Monday, May 26, 2008

The Sinclair 2 Family Season 7

Evan Sinclair—Adult male knowledge sim
Taurus personality
Neat 5, Outgoing 5, Lazy 3, Fun 8, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Reach top of journalism career
Preferred hobby—Arts and crafts

Alyssa Cory—Adult female family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 4, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Reach top of education career
Preferred hobby—Arts and crafts

Refresh your memory on the complicated Cory and Sinclair family tree.

In the last update—After breaking up with her teen sweetheart George, Alyssa’s eyes were suddenly opened. The perfect partner for her was her lifelong best friend, Evan Sinclair. He was the type of man that would treat her right and who would make a great father someday. Evan had pined after Alyssa for years. It was a dream-come-true for him when Alyssa realized he was a great guy. With Alyssa’s persuasion, Evan decided to stop trying so hard to please his father and major in art. He hoped to work for Alyssa’s mom at Cory Publishing after graduation. Alyssa majored in psychology and hoped to be a teacher. Evan thrived on learning while at university, and maxed out all of his skills. Alyssa spent her time working on gold badges in gardening and toy crafting. Evan nervously proposed to Alyssa before they both graduated summa cum laude.

Season 7—Spring

Alyssa Cory stared at her reflection. It was her wedding day, and she was in her dressing room at the church. She supposed that she should be nervous; most people probably would be, but she wasn’t. She knew what kind of man Evan was. She’d known him since they were both very young children, and she knew that he would always treat her right. So instead of worrying about getting married, she was fretting about her appearance. She hoped that Evan would like the way she’d decided to wear her hair up.

The photographer had her go outside for a few bridal portraits before the wedding began.

Then they did some formal shots of the wedding party. Alyssa didn’t mind seeing the groom before the ceremony. She wasn’t superstitious, and she wanted to have their photographs in natural light. Her mother and brother were there, along with Evan’s father, step-mother, and little brother. It was too bad the toddler and babies in the family couldn’t attend the ceremony. Of course Cameron was there, and they had quite a debate about what side of the family he should stand with. He was Evan’s beloved Uncle Cam, but also Amanda Cory’s fiancé. Alyssa had to laugh that she was having her wedding before her mother. Finally, the photographer made the call and had Cameron stand next to Amanda. It looked better for symmetry.

Next were some shots with the matron of honor and best man. They chose Ashlee and Daniel Turner, their best friends. Finally they took one huge group shot.

Evan waited with Daniel as the ceremony finally began. Ashlee came down the aisle first. Ethan served as the ring bearer and walked down behind her.

Finally, it was Alyssa’s moment to walk down the aisle. She’d dreamed about this moment her entire life, and now it was coming true. She was marrying a good man that would give her the great family that she longed for.

In the ceremony, they made the promises that meant so much to Alyssa. It was more than just rings and a piece of paper to them. To both Evan and Alyssa, marriage was a huge commitment. They both actually longed for a loving and committed family.

After the ceremony they took a few more family photos before beginning the reception.

Evan and Alyssa had taken a ballroom dancing class in preparation for their first dance. They wanted to do it right, a perfect waltz. Evan was a little nervous as he and Alyssa got into their formal dance position, but as he began to spin Alyssa around the dance floor, he relaxed. They were so comfortable with each other, he could just barely think about the way he wanted her to turn, and Alyssa could sense it. Their dance impressed all of their guests.

They had a small cake, which they cut after their dance. Alyssa and Evan fed each other delicate little bites. This wasn’t the type of wedding where one shoved cake in the other’s face.

Amanda started crying as she toasted to her daughter and new son-in-law. The champagne made her say a few embarrassing things that she probably shouldn’t have said, like how proud she was that her daughter was getting married and doing things properly unlike she ever had.

But nobody had any worries as the party truly got started.

After the reception was finally over and all the guests had gone home, Alyssa relaxed into her new husband’s arms. “I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this before, but where do you want to live? I think we have enough money to buy a house of our own, but do you want to live near your dad or my mom?”

