Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Turner Family Season 9

Will Turner—Adult male family sim
Cancer personality
Neat 6, Shy 3, Active 6, Serious 4, Nice 6
Lifetime want—Graduate 3 children from college
Preferred hobby--Nature

Shenene Turner—Adult female pleasure sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Become criminal mastermind—Achieved!
Preferred hobby—Arts and Crafts

Harry Turner—Teen male pleasure sim
Libra personality
Sloppy 2, Outgoing 8, Lazy 2, Playful 6, Nice 7
Lifetime want—Fifty dream dates
Preferred hobby—Arts and Crafts

Severus Turner—Teen male knowledge sim
Virgo personality
Neat 9, Shy 2, Active 6, Serious 3, Nice 5
Lifetime want—Reach top of medical career
Preferred hobby—Science

Jeremy Turner—Toddler male sim
Gemini Personality
Neat 6, Outgoing 8, Active 10, Serious 3, Nice 6
Preferred hobby—Fitness

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In the last update—Will helped his adopted sons, Harry and Severus, accept the new baby, Jeremy. He was also there for them when the boys had nightmares, something Will had suffered from himself when he was younger. The family grew a lot closer as they finally opened up and shared some of their fears and emotions. Will got Harry and Severus into Emerald Isle Academy, which resulted in A+ report cards. As a reward, Severus received his first telescope, which was a wonderful prize considering how interested in science he was. Siren gave birth to her first set of kittens with Liebe. The kittens were given to Will’s brother, Daniel, for raising. Jeremy turned into a very outgoing and active toddler. His parents loved spending time teaching him important toddler skills. Then Harry and Severus became teens. Harry chose pleasure for his aspiration with fifty dream dates as his lifetime want. Severus, of course, chose knowledge and wants to help heal people by reaching the top of the medical field some day. Harry began dating his best friend from childhood, Rachel Strickland, while the intense friendship between Severus and Lily continued to grow.

Season 9—Fall

Will enjoyed his job, but he loved his days off even more. He spent the days helping Jeremy learn. Will questioned whether it was a smart idea to teach the kid that was already into everything how to walk, but all children needed to learn to walk someday. It was tons of fun teaching him, in any case. In the afternoons, Will helped Harry and Severus with their homework and talked to them about their days. That left him just enough time to make a nice family meal before Shenene got home from her job as an artist.

Eventually Jeremy did learn all of his toddler skills before his fifth birthday party. The entire Turner family was in attendance. Jeremy’s Uncle Klaus, Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Daniel, and Aunt Ashlee came. Severus invited his best friend, Lily, and her father, Andrew Windsor. Harry invited his girlfriend, Rachel Strickland as well.

Will held Jeremy so he could blow out the candles while everyone cheered. Jeremy grew-up to a child right before their eyes. He was a very handsome little boy. He was quick to strike up a conversation with absolutely everyone at the party.

Harry decided to turn the party into a date with Rachel. She was all over him, which was good, but the sparks just weren’t there. It was really hard for him to get to dream date with her. Harry wanted someone to date, but it was becoming more and more apparent to him that Rachel just wasn’t the girl for him.

The next morning when the teens woke up, Harry asked his brother, Severus, what was up between him and Lily.

“Nothing, we’re just friends,” Severus replied with a blush.

“Is that why you were moaning her name in the middle of the night?” Harry asked with a malicious grin. The boys were used to having to help each other through nightmares. Harry couldn’t help but notice the content of his brother’s newest dreams.

“Shut up!” Severus shoved his brother full force. He couldn’t believe that his brother was teasing him. He thought Harry was his friend! Severus started to become furious as the betrayal stung him. They’d always helped each other through their nightmares without teasing. Why was Harry suddenly making fun of him now?

Harry grabbed Severus and pulled him into a hug. “Shh, woah! I’m sorry. Sev, I meant that as a friendly tease. I didn’t mean to hit on something that you’re obviously sensitive about. You know I’d never say something to hurt you. You know that, right? I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it as a cruel tease.”

