Monday, May 21, 2007

The Windsor Family Season 1

The Windsor Family

George Windsor—Elder male family sim with Aries personality
Lifetime want—have 6 grandchildren

Andrew Windsor—Adult male fortune sim with Aquarius personality
Lifetime want—become chief of staff

Elizabeth Windsor—Adult female family sim with Cancer personality
Lifetime want—reach top of education career

Philip Windsor—Toddler male sim with Sagittarius personality

Year 1 Season 1—Fall

George Windsor stood on the large empty lot that would soon be his family’s home. George had been the mayor of Veronaville, and he’d set things up for his son to take his place upon his retirement. Unfortunately he’d been involved in a large political scandal, and had left Veronaville with his head down. But, that hadn’t lowered his expectations for his family. He brought his son Andrew, daughter-in-law Elizabeth, and grandson Philip to Emerald Isle with the hope of establishing a long line of successful Windsor heirs. More than anything, George wanted to live to see his grandchildren.

At least Elizabeth was agreeable to his ideas. She wanted lots of children, too; although, she was insisting upon having her own career as well. Andrew was a bit of a problem, though. Instead of earning his fortune in politics as his father desired, Andrew wanted to be a doctor. Actually, he really wanted to be a chief of staff.

In any case, there were a lot of obstacles in the way of realizing any of their dreams. Money was the first and foremost problem. If only George hadn’t had to spend most of his fortune on lawyer fees to get out of that scandal. They had the start of a house built on their enormous lot. Someday they would have the money to finish it out and make it a huge castle-like home capable of holding all of George’s heirs. But for now, it would do.

As family was a priority in this household, Elizabeth immediately went to work teaching Philip to walk.

They did meet some neighbors, namely Amanda Sinclair and Nicholas Turner, but popularity wasn’t really important to them. Family was. That night Elizabeth and Andrew had woohoo, but they didn’t dare try for a baby right away.

The next morning Elizabeth and George both took turns caring for Philip and teaching him important skills while Andrew started his new career as an EMT.

As career-minded as Andrew was he managed to get two promotions within 24 hours, and was suddenly a nurse making a decent wage to support his family. They immediately put the money to use for furniture for the family.

That afternoon Grandpa George potty-trained Philip in what has to be the quickest potty-training in Emerald Isle history. Pleased with his family’s accomplishments, George decided to have some fun. He met Denise Jacquet, a lovely woman his own age, and they became friends.

The next day Elizabeth taught Philip to walk.

He was a very bright lad. She decided she’d accomplished enough with him to go ahead and start her career in the education field.

Elizabeth started her job the next day, so Philip finally got some quality time with Daddy, something he’d really been craving.

Andrew let Grandpa George take over caring for Philip in the afternoon so he could work on some skill building for his career. Grandpa George relished taking care of Philip, and taught him to talk.

That afternoon they decided to go ahead and go lavish and had a birthday party for Philip. The boy had worked so hard learning all his toddler skills; he deserved a decent party. They bought him a cake, invited some people over, and Grandpa George made hamburgers. Philip grew-up well and the party was a roof raiser.

Andrew had worked really hard to be sure that he had all of his skills for another promotion, but he made a mistake at work and lost a logic skill point for it.

It was Philip’s first day of school, and as you would expect from a family sim, Elizabeth walked Philip to the bus stop and was there waiting for him when he got home. Philip had a good day at school and greeted his mom with a hug.

He asked her to help him with his homework, and she was happy to teach him to study.

That night in bed, Elizabeth turned to her husband. “Can you believe how big Philip has gotten?” she asked.

“No,” Andrew agreed. “I can’t believe he’s in school now.”

“Don’t you miss what it was like when he was a toddler? I really miss having a little one around?”

“What are you saying, Elizabeth?” Andrew asked.

“I want to have another baby,” she explained.

“But . . . we really don’t have the money. It’s so hard raising a family without money . . .”

“It would make me so happy, and Grandpa George would really enjoy helping with another grandchild. Besides, you’re close to another promotion. I’m sure you’ll get it tomorrow. Please, honey?” she asked while cuddling him. Andrew couldn’t resist her charms. They started making out.

The sound of the door opening made Andrew suddenly stop and sit-up. Whether it was his son or his father, he didn’t want either to witness him making out with his wife. Andrew smiled when he saw it was Philip.

“Need something, little man?”

“I just wanted to say goodnight,” Philip said sleepily.

“Goodnight, sweetheart,” Elizabeth said laughing.

“Goodnight Mommy, Goodnight Daddy,” he said before turning around to leave.

“Philip,” Andrew called in a slightly stern voice.

“Yes, Sir?” Philip asked, confused about what he was in trouble for, but that tone definitely meant he was in trouble.

“Next time knock if Mommy and Daddy have the door shut, okay?”

“Yes, Sir,” Philip agreed, hanging his head a little in embarrassment. “Sorry, Sir. I just forgot.”

“It’s okay, just next time, okay? Goodnight, little man,” Andrew said in a much softer voice.

Philip shut the door behind him. Elizabeth and Andrew both giggled as they realized that they had nearly been caught. It didn’t take long for them to get back in the mood, though. They tried for a baby before going to bed.

The next morning it was rather obvious that Elizabeth was getting her wish. Her comfort kept bottoming out. and she was constantly nauseous. She hadn’t remembered being this nauseous with Philip.

Luckily, she had the day off and could spend most of it in bed.

George was starting to feel a little lonely. He missed his late wife. He decided to call Denise and see if she wanted to go on a date. She did, and they had a dream date.

As predicted, Andrew was promoted to intern. They celebrated that night by going to a community lot for an outing. It went well, but the people there weren’t really that interesting.

Elizabeth woke up early to call the school and tell them that she would have to take a leave of absence. She was thrilled to find out that she actually received pay still while on maternity leave. That would please Andrew. She was showing now, and was starting to get ready to have another baby.


  1. I read your first posts. You are a gifted storyteller. I felt I was right there with them the whole time. I can't wait to see what happens to your families, especially the Turners and the Sinclairs.

  2. What a cute family. This must've been the easiest one to play in the first few days, am I right? It'll be interesting to see how their various goals in life fit together.

    I'd love to see some more close-ups of the different sims. Try camera man mode (Tab) to zoom in and move around more easily.

  3. A nice introduction to the Windsor family. Life is going to be hard with another baby (or two) heh, but I'm sure they'll cope admirably.

  4. Great update. I am so far behind in reading this blog but I am hoping to get caught up soon.
    This is a very sweet and loving family. I hope it stays that way.

  5. Great stories! I've been putting off reading Emerald Isle b/c I don't have time to get deep into one, but this one is great! I love your writing style - and this family was the best so far. Of course, it could be b/c I relate to the parents of a little boy :)

  6. I think this family is the best off in the hood from what I've seen. They actually had time to teach a toddler ALL his skills! I'm excited to see their next child.

  7. It's interesting that of your starting families, 2 are all male, and 1 is all female...this is the only one with some gender variation.

    I'm reading from the beginning by the way. :)

  8. I started reading your stories and now I can't stop. I just finished reading the last season of the Cory house and started the Windsors. I'm almost up to date with the Turners but I think my favorite was the Cory house. I think Cameron Sinclair is an awesome sim, just because I'm also an aquarius.