Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Alicia Round 6

The last house in this round belongs to one of the triplets, Alicia, and her husband Connor.  They just had a baby, Selene.  Selene is a vampire in my roleplay and modeled after Selene from the Underworld movies.

Alicia Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Excitable
  3. Ambitious
  4. Friendly
  5. Flirty

LTW—Reach the top of the Medical Career


Connor Baum Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Flirty
  3. Schmoozer
  4. Athletic
  5. Snob

LTW—Perfect Nectar Cellar

Selene Winchester

  1. Perceptive
  2. Disciplined

We start off the round with baby Selene’s birthday party.


This made me laugh so hard.  I have children make silly faces to make friends, but Selene’s Uncle Andres did this all on his own.  He and Christy live next door to Alicia and family, and apparently this is how he makes friends.


Time to blow out the candles!



Selene Winchester

  1. Perceptive
  2. Disciplined

Awww!  She’s just about the most adorable thing ever!  She has her mother (and Grandpa Jessie’s) eyes and her mother (and Grandma Morgana’s) hair.  Here’s some more absolutely adorable pictures of her playing.



Careers are going well for Alicia and Connor.  Connor was promoted to vice president of the company (level 7).


Alicia is a gene therapist (level 6) in the medical career.  The long hours and particularly on call shifts she did as a trauma surgeon were very hard while trying to raise a baby.  She spent most of the round exhausted.


But Alicia does love having her family over for house parties.



The toddler age was over too quickly, especially with how adorable Selene is, but it’s time for her to be a child.  Alicia, why are you wearing your wedding dress to your daughter’s birthday party?  Oh, because I forgot to give you a new formal outfit after your wedding.  Oops.




Selene Winchester

  1. Perceptive
  2. Disciplined
  3. Athletic

I love her!  She’s so gorgeous!  I think she’s even prettier than her mommy.  Oh I want them to have more children and spread their beautiful genetics.  I wanted another child with Connor’s eyes.  And I was going to give Alicia her three brothers from my roleplay as her children in the game, but I’m trying to practice some level of population control.  Really I am.  So I think that I’m going to let Selene and her future husband have the three brothers.  Her future husband would love that, and Alicia can still have the boys in the family as grandchildren.  We’ll see if my resolve sticks through.

Progress in this house this round

  • Connor made it to level 7 in the business career.
  • Nectar making is coming along.  Connor’s at level 9 nectar making skill and pretty high in gardening skill.  Unfortunately finding expensive recipes is HARD!  And nectar making doesn’t really give much fun, which a hobby really should do!  I think maybe next time I’ll send them to France on vacation now that Selene is old enough to go.  I have never sent a sim on vacation with sims 3 yet, and Connor could use the different types of grapes.  I do have about 20 some bottles of nectar and the cellar set up for them to age in, but they aren’t worth too much.
  • Alicia is at level 6 in the medical career.  She’s getting there to her goal given that she was on maternity leave and raising Selene as well.

And since this is the end of the round, here’s the tracker of things I’ve accomplished in this legacy.

Lifetime Wants Accomplished:

  • Top of Military Career—Jessie
  • Raise Six Children from Baby to Teen—Morgana
  • Perfect Aquarium—Matty
  • Visionary—Allyson
  • Have a household net worth of 100,000 simoleons—Brenna

Top of Careers Accomplished:

  • Military—Jessie
  • Forensics—Morgana
  • Medical—Matty
  • Firefighter—Andres

Skill Challenges Accomplished:

  • Athletic—Fitness Nut (Cardio)—Jessie
  • Athletic—Marathon Runner—Jessie
  • Athletic—Strong Man (Strength)—Alcide
  • Charisma—Celebrity—Frances
  • Charisma—Personable—Frances
  • Charisma—Super Friendly Sim—Frances
  • Fishing—Amateur Ichthyologist—Matty
  • Gardening—Botanical Boss—Toby
  • Gardening—Master Farmer—Toby
  • Guitar—Master Guitarist—Brenna 
  • Handiness—Plumber—Jessie
  • Handiness—Tinkerer—Jessie
  • Logic—Celestial Explorer—Alicia
  • Painting—Proficient Painter—Allyson

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