Severus sighed into the hug. “Sorry I pushed you,” he whispered. “I guess I am a little extra sensitive when it comes to talking about her.”

“What happened?” Harry asked.

“It’s . . . it’s nothing. We’re just friends. I guess I’m just a little overprotective when it comes to her,” Severus explained.

His brother wasn’t fooled. “Sev, we tell each other everything, right? Even the embarrassing stuff? Like when I tried to catch butterflies to woo Rachel, but they all died in the jar before I gave it to her? Truth, please.”

Severus hung his head as his blush spread. “I wasn’t having one of those dreams about her, and I wasn’t moaning her name. I had a nightmare with her in it. She told me that she didn’t want to be my friend anymore because she started dating a popular boy at school. I was crying her name, begging her to talk to me again.”

“Wow, that would be awful. So, why don’t you ask her out?” Harry asked. “That would eliminate that possibility.”

“You are teasing me,” Severus sulked.

“I’m not teasing. I’m just trying to help. Anyone can tell you two are in love, the way you’re always whispering and nearly cuddling on each other. You should admit it and go ahead and ask her out.”

“It’s not that simple,” Severus whispered.

“What’s not simple? You like her, right?” Harry asked the question he already knew the answer to.

“Harry, I have the biggest crush on her. I have since I met her on her first day of kindergarten. I want to be her boyfriend so bad, but she’s so popular. She could have her pick of any boy at the school. You know how some of those other boys are always flirting with her. Why would she pick me?”

“Because she has an enormous crush on you, too, and probably has for just as long as you have. Why do you think she’s always hanging out with you? She doesn’t act all that interested in those other boys, despite how popular they are. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and ask her out.”

“I can’t, Harry. I can’t. What if she doesn’t feel that way and then she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore? I can’t risk losing her friendship. At least this way I have the hope that someday we can become something. If I ask her out and she rejects me, I lose that, too.”

“Trust me, Severus,” Harry said. “Ask her out. If you don’t, maybe she’ll start getting interested in some of those other boys. You can’t expect her to wait for you forever.”

“I’ll . . . think about that,” Severus decided. “What about your romantic life? You and Rachel Strickland really seemed to be getting along well last night.”

It was Harry’s turn to sigh. “I like her, but she’s a romance sim. I’ve caught her eye wandering many a time. Worse than that, I just can’t seem to get that dream date feel from her. I’m thinking about trying a blind date with someone else.”

“We’re a mess,” Severus laughed as they headed down to their family breakfast before school. Even Severus’ cat Siren got some pancakes.

After school that day, Severus decided to take Harry’s advice and finally admit to Lily his undying love for her. The fear of Lily accepting an invitation from one of those other boys at school caused enough jealously to drive him to action. He called her and invited her over. Nervous didn’t even begin to describe how he felt as he waited in the front yard for her to show up. He loved her so much, but if he lost her friendship, he knew he wouldn’t be able to carry on.

Severus took Lily’s hand and told her that he loved her in a rush of words. He couldn’t breathe as he waited for her response. Had he just lost his best friend? She smiled and laughed. Was she laughing at him for loving her? Would she make fun of him now, too?

No, she said, “Severus, I love you, too. I just can’t believe it took you this long to tell me, silly. I was beginning to think you’d never ask me out.”

He decided to ask Lily on their first official date. They didn’t do anything different than what they normally did. They hung out by the pond in the back yard, fished, and talked. Severus and Lily always shared all of their secrets in little whispers to each other. Now, finally, Lily admitted how she’d had a secret crush on him for years. She told him how she just felt safe with him. Severus reluctantly admitted that he’d loved her since day one, but he was still a little shy about sharing his emotions. It was normal for them to talk about plans for the future, going to college together and joining the secret society. Now, they just added in some plans of getting married and having children together someday. The night ended a little bit different, too, with their first kiss. They were both a little nervous about it, but it was a sweep you off your feet kiss. There were definite sparks, and it was clear that they belonged together.

