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Turner Family Season 4 Summer

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Nicholas Turner—Elder male romance sim with Aries personality
Lifetime want—have 20 simultaneous lovers

Monty Turner—Elder male fortune sim with Sagittarius personality
Lifetime want—own 5 top level businesses

Will Turner—Teen male family sim with Cancer personality
Lifetime want—Graduate 3 children from college

Klaus Turner—Teen male knowledge sim with Gemini personality
Lifetime want—Max out 7 skills

Daniel Turner—Teen male family sim with Libra personality
Lifetime want—Raise 20 puppies or kittens

Season 4—Summer

Will and Klaus were still having problems balancing it all. They were up at 3 AM doing their homework. It was hard to keep up with the house, a job for Klaus, school, friends, and everything. Not only did that not have their parents to guide them, but they had to shoulder a lot of adult responsibilities on their own.

Will really would have lost it if he’d known what Nicholas was spending part of their money on. Nich called a local gypsy and bought some love potion off of her. He already had 7 girlfriends, but he wasn’t happy stopping there. He wanted 20, and if he was going to get there sometime in his lifetime, he needed some help.

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The potion had the desired affect, and he was able to add a few loves to his list.

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The boys arrived home from school shortly thereafter. Will immediately went to the phone and invited his best friend Amaya over, but then he was faced with a dilemma. You see, he’d met the perfect guy for Amaya. His name was Philip Windsor; and he was nice, funny, and blond. All of those were things that Amaya looked for in a potential romance, but more than that, Philip loved dating. That fit in great with Amaya’s desires for romance. Will knew they were made for each other, but the problem was that he still had a major crush on Amaya. Will knew that Shenene was a much better match for him, but he still had feelings for Amaya. She had been his first crush, and sometimes his heart still skipped a beat when he thought about the dreams he’d had for the two of them. Seeing her with another man would break his heart, even if he was the one setting them up. Will stared at the phone that he was still holding in his hand and dialed Philip’s number. He wanted Amaya to be happy, like he would be happy with Shenene.

When they arrived, Will introduced Amaya to Philip, and as expected, they hit it off great, even if it was hard for Will to watch them together.

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Grandpa Monty had started writing a novel. He wanted money, and he had heard that you could make a lot of money from selling novels. He went to work at writing and quickly maxed out his creativity skills.

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After Amaya and Philip left, Will was feeling very lonely. Seeing them laugh together had hurt as much as Will had expected. He called Shenene and invited her over. He had to remind himself that there was someone that was romantically interested in him just the way he was, family sim and all. Shenene was a wonderful and sweet girl, even if she wasn’t quite as attractive as Amaya. They played some chess and talked. They even hugged. Will really wanted to kiss her. He wanted someone to love him, and he was pretty sure that Shenene was the girl, but there were still doubts and fears in his mind. What if she didn’t want to kiss him? What if she told him he was moving too fast? What if he went to kiss her and she just flat out rejected him and stormed off? Will was sure that would simply crush him. Still, his hormones were telling him to kiss her. So, he leaned into her. He figured that if she wanted to kiss him, she would initiate the kiss herself. If she didn’t want to kiss him, then when he leaned in close and paused for a minute, if she didn’t respond, he’d just hug her again and swallow his hurt pride.

Shenene was the girl for him, and she didn’t keep him waiting. She puckered up and they both enjoyed their first kiss. She hugged him afterward. “You were really hesitant to start that weren’t you?” she asked.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t want me,” Will whispered. It was hard to talk so openly about his fears. He didn’t think he could explain to her why he was so afraid of rejection.

“You don’t have to be scared with me, Will. I really like you,” she said.

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The next day, Monty learned that his new novel was selling like crazy. Monty was pleased until he found out that his royalties from it were only 2,500 simoleons.

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It was Saturday, finally. The family had their traditional breakfast and spent some time together before they all went to work on their skill building and chores. Will invited Shenene over and they cuddled on the couch while watching television.

He’d been contemplating what she’d said the night before. It seemed like a clear invitation to take their relationship further. Will really wanted to ask her to go steady with him, but he was still terrified of asking her despite her reassurances. He knew she wanted to be romantically involved with him, but he wanted to be her only boyfriend. She was a pleasure sim; some pleasure sims could happily settle down with just one guy while others craved dating lots of men. What if she rejected him and told him that she wanted to go out with lots of guys? Will began hyperventilating as he thought about asking her. He could practically see her laughing at him for even thinking that she might want to be with him and him alone. Will broke out into a cold sweat as he thought about it more and more.

