Monday, May 21, 2007

The Cory Family Season 1

The Cory Family

Amanda Cory—Adult female popularity sim with Aries personality
Lifetime want—have 20 simultaneous best friends

Alyssa Cory—Toddler female sim with Cancer personality

Year 1 Season 1—Fall

Amanda Cory stepped out of the cab with her daughter, Alyssa. She looked at the bare walls of her new home and reminded herself for the umpteenth time that things were going to work out okay here in Emerald Isle. Amanda was the daughter of a very wealthy family from Pleasantview. She’d spent her entire life living in the lap of luxury. She had no idea how to live without it, but that was the only option she was faced with now. Her parents had disowned her when they found out that she was pregnant with the illegitimate child of a rock star. Suddenly homeless and poor, Amanda had approached the father of her baby, but he had no interest in her or the child.

With nothing left for her Pleasantview, Amanda took the little amount of money that was truly hers in the world and uprooted with her daughter to Emerald Isle. Her head was full of dreams, though. She was going to be the most popular girl in town. She could charm lots of sims, and chances were some of them would start lavishing her with gifts. She could hang out with some people near the top and start making her way up in the world. Friends would do her favors, and before long she would be rich in her own right.

She had visions for her house, too. She’d lived in an honest-to-goodness mansion in Pleasantview, and the mansion she had planned for her new homesite was going to be even bigger and better. Of course she had to start small, just the first floor for now, and of course no wallpaper or lavish furniture yet. But, she had the plans for her dream home ready and would build on it gradually and gradually until one day her future generations would remember how she had started the most wonderful house from nothing.

Amanda made best friends with her daughter, Alyssa, right away. Of course they had to be best friends, it was the two of them against the world. And, she loved her baby so much. She’d never disown her no matter what she eventually did. Next it was time to move onto making friends with the neighbors. She met Gary Sinclair and made friends with him first.

Gary was on the police force, which could come in useful someday. Amanda spent most of the day hanging out with visitors. Unfortunately, she’d forgotten to budget for a baby crib, and Alyssa just passed out on the porch.

Amanda realized she was going to have to get a—gasp—job to pay for things. She’d never thought she’d actually have to work for a living, but she needed a baby crib, which meant a job.

The next morning Amanda took a job in the slacker career, the only thing she felt really qualified for. She got up to get ready for work. Right as the carpool was arriving she tried to call for a nanny for Alyssa. She was rudely told that nannies had to be arranged in advance, and that she couldn’t expect service last minute like that. Amanda had never been spoken to like that in her life, and she’d always been able to get whatever it was that she immediately wanted. She realized that things were really going to be different now. In any case, she couldn’t go to work, which was not going to please her new boss.

Frustrated, but not giving up, Amanda decided to throw a party. She met lots of new people and the party was good time, even though she did get tired and had to take a nap in the middle of her own party. Before going to bed, Amanda did remember to arrange for a permanent nanny service for Alyssa.

Amanda woke up the next morning depressed. She was starving, but she didn’t even know how to use a can opener to make herself food. She’d always had a cook at home. Besides that she hadn’t met nearly as many cool and useful people at her party yesterday as she had hoped. She was bored, hungry, and lonely. Still, she managed to force herself to go to work. That day at work Amanda was fired for poor job performance. They expected her to actually WORK, and she hadn’t felt up to it. She did bring a friend, Cameron Sinclair, home from work with her. He wasn’t really anybody worth trying to be friends with, he was at the base level in the slacker career, but he was sexy at least. She asked him to come in with her.

Amanda was thrilled to see that not only had the nanny taken good care of Alyssa, but she’d also cleaned up some after Amanda’s party.

She and Cameron talked some, and Cameron was really sweet with Alyssa. Perhaps he had some potential even if he wasn’t anybody yet.

Amanda suddenly realized that Alyssa was growing up fast, and she’d hardly spent any time with her. She made teaching Alyssa to talk and potty-training her a goal, but had little success.