In the mean time, Harry called the gypsy matchmaker for a blind date. She brought him Genesis Bachmann, another romance sim. She and Harry did not hit it off at all.

After that, Harry started hitting some of the local teen hot spots in search of a date. He didn’t find anyone that sparked his interest, but he did run into Rachel again. She was scoping for other men, but there she was. Harry figured, why not? He decided to ask her on a few more dates. She was better than being single.

Even though things were going really well for the Turners, they still had their problems. Harry got in really big trouble. He was on a dream date with Rachel at the Lost in Love Hedge Maze when his Uncle Daniel caught him making out with her in the photo booth. Harry had no idea that Uncle Daniel could lecture like that! Both his mom and his dad gave him a long talk about the dangers of teen woohoo before grounding him for a whole month.

Severus had his share of problems, too. He hadn’t meant to do anything bad. He was just really into his telescope and wanted to max out his science enthusiasm. He didn’t know it was wrong to try to adjust the lens during the day. But, a few minutes later this man ran into the house and started screaming at Severus about spying. The man was very aggressive and physically threatened Severus. With the man towering over him like that with his fists clenched, Severus slipped into a flashback and ended up cowering in fear as the man yelled.

“Boy, I’m going to bust your butt if I ever catch you spying on my house again, do you understand me?”

Luckily, Will got home just in time to rush to Severus’ rescue. “What’s going on here? Please back away from my son, sir.” Will heard the man, Stephen Tinker, out and assured him that Severus would not be using his telescope again during the day. Then he escorted Mr. Tinker out and told him that if there was another problem he was to speak directly with Will. Will promised Mr. Tinker that he would contact a lawyer if he ever threatened his son again.

Will returned to find Severus trembling with fear in the corner. It was obvious that a reprimand wasn’t even necessary. “You’re safe,” Will whispered, trying to reach Severus through the flashback. “I promised you that no one would ever hurt you, and no one ever will.”

It took quite a lot of coaxing to get Severus to even look through his telescope at night after that, but his love of the stars eventually won out. Searching for new planets around distant stars was his favorite hobby.

Harry still loved arts and crafts, like his mother. He managed to max his enthusiasm while painting one day. In mean time, nature was still Will’s passion. He got his hobby plaque the same day that Harry got his.

Jeremy was doing well in school. He asked Shenene to help him with his homework. She was happy to help him memorize his spelling and work on his math every night.

Harry and Severus were still diligent in their studies as well. They didn’t want to disappoint their parents with bad grades. Severus was easily the brightest pupil at Emerald Isle Academy, but he always wanted to learn more. His science fair project in genetics wowed everyone.

All three boys came home from school with A+s that semester. Jeremy was so proud to show his dad the impressive grade. To celebrate the excellent grades of all three children, the Turners had a pizza and a movie family night. Will always cooked, so pizza was an extra special treat for the kids. Even teens Harry and Severus loved family time so much that they didn’t mind watching a corny children’s movie for Jeremy.

After Will tucked Jeremy in and read him his bedtime story, he went to check on Harry and Severus. Although they were a little old to be tucked in now, Will still checked on them every night. He knew that nightmares didn’t go away just because you got a little older.

Once he was assured that the children were all sleeping soundly, he found Shenene. “I’m so proud of our boys,” she said with a smile. “Our family really has turned out so well.”

“They’re growing up, though. Before you know it Harry and Severus will be leaving for college and then getting married. Even Jeremy’s not my little man anymore. A part of me actually misses having a baby around,” Will commented.

“Would you want another one? As old as we’re getting?” Shenene asked.

“Speak for yourself. I’m not ready to be an old retired couple just yet. I’d love another baby, if you would.”

“Oh Will, really? Another baby?” Shenene asked as she embraced her husband.

“Another living being that’s part you and part me? I would definitely love that,” Will said with confidence.

