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Sinclair Family Season 2

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The Sinclair Family

Gary Sinclair—Adult male fortune sim with Scorpio personality
Lifetime want—earn $100,000

Cameron Sinclair—Adult male romance sim with Aquarius personality
Lifetime want—become professional party guest

Evan Sinclair—Child male sim with Taurus personality

Year 1 Season 2—Winter

It was Sunday morning, and although a lot of sims got Sundays off, there was never a day that the police weren’t needed. It was Gary’s weekend to work, so he woke up and started the rigid routine that he followed every morning. He came downstairs to find Evan playing with his new chess set. That pleased Gary. Playing with the chess set would take his son much further in life than simply watching television for fun. He had taught his son to make wise choices.

“Morning, Evan. I see you are playing with your chess set. Do you like it?” Gary asked while giving his son a morning hug.

“Yeah, Daddy, it’s great. Thanks for buying it for me,” Evan replied. His father had told him that learning logic would be good for him, and Evan took anything his father told him to heart.

Gary patted Evan on the head. He really was a good kid. “So, where’s your Uncle? I’ve got to get going to work.”

“He left for work just a few minutes ago,” Evan said with surprise. His uncle and his father had always coordinated their work schedules so that he didn’t have to stay with a nanny.

“What!” Gary roared. “No, he was supposed to be working nights. Why would he just suddenly change his shift at the gas station without talking to me? He knows he’s responsible for watching you while I’m at work!”

“He . . . he doesn’t work at the gas station anymore,” Evan whispered. He was a little scared of his father’s angry reaction. He knew his dad would never hurt him, but he really didn’t want Gary’s yelling suddenly directed at him.

“What?” Gary bellowed.

“He got a job at a convenience store as a clerk. He works different hours now. Sorry, Sir, I thought he told you,” Evan tried to explain without getting himself into trouble, too.

“Great!” Gary ranted. “Just great. Now what I am supposed to do? I can’t just leave you here alone all day, but I have to go to work. I am up for a promotion, a promotion at a real job that will get us some money, not like your stupid Uncle’s slacker career. How is it going to look if I just don’t show up on the day I’m suppose to get my promotion? We need that money! I am not going to let Cameron’s irresponsibility get in the way of my promotion.”

Evan started crying. He loved his dad and his Uncle Cam. It really upset him to see his dad upset, and it was even worse because at the root of it he was the problem. If he just wasn’t around, his dad could go to work and not have to worry about anything. “I can stay home alone. I’ll be okay.”

“No, you won’t. That’s child neglect, Evan. A police officer certainly can’t commit a crime like that. And besides, I love you, Ev. I’d never do something to endanger you. You come first, then work, even if I do care about work a lot.”

Evan brightened some at his father’s words. Gary was still upset, but at least he knew his dad still loved him.

“I’m going to try and call a Nanny. You’re supposed to arrange these things ahead of time, but I’ve got to try. I’ve got to get to work today!” Gary picked up the phone and called the nanny service. He decided to go ahead and ask her to come around his schedule. He didn’t trust Cameron not to do this again.

Gary was relieved that someone was coming, but then he realized that the carpool had already left. He had to find a way to get to work. He wanted this promotion more than anything. Fate stepped in to help. At that exact moment a rather junky old car with a for sale sign on it drove by. Gary rushed out and offered the owner a handful of cash to let him take the car right away. Now at least he could show up to work late. That wouldn’t look good for his promotion, either, but it was better than not showing up at all. Gary didn’t like the car. He’d been hoping to save up for an expensive one, but it would do to get him places.

Anxious that the nanny hadn’t come yet, he decided to go call the service and be sure that someone was really coming. Maybe they thought he meant starting tomorrow. Gary picked up the phone. “You do know that I need someone right away, don’t you!”

“Of course, Mr. Sinclair. Someone will be right there,” she said.

