for Eli. The whole family made it there.

Eli Sinclair—Male toddler sim
Sagittarius personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Playful 9, Nice 3

Gary was all set to raise his next football or baseball player.

Season Recap

1. Regina gave birth to Eli, her second son with Gary.

2. Ethan became a child. Eli became a toddler.

3. Gary reached the top of the law enforcement career. Regina is one promotion away from reaching the top of the business career and achieving her lifetime want.

4. The Sinclairs bought a German Shepard dog, Duke.

5. Gary got his business to a level 10 business. This is my first level ten business! I’m still not sure that I’m willing to try for five level 10 businesses, though.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 135

New sim, Eli +1

Top of career, Gary +1

New non-money points 137

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 208,394 simoleons.

Author’s Notes

I am very happy with how adorable Ethan and Eli are. Their personalities are fun, too.

Playing with Duke was tons of fun. His almost starving to death actually happened. I forgot to give him a food dish before Ethan went to school and the parents went to work. With only a toddler and a nanny at home, there was no one to fill his dish. It was a close call as to whether the school bus or animal control would show up first. Luckily, Ethan made it home in time. I won’t be making that mistake again!


  1. Oh, those business wants! I am working on a family right now where both sims want 5 top-level businesses. It's not a prosperity, and I think I may cheat if possible and pass the businesses from one to the other, to get double duty from them.

    Eli is adorable, and I love Duke! Glad you made it home in time for him.

  2. I love that dog, and both the kids are so cute. I guess we'll find out later whether Evan 's brotherly assistance will be needed. Eli's on the playful side, but he's got the athletics that will probably be needed to please Gary. Good job, Robin.

  3. I've had dogs starve before, once because the stupid thing wouldn't go to a full bowl, but sometimes cos I've forgotten fill it, or cos I've upgraded whilst everyone is at work. Easy thing to not do.
    I love your Sims and their stories. This is one of my fave blogs.