Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Matty Round 6

This is the house of Matty Winchester, the eldest of the Winchester siblings. Also in the house are his wife, Brenna, and two children Sam and Tommy. Matty is already at the top of the medical career and achieved his lifetime want as a child. Brenna is working on the rock star music career. Brenna’s lifetime want is to have a household worth of 100,000 simoleons. Teen Sam is a loner and technophobe. He has a girlfriend and plans to run a restaurant someday. Tommy’s still just a child but has a special little girlfriend already. Sam and Tommy are meant to be Sam and Tommy from True Blood.

Matty Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Genius
  3. Frugal
  4. Workaholic
  5. Neat

Lifetime Want—Present the Perfect Aquarium—Achieved!

Brenna Winchester

  1. Family Oriented
  2. Kleptomaniac
  3. Can’t Stand Art
  4. Overemotional
  5. Flirty

LTW—Have a household net worth of $100,000

    Sam Winchester

    1. Loves the Outdoors
    2. Absent Minded
    3. Technophobe
    4. Loner

    Tommy Winchester

    1. Loves the Outdoors
    2. Heavy Sleeper
    3. Daredevil

    Sam has not done so well on the trait rolls. A loner and a technophobe, almost nothing makes him happy. I did find something he likes, though. He likes sitting in the fort beside the school and just chilling. Here’s something funny. I never noticed that little playground beside the school before now.


    And Sam enjoys cooking for the family. He wants to own a restaurant someday.


    Little Tommy cooks sometimes too on his little toy oven. He might work in his brother’s restaurant someday, but for right now he just likes making money at his bake sale. He really likes earning his own money, and the new bake sale features with Ambitions are just adorable! And this is much cuter than the lemonade stand in Sims 2.


    Also new with Ambitions is community options with the medical career. It adds a little bit of interest in that Matty can do different things now, but I couldn’t tell that holding a vaccination clinic actually improved his job performance much. I think if you’re trying to advance in the career going to the hospital is the way to go. But if you’re bored, vaccination clinics are fun. This photo is adorable. Apparently big strong firefighter Andres is afraid of needles. Awwww! Look at his pouty face. So cute!


    Time for Tommy’s birthday:



    Tommy Winchester

    1. Loves the Outdoors
    2. Heavy Sleeper
    3. Daredevil
    4. Hotheaded

    And Tommy’s special little friend from school decides to share his birthday party.



    Hmm. She’s not nearly as cute as she was as a child, but she has a very interesting, unique look. I think I’ll let Tommy stay with her.

    Party time!



    Woah! Woah! Hotheaded does not mean you can become threatening and abusive to your mother, Tommy! He really is starting to get a bit of the personality of Tommy from the show, though.


    I’m not really sure what I want to do with Tommy long term. I don’t really have any goals for him and his traits aren’t inspiring any hobbies or anything. Finally, I decided to make him a collector because that’s something I haven’t really explored much in the game. He loves his exotic butterflies.


    And I decide to let Tommy get romantic with his little girlfriend. Poor girl doesn’t know what she’s in for with Tommy.



    One of my favorite things about Sims 3 is randomly seeing one of my other sim families out and about around town. Here’s an adorable picture of Alcide taking his daughter Sookie to the park that I took while Brenna was playing her guitar for tips at the park.



    Accomplishments this round--Brenna achieved the Master Guitarist Skill Challenge by learning all of the available songs. She’s level 9 in the rock track of the music career. I also achieved Brenna’s lifetime want of being worth over 100,000 simoleons.

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    1. It looks so easy to you :) The slanted eyes in this family are really dominant.