Monday, June 11, 2007

Cory Family Season 3 Spring

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Amanda Cory—Adult female popularity sim with Aries personality
Lifetime want—have 20 simultaneous best friends

Alyssa Cory—Child female sim with Cancer personality

Year 1 Season 3—Spring

When Alyssa got home from school she asked her nanny if she could throw herself a birthday party. Her mom was at work, of course. Alyssa wished her mom could have been there, but that wasn’t going to stop her from having a good time. She wasn’t as outgoing as her mother, but she still had friends. She could be a party girl if she wanted.

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Step one for a good party—invitations. She invited her friends Will, Klaus, and Daniel Turner and Evan Sinclair. She even invited Cameron and Gary to come with Evan. Step two—birthday cake. Step three—music. Alyssa turned on the stereo her mother had given her earlier that day for her birthday.

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With everything in place, it was party time. Everyone gathered around the cake and sang “Happy Birthday” while she blew out the candles.

“Whoa, look at me,” Alyssa said. She’d always been a cute kid, but suddenly she was a hot teen. Alyssa was very pleased with her new appearance.

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It was almost enough to make her pick an aspiration to match her new looks, something like popularity or pleasure, but in her heart Alyssa knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She’d always wanted a traditional nuclear family, a mom and a dad that were there for her. She’d never even met her father; and, although she loved her mom, Amanda never had the chance to be there for Alyssa. Now was her chance to get that for herself. She wanted a loving husband and children of her own. And unlike her mom, she would find a way to be there for her family. She would pick a career in something like education so that she could spend more time with her children.

The party went on late into the night with everybody dancing and talking. The fun carried on into the next day. Amanda felt guilty about missing her daughter’s birthday so she offered to take Alyssa to the mall for a new outfit and a pampering makeover. It was a fun mother and daughter day. That night they even went to a dance club. Alyssa boogied down with her friend Philip Windsor while Amanda and Cameron danced.

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Sunday was an awful day for Amanda. She loved Cameron with all her heart. She thought he loved her, too. He’d always been kind to her; he’d listened to her thoughts and ideas; he’d even been nice to Alyssa. But it turned out that he was just a jerk like every other man. She caught him out on a date with another woman, and then he tried to play it off like he didn’t even know what he’d done wrong!

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She couldn’t believe how wrong she’d been about him. She’d thought that he was the one. She’d thought about marrying him and letting him adopt Alyssa. How could she have been so blind as to not realize that he was a womanizing romance sim? She couldn’t believe it, but it had happened, and Amanda fell into a pit of depression. She wasn’t doing that great at her job, Alyssa had grown-up and even had her birthday without her mom, and now she’d learned that her boyfriend was a two-timing jerk.

Cameron had the audacity to call her that night. He said he was sorry; it was a mistake; he really loved her. Amanda screamed at him and hung up the phone. Was she supposed to believe a single word he said? He loved her, sure, that’s why he was dating other women. He even came over that night and wouldn’t stop banging on the door until she went out to talk to him.

“Amanda, please . . . please just talk to me. I know you’re mad; you have every right to be mad, but please . . .”

“What exactly do you think that you’re going to stay that’s going to change anything?” she demanded.

“I love you, Amanda.”

“You love me, great, that’s why you were out on a date with that bimbo!”

“I admit I made a mistake. It was a really big mistake. But it made me realize how much I really love you. The second you walked away from me I knew that you’re the only woman I’ve ever actually loved, and you’re the only woman I ever will love. I don’t deserve your love, but I know now that I can’t live without you. Please, Amanda, take me back. I love you so much.”

“No,” she said angrily. “Now are we finished?”

“No,” Cameron said as a tear slipped down his cheek. He knew he didn’t deserve a woman as great as Amanda; she deserved so much better. But suddenly all the other women didn’t even matter to him anymore. He’d had a chance with an amazing person and he’d blown it, like everything else in his life. But, this time he wasn’t going to just give up and run away. “I’m not giving up on you. I’m not giving up on us. I’m going to come by your house every night and talk to the door if you won’t come out and I’ll apologize every fifteen minutes until you take me back.”

Amanda wasn’t ready to hear it yet. She walked away from him and flung the door shut, but she didn’t lock it and didn’t stop him when he came inside after her. Deep down, really deep down, she still loved him, even if she was furious with him. It hurt her to see him crying over her. She couldn’t forgive him, not yet, but she wasn’t going to throw him out. She would tolerate his presence for the time being until he finally found a way to earn her forgiveness.

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Alyssa stopped by the grocery store on the way home form school. She was in charge of a lot of little chores now that she was a teenager. She grabbed a pound of hamburger, a few onions, some tomato soup, cheese, and crackers. She was planning on making chili for dinner.

When she brought her basket up to the checkout a really cute guy asked her “Can I help you?”

Alyssa was speechless. He was incredibly handsome. He was very tan with frosty blonde hair like a surfer. He had a really cute smile, too.

“Ummm, did you want to purchase those?” he asked.

It was only then that Alyssa realized that she’d been standing there with her mouth open not saying a word. “Uhh, yeah, sorry,” she quickly replied.

His voice was soft and sweet when he told her that her total was 321 simoleons. Alyssa told herself that there was no way he would be interested in her. A guy like that probably already had 3 girlfriends, but then she remembered her hot new body and decided to at least feel him out. She chatted with him for a minute about nothing, but they found that they had enough in common to talk about. She felt silly, though, trying to pick-up a guy at the grocery store.

“Okay, well bye,” she said awkwardly.

