Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Christy Round 8

This is my triplet house.  Christy is one of my generation two triplet girls.  She and her husband Andres now have triplet toddlers of their own:  Drostan, Elyssa, and Raelin.  See where they all fit in on the family tree.

Christy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Brave
  3. Athletic
  4. Friendly
  5. Disciplined

LTW—Reach the top of the Special Agent branch of the Law Enforcement career

8Christy 146

Andres March Winchester

  1. Easily Impressed
  2. Lucky
  3. Handy
  4. Clumsy (that’s right, Andres the clumsy firefighter, LOL)
  5. Brave

LTW—Rescue 30 sims from fires

Drostan Winchester

  1. Athletic
  2. Brave

Elyssa Winchester

  1. Perceptive
  2. Brave

Raelin Winchester

  1. Brave
  2. Disciplined


I absolutely love this family.  Expect a LOT of adorable toddler pictures in this post.  The toddler stage is my favorite, and these triplets are my favorite characters, so there’s definitely going to be a lot of cute toddler pictures.  Here we go.

For some reason, my triplets are OBSESSED with these pink bunnies.  Of all the toys in the toy box, they pull out this pink bunny every single time.  All three of them will be playing and they’ll ALL want their own pink bunny.  Not sure why.  I mean they do have other toys, but that is the one they all want.  Aww, maybe one of them started it and they all wanted to be alike.  So cute.




Raelin does seem to like the Xylophone more than other toys.  Drostan likes his building blocks.  Elyssa tends to play with one of the other triplets more, whatever they’re doing.





“No, no, Sissy, play nice with the dollies.  They don’t go in your mouth.”


“Like this?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


“That’s not nearly as much fun.”

“Really?  Hmm.”




I will repeat that toddler skilling with triplets is HARD.  Especially when you still have sims working on their careers.  But Christy and Andres are good parents and worked themselves to exhaustion to raise their children well.





They did seem to do well in their careers.  Christy was promoted to Special Agent Winchester (level 8) and then Triple Agent Winchester (level 9), a position so confidential in the government that even she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Wait, what are you wearing, Christy?


“Oh, this is my new spy outfit.  I’m working on some spy business while I play with Raelin.”

“Um, really, because you’re dressed like my grandmother?”

“Well who would suspect someone dressed like a grandma of being a double-crossing triple agent?”

“Okay, then.”


Andres worked himself so hard trying to take care of the children all night so Christy could get up for work the next morning, and then he’d get a firefighting call during the day and have to respond to the emergency.  He tried to take a few days off from work while the triplets were still toddlers, but the emergency alarm still went off at his house.  Andres couldn’t stand knowing there were sims in need and not helping, so he responded anyway.  He managed to save all the sims.  In fact he accomplished his lifetime wish of saving thirty sims from death, but he collapsed from absolute exhaustion immediately upon returning home.  Wow, look at him.  He looks curled up in pain.  I guess breaking through all those burning buildings and carrying all those sims to save is exhausting work that would make you pretty sore and miserable.


But, aww, the toddlers are so cute when they’re sleeping.  It makes it all worth it.




I’d keep them toddlers forever if I could.  Despite all the work, they’re the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in the game.  But since the point of this legacy is to watch my family grow, then grow-up they must.  Party time.  The entire Winchester clan was invited.



Amber and Rene were nice enough to bring some food to the party.  That’s a good thing because Christy and Andres were just going to order a pizza for the party.  Hey, when you’re raising triplets and both have extremely demanding, life-saving careers, party guests should just be happy there’s food at all.  But Amber knows her sister really well and planned ahead.  Rene’s a great cook, so the party had excellent food after all.



Here’s Christy’s nephew Sam and his wife Holly showing up to the party.  They look a little confused as to why they were invited considering Holly was recently released from jail and Christy’s a police officer.  What Holly doesn’t know is that Christy is writing up reports on the criminal activity Christy learns from chatting with Holly.  Ha!  Maybe that’s why Holly is doing so well in her criminal career.



Here’s Drostan blowing out the candles for all three of them.  I did have three cakes.  And I had pictures of all three, but somehow my computer ate them.  Anyway, happy birthday triplets.



Drostan Winchester

  1. Athletic
  2. Brave
  3. Family Oriented

Elyssa Winchester

  1. Perceptive
  2. Brave
  3. Ambitious


Raelin Winchester

  1. Brave
  2. Disciplined
  3. Bookworm

Family Portrait:


Note that is SO much harder to do with sims 3 than it was with sims 2.

After the triplets’ birthday party, disaster struck.  Their house began to crumble and completely fell apart.  Well, what really happened was their house became corrupted somehow.  I’d been having trouble for quite a while with sims going up and down the stairs repeatedly because they didn’t think they had room to do what they needed.  Then suddenly sims couldn’t move within the house at all.  Andres would suddenly sink through the floor to the floor below.  They’d suddenly be teleported outside.  Hopefully it’s not a sign of bigger problems in my hood. 

The house was deemed unsafe for sims to live in, and the Winchesters were forced to move out.  It was devastating news to Christy and Andres.  They’d been working so hard to provide a nice home for their family and to have nice things.  But safety came first.  They salvaged the things they could from the house and sold everything else at a huge loss.  Who wanted a condemned house?  Luckily they just had enough money saved up in the bank to buy a new house across the street from their old one, but the mortgage made them completely and totally bankrupt.  It was a very nice house with a room for each child and a good sized landscaped yard for the children to play in.  Here’s the family going over to check out the new house.




Drostan seems to like the new house, but apparently Raelin doesn’t.  Raelin thinks her brother’s crazy to be happy about the move.  She isn’t big on change.


The children all got to decorate their own rooms.  Elyssa insisted on simple and sophisticated.  She might be a little girl, but she’s already acting like a young miss.


Raelin wanted purple and ponies.  Her room also has a stereo because she loves her music and a little toy oven.


Drostan likes very simple, craftsman-style furniture.  He wants to learn to whittle his own wood toys someday.


Although they were tired and rather worried about money, Christy and Andres decided to make the best of the situation and christen the new bedroom.


The last day of the round was Sunday, so I let them all have a free day to explore the house and do whatever they wanted on their own.  It was fun to watch what they chose.









As you can see I was very careful to move over everything of value from the old house.  All of Andres’ awards, his fire axes and fire hydrant, their treasure chest with seeds.  I checked about three times.  But you’ll never believe what the one thing I forgot to move is.  Andres’ fire alarm.  Which is apparently the one and only thing you can’t get back in the game, even with cheats.  I searched and searched the internet, and apparently it’s impossible.  It’s not under buydebug because it’s considered a community object.  So I guess it’s back to the fire station for Andres.  He tuned up his engine but sadly prepared to drive it back to work from the station next round.  It’s really a bummer.


But at least my favorite family is okay, and, like a real disaster, that’s all that matters.


Accomplishments This Round:

  • Andres completed his lifetime wish of saving 30 sims from death
  • Christy was promoted to Triple Agent, level 9 of the special agent branch of the law enforcement career


  1. Close call! I hate that feeling when you think you've lost a family! They look happy in their new house though. The triplets are adorable and I think Elyssa is my favorite.

  2. I was so scared that you had stopped posting because of the Jan.-Apr. Gap! I'm very happy to see that you have posted again and these three posts have been excellent just like the others! The new house looks great and so do all of its members!

  3. Nice with a new start for the family. That's one of the things I like with Sims3 - it's easy to pack all the stuff and move and then have the same furniture in the new house. Like IRL! :)