“Will, what’s wrong?” she asked as she noticed his sudden pallor and odd breathing.

His previous experiences with rejection and abandonment flashed through his mind. He remembered exactly what it felt like when his Grandfather Nicholas had refused to help him take care of Daniel and Klaus; he remembered the embarrassment he felt when Amaya told him that she just wanted to be friends. He didn’t think Shenene was like that. She’d said he didn’t have to be afraid with her, but what if she did reject him too? Will knew he’d be broken beyond healing if yet another person he’d tried to reach out to rejected him. He felt like he was going to throw up, but he had to get the words out of his mouth; he had to know . . . one way or the other, he had to know. “Will you . . . will you go steady with me?”

She smiled in surprise. “Of course, Will. I haven’t even thought about being with another guy since I met you.”

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“I love you,” he whispered. He felt . . . content. It wasn’t a feeling he was use to.

“I love you, too,” she replied. “You’re a wonderful man, Will Turner, and I’m happy and proud to be your girl.”

Grandpa Monty and Grandfather Nicholas returned home from work. Grandpa Monty unexpectedly clutched his chest and called up to the house for one of the boys to call an ambulance. He was pretty sure that he was having a heart attack.

He fought to hang on at first as he could feel death taking him, but then he saw something, and it was beautiful. There were hula girls, and they were taking him to a better place. Grandpa Monty gave up his struggle and happily passed on.

Will began to cry as the rest of the Turner family waved goodbye to Monty. After a very brief moment of mourning, most of the Turners began to go about their business as usual, except for Will. Will couldn’t stop crying. He just stood at the spot Monty had died at and sobbed.

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Will had finally started to move on from his parent’s death. He’d found an adult he could at least talk to a little in Monty. He’d never been able to completely open up to his Grandpa, but when he’d really, desperately needed someone, Monty had been there. He was the only thing close to a mentor he’d had in his life. Now he was ripped away from him, too. Will was completely overcome with grief. He could do nothing besides stand there and cry.

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“Will, honey,” Shenene finally took notice of just how distraught Will was. “It was his time. It’s not sad when it’s his time to go. He’s in a better place now.”

Will just continued to sob hysterically. “But, I still need him,” he dared whisper to her.

“Ohh, Will,” she said with genuine concern. She caressed his face gently. She knew him well enough now that she quickly recognized what part of the problem was. “You’re tired and starving, aren’t you?”

He nodded slowly. His recurring nightmares about his parents had kept him up again the night before, and he’d been so worried about asking her to be his girl, that he’d completely forgotten to eat lunch.

“No wonder it’s hard for you to deal with this right now. Why don’t you go inside and cook dinner? You’ll feel better when you aren’t starving anymore.” He didn’t move. “What had you planned to cook tonight?” she gently moved him towards the house.

“Spa-spaghetti,” he managed to get out between sobs.

“Good, why don’t we have some spaghetti? We can have a nice family dinner. You always feel better when you get to sit and eat with Klaus and Daniel, don’t you? We’ll get some food in you, and you’ll get to spend some time with me and your brothers, and then it won’t be as bad. Do you feel up to cooking it, or do you want me to try?” she asked.

“I can . . . I can do it,” he whispered. Klaus and Daniel probably were hungry, and she was right that he was starving. He didn’t feel up to cooking, but he needed to provide nourishment for the family. That was his job. And besides, Shenene didn’t have any cooking skills, and they couldn’t afford to waste food.

He started to prep the spaghetti for cooking, but he kept having to stop for random crying fits. He just couldn’t control it. He felt so miserable, so alone.

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Klaus was on the phone. When he hung up, he had a huge announcement. “Sweet! Grandpa Monty had a huge insurance policy. He had one in all of our names, so he left us a ton of money!” He was very happy about it. Daniel and Grandfather Nicholas seemed pleased, too.

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But, the news only made Will cry harder. Grandpa Monty had thought of him. He’d managed to provide for him in a way that even his parents had forgotten. It really touched Will deep inside to know that his Grandpa had loved him.

