Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Jessie Part 4

I switch back to the main legacy house to see how we did without any mods with story progression and aging off.  Crap!  Morgana is now at the top of her career.  The girls, that had just become little girls, now are on the honor roll.  Okay, I guess I shouldn’t be too upset about this, but those were challenges *I* wanted to accomplish.  I didn’t want the game to get me to the top without me.  It was at this point I decided to install awesomemod.

Anyway, it’s family time.  Yay!

Winchester Legacy390

Winchester Legacy392

Winchester Legacy388

The Winchesters just built a pool, so I decided to have my first pool party.  I do love that you can choose the clothing category for your party.  I had hoped that the pool would let Christy gain athletic skill, but it doesn’t.  It also doesn’t seem to count as a cardio workout for the skill challenge.  Oh well, it’s still fun.

Winchester Legacy401

At the party are two adorable young boys the triplets met at school.  Since I have three girls I need to marry off, chances are both of them will end up joining my family.

I discovered an amazing new feature in sims 3.  You can change not only last names but full names of sims!  So that means that all of my spouses, I can pick their names!!!  All those characters I have written that have spouses in my role-play canon, well now I can just change their significant other’s names to the name of their spouse in canon.  So I’m going to introduce these sims by their eventual names.

Winchester Legacy395

Rene Cormier—What a beautiful young man.  Love his genetics!

Winchester Legacy396

Connor Baum—He’s a real cutie too.

Amber and Alicia get to know the boys.  We’ll have to keep looking for a special friend for Christy.

Winchester Legacy399

Winchester Legacy403

Winchester Legacy406

Amber’s already planning out their future being kings and queens of the legacy world.

Winchester Legacy446

It’s about Toby’s birthday, time for him to be a young adult.  He’s been really good friends with Allyson for all of his teens.  She’s really kind to him and listens to all of his thoughts and feelings, and doesn’t really seem to mind that he’s a loner.  He wants to be with her and talk to her a lot too.

Winchester Legacy410

But he’s never been able to move their relationship in a romantic direction.  He’s just too shy.  But finally, on the night of his birthday, he decides to take a chance.  “Allyson, I want to tell you something.  I . . . I . . . I . . . well . . . I . . .”

Winchester Legacy414

Finally he just kisses her, sure she’s going to reject him.

Winchester Legacy415

She seems to like it.

Winchester Legacy417

Toby:  “So . . . um . . . do you want to be my girlfriend?”  Soooooo cute.  Of course she says yes.

Winchester Legacy418

A very happy boy, Toby has his birthday.

Winchester Legacy423

Winchester Legacy439

Toby Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Loner
  3. Good Sense of Humor
  4. Good
  5. Handy

LTW—Reach the top of the Science Career

Science doesn’t really fit the real Toby, but the skills do—fishing, gardening, and handiness.  Toby loves working on all those skills, so science it is for him.

Toby wants to stay with his girlfriend, so I age her up with him too.

Winchester Legacy440

Wow, when she became an adult she really put on a lot of weight!  She was chubby and big as a teen, but she’s HUGE as an adult.  I looked using a cheat and she’s actually fat but also nearly all the way to the top muscular.  She’s just a big in charge girl.  And her hair, oh my God that Maxis standard brown hair color is HORRIBLE.  It looks GREEN.  But Toby really loves her, so he proposes.

Winchester Legacy447

She’s super, super excited and happy about it.

Winchester Legacy448

Winchester Legacy450

Toby is just in awe that she said yes.  Look at how reverently he’s putting her ring on her finger.

Definitely make-over time!

Winchester Legacy456

That’s much better.  She’s pretty, but I don’t really like her eye color.  I’m worried about the eye and hair color genetics being passed down if Toby is the heir.

Allyson Dubose

  1. Artistic
  2. Angler
  3. Good Sense of Humor
  4. Photographer’s Eye
  5. Perfectionist

LTW—Visionary—Master the Photography and Painting Skills

Well at least I like her personality.  She and Toby have a lot in common (fishing, good sense of humor), and artistic sims are very helpful in a legacy family for portraits.

Toby and Allyson get married right away.  But I finally get to throw a wedding party the way I want with staging and the new custom wedding object I bought from the sims store.

Allyson’s bridal portrait

Winchester Legacy461

Brother and sister-in-law of the groom

Winchester Legacy463

The most adorable flower girls ever

Winchester Legacy467

Winchester Legacy468

Allyson is not letting her man get away.  This kind of suits the personality she puts off in game.  She’s tying that man to her right now, and running down the aisle.

