Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Jessie Part 2

We start off part this post with Matty becoming a teen.

Winchester Legacy134

Aww, he just isn’t as cute as he was younger. He’s SUPER skinny too! And oh my goodness he’s turning into a goody-goody sim.

Matty Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Genius
  3. Frugal
  4. Workaholic

LTW—Present the Perfect Aquarium

At this point I learn that maybe it’s best to wait until children are little older before selecting their LTW. Matty is clearly turning into a goody-goody workaholic career sim. Too late now. His lifetime want is still fishing. He does still love to do that with his family, and I guess having a fun pastime is a good idea for a workaholic sim.

Winchester Legacy135

Time for Alcide to be a toddler now.

Winchester Legacy138

Winchester Legacy142

Alcide Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Artistic

I think it’s interesting to see the genetics with the eyes and hair color. The boys have a good mix of Jessie and Morgana’s hair and eyes. Watching this is one of my favorite things about sims.

Loner Toby loves being alone. He spends all his time in his room. He likes reading in bed. He rushes to his room just about as soon as he gets home from school. He hates being at school. He has the too many people moodlet the entire time he’s at school.

Winchester Legacy144

Matty gets arrested for being out after curfew ALL THE TIME! I understand if he was out causing trouble, but he just wants to go fishing. I learned about the night curfew, but this one was from wanting to go fishing before 6 AM. Seriously, what teen is causing trouble at 5 AM? And note that he’s fishing across the street from his house. You can see the house in the background.

Winchester Legacy146

Morgana’s pretty hot-headed about the issue, and Matty’s scared he’ll get hit. Awwwww!

Winchester Legacy148

This is the cutest thing EVER.

Winchester Legacy151

Winchester Legacy152

Finally the child-molesting, creepy serial killer babysitter is gone. Alcide has the best babysitter/nanny I’ve ever seen in any sims game ever. She takes good care of Alcide, all of his needs are full. She plays with him. And when he’s sleeping, SHE CLEANS! Hmm, Matty’s a teenager. I think he might take an interest in her.

Winchester Legacy156

Winchester Legacy161

Jessie is doing great with his career in the military. He’s getting close to the top easily.

Winchester Legacy177

Morgana still wants two more children to achieve her lifetime want of raising five children. Better start working on that now. Morgana is getting close to elder. I don’t think we have time for two pregnancies before elder. Do they still have to get pregnant with at least 3 days remaining before elder so they can have the baby in time? Well, it’s fertility treatment lifetime reward for both sims and lots of kids music and tv for Morgana, just to be sure.

Toby’s birthday

Winchester Legacy184

Winchester Legacy190

Toby Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Loner
  3. Good Sense of Humor
  4. Good

Aww, I think he’s adorable. Such a cutie.

Next, it’s Alcide’s birthday.

Winchester Legacy195

Winchester Legacy196

Winchester Legacy201

Alcide Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Artistic
  3. Athletic

Alcide looks a lot like his brothers at that age. Children all seem to look the same to me as far as face shape. They look different as they get older.

Winchester Legacy202

Winchester Legacy270

Baby time!

Winchester Legacy204

Oh God! It’s triplets!!! Three girls. I know I had it coming with the fertility treatments, but oh my! We’re going to have to build a bigger nursery.

Winchester Legacy219

Christy, Alicia, and Amber Winchester. I’ll give traits with the toddler pictures of the girls.

Winchester Legacy229

Christy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Brave

Winchester Legacy234

Alicia Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Excitable

Winchester Legacy242

Amber Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Good

Awww, I love all three girls sooooo much! Christy is the prettiest, I think, but Amber has the best genetics. I like that she has Jessie’s hair and eyes. I’m undecided on an heir, but I definitely want one of the children with Jessie’s hair color.

Winchester Legacy251

Winchester Legacy231

Winchester Legacy252

Winchester Legacy258

Jessie reaches the top of the military career and achieves his lifetime want just in time. I’m going to need him home to care for all these toddlers. Plus he and Morgana both become elders very shortly after the triplets become toddlers, and I need to send her to work to focus on her career before she dies.

Winchester Legacy223

But with three toddlers, everyone is going to have to help out. I’ll need lots of help to get all three to learn their skills.

Winchester Legacy237

Winchester Legacy279

Winchester Legacy266

Winchester Legacy280

So which of the children is YOUR favorite? Matty, Toby, Alcide, Christy, Alicia, or Amber? It’s hard having six to choose from. Perhaps having this many children to start the challenge was not a good idea, but I wanted to fulfill Morgana’s LTW.


  1. While the girls are all cuties...I really like Toby.:) What a good looking young man!

  2. Toby is without a doubt my favorite. So cute, and his traits work pretty well too.
    I'm not sure which of the girls I like best. We'll have to see how they develop as they get older.

    I also just have to say I *love* your playing style! Do you find it difficult to get them all together for dinner? That's one thing that I end up not focusing on too much in my game, but as a result often family members aren't very close with one another, which drives me crazy.

    Heather (the_heat_miserette)

  3. Heather, thank you for your kind comment!

    I don't find it hard to make them all eat together. I don't let them eat until everyone is home from work and it's pretty late in the evening, maybe 7 PM or so. They're all pretty hungry then. I have my cooking sim make the meal and then call all members to the meal. I cancel out of anything else they might be doing and they all come and eat together. I will say that in sims 3 they eat much faster than sims 2, so they don't seem to get to know each other as well as sims 2.

  4. Toby or Amber for heir (the ones with Jessie's colours)!

  5. I love Toby and Amber both! I think Amber's going to be stunning when she gets older, and I like that she's a good mix of genetics. Toby definitely has a warm spot in my heart, too, though. Maybe I'll be more decided when Amber gets older, and I see more of her. :)