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The Sinclair Family Season 9

Gary Sinclair—Elder male fortune sim
Scorpio personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—earn 100,000 simoleons—Achieved!
Preferred hobbies—Sports, Nature

Regina Sinclair—Adult female fortune sim
Scorpio personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Serious 3, and Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—reach top of business career—Achieved!
Preferred hobby—Sports

Ethan Sinclair—Teen child sim
Gemini Personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 10, Active 10, Serious 3, Grumpy 3
Lifetime want—Marry off six children
Preferred hobbies—Sports, Fitness

Eli Sinclair—Child male sim
Sagittarius personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Playful 9, Nice 3
Preferred hobbies—Sports, Games

Jack Sinclair—Baby male sim

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In the last updateRegina was very pleased to reach the top of the business career. However, after a quick woohoo while the children were out, she found herself accidentally pregnant late in life. She was very unhappy about that and afraid to tell Gary, who had just become an elder and retired. Regina gave birth to Jack Sinclair, her third son and Gary’s fourth, shortly thereafter. Ethan was not too thrilled about having to share his bedroom with the playful little Eli, who had just become a child. Ethan became a teen and decided that he wanted to marry off six children some day. Gary’s dream is for his boys to become athletic stars, but he has to remind himself not too push the boys too hard.

Season 8—Summer

Regina was ecstatic about going back to work after her maternity leave. She was such a big executive now that a helicopter took her to and from work. She spent almost all of her time at work now, but she was much happier in the boardroom than at home with the children anyway.

Gary’s biggest goal since he’d retired was to be sure that his boys excelled in school and sports. He wanted them to earn scholarships to a prestigious university and play professional football someday. They couldn’t become superstar athletes just playing football, though. He made sure to teach his boys all of the sports: football, basketball, baseball, and even golf.

Gary’s brother, Cameron, and his family came to visit quite frequently. “You never notice a crying baby, do you, Gary?” Cameron commented as he immediately went to baby Jack’s crib. Although Cameron knew Gary cared about his family greatly, he wasn’t a family sim. It was a wonder that his babies got fed bottles at all when Cameron wasn’t around. Cameron well remembered waking up in the middle of the night to Evan’s cries as a child while the oblivious Gary slept on.

Cameron’s daughter, Rachel, expressed an interest in learning to toss a football, so Ethan decided to teach her the basics, even if she was a girl.

And, Eli enjoyed playing chess with his cousin, Sandy. Strategic games were Eli’s favorite thing in the world.

Then they would have dinner as a family once Regina finally returned home from work.

When Ethan wasn’t at school, doing his homework, at a game or at practice, or spending time with his family, he was out trying to find a girlfriend. He desperately longed to go steady with someone. He was pretty popular at school, since he was the captain of the football team. He got invited to all of the cool parties. There were always lots of girls, but it seemed that all of them were into romance with lots of guys or their own popularity. Ethan had a thing for redheads, and man were some of the girls hot. He sort of had a crush on this one cheerleader, but all she really seemed interested in was fun and partying. He longed to meet a beautiful redhead who was interested in him as a person and who could share his goals and dreams.

He checked out the local teen hangouts as well. Ethan ran into his cousin Matthew’s girlfriend, Anna, at the Lost in Love Hedge Maze. He decided to be polite and say hello to her, but she slapped him out of nowhere. It was a good thing for her that Ethan had been taught never to hit a girl! That girl had been trying to pick a fight with him ever since they’d met. Ethan didn’t know if it would do any good, but he planned to tell Matthew what a witch he was dating.

Ethan got a chance to talk to Matthew the next day at Jack’s second birthday party. Of course all of the Sinclairs and Corys were invited. The party guests included Gary’s brother Cameron and Cameron’s wife, Amanda. Their three children; Matthew, Rachel, and Sandy; all attended as well. Gary’s oldest son and daughter-in-law, Evan and Alyssa, came with Gary’s grandchildren, Christopher and Rose.

Regina brought baby Jack to the cake as the whole family cheered. Before their eyes, Jack transitioned to a very handsome little toddler.

Jack Sinclair—Toddler male sim
Scorpio personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Playful 7, Nice 3

The children started a touch football game in the backyard while the grown-ups sat around and commented on how adorable Jack was playing with his spin-and-say bunny.

Ethan tucked Jack into his crib that night. Evan and Alyssa had shown him how to care for children when Christopher and Rose were toddlers. He still wanted as much practice raising children as possible, and his parents appreciated the help.