“Your mom,” Evan replied firmly without any hesitation.

“Are you sure?” Alyssa asked as she turned to look into Evan’s eyes. “I mean, we are officially Sinclairs now.”

Evan frowned. “It’s not . . . I mean, I love my dad, and my little brothers, but . . . I don’t think I could handle the pressure of living next to them. You know how I get around my dad. Besides, I want to live next to Uncle Cam anyway, and I know you’re really close with Matthew. Let’s buy a house near your mom.”

Hearing his reasoning, Alyssa quickly agreed. She knew that Gary could make Evan a nervous wreck. Evan had still never really gotten over being abandoned by his mother as a toddler, and his father’s perfectionist personality didn’t help the matter. Cameron was the one family member that seemed to accept Evan as he was, and living next to Cory manor would be good for both of them.

Evan took his bride to their new home the next day. He’d picked the place on his own. It was a surprise to Alyssa. She almost fell over when she realized what house he’d bought. “You bought this house? THIS house?” Alyssa asked with astonishment.

“Is it too much?” Evan asked with concern. He’d purchased a very expensive mansion right next to the Cory home. It was a formal estate with a full dining room for entertaining a large number of guests and a large pool out back. He’d liked the home for the location and the amount of room it had for a growing family. It was everything a discerning young lady should want, but Evan worried that it was a bit pretentious.

“It’s . . . it’s just . . . wow. I always admired that house as a child. I love the big bay window in the front. I just, well, I never imagined you buying us a formal manor home. It must have cost a fortune.”

Evan sighed. He was a bit embarrassed to tell her the truth, but he had promised Alyssa that he would always be open and honest with her. “I hope you won’t get mad at me, but I spent all of our college savings on it. I didn’t realize this neighborhood was so pricey, but I really wanted to live right next to Uncle Cam and your family. We can afford the house, but money is going to be tight for a while.”

Alyssa smiled. “It will be a great home to raise children in, right next to Grandma’s. I love it, Evan.”

As Alyssa explored the inside of the house, Evan went to their wishing well and wished for money. He wanted to take his bride on a honeymoon, but they simply didn’t have enough money. Evan just couldn’t accept that he might ever let Alyssa down, though. He’d find a way to make the money situation work. He was taking Alyssa on an island vacation. She deserved it. He went into their study and booked it.

The airport shuttle came and picked them up right away. It was a long flight to Twi Island, and both Evan and Alyssa were tired by the time they got there. Evan checked them into the extremely cheap motel he’d found for them online. It was a dump; the room was beyond cheesy. All the couple had the energy for once they got to their room was to just lie down.

As tired as they were, Alyssa still wanted to properly enjoy her wedding night. A gentle caress on her husband’s hip was all that it took to direct his attention toward what she wanted. “I love you,” she whispered as they started to make love.

Alyssa woke up in the middle of the night to find Evan sitting awake with his knees drawn up to his chest. He looked like he’d been crying. “Evan, what’s wrong?” she asked with concern.

“I’m sorry we have to stay at such a crappy hotel, Alyssa. It’s your honeymoon. You deserve better, but this is all that I could afford. I’m really, really sorry,” Evan explained.

“Hush,” Alyssa gently comforted her husband. “If I wanted to marry a fortune sim, I would have married George. This honeymoon is going to be perfect because I’m with you, my kind and loving husband. We’re going to have a ton of fun tomorrow doing things that we enjoy doing together. If I’m with you, I don’t need money to be happy and have fun.”

It took a little bit more cajoling, but eventually Alyssa convinced Evan to fall back asleep. She wondered if she’d ever be able to convince Evan that he didn’t have to earn her love. The next morning Alyssa held true to her promise. They had a blast doing things that were free. They went swimming in the ocean, and then they had fun creating the best sand castle on the beach. With her and Evan’s combined creativity, the sand castle was a true work of art.

“Aly, you were right. This is great. Just being on a beach with you in this beautiful place is perfect. How did I get so lucky to marry a girl like you?” Evan asked sincerely before he drew Alyssa in for a kiss.

