Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Jessie Part 3

This post begins with Matty accomplishing his lifetime want of present the perfect aquarium.

Winchester Legacy222

Some notes on accomplishing this—your sim doesn’t have to CATCH all the fish.  Since the whole family loves fishing as a pastime, I have each sim work on a different type of fish to catch.  Eventually when I have the 13 different types of perfect fish, just putting them all in fish bowls in the lot completes Matty’s lifetime wish.  Toby caught a good half of them, but Matty doesn’t care.  Using the large aquarium from High End Loft Stuff does NOT work.  But after you put all the fish in fish bowls, you only have to play for a second to accomplish the lifetime want.  Then you can move the fish however you want.  I put some in the big aquarium and put some in sims’ inventories for future use.

Wait, what’s this???  Toby’s expressed an interest in a girl from school!!!  Loner Toby wants to kiss a girl!  Bring her home, Toby!  Invite her to your brothers’ birthday party.  It’s possible she might be our Mrs. Heir, maybe.

Winchester Legacy276

Matty and Alcide share a birthday party.  Matty is becoming a young adult, and Alcide is becoming a teen.

Winchester Legacy294

Here’s young adult Matty

Winchester Legacy299

Matty Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Genius
  3. Frugal
  4. Workaholic
  5. Neat

Oh, Matty.  As if you weren’t Mr. Perfect already.  He’s already accomplished his lifetime want (perfect aquarium) as a teen.  I’d hoped maybe he could do another one after accomplishing that, but he can’t.  I’ll set my own career goal for him.  I want him to get to the top of the medical career.  That seems to fit his personality, to me.  Medical has really long hours, which workaholic Matty should like.

OMG!  Birthday cake fire!!!!!  This happened in an instant.  The whole 8 person table erupted in huge flames.

Winchester Legacy303 

No!  No!!!  Loner Toby has found a girl, I am NOT letting her burn up in flames.  Luckily, Jessie is brave and easily puts out the enormous fire while everyone else panics.

Winchester Legacy305

Teen Alcide

Winchester Legacy308

Alcide Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Artistic
  3. Athletic
  4. Family Oriented

Matty’s girlfriend, former babysitter Brenna, is a young adult now too.  He seems to really love her.  Eventually she’ll be his wife, but the house is full.  Matty will stick around long enough to help with the triplets until their children, then he’ll move out.

Winchester Legacy314

The family still loves fishing together, especially across the street from their house, even though we’ve already accomplished the perfect aquarium.  It’s just a good stress reliever in a household full of toddlers.

Winchester Legacy313

Finally the terrible twos stage is over for the triplets.  I have to say it was hard keeping track of them all, but not as hard as I feared.  I think it helped that I had so many adults/teens in the house that could help.  Birthday time!

Winchester Legacy317

Winchester Legacy318

Christy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Brave
  3. Athletic

She really is beautiful.  Probably the prettiest sim I have.  Also not the absolutely adorable dresses I made in create a style for the girls.

Winchester Legacy319

Winchester Legacy322

Alicia Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Excitable
  3. Ambitious

Winchester Legacy325

Amber Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Good
  3. Artistic

Amber goes straight to painting while daddy Jessie takes Christy and Alicia out fishing.

Winchester Legacy327

Winchester Legacy331

Morgana is still struggling with her career after all that time off.  Unfortunately I didn’t understand how the write reports function worked in the law enforcement career.  If anyone doesn’t know, you go under friendly—question and question folks around town.  Then you write a report on them.  It doesn’t have to be anyone assigned to you by the force.  It can be anyone (except the household, I think).  I could have had her working on that during her maternity leave, but I didn’t know that.  Oh well.  She’s finally made it to the point I can select the forensics branch for her, so her painting skill will come in useful now.  I look forward to the challenge of trying to get her to the top before she dies.

Winchester Legacy335

Matty really wants to marry Brenna, so he proposes.  She’s super excited and happy about it.  Unfortunately the house is full, and they can’t get married in the legacy house.  So the next post will begin with Matty moving out on his own, marrying his fiancee, and starting a household of his own.  It was at this point I realized I couldn’t just play the main house.  I have to get Matty married to Brenna, and I just have to see him have kids and work on his medical career.  I know sims 3 is designed to play one house, but … want to play the others!  So I am.

Winchester Legacy340


  1. I find it pretty fun to let go of the non-heirs and see how they manage on their own. But I must say that I never played more than 2 generations in Sims3 yet

  2. Haha, I feel like Matty is kind of nerdy looking, which fits really well with his genius and workaholic traits. I'm glad you're playing all the houses; I always miss the spares in legacy challenges!