Monday, May 21, 2007

The Sinclair Family Season 1

The Sinclair Family

Gary Sinclair—Adult male fortune sim with Scorpio personality
Lifetime want—earn $100,000

Cameron Sinclair—Adult male romance sim with Aquarius personality
Lifetime want—become professional party guest

Evan Sinclair—Toddler male sim with Taurus personality

Year 1 Season 1—Fall

Gary Sinclair picked up his son, Evan, and carried him as he went to answer the door. He gasped when he saw who was there. “Cameron,” he said in shock. His kid brother, whom he hadn’t seen since he ran away as a teen, was standing on his walkway.

“So, the old man finally kicked the bucket, huh?” Cameron asked.

“Yeah, about a week ago. You missed the funeral,” Gary said sadly. He was a little annoyed that Cameron had decided to turn up now. He really could have used his support at the funeral, but Gary wasn’t surprised. Cameron had never been one to stick around and deal with difficult situations.

“I didn’t miss anything,” Cameron said with a slight bitterness in his tone.

Realizing that being mad at Cameron wouldn’t accomplish anything, he pushed his feelings aside. They had both been through enough in their lives, and Gary did really want to be friends with his brother again. “Want to come in?” Gary offered.

“Nope,” Cameron replied. “I told myself when I ran away that I’d never step foot in that house again, and I don’t plan on changing that now.”

“Okay,” Gary said nervously while putting his son down on the sidewalk so he could play. He didn’t really want to have a heart to heart conversation on the lawn for all the neighbors to witness.

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“When do I get my half?” Cameron asked.

“Half?” Gary questioned.

“The lawyers contacted me. They told me that for some reason he left me in the will. You and me 50-50. So, when do I get my half.”

Gary shook his head. “I’m sorry you came all this way to find this out, but there is no half, Cameron. Dad left you in the will, because there’s nothing to inherit. You know what he was like. He spent all his time drinking and gambling at Lucky’s Card Shack. I had to pawn half the furniture in the house just to pay off his gambling debt. There is no money left.”

Cameron nodded. “When are you selling this place,” he asked, motioning towards the house.

“Cameron, Evan and I have been living here for months before Dad died. My ex-wife got our old house and all my money in the divorce, even though she didn’t want to keep custody of Evan. We need this house. We have no where else to go.”

“Yeah, well I need some money. We sell the house, you get half to buy a little place for yourself, and I get half for . . . my needs.”

“You mean gambling and wooing women.”

“So what if I do?”

“You don’t even know where you’re spending the night tonight, do you?”

“Well, I was hoping you’d give me some money so I could go pick up a girl at Lu Lu’s Lounge and go back to her place.”

“Come on Cameron, this is a NICE house. There’s plenty of room for my family and for you. It’s a good place for Evan to grow-up. Why don’t you move in with us, we can share the house that way? You can still woo all the women you want, but you’d have a place to stay.”

“I’m not going in there,” Cameron said firmly, “way too man bad memories.”

“It’s not so bad now that the old man’s dead. Really. I’ve started making happy memories with Evan there that push the bad ones out. Evan could really use an Uncle Cam . . .”

“I’ll stay for tonight, maybe the week, just until I find some rich chic to move in with.”

Gary scooped his son up, and they went inside. Cameron took a deep breath and tried to push away the awful memories that hit him as he stepped inside the house. Gary was right; it wasn’t as bad now. Almost all of his father’s belongings were gone. He could still picture where things had been, though. The image of this prison he’d called his childhood home was burned into his brain. But, Gary was also right that it was a decent sized house and would be great someday for Gary’s family. If he could crash here for a few nights he could move in with some well-to-do romantic interest, and they could both be happy.

That afternoon a group of people from the neighborhood came over to welcome Cameron back. He had hoped to find a nice woman right away, but there weren’t even any eligible ladies in the crowd. Most of them were older people he’d known when he was a kid. The party was uneventful and finally the Sinclair family turned in for the night.

The next day Gary got a job in the adventure career, his ideal choice. He needed a good paying job to support Evan and to buy new furnishings for the house. Unfortunately, the adventure career was not well suited for Gary. He made a mistake his first day at work and got fired. He came home crying in desperation. He had really wanted to reach the top of the adventure career.

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Cameron was having better luck. He met Jan Tellerman, a rather attractive neighbor. He kissed her and stared working his charm on her. She could be a decent sim to mooch off of.

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As sad and depressed as Gary was over loosing his job, he decided that spending some time with Evan would cheer him up. He started teaching him to walk and worked on potty training with him. He knew that the toddler stage didn’t last for long, and that the time he spent with Evan now would pay off in the long run. He wanted his son to be a successful entrepreneur someday. That night Gary finally got up the energy to check the want adds again, and this time took a job in the law enforcement career. It didn’t pay nearly as well, but it at least suited Gary’s interests. Feeling better, Gary invited Andrew Windsor over. They hung out and made friends.

That night Cameron woke up in the middle of the night. Evan was crying. Cameron was not the family sim type, and had no interest in holding a toddler. But, Gary was apparently sleeping through the whole thing, and Cameron couldn’t just let the little guy keep crying. He couldn’t stand hearing his little screams. So, he went to Evan’s room, took him out of his crib, gave him a snuggle, and then took him to the potty. He figured he might as well take care of the kid since he was up. He helped Evan play with his charisma bunny.