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Finally, Will managed to make the spaghetti. Daniel, Klaus, and Shenene sat down with him and had a family meal. Shenene was right, he didn’t feel quite as hysterical now that he wasn’t starving, but he still felt miserable. The social contact with his brothers and his girlfriend helped some, but Will was still very depressed. He missed Grandpa Monty. Yet again, he had no one to turn to for help or advice in his life.

“Will, honey, I’ve got to get back to the dorms. It’s past curfew,” Shenene explained. Her parents lived off the island. They had sent her to boarding school at Emerald Isle Academy, so she lived in the dorms on the island and never really saw her parents. “Are you going to be okay, sweetheart, or do you want me to try to spend the night without getting caught?”

“I’ll be okay,” Will whispered. It was a lie. He was no where near okay, but he didn’t want her to risk getting into trouble for him.

The next day was Will’s high school graduation. He didn’t even bother going to the ceremony. What was the point if there was no one there to cheer when they called your name? Instead, he planted a legacy apple tree in his parents’ and Monty’s memory. He did call and talk to Shenene that morning, but for once, it didn’t make him feel any better.

Will found himself crying in the graveyard behind their house. After his parents had died, Will had frequently come out to the graveyard to cry and talk things out with their headstones, but he hadn’t had to do it in years. Still, at the moment, standing there and crying was the only thing he felt capable of doing.

The tears trickled down his cheeks as she stood there in silence staring at the headstones. It was a long time before he could find his voice. “Mom, Dad, Grandpa Monty, I graduated from high school today.” His voice was extremely soft and it cracked on every other word, but he needed to tell them. “I . . . I wish that one of you could have been there . . .”

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He moved over to Grandpa Monty’s grave and cried in silence some more. He wasn’t really angry at him. Just like his parents, it wasn’t Monty’s fault that he had died. Still, Will couldn’t help but demanding “Why did you have to die?” Before Monty’s death, Will had planned to get a job during the day and go to community college at night. It wasn’t really going to college like he’d always dreamed of, but at least he might have eventually been able to get a degree. Now, without Monty’s income, that wasn’t a possibility anymore.

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Will continued to cry. Finally he got to the deepest pain. “Shenene’s parents are sending her to Academie Le Tour!” Will knew he couldn’t ask her to remain faithful to him until she graduated. That wasn’t fair to her, and it would only set himself up for rejection. It was tearing him apart to know that he was going to lose her love, too. In one day he had gone from having a girlfriend and dreams of getting a degree to having nothing.

“I don’t mind the responsibility. I don’t mind working hard. I know I have to provide for Klaus and Daniel, but . . . do I have to give up on all of my dreams? All of them? I want to be with Shenene. I want to go to college,” he cried.

“We think you should go,” a voice said from behind him.

Will didn’t even bother wiping the tears from his eyes this time. His brothers obviously had heard how hard he was crying and had heard what he said. “I can’t,” he whispered between sobs.

“Why not?” Daniel asked.

“You know why not,” Will said.

“Daniel and I aren’t little kids anymore, Will. We’re old enough to take care of ourselves. We’ll be all right if you want to go to college,” Klaus explained.

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“Grandfather Nicholas probably isn’t going to be around very long either. I won’t just leave you two on your own,” Will explained.

“Daniel’s already several years older than you were when Mom and Dad died,” Klaus reminded him.

Although he knew all of their ages, Will had never realized that. His little brothers weren’t so little anymore. Still, he wouldn’t put anyone through what he’d gone through trying to handle the responsibility of being the head of house at that young an age. Besides, there were other insurmountable obstacles. “We don’t have the money,” Will said.

“There are grants and assistance funds for teens like us, Will. I’ve looked into it for myself. We qualify for a pretty big scholarship just because we’re orphans, and there are other skill based scholarships, too. They aren’t all the traditional things you’d think of. I bet with the skills you’ve learned cooking and cleaning for us, you’ll qualify for some based on that. You could get enough money, even enough to go to Academie Le Tour.”

“No,” Will stopped him. “We need an adult income to pay the household bills. We need money for groceries and to pay the utilities so the repo man doesn’t come take everything again. I know you remember what losing all our stuff to the repo man was like, but I . . . I never made you guys go without food. You have no idea how hard that is . . . to be starving and not have enough money to buy groceries. We need me to get a job so that doesn’t happen again. We don’t have Grandpa Monty’s income anymore and we can’t count on Grandfather Nicholas’ for long either.”