Shenene kissed him. “Just as long as you promise we’ll still have some private time someday,” Shenene laughed.

“How about some private time right now?” Will raised his eyebrow. They would, of course, have to use another surrogate mother to have a baby, but that didn’t mean that a little bit of celebratory woohoo wasn’t called for.

Sarah Turner was born a very fast nine months later. She was delivered to the proud parents immediately from the hospital. Like Jeremy, Sarah had Shenene’s button nose and Will’s brown hair. Interestingly, she also inherited the recessive light blue eyes that both of Will’s brothers had.

Will was ecstatic about caring for another baby. Bottle feedings, diaper changes, late nights; he was ready for it all. The children all took the addition of this baby a lot better. They knew now that there was room for plenty of love in the Turner household.

Only a few days later, Will received a call from the social worker. “Hello?” Every time that woman called, Will got an awful lump in his throat. He was a good father. There was nothing that anyone could say was wrong in their house. As she had done before, though, this time she was calling to see if she could place a child with him. “I’m sorry. We’ve just had another baby. It isn’t really a good time for us to be adopting another child,” Will explained.

“I understand,” the social worker said. “It’s just that . . . well, you’ve done so well with Severus, and I know you can handle an abused boy. There aren’t many houses I can call that are even willing to consider taking a child that’s been hurt. I know there’s no chance I’m going to find someone to take this boy. You see, he’s been very severely abused and neglected. The poor thing doesn’t speak at all. We can only tell the extent of the abuse from his scars. I had hoped that maybe you . . . but of course, I understand. I’m afraid the poor thing may end up in an asylum, but . . .”

“We’ll . . . we’ll think about,” Will said before he hung up the phone. He called a family meeting to discuss it. He really wanted to help the poor child the social worker had described on the phone, but it truly was awful timing.

“There is no way we can take on a child with those kind of needs right now, Will, not with the baby. Besides, he could turn out to be violent. I would be afraid to have him around Jeremy and Sarah,” Shenene said firmly.

The issue was nearly decided with that comment until Severus spoke quietly. “What if you had said that when the social worker called about me, Mom? I can’t bear to even think about where I might have ended up.” That caused everyone to pause in thought. “I know I don’t get a real say, because I’m not an adult, but . . . if you’d be willing to give this kid a chance, I’d do everything I could to help him. I’ve been where he is. I really think I could help.”

“That’s very kind of you, Severus,” Will responded with a smile. He was proud of how kind and generous his son had become.

There was another gap of silence before Jeremy spoke. “He could share my room. There’s plenty of space.”

Being adopted himself, Harry had to give his support as well. “I’ll help out with the baby if you need.”

Shenene reluctantly acquiesced. If the whole family was willing to help this child, she would give it a try.

The social worker pulled up with her van the next day. Harry and Jeremy were at school, but Will let Severus stay home that day to help out. The boy arrived in rags. His hands were tied behind his back. Severus was furious. “Why is he bound?” He knew how vulnerable and insecure that would have made him feel, and by all accounts this poor child had been abused even worse.

“He doesn’t quite understand that we’re trying to help him. We found him washed up on a beach. He can follow some basic commands, but he won’t speak. He’s tried to escape multiple times, and he even tried to attack the physician we had examine him. He’s just confused. We had to tie him up as a precaution while he was in transit,” the social worker explained.

Severus could feel his blood boiling. Of course the boy was acting violently. If all he knew to expect from people was pain, how was he supposed to act? Severus checked his anger, though. “What’s his name?”

“We’ve been calling him Gaston. We have no idea what his real name is, though,” the social worker explained.