Unfortunately, Eli was having trouble meeting his father’s expectations. He knew he had to get an A+ on every report card, and he had to excel in all of the sports he was enrolled in. It was too hard for him, though. He was so ashamed when he got off the bus and opened his report card. He got a B-. A B-! And, his teacher had written a comment that Eli’s reading skills weren’t where they should be.

Tears flooded his eyes as Eli ran upstairs to his room. His father would be so disappointed in him. Sobbing into his pillow, Eli was filled with the feeling of inadequacy. His brother Ethan had never had a problem maintaining his grades. He got tired a lot, but he never brought home a bad report card. Eli had tried his hardest and had brought home an unacceptable grade with a stinging comment. Eli was crying so hard, Duke came up to his room to see what was wrong. Climbing down off the bed, Eli buried his face into the dog’s chest. “I’m stupid,” he whispered as his tears wet Duke’s fur.

Eli didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t show a report card like this to his dad; he just couldn’t! But, Gary would be expecting to see the report card and would ask for it if it wasn’t offered. Eli knew that he’d get in even bigger trouble if he somehow tried to alter the grade or lie and say it wasn’t report card day. Suddenly, an idea came to him. His much older half-brother Evan had told him that if he was ever struggling with school or sports or if he had any trouble coping with the pressure their father put on him, he could call Evan. Eli couldn’t imagine what Evan could do to fix this, but at least it was something he could do. Still hiccupping breaths between sobs, Eli dialed Evan’s number.

“Hello?” Alyssa answered.

Eli felt so embarrassed, he nearly hung up the phone, but he needed Evan’s help. “Al-Aly, is . . . is . . . is Evan th-th-there?” he managed to choke out.

Her voice was immediately softer and gentler. “Sure, sweetie, hang on just a second, okay? I’ll get him for you.” Eli could hear her explaining in the background, “Ev, it’s Eli. He’s crying pretty hard. I think something’s wrong.”

Evan rushed to the phone. “Eli, what’s wrong?”

Eli opened his mouth to explain, but he just couldn’t bring himself to say it. He was so ashamed. He didn’t want anyone to know, not even Evan, who was always so nice and understanding. He couldn’t say it out loud. Every time he tried to start, his breath would hitch, and a sob would come out. Before he knew it, he was hyperventilating on the phone.

Evan took over. “Eli, shh, it’s okay. Take a deep breath in, hold it, that’s it, now, let it out. Okay, do that for me one more time.” He gradually talked Eli through each breath, until finally his breathing calmed. “It’s going to be okay, Eli. I’m real glad you called me. No matter how bad it is, I’m going to help you, okay? Can you try to tell me what happened? Did something happen with you and Dad?”

Eli tried to swallow around the lump in his throat. It was so hard to say, but Evan couldn’t possibly help if he didn’t know what was going on. “I . . . I got a bad report card, Ev,” he finally got it out in a quick rush of words. His sobs started up again as soon as he said it.

“Oh, Eli, shh. It’s okay. Really, it’s okay. I’ve been through that, and it turned out okay. I’m going to help you through this. First, how bad is it?”

Evan’s calm tone helped settle Eli’s shaky nerves. “B-,” he was able to say. It still hurt to admit, but Evan was going to help. It was going to be okay.

“Alright, a B- isn’t that bad. I know Dad wants A+s, but you can get a B- up to an A+ pretty quickly,” Evan explained. “Do you know what you’re having a problem with? Are you having trouble doing your homework, or is it paying attention in class, or is it just tests?”

“I have trouble doing my homework,” Eli admitted. “Mom says I need to do it right when I get home from school, but . . . I need fun! I just can’t concentrate on it. I try so hard, but I just can’t.”

“I know your mom’s big on doing homework right after class, but I had the exact same problem as you, Eli. You’re a playful sim. You need fun. Serious sims can’t relate to that, but it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Being creative is a talent, too. You just have to learn how to deal with doing your homework differently. Doing it right after school won’t work for you, because you do NEED fun first. Let yourself have some fun. What do you like? You like games, don’t you? Play a game before you start your homework. If you let yourself have a bit of fun first, concentrating isn’t near as hard.”

“I . . . I could try that,” Eli said. The idea of playing a game after school and waiting to do his homework sounded naughty, but a lot less stressful. Maybe after having some fun, he could do a better job with his homework. “But, that doesn’t help with this report card. I can’t show this to Dad, Ev. What am I going to do?”

“Use my technique to try to get a better grade on the next report card, okay? Showing improvement is the best way to appease Dad. I’ll call and talk to him for you about this report card. I’ll tell him for you. I think I can convince him to let this one go if you do better on the next one.”

