Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Matty Post 1

This is the first time I’ve played another house in sims 3, there’s going to be a lot of experimentation in this entry.  I started trying to play without any mods.  I turned aging off and story progression off, hoping that the main house would remain unchanged and that this house would just age when the main house did.  I could time around.  Note this didn’t work, and I finally gave up and got awesomemod.  But I’m going to write this based on the process I was thinking at the time.

We start the post with Matty’s wedding to Brenna.  They get married right away, since the sim per household limit was the only thing stopping them before.  Of course you know that Matty is going to have the most adorable three flower girls ever!

Winchester Legacy351

I’ve no idea what Brenna is wearing to her wedding.  I hadn’t figured out yet how to get someone to move in so you could pick their formalwear.  If anyone is struggling with this themselves, you have to do a bunch of FRIENDLY interactions to get the adjective to be sociable/friendly instead of romantic.  Then “ask to move in” is under friendly.  Apparently you can’t ask your fiancée that thinks you’re extremely irresistible to move in.  Of course not, that would be ridiculous!  Also I learned that with awesomemod you can type dresser Brenna in the cheat window and pick her outfit.  Very useful!  Although that still won’t let you direct her to the area you want to get married at, and if you call her over you start back at ‘okay’.  Sooo annoying.  Anyway, wedding time!

Winchester Legacy352 

Winchester Legacy355

Winchester Legacy360

Brenna Winchester

  1. Family Oriented
  2. Kleptomaniac
  3. Can’t Stand Art
  4. Overemotional
  5. Flirty

LTW—Have a household net worth of $100,000

LOL!  I love it!  Brenna the kleptomaniac babysitter.  Well, I never saw her steal anything from the house.  And she was great at cleaning and child care in the legacy home, so maybe it will be okay.  Are babysitters always family oriented kleptos?  I’ve noticed that two in my game are.

The girls seem to approve of their new sister-in-law and the wedding party’s music.

Winchester Legacy366

Brenna moved in with level 5 music skill.  Since I’m trying to do all the different careers, and I don’t have anyone in music, that might be a good choice.  At the top of the rock career you can hold concerts as often as you want and make money signing autographs.  I think Brenna would like that, so I get her a job in the music career.  She spends all of her free time playing for tips in the park, which also helps us with money and her mood.

Winchester Legacy371

Matty works himself near to death at the hospital, but he likes it.  He is SUCH a mama’s boy.  He rolls wants related to his mother all the time!  He wants to talk to his mommy, he wants to invite his mommy over, he wants to hang out with his mommy.  Wow, Matty.  Well, she was formerly in the medical career, so maybe he just wants to get career advice from her.  Yeah, we’ll go with that.

Winchester Legacy373

I do love, love, love, love that my sim can go back and visit his family’s house now in sims 3.  I love that they still do things appropriate to how they should be living their life.  They still eat dinner together even when I’m not playing them.  They watch tv together.  I could just watch them play for hours without me.

Winchester Legacy376

I also love that sometimes I spot my main family around town doing things as a family.

Winchester Legacy384

Well the main point of moving Matty out was to get him married and have kids, so I guess it’s time to start working on generation 3.

Winchester Legacy379

Winchester Legacy386

Welcome to the family Sam Winchester!

Winchester Legacy389

Sam Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Absent-Minded

He was born the last day of the week before switching back to the main house.  I’d hoped with the age ranges that meant he’d still be a toddler when I switched back to this house and could teach him all his toddler skills, have his birthday, and have some say in his third trait.  As you’ll see in the next post, this didn’t work.  Somehow when I switched back everything was messed up.  Sam was a child and the family had moved!  Even with storyprogression off.  I wish I’d just installed awesomemod from the beginning.


  1. There are many things to learn about the new game! I hardly know how half of the things work yet

  2. Man, I don't envy you learning all that new stuff. I definitely don't have a desire to PLAY sims 3, but I enjoy reading stories people create with it. The traits things and career things are neat, but I still feel like there are a lot of things that Maxis could have done better with it.