“We can live off of the life insurance money for a while, Will. It was a really big check. It will pay for bills and groceries until you get back. And by going to college, you’ll be increasing your earning abilities so that you can make a lot more money pretty soon. That just makes financial sense.”

“Are you sure you two would be okay? It’s a lot harder to take care of the house than you realize. I never knew how much it took until I was actually doing it,” Will questioned.

Daniel came up and hugged him. “You’ve made so many sacrifices for us. You shouldn’t have to deny yourself all of your dreams. We want you to have this. Klaus and I can handle it. It will be easier for us because there are two of us and we have each other. And, you’re not really leaving us. If we have questions or problems or just need advice we can always call and talk to you. If we get into any really big trouble you could come home, but I don’t think that will happen. We love you, brother; we want you to be happy.”

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Tears filled Will’s eyes again, but this time in happiness. He was so proud of his brothers. They cared about him, and that felt wonderful.

Will went into the house and started an online application to Academie Le Tour. His hopes were quickly dashed. Shame flooded over him as he read the application requirements. Luckily, Daniel had come in to check on him.

“What’s wrong, Will?” Daniel asked when he saw that his brother was crying once again.

“They are never going to admit me to this school,” he said in dismay. “They want all of my high school transcripts.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Daniel asked. He knew his brother got good grades. He’d been on the honor roll.

“I . . . I never told anyone, because I was so ashamed, but . . . when Mom and Dad died I didn’t do so good at balancing everything. I brought home some really bad report cards, the kind Dad would have tanned my hide for. The admissions board will never accept me when they see that I got Ds and an F freshman year.”

“Will,” Daniel whispered before putting an arm around his brother’s shoulders. He’d had no idea that things had been that hard for his brother. Will had never let either of his brothers go a day without doing their homework. Daniel was once again reminded of how much his brother had done for him. “All college admissions require an essay. If you talk about Mom and Dad, and raising me and Klaus . . . the admissions board will overlook a few bad grades that happened right at that time. They’ll understand why that happened, and they’ll be even more impressed that you managed to turn things around and bring yourself up to constant As.”

“You mean . . . tell them the details about what it was like when Mom and Dad died and . . . about how I struggled? You want me to write about all that?” Will wasn’t sure he could do it. Pouring his heart out on a piece of paper, dragging up all of those past pains, and to complete strangers?

“The’ll let you in if you do, Will,” Daniel said with confidence.

Will nodded. He was determined. Getting into Academie Le Tour was worth it. It was his lifelong dream to attend there, get married, have kids, and send his children there. If he could get in then maybe he could fulfill that dream with Shenene. Still, it would be really painful to write all of that. “Will you stay with me, Daniel?” Will asked, “While I work on the hard parts?”

Of course Daniel agreed. He was there for his brother as he struggled through the emotions of putting his past into words, and Daniel was even able to make some suggestions since he was so good with writing.

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With his application finally sent, Will moved onto researching scholarships. He was happy to discover that Klaus was right. He was awarded 1,500 simoleons from the Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund. He also received scholarships for his grades and his cooking, cleaning, and logic skills. All together it added up to 4,750 simoleons, certainly enough to pay for a few semesters of tuition.

The reply letter from Academy Le Tour came very quickly. Will held the envelope. He was so scared; he couldn’t do anything besides hold the letter in his very shaky hands.

“Aren’t you going to open it?” Klaus asked.

Will shook his head. Right then he still had his dreams. If he opened the letter and it was a rejection letter, he’d have nothing again. He just couldn’t bring himself to open it and see in writing ‘no, we don’t want you.’

“I’ll open it for you, then,” Klaus suggested, reaching for the letter.

“No,” Will whispered. His hands were trembling like crazy as he ripped the envelope. He stared for a long time at the words, unable to say anything. Tears started flooding his eyes.

“There’s always Sim State,” Daniel suggested, trying to console his brother. It wasn’t right. If anyone deserved to go to Academie Le Tour, it was Will.

“It’s a yes,” Will finally found his breath to say. Both brothers ran up and hugged him, and they all cried together. It would be hard for them to be apart from each other, but Will was going to get to realize his dream, and they were just a phone call away.

The cab came to pick Will up and the whole family followed behind him to wave goodbye.

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The house felt really empty without Monty and Will around.

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Daniel decided that they needed a pet to help fill the void. He’d wanted to get an animal for companionship for a while, but now there was enough room and money for one. He invited a few friends to go with him on an outing to the pet store.