They proceeded to make out on the beach. Then, they spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, sunbathing, and simply watching the waves.

That night they got to use some of their dancing skills when they discovered that their crappy little hotel had a decent dance floor. With just a little bit of music and a dance floor, Evan and Alyssa were in paradise dancing under the stars together. They even got to learn a new dance.

The next few days of their vacation went much like the first day had. Alyssa did insist that Evan buy himself one splurge item: a hot stone massage. She said that he needed one to help relieve some of his stress, and Evan couldn’t really argue with that.

Other than that, they spent most of their time at the beach. It was beautiful, romantic, and free there.

They usually ate at cheap little food stands, but on their last night, they had both had had enough exotic cuisine. They wanted simple and filling food, so they ordered a hamburger and macaroni and cheese in an actual sit-down restaurant. They laughed at themselves for flying half way across the world to eat basic comfort food, but a person could only eat pineapple surprise so many times in a row.

And, they enjoyed dancing on the restaurant’s terrace, too.

They had to check out the next morning. It was sooner than they wanted, but by Evan’s calculations, they were almost out of money. “That will be 2,790 simoleons, Mr. Sinclair,” the man at the checkout informed him.

Evan blanched and ducked his head in shame. He thought he’d been keeping pretty good track of their spending, but he’d only figured 2,300 simoleons, just under the 2,400 they actually had. He felt his cheeks burn with humiliation as the man quickly guessed the problem.

“If you don’t have that much on you, sir, we could send a bill to your home,” he offered. “Just sign here.”

Horribly embarrassed, Evan signed the credit slip.

The first thing Evan did when he got home was call Amanda to inquire about a job. He wanted to work for Cory publishing as a journalist. He was heartbroken when Amanda told him no. She said that they didn’t need any reporters right then and that she was saving the business for Matthew to run someday. Being a journalist had always been Evan’s lifelong dream. He’d let Alyssa talk him into being an art major at university with the hope that he’d be able to work for Cory publishing upon graduation. Maybe he should have listened to his father and tried to become a police officer or something more meaningful.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Evan. You would be miserable as a cop. I’m sorry Mom told you no. I don’t know what she’s thinking. I know for a fact that Matthew has no interest in running Cory publishing. He wants to be a lawyer like your dad. Wait a few years until she retires, and I’m sure Matthew will let you run the place for him. I know my little brother; he’d be okay with that arrangement. Then you’ll still get to do what you want eventually. Don’t give up on your dream,” Alyssa urged.

“But we need money now, Aly. What am I supposed to do now? Maybe I should see if Dad can get me a job on the force after all,” he said with a sigh.

“Go find a job as an artist,” Alyssa suggested. “You’re amazingly talented, and you love painting. Stop worrying so much about what kind of career people will respect. You should do what you love.”

Evan sat down at the computer and began searching the want ads. He finally found someone looking for an architect. It sounded like a good compromise for a career. It was still a pretty prestigious position, but one where he’d be able to use his artistic ability.

Of course, Alyssa found a job as a teacher right away. Evan couldn’t begrudge her simply because she was getting to live her dream. Alyssa deserved it.

Alyssa only had one worry. She was constantly nauseated and tired. She’d seen this happen to her mother often enough to realize that she was pregnant. Apparently she’d inherited her mother’s super-fertility and got pregnant on her wedding night. It was a good thing. Alyssa was happy to be starting their family so early, but she was worried she might not be able to handle her job as a teacher if she was constantly feeling so sick. And, she wasn’t ready to tell Evan yet. He was already worried enough about money.

Things worked out all right at the school. The children loved her, and the school superintendent immediately recognized her amazing ability. Alyssa was quickly promoted to the top of the education career track, and just in time, too. There was no more hiding the fact that she was pregnant. She was starting to show.