“Ev, there’s . . . more. I got a bad report, too. My teacher says my reading ability isn’t where it’s supposed to be.” Eli was more ashamed of that than the grade itself.

Evan sighed. That was harsh. “Honestly, Eli, it’s probably because you can’t concentrate. If your fun is constantly drained, you can’t pay attention to what you’re reading. But, if you’d like, I know Aly would be willing to help you with your reading. She’s a teacher herself and really kind and patient. I know she’d be more than happy to do it. Do you want me to ask her?”

“Yes,” Eli responded immediately. He wanted to be smarter. He’d do anything to help.

“Go play a game for a little while. I’m going to call Dad’s cell phone now and explain things. We can probably set up a reading lesson with Aly this weekend.”

Eli went and played chess for a while. He loved strategy games. It helped increase his fun need some, but he couldn’t help worrying about what his father and half-brother were talking about. After a short while, Ethan came and sat across from him. “Go grab your stuff. Dad asked me to drive you to your peewee football scrimmage,” Ethan informed him.

“Is he mad?” Eli gulped.

“He’s disappointed, Eli. He expects a lot more from you,” Ethan stated the simple truth.

Eli couldn’t get his mind off of his bad grade and his father’s disappointment the whole football game. He normally loved playing football. It combined his favorite thing, strategy games, with his second favorite thing, athletic activity. He was usually pretty good at it, but it was a disastrous night. His head wasn’t in the game. Eli would think he had an opening, and then throw the football right into the hands of the opposing team. Altogether he threw five interceptions and got sacked three times. Thankfully it was just a preseason scrimmage, but Eli had never been so humiliated in his whole life. All of his teammates were angry at him for losing the game. The coach took him aside and told him that his spot at starting quarterback was in jeopardy if his performance didn’t improve. Tears were prickling at Eli’s eyes, but he couldn’t let himself cry. You couldn’t cry on the football field. His teammates would never respect him if he did.

With his head hung in shame, Eli slowly walked over to the sidelines where his brother Ethan was waiting for him. The humiliation was even worse since his nearly perfect at sports brother had watched the whole thing. Eli couldn’t help himself. He was jealous. “I don’t know how you do it, Ethan. You never throw interceptions.”

“A lot of it’s the way you’re throwing the ball, Eli,” Ethan commented.

“Could you show me how to throw it better?” Eli asked hopefully.

Ethan wasn’t the nicest sim in the world. He had to admit that sometimes his extremely playful brother got on his nerves, but he was a family sim now. Eli was his little brother, and there was no way that he could say no to him, not when he was obviously fighting back tears already. Ethan wrapped his arms around his little brother’s shoulders and whispered, “Sure, Eli. Let’s just go somewhere a bit less public to practice.”

Ethan took Eli to a private practice field to give him some pointers. “Pass the ball to me,” Ethan instructed.

“That’s good, but you’re tossing it up to much. You’re throwing it like a baseball. You’ve got to draw your arm back more and use that forward force of your arm to get it going straight with a perfect spiral. See my arm motion? Now you try.”

Ethan spent all night with Eli helping him improve his game. By the end, Eli was throwing a lot better, but he was exhausted. Both boys collapsed into their beds the moment they got home.

Eli tried to get up early the next morning to complete his homework. He thought he got up early enough, but before he knew it, his mother was calling him down to breakfast. Eli went to the breakfast table, but told his mom that he still had to finish his homework.

“What? Why didn’t you do your homework when you got home from school last night, young man? You’re already in enough trouble for bad grades. I can’t believe you didn’t finish your homework last night. The school bus is going to be here in fifteen minutes. When did you plan on finishing it?” Regina scolded.

“Fifteen minutes! Oh crap!” Eli exclaimed. How had he lost track of time so badly? He immediately jumped up to finish his homework.

The school bus arrived, and he still wasn’t done. Eli didn’t know what to do. He really wanted to finish his homework, but he also knew the bus wouldn’t wait for long. “Get that homework done, young man. We can’t let your grade drop even more from another incomplete assignment.”

Tears slipped down Eli’s cheeks as he finished his homework. It was over an hour after the bus had left before he finally got everything done.

“Get your butt in the car,” Regina chastised as she led the way.

“Mom, I . . .” Eli began to explain.

“Save it. You’ve already made me cancel a very important board meeting so that I can drive you to school. You’re in enough trouble already, so shut up and get in the car.” Regina was furious about having to miss work to take Eli to school.