“Gaston, it’s okay. Can you come with me? Come with me, Gaston,” Severus gently repeated over and over until the boy hesitantly started following him into the house. As soon as they reached the kitchen, Severus cut off the ties binding the boy’s hands. Gaston reacted violently, immediately shoving Severus to the floor. Severus had to call out to his mother not to intervene. “No, Mom. Let him be. It’s okay. He’s just terrified right now. He needs to see that we’re not going to hurt him no matter what he does.” Severus remembered having similar feelings when the Turners had first adopted him. He’d never acted on the thoughts, but he’d wondered if he shouldn’t just be really bad to start with. Then he’d have seen if his parents were going to beat him right away. He was certain that’s what this boy was doing as he continued to pound his fists angrily into Severus’ chest. Slowly, the anger seemed to dissipate, and Severus was left with a boy sobbing nearly soundlessly into his chest. Slowly, ever so slowly, Severus wrapped the boy into a hug, which was surprisingly returned. “Safe,” Severus whispered as he rocked him gently. He repeated the word over and over, “safe, safe, safe.” It was a word Severus wanted Gaston to learn right away.

By the time Harry and Jeremy got home from school, Gaston was at least changed into normal clothing. Severus had given him a turtleneck with long sleeves and long pants.

Gaston Turner—Child male sim
Pisces personality
Neat 6, Shy 2, Active 8, Serious 3, Nice 6
Preferred hobby—Sports

Dinner as a family went surprisingly well. After some initial reluctance, Gaston listened to Will’s command to eat. It didn’t escape Will’s notice that Gaston sat perfectly straight and ate with Miss Manner’s perfect table manners, unlike his wife and Harry.

Will worried about leaving Gaston to sleep in Jeremy’s room that night, but Jeremy assured him that they would be fine. If his brother awoke with a nightmare, he would call for help. Still, Will lingered for quite some time to be sure that both boys were sleeping well before he left them.

The next morning, something very surprising happened. Jeremy awoke to the faintest whisper. When Jeremy opened his eyes, he found his newly adopted brother curled underneath the bed whispering in his sleep. At first it sounded like gibberish, but as Jeremy strained his ears, he was certain that Gaston was whispering in French. Uncle Daniel had taught Jeremy several languages including French, Spanish, and German. Sure enough, the boys whispered cries became clear. “S'il vous plait. S'il vous plaît, non. Non, s'il vous plaît. Ne moi faites pas s'il vous plaît mal.” Jeremy’s heart ached as he realized that his brother was begging someone not to hurt him.

Gaston suddenly started awake. He looked upon his brother with wild eyes. Quietly, Jeremy spoke to him in French himself. “You speak French.” It was all he could think of to say.

Terror filled Gaston’s face as he shook his head no. Jeremy raised his eyebrows in a questioning look. As he contemplated how to explain in French that answering at all meant that he did, Gaston spoke for the first time. He voice was strained and husky, but there. “So do you, apparently.”

Jeremy smiled. “My Uncle taught me.”

Gaston’s next words shocked Jeremy more than his first ones. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t tell anyone you can talk? Why wouldn’t you want anyone to know that?” Jeremy couldn’t comprehend it.

“You’d be surprised what you can learn about people when they think you can’t understand them. Like that doctor they had examine me, he said some awful things when he thought no one was listening.”

Jeremy whished that his French was better, but his Uncle Daniel had taught him to converse relatively well. “Surely you’ve learned good things about my family, though. Nobody here would hurt you. My family really wants to help you.”

The slightest smile did pass Gaston’s lips. “Your brother, Severus, was very kind. He defended me to your parents. That’s why I didn’t try to run away last night. I’ve been trying to escape every chance I get, but I decided to see what it’s like if I stay here.”

“So it would be okay to tell my family. They’d be so happy to learn that you can talk, just not Simlish,” Jeremy explained.

“No! No, please don’t tell them. If . . . if you tell them I speak French, they’ll know that I’m from Arbordale. If they tell the social worker I’m from Arbordale, they’ll send me back to my father and . . .”

“Shh, no. You’ll never have to go back to him,” Jeremy promised as he realized who had hurt his newly adopted brother so much. “They wouldn’t send you back to him. They’d punish him for hurting you.”