Gary went to wait by the car. He’d leave the moment the nanny’s car got there. He was shocked to see not one but two nannies appear. Apparently they’d been confused by his calls. But, Gary didn’t have the time to argue over it. He had to get to work.

Evan still felt a little down in the dumps. Not only had he been a burden on his father, but he was sad that he didn’t have his Uncle Cam to play with. He liked the days he got to play with his Uncle. Cameron was always coming up with fun things for them to do. Now he had these two old ladies watching over him. Evan asked if he could invite a friend over, and the nannies let him. He invited over Alyssa Cory, because Daniel Turner was busy with his family.

Alyssa came over and played chess with him. She was really nice to him. Evan discovered that her father hadn’t wanted her either, so they had things in common to talk about, too.

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Evan heard his father’s new car pulling in the drive. Evan ran out to hug him. He was worried that his dad would be in a bad mood still, but he was elated. He got the promotion he wanted, despite showing up to work late.

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Gary was so happy with his promotion that he didn’t even give Cameron too hard a time about not informing him about his schedule change.

The Sinclair brothers decided to throw a party to celebrate Gary’s promotion. They invited Amanda Cory and Daniel and Monty Turner.

Evan was excited to see his friend Daniel again. They started playing cops and robbers. It was really fun.

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Still, Evan could tell that something was off with Daniel. He wasn’t sure what it was. He didn’t think it was him. It just seemed that Daniel wasn’t having as much fun as normal. Evan decided to go talk to Daniel’s Grandpa Monty and make sure that everything was okay with his friend. Grandpa Monty explained that Daniel was a little down in the dumps today. Since it was family time in winter, he was missing his dead parents.

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Evan could relate to this. Sometimes he just really missed having a mom. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his dad or Uncle Cam, but sometimes he just really wanted a mom. He couldn’t imagine what it was like not to have either parent. Evan went and hugged Daniel and told him that if he ever wanted to talk, he would be a good listener. They became best friends in that moment.

Cameron decided to take this opportunity to try to have woohoo with Amanda again. He started making out with her. He realized suddenly that maybe it wasn’t best to make out in front of the kids.

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He took Amanda up to his room and had woohoo with her. She had definitely fallen for him head over heals.

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Alyssa was a little worried when she saw her mom come out of Cameron’s room in her underwear. Evan had told Alyssa what type of sim Cameron was. Cameron had bettered not break her mom’s heart.

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Shortly thereafter Cameron got a phone call from Tara. She wanted to go out on a date. Cameron hesitated. He did REALLY like Amanda, and it was certainly rude to leave his own party, but he’d also really wanted to get Tara into his bed. His mind told him to say no, but his nature took over. He agreed to meet her on a community lot in a few minutes. He took her to a bar, and they had a dream date. He even got to make out with her. Ordinarily he would have invited her home, but he remembered that Amanda was still there, so the woohoo would have to wait for another day.

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Cameron almost got caught when Tara dropped off some flowers on his doorstep to thank him for the date, but Amanda thankfully stayed inside the house.

Evan spent some time talking to Amanda, Alyssa’s mom. She was nice and they became friends. Maybe she could be the female figure he missed in his life.

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Alyssa used the time her mother was distracted with Evan to go have a little talk with Cameron.

“I know what you did today,” she said.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Tara, I saw her outside,” she replied.

“Oh,” was all Cameron could say.

“Don’t mess with my mom,” she threatened before walking out the door.

The next day both Sinclair brothers came home with promotions. Gary was blazing his way up the law enforcement career ladder, two promotions in two days. Cameron was getting promotions another way. Tara had pulled some strings and got him a cushy job as a record store clerk. Cameron felt a little guilty about cheating on Amanda, especially after Alyssa’s comments, but he still couldn’t help himself. He had to invite Tara over and thank her properly.

Cameron was now afraid of marrying all three of his current love interests. He asked Gary if he wanted to go to a bar. Maybe meeting someone new would make him stop worrying about marriage, and take his head off the guilt he felt for cheating on all of them.