She wasn’t making any progress, and she really needed to get another job. They were desperate for money. Amanda didn’t see anything in the newspaper she was interested in doing, but she took a job as a file clerk in the law field just for a day’s pay. Again she was leaving her daughter with the nanny. She’d wanted to be there for her daughter, and be close with her, but Alyssa was almost totally being raised by the nanny. Amanda had been raised by a nanny with little contact or love from her parents, and she’d never wanted that for her daughter.

Amanda came home from work and did manage to potty-train Alyssa. Unfortunately time had passed to quick, and right before her eyes Alyssa turned into a child. She did grow-up well, even if she hadn’t learned to walk or talk. Thanks were definitely due to that nanny service.
Amanda needed a little pick-me-up so she called Cameron over and asked him on a date. He wasn’t her type, the chemistry just wasn’t right, but she was falling in love with him anyway. They had a dream date, but she didn’t woohoo with him. It was too soon for that. Besides, that’s how she’d ended up in this situation to begin with.

The next day was Alyssa’s first day of school, but Amanda had to go to work before Alyssa was ready to walk to the bus stop. Once again the nanny took care of Alyssa and made sure she got on the bus okay. Amanda was promoted to being a Law Firm Receptionist that day, but her heart really wasn’t into it. When Amanda got home she was appalled to see that the nanny had forgotten to come back and watch Alyssa after school. Amanda ran into the house and hugged her daughter.

“Alyssa, oh my God, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Mom. You raised me to be very independent. I don’t need a nanny, anyway.”

“I am going to give that nanny service an earful!” she seethed.

“I don’t need a nanny, but I could use some help with my homework. Do you think you could help me out, Mom?”

Amanda nodded. Of course, she’d been meaning to spend more time with Alyssa anyway. The study time went well, and Alyssa learned to study and got her homework done.

That night Amanda invited Gary over; he was the most influential sim she’d met so far. They became best friends.

He suggested she take a job in journalism, since that seemed to fit her skills and personality the best. The sounded like a good idea to her. Journalists could at least potentially become famous. So, she went to the newspaper and took a job in the journalism field.

Amanda was happy to discover that journalists got the weekend off, but that also meant no paycheck that day, which they really could have used. Amanda still wasn’t adapted to her new life. The toilet broke, and she had no idea what to do about it. She didn’t have the money to call a repairman, and she’d never done anything even slightly mechanical before. She found a book on plumbing and started to read.

She couldn’t believe how low she’d fallen. She was actually unclogging a toilet. But, amazingly she did feel some sort of sense of accomplishment after completing the task herself.

Feeling empowered, Amanda decided to try her hand at cooking pancakes. That couldn’t be that hard, right? Well, she was wrong. Maybe she should have spent some time reading some cooking books first. The pancakes ended up burnt, but edible.

Amanda decided to use her free time to try and have some more people over. She invited Gary, Cameron, and Evan Sinclair over. They had a pretty good time, even if she wasn’t meeting anyone influential. Her attraction for Cameron continued, so she decided to ask him if he wanted to spend the night.

They had woohoo that night, and Amanda couldn’t have been happier than when she was lying in his arms that night.


  1. OMG, she has to get a JOB? She has to actually WORK? The nanny won't come at a moment's notice? What a rough wake-up call for the pampered princess!

  2. Amanda is certainly getting an eye-opener into the 'real world' after her pampered upbringing.
    That being said she's doing very well so far, although I'm not sure Cameron is going to be the most faithful partner. lol.

  3. LMBO! I love this family. Very funny can't wait to read more.

  4. Oh No! I was so proud of Amanda for not woohooing Camoren the first time! I hope she doesn't find herself with another illegitimate child!

  5. I wonder, will we be hearing the pitter patter of little feet, once again?! That Cameron, I think he's a "Family Sim" in disguise!

  6. Had to chuckle when those people had the nerve to fire this princess when she had graced them with her presence at work!

  7. Oh dear, I hope she doesn't have to get another wake up call with Cameron not being one to settle down.