Gaston shook his head. “My father is . . . a very high ranking official in the Arbordale government. He is not a peaceful man. He’s killed to get where he is. He would take me back by force if necessary.”

“Please, just let me explain this all to my dad. He’s very understanding and cares about you so much. He’ll know what to do to help you.”

There was a knock at the door. It was Will coming to wake the boys up. Before the door opened, Gaston begged. “Please don’t tell.”

Will entered and gave the boys a quizzical smile as he noticed they were already up. “Gaston and I were . . . bonding, sort of,” Jeremy said with a shrug.

“Everything okay?” Will asked. Jeremy nodded quickly. “Okay, why don’t you go ahead and take your bath. I’ll see if I can help Gaston get dressed, or maybe if he wants I’ll get Severus to help.”

“I . . . I think I could help him get dressed, Dad. We’re . . . bonding.” Jeremy hated lying to his dad, but he wanted to earn Gaston’s trust.

Will hesitated. He was trying to figure out how to politely tell him no. Jeremy had to say something to convince him otherwise. “See, we’re . . . we’re becoming friends.” He slowly put his hand out for Gaston and begged with his eyes for him to trust him and take his hand. Gaston trembled, but suddenly grasped Jeremy’s hand.

“See, Dad. We bonded. I can help him,” Jeremy said with a smile.

“Okay, Jeremy, but if you need any help you just call for me. I don’t expect you to be able to handle everything yourself, okay?”

After he was sure Will was gone, Gaston whispered, “Thank you for not telling.”

“We’re friends now,” Jeremy declared with confidence. “I’m looking out for you. Just promise you won’t run away.” He decided to go for broke and gave his new brother a hug. Gaston immediately stiffened, but then he relaxed and actually returned the hug.

“I promise,” he said in his raspy whisper. “As long as no one tries to hit me.”

“Good, let’s get dressed and go down for breakfast. I can smell sausage and eggs,” Jeremy commented with a smile.

After breakfast, nobody argued as Jeremy got Gaston to once again take his hand as he led him upstairs to play. When he was sure no one was around, he’d whisper to Gaston in French. He tried not to ask questions that were too personal, but he did learn that Gaston couldn’t speak any louder than his whisper and that he could understand some limited Simlish.

As promised, Harry helped his parents out by caring for Sarah when they needed a break. Having five children was draining, but rewarding for them.

Gaston was mostly quiet, but Jeremy was talkative enough for them both. As his trust in his brother grew, Gaston began to open up more. Eventually they were both whispering in French constantly to each other.

They made it a few days without being caught, until Will overheard Jeremy whisper a French word as they left dinner. Will asked him about it. Jeremy knew better than to out and out lie to his father. His father could always tell when he was lying, and he didn’t want to get into trouble! Jeremy quickly whispered in Gaston’s ear, “Trust me.” He held his brother tight as he finally told his father the truth, the entire truth. “Please, I know you’re going to be mad, but punish me. Please don’t be angry at Gaston. He’s just really scared of adults.”

Still hugging on his brother, Gaston whispered in Jeremy’s ear, “If he tries to hurt you, I will rip out his throat.”

Of course Will was loving and understanding. “I’m sad you didn’t think you could come to me with this, Jeremy, but . . . I’m very happy you have been able to reach Gaston. Please tell him that no one will know that he’s from Arbordale, and no one will ever hurt him again.”

After that, Gaston started trusting and bonding more with the rest of the family. With Jeremy’s help, Will began teaching Gaston more Simlish. Gaston also didn’t mind staying with Severus when Jeremy couldn’t be with him all of the time. Still, he preferred whispering in French to Jeremy. They were inseparable.