Sobbing softly, Eli followed her to the car.

Since all of her important meetings were already cancelled, Regina decided to spend the morning working on the garden. She really wanted a wishing well she could use to wish for more money. She got the garden cleaned up and earned herself a silver gardening badge before she called the garden club. Her application to the garden club was accepted, and Regina earned the wishing well she so coveted.

Since Regina was home to watch Jack, Gary decided to check in with his business. It was already a level ten, but Gary thought he could still earn some more money there. He was very pleased to earn the Best of the Best Award. He’d truly achieved all a sim could hope to from a business.

Ethan was a pretty good student himself, but he had to admit that he was struggling a bit with his math.

Since he knew he had to get perfect grades, Ethan decided to pay a girl from school to tutor him. She came home with him after school that day.

Her name was Andrea Ashlin. She was a bit goth, but she was wicked smart, and the school’s best math tutor. They started off the session by just talking about what Ethan was working on and where he was having problems.

After a lengthy discussion, Ethan ran upstairs to grab a pencil and eraser while Andrea went to set up their books in the kitchen. On the way there, Andrea walked past Eli, who had just returned from school. He was sitting on the couch crying softly. He made an attempt to wipe his eyes as she walked by, but it was still obvious. Coming back down the stairs, Ethan stopped and watched as Andrea interacted with his brother.

“Hey, what’s you’re name, honey?” Andrea asked sweetly.

“E-Eli,” he replied, trying to hide the fact that he was still crying.

“Eli, what’s wrong? Why are you crying, sweetie?” Andrea asked as she knelt down near Eli.

Eli was so distraught; he didn’t have it in him to hold it back anymore. He let the whole story spill out as he cried. “I’ve been having trouble getting my homework done, so my brother Evan told me to wait until I had some fun before trying to do it, but when I did, I was so tired I just passed out without getting it done. I got an awful scolding this morning for making my mom late for work while I finished it, and I still just brought home an A- today. Dad won’t be happy with that grade. And, I’ve got more homework to do now with a bottomed out fun need. I just can’t do this. I can’t take it anymore!”

“Aww, you sound like what you could really use is a hug. Would you like one?” Andrea asked. Eli nodded, and Andrea held him as he cried for a moment. “You know, you’re parents are right that doing your homework and being on time for school are really important, but the advice Evan gave you was good, too. Nobody can concentrate on homework with a completely empty fun need. That’s too hard for anyone to do. Evan just probably didn’t realize how active and therefore tired you were, too. I know it’s hard, but you have to figure out what will work for you to finish your homework, not what works for anyone else. You’re a playful and active sim, which makes doing homework hard, but I have an idea for you to try. Why don’t you try playing for just a short amount of time, then starting your homework? You won’t have time to finish it before football practice, but you don’t have to do it all at once. After football and dinner, you can work on the homework a bit more. Maybe you do have to get up in the morning to finish it, but then it will just be a small percent you have left to finish. You might just be one of those sims that can’t just sit still to do his homework all at once. Try doing it in smaller sections,” she suggested.

“Thanks . . . umm . . .” He paused because he didn’t know her name.

“Andrea,” she informed him with a smile. “No go play for a few minutes, maybe just a half an hour, then you have to get to that homework.”

Eli ran off to follow her advice. Absolutely amazed, Ethan came out of his hiding place by the stairs. “That was so sweet. I can’t believe you were that kind to my little brother,” Ethan commented.

She shrugged. “I really like kids.”

“You do?” Ethan asked with surprise. “Most girls our age couldn’t care less about children. They only care about popularity and parties.”

Andrea snorted. “That’s because you only hang out with cheerleaders and socialites.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Ethan admitted. “Still, you were so kind to him. That was really impressive.”

“Cheerleaders aren’t that nice, either,” Andrea added.

“Do you want children of your own someday? I want six myself,” Ethan informed her. That was normally the information that sent the girls running.

“Yes, I definitely want children. I’m a family sim,” Andrea informed him.

“I am so attracted to you right now,” Ethan couldn’t help but tell her. Before he could stop himself, Ethan was moving in for his first kiss. Andrea didn’t seem to mind.

After a quick study session, Ethan asked Andrea if she wanted to stay and hang out for a while. “There’s a football game on if you want to watch it with me.”

Andrea agreed, although she admitted that she wasn’t much into football. Athletics weren’t her thing. Ethan explained football to her as a form of living chess. There were a lot of intellectual decisions that had to be made in a football game, too. Explained that way, Andrea started to get into the game herself.

