Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Matty Round 8

This is the house of the oldest child of my founder.  Matty Winchester lives here with his wife, Brenna, and their two adult sons, Sam and Tommy.  Last round Sam married his high school sweetheart, Holly.  The two now have a beautiful little baby girl named Emma.  You can check out The Family Tree for this round if you need to remember who is who.

Matty Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Genius
  3. Frugal
  4. Workaholic
  5. Neat

Lifetime Want—Present the Perfect Aquarium—Achieved!

Brenna Winchester

  1. Family Oriented
  2. Kleptomaniac
  3. Can’t Stand Art
  4. Overemotional
  5. Flirty

LTW—Have a household net worth of $100,000—Achieved!

Sam Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Absent Minded
  3. Technophobe
  4. Loner
  5. Natural Cook

LTW—Reach Top of Culinary Career

Holly Winchester

  1. Family Oriented
  2. Kleptomaniac
  3. Savvy Sculptor
  4. Charismatic
  5. Hydrophobic

LTW—Become a Master Thief

Tommy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Heavy Sleeper
  3. Daredevil
  4. Hotheaded
  5. Dramatic

LTW—Jack of All Trades (Reach Level 5 in 3 Different Careers)

Emma Winchester

  1. Friendly
  2. Good

Holly wants to be a master thief, so I’m letting her.  Within an hour of first showing up at the criminal warehouse for her very first day, Holly got arrested!  She was absolutely humiliated as she was paraded through town in the cop car and then brought into the jail.  They fingerprinted her and everything!  Worst of all was that her job performance suffered heavily from her time spent in jail.  But it didn’t deter Holly’s dreams any.  Sam’s wife and Emma’s mommy is now officially OFFICIALLY a criminal, a spent time in jail criminal.

Personally, I absolutely love that they put jail in sims 3.  It makes for lots of fun story possibilities.  But why is Holly riding in the front seat instead of the back?  And why isn’t she wearing handcuffs?  Come on, they figured out how to do this for the secret society in sims 2, surely they could have added that here.






Sam still loves Holly just the same, though.  And he was happy to have her home after her time in jail.


Speaking of illegal activities, Brenna came out of one of her concerts fully naked!  That must have been some concert, but I’m pretty sure that’s not legal.  She even performed outside the venue naked too.  That’s one way to get tips!



I think it was probably a teleporter mishap, because I use the teleporter constantly and you can sometimes wind up somewhere without your clothes with the teleporter.  Ordinarily you switch into clothes right away afterward and get the embarrassed moodlet, but I think because Brenna was going straight into her concert, she somehow never bothered to put on her clothes.  Wardrobe malfunction!

I’m sure the dinner table conversation was very interesting that night.  Holly was now an ex-con, and Brenna was a nudist/exhibitionist.


Holly tried to make up for the shame she’d brought on her family by sculpting her father-in-law in ice.  I thought it was a nice attempt at making peace.



Ice Matty, the oldest of my generation two sims, will be forever young and forever in my game, oh, or until the ice melts.  Anyone know how long that takes or if it actually happens?

Brenna has been doing a good job of keeping in shape lately and not letting that extra weight creep back on like last round.  Here she is with her brother-in-law and neighbor, Claude.


Since they need athletic skill for their criminal careers, Tommy and Holly have been jogging together.  I finally tried the body sculptor reward for Holly, and unlike it seems most people, I actually love it!  The part that I didn’t know about it is that you can reuse it over and over and over again.  And other people in the family can use it too!  So although you might gradually return to a different body size, you can just use the machine again and change it again.  I’m actually using it for Holly to keep her at her genetic normal size.  All that exercising was turning her rail thin.  I wanted her to gain athletic points, but I liked her body.  So using the body sculptor reward is working well.


Time for Emma’s birthday party.  Of course cooking lover cousin Sookie brought a nice dish to the party.  Holly and Sam socialized with the guests while Grandma Brenna took Emma to her birthday cake.






Emma Winchester

  1. Friendly
  2. Good

Emma does look a lot like her mama, which is what I hoped for.  She has pretty black hair and her mother’s aqua blue eyes.




Sam spent a lot of time with his father out in the garden.  He hoped having all fresh ingredients would make his cooking better.


And improve his job performance.  He had dreams of owning the diner someday.


Soon it was time for Brenna's birthday party.  Since this was my first generation two sim becoming an elder, everyone came prepared for a big bash.  Just look at all the food they brought!




Brenna was having trouble coming to terms with the fact that she was indeed an elder now.  Maybe it was because all of her brother and sister in laws still looked so very young.  But she was the oldest, having been Matty’s babysitter when he was a child.  Maybe it was because she was a star, and stars never showed their age.  But Brenna was a grandmother now, and finally she came to accept that she couldn’t look twenty forever.



Holly had finally been making some progress as a criminal.  One day she came home from work with an opportunity.  If she smuggled something to Egypt, she could get a raise.  Yeah, sure, that sounds … safe and smart.  Mmmhmm.  I don’t even want to guess what kind of criminal she is based on the outfit she’s wearing.  Goodness, I hope Sam never finds out.