Alyssa was happy to be pregnant. She’d wanted a proper family all of her life. She knew that she and Evan would be great parents, and she couldn’t wait to share her love with their new little one. She didn’t even mind being stuck at home during her maternity leave. Her mother had always hated it, but Alyssa could find plenty of things to enjoy doing around the home. She worked on starting their garden and on her flower arranging skills. She had plenty of time to enjoy cooking for small dinner parties with their friends. Simple domestic tasks like that actually made her very happy.

Her mother wouldn’t stop fussing over her, though. Amanda kept checking in to be sure that she was okay, that she was eating, that she wasn’t doing too much. “Mom, I’m fine,” Alyssa said with exacerbation into the phone. “I’m pregnant, not an invalid.”

“But you’re so young, and you’re still my baby girl,” Amanda explained.

“Mom, I’m a lot older than you were when you got pregnant with me,” Alyssa reminded. She didn’t bother to point out that her mother also only seemed to get this emotional when it was a big moment in her life.

“I’m just worried that you’re doing too much. You’re body can’t handle cooking and gardening and cleaning. You need your rest,” Amanda explained. “Take it from a woman that’s had four children, you should be resting.”

Evan interrupted the conversation by arriving home a tad early with big news. He’d been promoted to city planner, the top of the architecture career. Alyssa couldn’t have been prouder.

She decided to listen to her mother, at least for part of it. Cleaning a house the size of theirs was starting to wear her out. She asked Evan if they might use his promotion bonus to hire a maid.

Alyssa was surprised while gardening the next day. She felt the baby kick for the first time. He certainly was an active little guy, or girl, she thought. But despite the pain and swelling, Alyssa was still very happy being pregnant. She had started designing the baby’s room and couldn’t wait to bring the bundle of joy into their lives.

It wasn’t long after that Alyssa started feeling contractions. But, it was too early, it was way too early! She wasn’t due for another 6 weeks. She couldn’t be having the baby. Evan wasn’t even home.

Alyssa never even made it over to the phone to call for an ambulance. She gave birth to an adorable baby boy right on the kitchen floor. He was tiny, but she supposed that was normal considering he was born so premature. The most important thing was that he was healthy, and he seemed to be. She decided to name him Christopher. Alyssa gave him a huge smile. “Mommy loves you, Christopher.”

But then, something was wrong. She was starting to have more contractions. She was in quite a considerable amount of pain. There was no one around to come and help her, and she couldn’t even make it over to the phone. Something was wrong . . . she was . . . she was . . . having twins, she realized as she delivered a second baby. This one was a girl, and Alyssa named her Rose.

Alyssa finally went over and called Evan’s office. She told his secretary that it was very important that he get home immediately. She didn’t want to spoil the surprise over the phone, though. Evan came racing home, “What’s wrong? Aly, is it the baby? Is something wrong with the baby?”

He was shocked to rush into the kitchen and find her no longer pregnant and already holding a baby, but then there was another baby on the floor. Evan gave a big smile himself as he went and scooped Christopher up in his arms.

“I’m a father. I’m . . . I’m really a father,” Evan whispered in awe as he cradled Christopher carefully.

“Of twins,” Alyssa added with glee. She was ecstatic about being a mother of two already. She was happy to find that Evan didn’t seem overwhelmed with the idea. She knew that he would be a loving father. They took a quick moment and took a picture of their new family.

Alyssa asked Evan to take care of the babies while she made dinner. She invited over both of their families to celebrate the birth. Alyssa smiled to herself as she watched Evan out of the corner of her eye. She knew she’d been right about him. He was loving every minute of being father.

All of their guests came to the party to celebrate the twins. Amanda, Matthew, Cameron, Gary, Regina, and Ethan all had dinner with Alyssa and Evan. Alyssa was grateful that Evan had purchased a home with such a large formal dining room. There was room enough for all of them to sit. Amanda’s two youngest children, Rachel and Sandy, and Regina’s youngest son, Eli, were up in the nursery with Christopher and Rose. Alyssa had barely had enough room for all of the babies up there. It occurred to her that it was probably odd to have her half-siblings and Evan’s half-sibling about the same age as her own children, but she supposed that was what happened when your mother gave birth to you as a teen and never quite figured out how to say no to a charming man or how to use birth control effectively. Or, in Evan’s case, when your father married a woman half his age. As odd as it was, though, Alyssa was happy. They had a large and beautiful family now.