Ethan talked about football a lot. He loved the game, and could talk about it for hours. Ordinarily there wasn’t anything that could pry his eyes off the game, but all of the sudden he was very distracted. A beautiful, intelligent, redhead was sitting inches from him. Hormones were kicking in. Maybe if he just pretended to be stretching he could put his arm around her.

Andrea didn’t fall for it at all. She laughed but grabbed his hand and cuddled in anyway.

They made out on the couch for a little bit and completely forgot about the football game.

Before she went home, Ethan asked Andrea if she might like to go out on a date with him that weekend. “What will all of your popular friends think of you going out with a goth girl?” she asked.

“That a jock is somehow dating the smartest girl in the school?” Ethan hoped that line would work. “So, is that something I’m going to have to worry about?”

“Yeah, alright,” Andrea agreed before she left.

“Score!” Ethan cheered as he jumped up and down. He had a date with a hot and brilliant family sim.

Meanwhile, Eli was working on getting his homework done a chunk at a time as Andrea had suggested.

And, Gary was spending lots of time with Jack. He wanted to be sure that his youngest son grew-up well.

Duke, the most ignored member of the Sinclair family, was doing exactly what he was supposed to do. He chased off uninvited guests while behaving perfectly for welcome visitors.

Ethan took good care of him. He bathed Duke and made sure to give him plenty of social time.

It was the weekend in no time, and time for Ethan and Andrea’s date. Ethan was so nervous. Was his breath stinky? Did he look alright? Ethan really wanted Andrea to like him.

Ethan decided that since Andrea was a family sim, a flashy first date out probably wasn’t necessary. He took her putt-putting in his own back yard. Andrea had no talent for any athletic pursuits, but it was fun anyway. It gave Ethan a legitimate excuse to grab Andrea’s hip to adjust her stance.

“Here, let me help you adjust your stroke,” Ethan suggested as he wrapped his body around hers.

“Did you really think I would fall for that trick?” Andrea asked with a questioning look.

“I don’t know. Are you going to make me move now?” Ethan asked.

“No, this is good,” Andrea said with a smile.

“Then, I think my trick worked just fine,” he replied.

She stayed for dinner with the family. Andrea was a real sweet girl, and she seemed to get along with all of Ethan’s family.

At the end of the date, Ethan pulled Andrea aside. “So, umm, there’s a dance after the homecoming game next weekend. You, uhh, you want to go with me?” Ethan asked nervously. He could have easily found a date, but he didn’t want to go with just any girl. He wanted to go with Andrea.

“Cool,” she replied to his relief.

The homecoming committee had chosen to just rent out a local bowling alley for the homecoming dance. Ethan and Andrea had a really good time. Quite a few heads did turn when they saw the captain of the football team kissing a goth, but Ethan and Andrea couldn’t have cared less.

Jack was benefiting from extra attention from both Ethan and Gary. Ethan taught Jack how to sing a nursery rhyme, and Gary taught his son how to walk.

Eli finally got a bit of a break. He was playing marbles at school. Since he was so good at games, Eli won the marbles of everyone in the grade. However, Eli felt guilty about having all of the marbles. He decided to divide the marbles up evenly between all of the kids in the grade. One little boy, Gaston Turner, was especially grateful. He didn’t have any friends besides his brother, Jeremy Turner. Eli and Gaston became friends that day. Both Gaston and Jeremy came home from school with Eli.

They were just in time for Jack’s fifth birthday party. The party guests were mostly the same as what they had been three years ago. Cameron, Amanda, Matthew, Rachel, and Sandy all came along with Evan, Alyssa, Christopher, and Rose.

The kids all played together in the backyard in one giant water balloon fight.

Then the family all gathered around to watch Jack blow out the candles on his cake and grow up.

Jack Sinclair—Child male sim
Scorpio personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 5, Active 8, Playful 7, Nice 3
Preferred hobby—Sports

Then it was family time. Christopher and Rose really loved their grandpa Gary.

And Regina spent some time bonding with her niece, Rachel.

Eli took a moment to give Alyssa an extra special thank you for the extra reading lessons. He was finally doing a lot better at school, and it was largely due to Alyssa’s help. “Thank you so much, Aly,” Eli said as he hugged her. “I got an A+ today,” he whispered to her. Eli wanted to tell his father and see him jump up and down for joy, but Eli knew that he wouldn’t. An A+ wasn’t special; it was what was expected of him.