Holly decided to say yes to the opportunity.  Tommy decided to go with her.  His own criminal skills might help her out, and he’d wanted a chance to search for Egyptian collectibles.  Matty surprised everyone when he said he wanted to go Egypt when Holly announced the ‘business trip.’  But Matty explained that he loved fishing so much and he’d always wanted to catch EVERY kind of fish, not just the ones available in Baton Rouge.  Since his presence would decrease how suspicious they looked, Holly agreed to take Matty along.

“Don’t worry, precious.  You can stay with Daddy Sam and Grandma Brenna while Mommy smuggles drugs into Egypt.  You’ll be fine.”



I found Egypt a lot harder than France.  For one the base camp isn’t nearly as nice.  Also it’s so much larger, it takes forever to get around.  Also the tombs were harder.  It’s going to take a lot of trips to Egypt to fully explore it.


Matty spent most of his time there fishing.  He managed to catch all of the types of fish available in Egypt.  He needs to visit France and China before dying so he can accomplish catching all the types of fish.  I unfortunately suffered a game crash while playing in Egypt.  :-(  I just had to restart and everything was okay, but I lost a few hours of play.  During that time, Matty had caught an Egyptian gnome, which I really, really wanted.  Unfortunately it was lost to the crash.  Matty did manage to catch two more gnomes while fishing, but they were unfortunately just regular gnomes that aren’t magical, just in different clothes.  Oh well, just another thing that remains on the to do list for future generations.



Tommy spent all of his time in Egypt running.  He ran all over the place looking for collectables.  Just to make my game crash even more maddening, he caught a Cleopatra Butterfly, one of the rarest types of butterflies, right before the crash.  And of course he couldn’t find one of those again no matter how hard I tried.  I’m also experiencing some sort of glitch.  BEFORE Tommy left for Egypt his space rocks percent found was at 82%.  After finding new types in Egypt, his percent dropped to 30%!  I have no idea what this means, but it might just be impossible for me to collect every type of space rock.  On the bright side, Tommy’s looking quite fit.


After making her ‘delivery’, Holly collected some exotic fruit to bring home to Sam.  She knew he’d be so proud to be the first sim in Baton Rouge to plant fruits from Egypt.  Then she did get some downtime to relax and enjoy her little vacation.


I also discovered one of my favorite things in the game:  the fire pit.  This is perfect for playing historic sims!  Your sim can roast any kind of fruit, vegetable, or fish in the fire pit and eat it!  I’ve played a historic challenge where my sims can only eat things they grow or catch themselves thanks to this fire pit.  I should blog that sometime.


Once they were back at home, it was time for Matty to accept that he too was a grandpa now, and getting to be an old man.




It’s so hard for me to let my sims become elders and eventually die.  Loving the upcoming generations helps, though.  I want to see Emma grow up, so time has to continue on.

Accomplishments This Round

  • Tommy completed the Gem Collector, Metal Collector, and Amateur Rock Finder Challenges.  He also completed the Fitness Nut skill challenge from all that running around.
  • Tommy reached level 5 in the criminal career.  Time for him to quit his life of crime and try something else next round.  He doesn’t want to end up an ex-con like Holly.  Maybe Sam will find out what he’s been up to and force him to come work for him at the diner.
  • Holly made it to level 4 in the criminal career, Getaway Driver.  That time in prison really hurt her, and she kept screwing up and upsetting the boss.
  • Sam completed the Master Farmer Challenge (harvested 650 vegetables).
  • Sam made it to level 5, Line Cook, in the culinary career at the diner.


  1. Just testing that comments are on.

  2. Such a funny post! Wardrobe malfuntions, jail time, drug smuggling - that will all make for an interesting Christmas letter for the Winchesters.
    I'd love to read about your historical challenge. Is it a Sims 3 "Royal Kingdom" or something else?
    Always thoroughly enjoy your writing! Thanks so much


  3. I love your comments, Pam.

    My historical challenge is more like a live off the land or farmer/crafter type challenge. I was trying to play a viking and his wife. The basic rules I was playing by was that they could only eat things they grew or caught and that they could only use items they created themselves or 'traded' for at the resale shop. The only things I let them have to start were a tent and fire pit. I need to tweak the rules a little, I think, but it was really fun! Originally I was making them go to a community lot to bathe, but then I ended up putting a bathtub by a river I put on my lot, and I kind of liked that. Like they were bathing in the river or filling up a bucket by the river or something. And I put the Egyptian hole in the floor toilet up against a wall I painted all green and put near a tree so it was like they were peeing in the bushes. It really was fun, but I need to think about what I'd do with the rules for others to play.

  4. Emma is the sweetest little toddler! I absolutely love that photo of her with Holly in outfit :) It looks so funny!
    I've also had huge issues with holidays - the game keeps on crashing, but it's never when I do one specific thing so I have no idea how to stop it. I didn't play for well over a month, and yet when I went back everything - even downloads - had vanished so i'm considering just uninstalling World Adventures...
    And also, I agree, EA seem to have put a lot less effort into animations and stuff surrounding cars...
    But anyway -
    This post was great :) It fixed an awful day for me :) Still loving every word of your stories! Thank you!


  5. Sorry about your lost acheivements on the crash - but you'll have plenty of generations to make up for it, I'm sure!