After dinner, Gary pulled Evan aside and told him how proud he was of him. Tears welled in Evan’s eyes. His father never ever told him that he was proud of him. “Are you really?” Evan asked.

“Of course, son,” Gary explained. “You have a great job as a city planner. You married a wonderful woman, and now you’ve given me two adorable grandchildren. How could I not be proud of you?”

It wasn’t their style, but Evan gave his father a big hug. Evan couldn’t have been happier that night as he tucked his children into their cribs.

He and Alyssa both stayed up late into the night studying parenting. They knew what not to do with children after the way they both had been raised, but they both wanted to learn how to do things right.

In the wee hours of the morning, Evan decided to make the twins teddy bears. It was probably an odd thing to do, but he remembered how much the teddy bear his Uncle Cam had given him when he was a child had meant to him. When he was sad he could cry into his teddy. His babies deserved to have a special friend right away. He and Alyssa were going to raise their children right from the start.

Season Recap

1. Evan and Alyssa were married and went on their honeymoon. They purchased a house next to Amanda Cory’s and Cameron’s Sinclair’s.

2. Alyssa reached the top of the education career. Evan couldn’t find a job at Cory publishing in the journalism career like he wanted, so he took a job in the architecture career. He reached the top as a city planner.

3. Alyssa gave birth to twins, Christopher and Rose.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 150

Top of career, Alyssa and Evan +2

New sims, Christopher and Rose +2

Gold badge points from new Freetime rules, Alyssa +1

New non-money points 155

Neighborhood money

Turner 140,631 +39,513 (business)

Sinclair 208,394 + 62,682 (business)

Cory 114,854 + 24,790 (business)

Windsor 184,208 + 49,607 (business)

Turner 2 150,637 + 37,112 (vacation home)

Turner 3 201,915 + 74,657 (business)

Sinclair 2 127,031

New neighborhood money points 1,416,031 simoleons=15 points

New neighborhood total points 170

Author’s Notes

My first twins in my prosperity and my first natural twins ever, yeah!!!! Okay, I wanted to have the boy first and the girl later on, but I think that Christopher and Rose will be adorable as twins. I’m looking forward to playing them so much.


  1. Oh, very cute--I'm glad to see Evan and Alyssa get the happiness they deserve. Christopher and Rose are darling. However, I felt really tired by the end of the update--did they really have twins, take a photo, have a dinner party, study parenting and sew teddy bears all in one day! Whew! Kinda expected to see them flat on the floor, after all that!

  2. Yeah, I plan to install Kitchen and Bath stuff before I play them again, so I worked them to near exhaustion before the end of the season. I might as well use that side effect of installing a new pack.

  3. The wedding was beautiful. That is going to be an interesting family tree by the end.
    Twins! Yay! Did she have the super-fertility from Free Time?
    I'm glad Gary finally told Evan he was proud of him. That must have meant so much.

  4. the heat miseretteMay 26, 2008 at 10:13 PM

    Great update as usual! Don't you just love the Twikii Island Hotel's restaurant? It's so romantic there. Beautiful wedding photos, wonderful honeymoon, gorgeous new house, and congrats on your first ever natural twins!

  5. Fini pointed out that I forgot to mention, Alyssa did not have the super-fertility reward from freetime. Christopher and Rose are 100% natural twins.

  6. Love the update, love the twins. You're wedding pictures are amazing with all of these weddings. Do you have a "photographer"? (Using the Bon Voyage "Take my picture" option?)

  7. Ciyrose--I love doing wedding photos, as you can tell. Yes, I use the 'take my photo' option that came with Bon Voyage to get actual print copies of the photos into the game. I use the pose--stand still self interaction a lot. To get guests to pose, I use the simlogical cat statue to control them just long enough to pose the picture. I highly recommend that hack. It's VERY useful for a lot of things.