Cameron didn’t meet anyone he was interested in, and Gary was anxious to get home, so they cut the outing short.

Evan got home from school really excited because he got a B+ in school today and he had won a spelling bee.

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“Good job, Evan,” Gary congratulated his son. “Great improvement today over last week. Now you just have to buckle down a little bit more and you’ll be getting an A+. Remember, it takes As to get good scholarships into college someday.”

Evan ducked his head. He’d been so proud of his accomplishments. He’d been sure his father would be pleased. But, it still wasn’t enough for his dad. He had to do better. As Evan fought the tears of disappointment that were threatening to overcome his guards, Cameron came up and hugged him.

“I’m so proud of you, Evan. You did great,” he whispered into Evan’s ear as he hugged him.

“Thanks, Uncle Cam,” he whispered back as a tear slipped down his cheek. Cameron always understood how he was feeling. At least Uncle Cam was happy with him. That meant something. But, he would have to work harder to please his father.

When they went into the house, Gary announced that he wanted Evan to get into private school. He had a nice enough job now that it might be possible, and Evan’s grades were good enough to qualify.

“Cameron I need you to work on learning to make a great meal for the headmaster when I invite him over. Evan and I will be too busy schmoozing him to cook.”

Cameron agreed. Not that he really cared about cooking or private schools, but he would do it for Evan. It would break Evan’s heart if he were rejected for something that obviously meant so much to his father. He started practicing cooking a nice meal, but managed to catch the stove on fire right away.

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Cameron went out clubbing that night. He awoke with a splitting headache when he heard a knock on his door. A glance at the clock revealed it was only 4 AM.

“Uncle Cam?” Evan stuck his head in the door.

Cameron groaned. He felt like crap, but he knew after one glance at the little boy’s desperate expression that he would not be sending Evan away. “What’s wrong, bud?” he asked as he covered his eyes from the little bit of light that was streaming in from the hallway.

“I forgot to do my homework last night,” he said.

Now Cameron was annoyed. Evan didn’t need his help to do his homework anymore. Still, he’d seen the look on Evan’s face. It was more than that. “So, it’s 4 AM. You have plenty of time to do it before the school bus arrives.”

“I can’t find it,” he whispered.

Cameron looked at the kid. His lip was trembling. He looked like he was going to start crying at any minute.

“Please, can you help me find it? I’ve looked myself, but I can’t find it.”

Cameron started to sit up, but he’d had a little bit too much fun last night. He felt awful and it was ungodly early. “Why don’t you go ask your dad?” Cameron suggested as he let himself fall back to the bed.

A whimper escaped Evan’s throat. He started to cry as he turned around and walked towards the hall. Cameron knew the answer to his own question. He knew what it was like to admit a fault or failure to the oh-so-perfect Gary. Gary wasn’t mean or cruel, not like Cameron’s father had been, but he was a perfectionist. He expected perfection from others as well. Cameron remembered what it was like when he was little boy. Gary had taken care of him, but he’d just expected too much from him. Gary would never hurt anyone, but he could scold horribly. As much as Evan loved his dad and longed for his approval, the scolding he’d get for admitting a mistake like this would break his heart. He’d come to Cameron for help for a reason. As bad as he felt, Cameron couldn’t handle making his little nephew cry.

“Ev, come back,” Cameron called. He pushed himself to a sitting position. “I’ll help you look.”

Evan flung himself into his Uncle’s arms. “Thank you, Uncle Cam!”

“Come on,” Cameron put his arm around him and directed Evan towards the hallway. “Did you look around your desk? That’s normally where you put it. Maybe it just fell down.”

“I looked,” Evan replied, “but maybe we should look again. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.”

Cameron and Evan searched all of Evan’s bedroom. They also looked at places Evan might have gone when he first came in the house; like the chess set, television, and refrigerator. They couldn’t find it anywhere.