It was decided that Gaston would go to school with Jeremy. Will thought the class at Emerald Isle Academy was probably a little advanced for Gaston, but he knew he didn’t want the boy going to public school, not after the way the teacher there had treated Severus and Harry. Will had to agree that Gaston would do better if he could be in class with Jeremy. Will had a meeting with the headmaster and Jeremy’s teacher. He explained that Gaston couldn’t speak up louder than a whisper, and that he was very afraid of adults. Since the Turners had so many alumni from Emerald Isle Academy and since Will was so well-respected in the community, they decided to allow Gaston a chance to attend.

The first day of class was a little rough. Gaston still wasn’t quite fluent in Simlish. He brought home a C. Gaston was afraid that Will would punish him for the poor score, but Jeremy assured him that Will would understand.

“My father always beat me after bad reports from my tutor,” Gaston shared.

“I’m sorry he did that to you. But, our father is nothing like him. He won’t punish you. I know,” Jeremy explained.

After many reassurances, Jeremy finally convinced Gaston to ask Will for help with his schoolwork. Jeremy stayed with him during the study session. He seemed to do so much better as long as Jeremy was around to occasionally whisper to him in French. Will and Jeremy both were surprised to discover that Gaston was, in fact, very well educated. It just took a little bit of extra effort to translate what he knew in French into Simlish. The study session went well. At the end, Gaston stood nervously by Will. He shocked everyone by finally giving his father his first hug. “Thank you,” he whispered.

With all of the excitement that had been going on at home, the Turners decided to make Sarah’s birthday party a family only affair. That still was a rather large party. The party guests included

Rachel Strickland—Harry’s girlfriend
Harry Turner—Sarah’s brother
Tiffany Turner—Sarah’s aunt
Daniel Turner—Sarah’s uncle

Klaus Turner—Sarah’s uncle
Gaston Turner—Sarah’s brother

Jeremy Turner—Sarah’s brother (genetic, too)
Ashlee Turner—Sarah’s aunt
Lily Windsor—Severus’ girlfriend
Severus Turner—Sarah’s brother
Will Turner—Sarah’s father
Shenene Turner (not pictured)—Sarah’s mother

Everyone cheered as Will blew out the candles for Sarah.

Sarah was an Aries toddler. She fit the personality of an Aries to a tee: dynamic and confident, most Aries never shy away from the opportunity to have a good time with anyone. However, they can be somewhat impulsive and quick-tempered.

Sarah Turner—Toddler female sim
Aries personality
Neat 10, Outgoing 9, Lazy 2, Serious 1, Nice 7

It took very little time for Sarah to learn to talk. She was a very charismatic little thing at such a young age, and she never shied away from saying what she thought about anything.

Season Recap

1. Jeremy grew-up well into a child.

2. Severus finally declared his love to Lily, which she reciprocated. They began officially dating. Harry continued dating Rachel Strickland, but with less success.

3. Harry got caught making out with Rachel and was lectured and grounded. Severus was nearly attacked by Stephen Tinker for spying through his telescope during the day.

4. Harry earned his hobby plaque in arts and crafts, and Will earned his in nature.

5. Will and Shenene had another child through a surrogate mother. This is their only daughter, Sarah. Sarah and Jeremy are genetically brother and sister. She became a toddler. She’s extremely neat, outgoing, and nice, but lazy and serious.

6. The Turners adopted one final boy, Gaston. He was physically abused. He’s extremely shy due to everything he’s been through, but he bonded tightly with his adoptive brother, Jeremy.

Apparently the family is too big to fit on the screen at the normal size. Ha ha.

Points Recap

Previous non-money points 178

New sims, Sarah and Jeremy +2

Hobby plaques, Harry and Will +2

New non-money points 182

New money total for this household to be added for neighborhood points 186,744 simoleons.

Author’s Notes

Almost all of the characters in Emerald Isle are based off of some sort of fandom. The character of Gaston is based upon the Raised by Wolves series by WA Hoffman. Anyone that enjoys slash stories or hurt/comfort stories should read these books. These are the best books I’ve ever read.

I don't really speak French. Gaston's quote was translated with an internet translator, so it may not say anything close to what I said it did.


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