Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Round 6 Amber

Back to the main legacy house now. I’ve decided to start labeling the rounds like a normal prosperity round. This is basically round six in the main legacy house, so we’ll start there.

In the main legacy house we have heir Amber and her husband, Rene Cormier. They have a little boy, Daniel. Also still living in the house is Amber’s big brother Toby, his wife Allyson Dubose, and their son, Christopher. Amber’s lifetime want is Illustrious Artist, and now that I have Ambitions I can actually maker her career writing.


Also new with Ambitions is laundry! I kind of love how it works. It’s like brushing their teeth. You don’t HAVE to do it, but if you choose to do it you get some benefits. Just a little something fun you can have your sim do from time to time to add realism.


Rene is trying to get to the top of the athletic career. That means lots of jogging for him.


Both Rene and Toby are great dads to their little boys.



Ghost appearance! It’s Jessie!!!! I’m so glad his ghost decided to come out.


He went to the exercise equipment right away. I guess he was reenacting things he did when he was alive.


Once again it is Amber that greets the ghost, and they talk about their family.



Amber likes being able to talk to her dead parents, but it makes her kind of sad too. She needs a hug and kiss from Rene when her dad is gone. Which ended up getting a little heated . . .


Daniel’s birthday time!




Daniel Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Grumpy

He has Amber/Jessie’s hair and eyes, but Rene’s skin tone. I love him. I think he’s absolutely adorable. He’s got a little chubby face, but it’s so cute.



Poor Christopher didn’t make it down to the birthday cake during his party in time, so he aged up in his room.



Christopher Dubose

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Light Sleeper

He looks a lot like his cousin Tommy (Matty’s second child) actually. He has Allyson’s eyes. Oh, and this is interesting. Unlike what I was told, he inherited the black hair even though neither Toby or Allyson had black hair at the time. So I’m going to say he got Morgana’s genetics. We’ll have to see in my game if you really can inherit a grandparents recessive genetics or if it was only that Toby had those genetics but I changed his hair color.

Here are some adorable toddler pictures:

Amber and Daniel


Daniel Playing


Allyson and Christopher6Amber067

Having toddlers means it’s toddler skilling time. At least by having the siblings live together I have four adults to help care for them and teach them.







It’s probably easiest to blog all of the career and skill progress with a wrap-up of the accomplishments this round.

Amber maxed out her painting skill. That’s halfway to her lifetime want (Illustrious Author). Now I just need to have her focus on her writing. I’d like to get her to the top of her writing career as well, but the game doesn’t seem to be registering her profits like it should be. Her career meter didn’t progress when she got her royalties check on Sunday. She did jump from level 1 to level 4 all in one moment when she finished a book. She’s now a paperback pauper. Her writing skill is at level 9.


Allyson completed the Proficient Painter Skill Challenge (number of brilliant paintings) and completed her lifetime want of becoming a Visionary (maxing painting and photography skill). She’s an Investigative Reporter (level 6) in the journalism career.

Toby completed the Master Farmer Skill Challenge (harvested 650 fruits and vegetables) and Botanical Boss Skill Challenge (75 perfect fruits). He’s also a Top Secret Researcher (level 8) in his career.


Rene is making slow progress on his goals. He’s a Minor Leaguer (level 4) in his career now. I’ve found the sports career is harder to progress in than others because there is no “work hard” tone. No idea why. Someone tell Peyton Manning you can’t work hard at your career in sports. Oh well. He’s also only level 2 in the chess ranking. Wow, that one is harder than I realized! I’m going to have to make him dedicate more time to chess.



  1. In the Athletics career I usually choose "prepare for game" when they're at work. I find that it's a base for the results of the games and with winning games they advance quicker.
    Before they play regular games I usually choose "Work out", then they get skills while at work

    By the way - Daniel is really cute, and Christopher, too!

  2. Daniel is absolutely adorable! I normally have a problem with the sims 3 dough-faces, but he's a pretty cute toddler. Congrats on all the things achieved in this round!

  3. You do know that in sims 3 recessive genetics, and default genetics don't exist. It chooses genes based on either parent's current hair color, grandparent's current (or previously, if it turned grey) hair color, and a 10% chance of getting a random hair color.
    So change hair colors all you want, and don't let that effect your choices for an heir.