Gary woke up mid-afternoon and took over taking care of Evan. He immediately went back to work on teaching Evan to walk. He wanted his son to be an overachiever some day, so he had to start off well by learning the basics. He felt bad, though, because he had to leave Evan in his pjs. He couldn’t afford a changing table to get him into everyday clothes. As a fortune sim, this was a huge blow to Gary’s ego, but he knew he could work on it. He had accepted a new job, so he would have lots of money soon. He just had to be patient.

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Cameron invited Jan over for a date. She accepted and they spent most of the time making out. It was a dream date, and Jan fell in love with him. Cameron didn’t love her back, though. He just wanted to use her for woohoo and money.

Gary returned home from work as a security guard very disappointed in himself. He had really been hoping for a promotion, but hadn’t managed to do good enough his first day to get one. He was depressed again, but forced himself to work with Evan some more. Evan was very important to him.

Realizing that Gary wasn’t bringing home much money, Cameron decided to take a job with the military, even if he really didn’t want to. He made some bad choices his first day and lost a day’s pay, too. Amazingly he got promoted to Elite Forces after that anyway. Still, Cameron hadn’t enjoyed the day. Maybe the military wasn’t for him, but the money that the promotion had brought home was nice. He decided to quit his military job and take a job in his desired career track, slacker.

Gary’s work with Evan paid off. Evan learned to talk and walk moments before his birthday. Cameron bought Evan a cake with the money from his promotion, but he was too late. Evan was a child now. At least he had grown up well. The first order of business after that was getting Evan a haircut. Gary couldn’t have a policeman’s son having long hair! Gary had to go to work right away. He wanted to spend more time with his son, but making money for them was more important.

Cameron knew he was suppose to stay home and watch Evan for Gary, but being tied down with a kid was just not his thing. He called a sitter and then went on an outing downtown. He had hoped to meet a new woman, but Jan had come along on the outing. That was okay, though. Cameron had fun making out with her again all the same.

That night Gary was promoted to a Cadet.

The next day was Evan’s first day of school. Gary really wanted to be there to walk Evan to the bus, but he was too exhausted from his hard night’s work. Evan took a deep breath, decided to be brave, and got on the bus himself.

Cameron had a pretty good day. He was promoted to gas station attendant in the slacker career. He used the money he earned to buy some real furniture. Adding his own things to the place really did change the feel of the house. He didn’t see flashes of his father around every corner anymore. He could almost see himself staying there and living with Gary and Evan for a while . . . almost. But, he couldn’t help himself. His romantic aspirations were taking over. He met Tara Lane and worked on charming her right away. He wanted to woohoo with her, but she was shyer than Jan, and he couldn’t get things moving in the right direction. Their date ended good, but without the woohoo that Cameron wanted.

Evan brought his friend Daniel Turner home from school. Daniel and Evan had a lot in common. Well, Daniel had it worse off, both of his parents were dead. Evan’s mom just didn’t want him, but it hurt all the same. They were both pretty poor, too. So, he was a good confidant. The start of a great friendship was starting.

Cameron accidentally overslept that evening and didn’t make it to his job as a gas station attendant. That disappointed him, because he really wanted to move up in his career. It was pretty late at night, and Gary was sleeping. With not much better to do, Cameron went downstairs to watch some TV.

Evan came downstairs to talk to his uncle. “Uncle Cam,” he whispered nervously.

“What’s up, bud?” Cameron asked.

“I was . . . I was wondering if you’d help me with my homework.”

Cameron laughed. “I am not the one you want to ask for that. I dropped out of high school without ever really learning to study when I ran away from home. Ask your dad in the morning.”

“That’s . . . that’s just it. Dad wants me to be an amazing whiz at school . . . but I’m not. And . . . I’m so afraid to tell him. He’s going to be disappointed in me. If he finds out that I got a C in school today . . . if I tell him I can’t even figure out how to do my homework . . . he will be disappointed in me. I don’t want him to be upset with me. Please, Uncle Cam. It’s just elementary spelling. Will you try to help me? Please? I want to make Dad proud.”
Cameron pulled Evan into a hug. “You are such a good kid, you know that, Evan. Of course I’ll help you with it. Let’s go see what we can do.” They went up to Evan’s room, and Cameron quizzed Evan on his spelling words. After a little over an hour Evan knew his stuff, he’d learned to study from Uncle Cam, and Evan and Cameron were now best friends.


  1. Aww, Cameron is going to be a family guy in spite of himself! How cute!

  2. I really like that you're giving your sims complex personalities, but still staying true to their aspirations. With the background you've written for them, Gary and Cameron *make sense* the way they are.

  3. aww that was so sweet, I was teary-eyed at Evan's little speech to Cameron.
    Cameron seems to be coming out of his selfishness and Gary is doing really well despite losing his first job.

  4. Cameron may pretend to be cold and not into family things but he is such a good uncle and you can tell that he loves Evan.

  5. So nice that Cameron is warming to Evan. I don't really know that having a mom that doesn't want you is that much better than he being dead. I hope Cameron grows up well regardless.

  6. I didn't like Cameron in the beginning, but started to soften to him by the end! Great job! I like your writing style. It's like reading a novel!

  7. Aww...that is cute. So Cameron is coming around a little bit.