After the party, Eli decided to give his baby brother Jack some pointers in basketball. Winter and basketball season were coming, and Eli knew that their father would expect both boys to play well. Jack was worried about meeting his father’s demanding goals.

It became immediately apparent, though, that Jack was a very athletic sim. He gained body skill point after body skill point with just a little bit of practice. It also became apparent that Gary and Regina were going to have their hands full with another playful child. Jack liked jumping on the bed just as much as Eli had when he was younger.

Regardless, Gary and Regina were very proud of their family.

Season Recap

1. Jack became a toddler. He got a lot of attention from Gary and Ethan.

2. Eli had a lot of problems with grades and sports practice. He just couldn’t get his homework done. After lots of help and advice, he seems to have figured it out now.

3. Ethan was on the lookout for a girlfriend. He never dreamed he’d meet a match as perfect for him as Andrea. She came home with him to tutor him in math. He had no idea she was also a family sim, but he did know that she was hot. After a couple of dates, he realized he had a beautiful, intelligent, and kind family sim who was interested in dating him.

4. Jack became a child at a party where the entire extended family bonded. Eli gave his brother some sports tips as Jack barreled through earning body points.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 182

No new points :-(

New non-money points 182

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 299,386 simoleons.

Author’s Notes

Trying to find a girlfriend for Ethan was getting frustrating until suddenly he brought Andrea home from school. I knew immediately that they were perfect for each other. Having them date was lots of fun.

I have no idea what the deal is with Matthew’s girlfriend, Anna, and Ethan. Every time they are on a lot together, she walks up and slaps him. It started at Amanda and Cameron’s wedding. I don’t know what instigated it, but she slapped him several times. I finally had to use the cheat move objects on to move her to another part of the house long enough for the wedding. In this round, she walked onto a lot he was on, and immediately went up and slapped him. She apparently hates him for no reason. BTW, I checked her stats. She’s like 7 nice. So, I leave it up to you, readers. Vote in your comment. Should Matthew stay with Anna or should he become furious at her for her treatment of his cousin?

Poor little Eli really did struggle with doing his homework. The story of him learning to get his homework done was really the story of me figuring out how to get his homework done. Every time I had him work on it, he kept quitting because some need was too low. I tried every trick that normally works for my sims. Having him go to sleep, wake up early, and do it in the morning did not result in him wanting to do it, but did result in him being late for school. Finally, I decided that Eli would just have to get his homework done a bit at a time. It made for an interesting story at least.

Oh, and in my fandom credits on the prosperity yahoo group, I forgot to mention where Ethan and Eli’s names came from. At first I thought about having the sims in this family follow an alphabet challenge type, thus Ethan. But then, I decided not to do that, but I still named Eli with an E. Eli is named after one of my favorite sports players, Eli Manning. Of course he isn’t supposed to actually be him, but some story components are drawn from him. You can see check out the naming inspiration for all of my sims here.

I’m starting to compile a list of reader e-mails. That way, if you leave a comment I want to reply to, I can e-mail you. If you’re interested, e-mail me at with your e-mail address.


  1. Well, you know my e-mail address, obviously. LOL
    Anyway, I loved it. I like Andrea, a lot. I was thinking that Jack was going to be spoiled rotten, but he doesn't seem to show any signs of that.
    Whew, harsh, Regina. She seems to be making less of an effort to be nice as the kids keep coming. At least you figured out how to get a playful sim to do homework. Are they in private school? Fun falls less for private school kids.
    About Anna. I remember rather liking her, or at least I don't remember disliking her. Would it be that hard to keep them apart? I know it would be kinda annoying, but Matthew likes her. Now, she should not get off scot-free for slapping Ethan around, but I don't see why that should break a relationship. I'm also a laissez-faire type, keep that in mind.

  2. I just finished reading your entire blog. I love the way you write. It keeps me interested in each of the families.
    As far as Matthew and Anna, it sounds like Anna wants her own little storyline. If Matthew really likes/loves Anna, I say keep them together.

  3. I love the way you blog, Robin, it's so different to my style so to me, it's very refreshing. The story was very cute and makes the whole thing a bit more interesting.

    I agree with Robert that Anna probably wants her own storyline LOL

  4. I agree with the comments about Anna. There's probably an interesting reason she's so mad--or so insecure? I'll bet you could convince her to tell us about it! :)

    I love the way you interpret your sims behavior, and make it part of the story. Great update!

  5. Oh, poor Eli! And all that stress over a B- no less! I'd be more upset over the 5 interceptions! LOL I say keep Anna around, she sounds entertaining! :)

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