Winchester Legacy470

The happy couple

Winchester Legacy471

The Ceremony

Winchester Legacy473

Winchester Legacy481

And the bride is a very happy lady

Winchester Legacy487

The triplets are ready to be teens, so I have their birthday party at the wedding.  That gets us wedding cake too.  It irritates me sooo much that there’s no wedding cake in sims 3.  I miss wedding cake and champagne glasses.  Even buying the sims store wedding pack, it at least SHOWS a wedding cake on the buffet table, but there’s no cake.

Winchester Legacy489

Winchester Legacy491

On the left in the picture above, that’s baby Sam, by the way.  Um, yeah, my timing thing didn’t work at all.  I’ll show you him again in the next update after a makeover.

Winchester Legacy492

Christy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Brave
  3. Athletic
  4. Friendly

LTW—Reach the top of the Special Agent Career

Intended Partner—Andres March, he’s a firefighter that’s much older than her, but she is really drawn to him.  The policewoman/fireman pairing interests me, and I want a firefighter in the family.

Winchester Legacy501

Alicia Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Excitable
  3. Ambitious
  4. Flirty

LTW—Reach the top  of the Medical Career (I know Matty is working on medical, but I haven’t done it as a LTW)

Intended Partner—Connor Baum, see his portrait above

Winchester Legacy505

Amber Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Good
  3. Artistic
  4. Hopeless Romantic

LTW—Illustrious Author—Max Writing and Painting Skills

Intended Partner—Rene Cormier, see picture above

Allyson is such a happy bride.  She keeps looking at her ring ALL THE TIME!

Winchester Legacy502

Amber starts writing right away.  My thought is to play her like she really is an author, kind of like the career with the ambitions pack (which I don’t have yet).

Winchester Legacy514

And Toby is working on quite the legacy garden.  It will help with his science career, but also we could use some of the special plants like Ambrosia ingredients and death fruit.

Winchester Legacy522

Okay everyone I need your help.  I really need to choose an heir.  This is my last post in this household before I’m caught up to my current game play.  I can say that all the sims are married off now, but I haven’t picked an heir or moved any of the candidates out yet.  Help me pick.  Here are the choices I have it narrowed down to:


Winchester Legacy517

Toby’s Pros:

  1. I like his appearance
  2. His personality is adorable
  3. He’s my ‘favorite’ of the sims

Toby’s Cons:

  1. His hair is actually black, I’ve been dying it to Jessie’s custom color because I wanted that, and I worry that the Jessie genetic hair won’t get passed down
  2. I hate his wife’s hair and eye color


Winchester Legacy511

Christy’s Pros

  1. She’s the prettiest of the sims
  2. I like her hair and eye color

Christy’s Cons

  1. Her potential husband is much older and I’m going to have to do something miraculous (like lots of Ambrosia or life fruit) to keep him young enough

or Amber

Winchester Legacy513

Amber’s Pros

  1. I like her hair and eye genetics
  2. I have the most planned out as far as her children’s names and personlities
  3. Her spouse is the most attractive spouse with the most interesting spouse genetics

Amber’s Cons

  1. Her face looks a little odd from the side in-game


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  2. Looks like Amber is the one. Sounds like it is your choice too. Toby is scary looking. Chrisy is gorgeous, but sounds like Amber has the most potential as an heir! :)

    *opps, sorry! I wanted to edit my comment, but I guess a delete is the only option*

    Anyhow, so to make things difficult for you I vote Alcide. ;) (I liked him from post 1)

  3. Hmmm. Toughy. Toby (I still like him!) or Amber for sure.

    And looks like you haven't discovered this lovely part of TS3 yet. Hair color genetics are not at all like in TS2. If a sim is born with blonde hair and you "dye" it purple... the kids can inherit purple hair! The game just uses whatever hair color the parents have *at the time*. I like to add streaks of grey as my sims become older adults - and have had toddlers with streaks of grey. There are no dominant or recessive hair colors. It's just a 50/50 chance of whichever hair colors the parents currently have.

    Crazy, eh? (Although that could work for you if you don't like Toby and wife's original hair colors!)

  4. Toby, just because he's a loner, and loner heirs are fun!

  5. You've probably chosen already because I'm behind commenting this, but my vote is Amber. Her nose is a little strange, but I like her personality and her wants, and I just think it would be fun to have a female heir after a male heir. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Allyson! That's one thing I do really appreciate about sims can have some bigger bodied sims. I know everyone likes to play tiny, gorgeous sims, but it's more realistic this way. :)