“I’m going to get a C, I’m going to get a C,” Evan cried. He was becoming hysterical. “Dad’s going to be so disappointed in me, and the headmaster is coming tonight. Dad’s going to . . .”

“Shh, we’re going to find it,” Cameron comforted him. “Let’s go outside to where you get off the bus and retrace your steps,” Cameron suggested.

The outside world was covered in heavy snow, but they went out in their pajamas anyway. “What was the first thing you did when you got off the bus?” Cameron asked.

“I ran up to hug Dad and tell him about my grades and the spelling bee,” Evan said. Talking was difficult around the lump swelling in his throat. “Then he told me that I had to do better.”

Cameron kicked the snow around the spot Evan was standing. Sure enough, there was the homework right there, lying in the snow where Evan had dropped it in disappointment yesterday.

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“Thank you, Uncle Cam,” Evan threw his arms around his Uncle.

Cameron gave him a quickly family kiss. “Go try to dry it off. You’ve got plenty of time to get it done before school. Now,” Cameron yawned, “I’m going back to bed.

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Evan finally got an A at school that day, but not the A+ he had hoped for. His father was proud, but he would have been prouder if it were an A+. The headmaster came over as planned. Cameron decided not to try to make something fancy. He didn’t want to risk a fire like yesterday. He made a simple but well prepared meal. Gary schmoozed the headmaster; although it was difficult making friends with him. He also gave him a home tour. Their home wasn’t impressive like most of the houses of most private school children, but the combined points were good enough to just get Evan into the special school.

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The next day Evan came home and ran up to give his dad a hug. He’d had a great first day of private school. Gary even told Evan how proud he was of him.

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It was Christmas evening. It would be a family affair, but Cameron did decide to invite Amanda and Alyssa. They were practically part of the family now. Evan became best friends with Amanda. She was around so much; he was starting to think of her as a substitute mom.

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They didn’t have turkey for dinner. Cameron didn’t know how to make one. But, they did have an enjoyable meal nonetheless. They all exchanged presents. Gary gave them all very practical gifts. Cameron gave out fun things.

Evan was so excited when Uncle Cam gave him his present. It was a teddy bear, a purely fun present with no practical value whatsoever. Evan had always wanted a teddy bear to cuddle, but had never dared ask for one. He was nearly in tears when he opened it and saw what was inside.

They all went to bed very content. That night a burglar saw the Christmas tree and presents inside. He decided on a whim to break into the house.

Gary, the practical sim that he was, had a burglar alarm in place. It went off. The police, recognizing the address as one of their colleagues, rushed to the scene. The burglar was quickly apprehended.

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“It’s not a good idea to try and break into a cop’s house,” Cameron told the guy as he walked by.

Season Recap

1. Gary got promoted to Desk Sergeant. Cameron got promoted to Record Store Clerk.

2. Several strong friendships were made.

3. Cameron had woohoo with Amanda and Tara.

4. Evan got into private school.

5. A burglar came to rob the house on Christmas, but he didn’t get anything.


  1. Evan is such a good kid, I'm sad that he can't please his father. Uncle Cam makes up for it, but I hope Gary mellows some. ;)
    Cam is getting himself into all sorts of hot water with his many ladies, but it's great reading. :)

  2. Aww, poor Evan--Gary needs to be a little more understanding. That poor kid is going to collapse under the stress of living up to his dad's expectations! Cameron is funny, such a mix of romance sim selfishness, and then being kind almost against his will. I loved the picture of the two nannies marching into the house!

  3. Evan's such a good kid, and he tries so hard. I see Cameron slipping up badly and a lot of female drama happening in that house. Very fun read.

  4. Poor Evan. I am so glad that he has his uncle to balance out his dad's perfectionist ways.

  5. Cameron is a womanizer, I see. I hope he doesn't screw things up with Amanda. Evan is so attached to her.