“Hey, umm . . . . A-A-Alysa . . . here’s my number, you know, ummm, if you ever wanted to call me . . . or something,” he said rather shyly as he slipped her a bit of register paper with his phone number on it. Alyssa thought he looked nervous and vulnerable when he gave it to her, but she figured that he probably put on this act for all of the girls. Still, she called him that night and invited him over. There was nothing wrong with at least finding out a little bit more about him.

Alyssa feared her worries were confirmed when he immediately began charming her upon arriving at her house.

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But, she’d invited him over, so she might as well find out as much as she could about him.

“So, umm, what do you want?” she asked.

“I want to get into private school,” he said.

“Emerald Isle Academy? That’s where I go,” she said with a smile. “It’s a great school and the headmaster is actually pretty cool.” She was relieved that he hadn’t said make-out with some chick, but then again, what guy would actually tell you that right away?

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“What’s your sign?” she asked next.

“Capricorn, you?” he replied.

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“Cancer,” she said. Capricorns were nice, she thought. She could see herself with a Capricorn some day. Alyssa was starting to feel herself fall for George. She figured she might as well go for it and let him reject her now instead of later. “So you like what you see?” she asked boldly.

“Oh yeah!” he said his eyes lighting up. “I really like your make-up. You’re really pretty,” he replied, but then he got nervous again and then looked at his feet.

Alyssa suddenly realized that he was as nervous as she was. She remembered how scared and vulnerable he’d looked when he’d given her his number, and was starting to believe that it wasn’t an act. Capricorns could be shy. Maybe he really had been so taken by her that he’d braved her rejection when he gave her that paper.

“I really like you, too,” she whispered. He took a quick breath then smiled at her, suddenly seeming less scared. She invited him inside and they talked some more as they watched television. She learned that he was really smart and had a lot of skills. He said he was an expert in a few and very good at a lot. Alyssa was excited. She thought that she had probably found the man for her, but she didn’t want to get too carried away with herself. After all, her mom had thought that Cameron was right, too.

The next day after school Alyssa immediately called George and asked him to come over for a date. She was right about his feelings for her, because he quickly agreed. That afternoon he nervously confided in her that he was a fortune sim. “You’re not romance are you?” he asked meekly.

Alyssa shook her head. “Family,” she whispered. “Are you fortune . . . like I wouldn’t mind earning some money to raise a family, fortune?” she asked hopefully.

He nodded. With that it was official; they had major crushes on each other.

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That night Amanda came home much happier. She’d finally gotten her promotion. She was now an obituary writer. It wasn’t the glamorous position she’d hoped for, but at least the hours and the pay were better.

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To celebrate Amanda bought herself a fancy new car

and threw herself a party. She invited all of the neighbors and they had a good time.

As Alyssa danced with George at the party, things finally seemed to be going right for her. Her mom had gotten a promotion with reasonable hours, Cameron was hopefully out of their lives, and she had a really hot and sweet boyfriend. She leaned in and hugged George close.

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She knew that he was as into her as she was into him. They just felt right together. She glanced at him as butterflies filled her stomach. She knew what she wanted to do, and she was pretty sure that George would like it to, but she wasn’t positive . . . he was so shy. “Do you want to kiss me?” she offered.

George immediately went bashful and looked at the floor. Of course he wanted to kiss her, but he was still worried that she was too pretty and popular for him. Maybe she was just teasing him?

Alyssa reached for his cheek and gently turned his eyes to meet hers. “I want to kiss you,” she whispered.

He gave her one last bashful glance, and they both leaned awkwardly in. Neither one of them had ever kissed anyone before, but when it actually happened, it was a magical moment.

“Thanks for being you, Alyssa,” he whispered as he hugged her tight. “Most girls would have laughed at me for not knowing how to kiss.”

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“That was amazing. I’m pretty sure you know what you’re doing now, but maybe we should practice a little,” she suggested with a giggle.

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Season Recap

1. Alyssa transitioned to a teen. Her aspiration is family and her lifetime want is to reach the top of the education career.

2. Amanda caught Cameron cheating. As mad as she was at him, she tolerated his presence during the furious state and might make-up with him soon.

3. Alyssa met George, a grocery clerk. They had a good date and had their first kiss. George is a fortune sim and a Capricorn.

Author’s Comments

Since I had all 4 of my families having a child transition to a teen on the first day of Spring, I played the first day with all 4 families to play their birthdays all in a row. I’m sure it’s against the rules, but it only seemed fair that they all have the same chance to interact with fellow teens the rest of the season. That’s why Amanda didn’t discover Cameron’s cheating until midseason, but it actually makes the stories match together nicely.

What do you all think of George? I like that he’s a fortune sim, he has LOTS of skills, and blonde hair. I don’t like that his skintone is so dark (S2 would be okay, but S3 just looks odd) and has brown eyes instead of blue. I’m a little concerned about him being a Capricorn, too. Present Zodiac only gives 1 point for “Active” for Capricorn. They are neat, playful, and at least neutrally nice, though. Alyssa is 2 lightning bolts with George, but she is 3 lightning bolts with Daniel Turner. I didn’t really want to blend those families yet, though, because I wanted a pure Cory line. Also if I have them both meet other townies and have children I have two chances at pretty children. What do you think?


  1. That was cute, so happy that Alyssa found love with George.
    George is a cute sim- he's married into several of my families. He does have rather a large bumpy nose upon transition to adult which tends to travel down the generations, but nice looking offspring he has. :)

  2. I guess since I am so stuck on attraction, I usually go with the highest one, so I guess I'm voting for Daniel. But George isn't bad looking at all. And he seems nice enough.

  3. That's interesting about playing Day 1 for all four families at once. I haven't done that...but it sorta worked out for me because sims of different ages ended up being teens at the same time when they wouldn't have otherwise.