Sunday, October 19, 2008

Naming Credits

Almost all of my sims are named after some sort of fandom or someone famous. They aren't meant to actual be these characters or people, but sometimes I use the fandom for story inspiration. Here are all of my naming credits.

Generation 1
Nicholas--Stargate SG-1 (Daniel Jackson's grandfather)
Monty--A Series of Unfortunate Events (Klaus' uncle)
Claire (Placeholder)--Stargate SG-1 (Daniel Jackson's mother, deceased)
Bill (Placeholder)--Pirates of the Caribbean
Will--Pirates of the Caribbean
Klaus--A Series of Unfortunate Events
Daniel--Stargate SG-1
Gary--Another World (soap opera)
Cameron--Another World
Evan--normal named sim, but meant to represent Josie's unborn baby in Another World. Josie was Gary's wife.
Amanda--Another World
Alyssa--Another World (although Aly is really Alexandra, I really like Alyssa, so Alyssa it is)
Windsors (all of them)--British royalty throughout time

Generation 2
Harry--Harry Potter
Severus--Harry Potter
Jeremy--normal named sim. He's meant to represent Will from Raised by Wolves, but I couldn't have two Wills.
Gaston--Raised by Wolves
Sarah--Raised by Wolves
Ethan--normal named sim
Eli--Eli Manning, quarterback for the New York Giants
Matthew, Rachel, and Sandy--Another World
Sophie--Although a British royal name, she is also based off of The Davinci Code
Lily--Harry Potter
David and Chrisopher--Doctor Who (using actor names instead of naming a baby Doctor)
Rose--Doctor Who
Samantha--Stargate SG-1
Joshua--named after Josia on American Idol, not supposed to be him, he just inspired the idea
Loren--original character from an online fic by Elizabeth Marshall

Pet Names
Liebe--German for love
Siren--My real cat's name
Daniel and Ashlee's cats--Egyptian gods and goddesses
Nagi, Aya, Schu, Omi--Weiss Kreuz, a Japanese anime
Duke--just sounded like a good German Shepard name

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