Sunday, May 20, 2007

Custom Content Credits

I believe in giving proper credit to a creator's work. So, here's a list of all of the awesome custom content I use in my game that you might see in screen shots. This list has two purposes. First, I want to give recognition to the wonderful creators that made the items I like. Second, if you see something in my photos you like, you will know where to get it. Sorry, I do use a lot of pay items, but I have marked those items so that you will know. I don't mind paying for quality downloads. However, if you are against pay sites, there is always the booty. Your choice. If you see something in a screen shot that I forgot to put in this list, just let me know.

Claire’s Everyday Dress *PAY*

Will Turner Skin

Will’s Drawstring Pajama Pants

Sinclair Eyes (free, but requires membership)

The Sinclair House 1 (I made some alterations on my own)

Gary’s Bedroom Collection *PAY*

Cameron’s Bedroom Collection (seen in Sinclair seasons 3 and 4) *PAY*

Amanda’s Hair *PAY*

Amanda’s Nighgown *PAY*

Amanda’s Underwear *PAY*

Elizabeth’s Hair

Can’t find :-( I love this hair, so please contact me if you know who I should give credit to.

Elizabeth’s Adult Everyday Dress *PAY*

Elizabeth’s Underwear *PAY*

Alyssa’s Child Dress *PAY*

Windsor Nursery *PAY*

James’ Child Outfit *PAY*

Regina’s Wedding Dress *PAY*

Amanda’s Bridesmaid Dress at Regina’s Wedding (6th dress from the right)

Alyssa’s Bridesmaid Dress at Regina’s Wedding (3rd dress from the right)

Alyssa’s Hair at Regina’s Wedding and at Shenene's Wedding or (I can’t remember which)

The Cory Nursery *PAY*

Shenene’s University Hair

By Elina, can’t find site :-( I believe it is a recolor of this mesh

Shenene’s University Dress *PAY*

Student Apartments Dorm

Shenene's Wedding Dress

Shenene's Wedding Hair which is a version of with the barrette's edited out.

Shenene's Wedding Tiara under accessories, tiaras. It's the "Gwen."

Emerald Isle Church

Created by me, but inspired by the Stone Creek Church at

Matthew's Hair *PAY*

Sophie's Hair *PAY* Female Hair 448

Sophie's Eyes

Victoria's Hair *PAY* Female Hair 248

Harry's Hair *PAY*

Harry's Eyes Starstruck eyes in Emerald green.

Ethan's Toddler Hair *PAY* Male Hair 79

Sophie’s child outfit under female child, 3rd from left

Sophie’s child outerwear

Strawberry patch, can’t find exact file, but at MTS2 or simsgraveyard

Victoria’s child outfit

Credit DeJa Originals, can’t find file

Lily’s eyes Dark green

Lily’s hair Female hair 30

Lily’s toddler outfit

Windsor girl’s bedroom (featured in season 6) It’s the Chinese Latern bedroom.

Tiffany’s wedding dress Bride, 2005 collection, second from the left

Amaya's wedding dress

Also from pronupsims, I believe.

Tiffany's adult outfit

By Sophel21 at

Amaya’s adult dress while on honeymoon

Can’t find L

Philip’s adult outfit

Turner 2 House

Severus’ black eye

Severus’ outfit when first adopted

Severus’ child outfit

Ethan's child hair

Ethan's child everyday outfit

Eli's toddler hair

Eli's toddler everyday outfit

Eli's toddler pjs

Rachel's toddler hair

Lily Windsor’s Child everyday outfit

Joshua Jenning’s Teen Outfit

Can’t find :-(

Church Evan and Alyssa were married in

Alyssa’s wedding dress

Alyssa’s wedding hair

Alyssa’s wedding veil it’s veil 32 in the large group

Evan and Alyssa Sinclair’s house (Sinclair 2 House)

Jeremy Turner’s hair *PAY* Raon sims male hair 16

Jeremy Turner’s toddler pjs

Can’t find L I think it’s probably by Strawberry Patch/Purple Paws/SimsSquirts

Eli Sinclair’s child hair

Eli Sinclair’s child everyday outfit

Eli Sinclair’s child pjs outfit

Rachel Cory’s child hair *PAY* female donate hair 27, ID 060819

Sandy Cory’s hair *PAY*

Sandy Cory’s toddler and child everyday outfit

Anna’s Teen outfit

Amanda Cory Sinclair’s elder outfit *Requires PAY Mesh*

Amanda Cory Sinclair’s elder hair

Cameron Sinclair’s elder outfit, Maxis available for elders

Windsor 2 House

Andrew Windsor’s elder outfit

Elizabeth Windsor’s elder outfit

Sophie Windsor’s teen clubbing outfit outfit 1197

Loren’s hair

Caroline Windsor’s toddler pjs outfit by SimSquirts

Klaus and Tiffany Turner’s (Turner 2) Nursery

Christopher’s toddler everyday outfit

By Simsquirts available at

Christopher’s toddler pjs outfit

By Simsquirts available at

Rose’s toddler hair

Rose’s toddler everyday outfit

Rose’s toddler pjs outfit

By strawberrypatch/purple paws/simsquirts available at or

Rose’s child hair

Rose’s child bedspread

By Simsquirts available at

I haven't been doing as good a job as I would like keeping this up to date. I'll try to do it at the end of each round. However, if you'd like to know where I got anything, please just leave a comment and I will find out for you. I think it's important to give credit to the awesome cc creators, so just let me know if you are looking for anything.

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