They had a rockin’ time, but Daniel found out that the pet stores only sold adult pets, so he didn’t purchase one after all. It was silly, but Daniel really wanted a kitten. He wanted something he could nurture and care for the way his brother had cared for him. Daniel knew that there were a lot of innocent little kittens that nobody wanted, that just wanted someone to love them. That really resonated with Daniel, so he called the local animal shelter. They sent a police officer over right away with a little black kitten that had been abandoned. Daniel knew immediately what he wanted to call his new little love. “Don’t worry, Liebe. I’m going to take really good care of you,” he explained as he cuddled the little furball. Daniel had been taking several language classes in school, and the German nickname just felt natural to him.

Grandfather Nicholas continued his romancing

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while Daniel played with the newest and littlest member of the family.

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Season Recap

1. Will had his first kiss with Shenene and asked her to go steady with him.

2. Grandpa Monty passed away from old age. He did not achieve his lifetime want and did not get a platinum gravestone. He left a good inheritance to a lot of people. Will was very upset over the loss.

3. Nich continued adding to his love count. I think he’s up to 10.

4. Klaus and Daniel stayed busy skill building for most of the season.

5. Will left for college. He will be attending Academie Le Tour with Shenene. He got the Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund, the Sim City Scholar’s grant, the London Culinary Arts scholarship, the Will Wright Genius grant, and the Kim Metro Prize for Hygenics totaling 4,750 simoleons.

6. Daniel got his first kitten. It is a black male kitten named Liebe.

Author’s Notes

Monty is the first sim I’ve ever had die in my game. I cried. And, I didn’t even manage to get him the platinum gravestone. I’d calculated that he could die that day, but looking at his life meter he still had plenty of time. I’d managed to keep him platinum for days while writing his novel, but I let him go to work that day and he dropped to green while at work. He died immediately after getting out of the carpool. So, I’ve learned my lesson, do not really trust the life meter for elders.

I have no idea what makes some sims cry and mourn more than others. Will cried the most when his parents died, but I thought that it was just because he was the only family sim at the time. This time when Monty passed away, several of my sims simply waved him goodbye. Daniel and Klaus immediately moved on to doing other things, but Will stood there and cried forever. I couldn’t even direct him to do other things. He had to stop and cry about 3 or 4 times while cooking dinner. I’m amazed he didn’t burn it. When the inheritance kicked in, Will got a red memory of it, but all of the other sims got a blue happy one of it. I understand why Will would be so upset, but why isn’t Daniel? He had an even higher relationship with Monty and is a family sim as well. I just find it very odd that he isn’t as devastated as Will.

The house does feel very empty without Will and Monty. I really miss having my three boys in the same household. I think I’m going to have to remake them in another neighborhood to play together just for fun. They were so cute together.


  1. I love the stories you tell for your Sims. You're a very talented writer. You actually had me almost in tears reading bout Monty's passing. Good Job and sorry he didn't die platinum for ya.

  2. Oh no! Not Monty! Why couldn't it have been Nicholas? I hurt for Will with that one. I'm glad he got his girlfriend though, and that he decided to go to college. I understand why you'd miss the three of them together.

  3. Wonderful update. How great that Shenene and Will are going steady. She was a great comfort to him when Grandpa Monty died. That was sad- it's very sad to see your first Sims' old age death.

    If a Sim has 3 logic skill points they can meditate, thus freezing their mood and aspiration- could be useful for the next platinum death. (my tip for the day). :)

    Even so Monty left them money which is great and I'm so happy that Will is able to go to college.

  4. Aww, poor Will! But I'm glad things are looking up for him. He's such a good boy.

    My first sim death was Mortimer Goth, and I cried too. It can be hard to let them go. I had another sim, in a Legacy family, who was the first Romance sim I ever actually played--previously I just deleted them or chose other aspirations. But this sim, Christian Heritage, was the best sim ever. Great dad, good, faithful spouse, wonderful grandfather. His whole family fell apart at his death, and I wrote an "obituary" for him for my legacy group, with tears running down my cheeks. Amazing how real those little pixel guys can be.

    At any rate, I enjoyed the update and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Will! I'm glad his brothers encouraged him to go for it.

  5. Siren u have to keep writing these. Especially the the Cory and Windsor families. they are great. u are the best writer i have seen in a long time. keep writing. u rock