Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sinclair Family Season 3

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Gary Sinclair—Adult male fortune sim with Scorpio personality
Lifetime want—earn $100,000

Cameron Sinclair—Adult male romance sim with Aquarius personality
Lifetime want—become professional party guest

Evan Sinclair—Child male sim with Taurus personality

Year 1 Season 3—Spring

Evan came home from school to a huge surprise birthday party for him. His father and Uncle Cam had invited all of his friends. They even had a nice cake for him. Unlike last time, Evan got to blow out the candles before he grew up. The party was a great time. And, like his friend Daniel, Evan became a teenager, a rather hot young teen.

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“So, Ev, what do you want to pick for your aspiration? It’s time to make it official. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” Cameron asked.

“Knowledge,” Evan said confidently.

“Knowledge?” Cameron asked, surprised. He’d been sure that Evan would pick fortune like his father.

“Dad says college is really important for me. A knowledge aspiration will help me get through college. I’m sure that’s what will make Dad happy.”

“Ev, there are things after college. There are more things than just pleasing your dad.”

“I know. I mean, I have friends, but I really just want Dad to be proud of me someday. I thought if I maybe graduated from college with highest honors, then maybe he’d be happy with me. After that I thought about maybe trying to reach the top of the journalism career. That does interest me, and it would bring in a lot of money to make Dad happy.”

“Okay, Ev,” Cameron conceded. “Just make sure it makes you happy, okay?” Cameron gave Evan a hug. That settled it, though. He was going to have to have a talk with Gary. He was pushing his son towards a nervous breakdown.

There were more immediate concerns, though. What party would be complete without a woohoo? He invited Amanda upstairs and got what he needed from her.

That night after all of the party guests were gone, Cameron asked to speak to Gary privately.

“You want to talk?” Gary asked. “What did you do this time?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Cameron said, trying not to get angry at Gary’s assumption. “I want to talk to you about Evan.”

Concern flashed across Gary’s face. “What’s wrong with Evan?”

“You have got to ease up on him, Gary,” Cameron explained.

“You’re giving me parenting advice?”

“No, I certainly don’t know anything about raising children, but I do know about being in Evan’s position, trying to live up to your expectations. He’s handling it better than I ever did, but eventually he’s going to realize that he can’t live up to what you want, and then he’s either going to go crazy or run away like I did.”

“You’re blaming me for your running away?”

“No, of course not. I ran away because the old man was beating the crap out of me every day. But, maybe if you’d shown me a little more love, if I’d felt closer to you, I wouldn’t have . . .”

“Cameron, I loved you a lot. That’s why I always pushed you so hard.”

“But, you pushed me too hard. I knew I couldn’t please you, that you’d never love me for who I was, so I ran off. Don’t put Evan in that situation.”

“Evan isn’t you, Cameron. He’s doing great in school; he’s learning skills quickly; he’s . . .”

“Do you know why he chose knowledge for his life aspiration?”

“Because he likes learning,” Gary guessed.

“He chose it because it’s what he thought you wanted from him. He told me that all he wants out of life is to make you proud.”

Gary just stared at him blankly. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Didn’t Evan know how proud of him he was already? Didn’t his son know how much he loved him?

“Let me ask you something, Gary. When was the last time you remember Evan coming to you with a problem? When was the last time he woke you up crying in the middle of the night?”

“What?” Gary asked in shock. “Evan . . .”

“He woke me up crying two nights ago. I’ve lost track of the number of times he’s come to me for help because he was too afraid to ask you.”

Gary shook his head. Cameron’s words were finally starting to sink in. “I . . . I . . .”

“Just lighten up on him, okay? We all want to see him succeed. He will on his own. Just tell him that you love him occasionally; tell him that you’re proud of him.”

Gary made a resolution right then to be kinder to his son.

The next day Gary began a run on promotions. He was promoted to Detective, and then Lieutenant. Shortly thereafter Gary was faced with a tough decision at work. He had to make an example out of two rogue sergeants and threaten to take away their badges. That tactic worked, though, and the chief promoted Gary to a SWAT team leader.

Cameron was also getting promotion after promotion as well, but he was woohooing his way to the top. First Cameron was promoted to being a party DJ, then he made the right decision about what type of music to play and earned some skill points as a bonus. The easiest thing to do, though, was to continually have dream dates with Tara. She kept pulling strings to get him promotions. He eventually got promoted to being a freelance photographer.

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He got tired of spending so much time with Tara. He didn’t really like her. He was just using her for the promotions. He wanted to spend more time with Amanda, but he did at least discover a new pastime. Woohoo in Gary’s car was something both he and Tara could really enjoy.

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Since he was finally finding success in his career, Gary started to think more and more about his family. He cared about Evan so much, and he was taking Cameron’s words to heart. He was beginning to think that maybe Evan needed a new mom. A caring mom to be there for Evan while Gary was working on his career would certainly make things easier. Besides, the spring air was starting to make him long for a bit of romance.

He went on a couple of dates and met a couple of sims with potential. First there was Allyn.

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Gary liked her black hair and tan skin tone. She dressed a little trampy to be the motherly kind, but outfits could be changed, heavy make-up could be removed.

The second candidate was Regina.

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Gary knew her from the police force. He didn’t really like her blonde hair or heavy make-up, but she did have a very cute face for potential future babies. She also was a fortune sim, which gave them a lot in common.

Tara called and asked Cameron if he wanted to go on another date. Another promotion sounded good to him, so he agreed. He was a little hesitant to say ‘yes’ only because he normally only met Tara at the house. He was a little worried about running into Amanda or Jan while they were out, but he reasoned that he would just not make any overt romantic moves on Tara until they got home and it would be okay.

Within moments of arriving at the dance hall with Tara he saw Amanda. Cameron was nervous and was about to suggest a change in venue when Amanda approached them.

“You jerk!” she screamed. Cameron had never seen her with an angry face before, and he didn’t like it at all.

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“Amanda,” he said in surprise. “Why are you so upset?” he asked. There was no way that she could tell he was on a date with Tara just from them getting out of a cab together, could she?

She slapped him. “I thought we had something, Cameron. I thought you were special, but you are just a jerk like all other men!” She stormed off.

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“Amanda!” he called. He was about to run after her and apologize when he saw Tara still standing next to him. He’d already messed things up with Amanda. There was no point in messing things up with Tara and messing up his chance at a promotion as well.

“Who was she?” Tara asked, apparently not too upset about the fight she’d just witnessed.

“Ummm, nobody, just an old girlfriend,” Cameron lied.

“And who’s she then?” Jan asked from behind him.

“Jan,” Cameron started. When had she arrived on the lot? Jan slapped him just as fast as Amanda had and huffed off herself.

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“Well,” Tara said, “any other girlfriends I need to know about?”

Cameron shook his head. Amazingly Tara didn’t seem even the slightest bit upset about the incidents. “Wanna go back to my place?” he asked. He felt miserable. He hadn’t meant to hurt either girl, and he suddenly realized that he really, really missed Amanda. But, feeling sorry for himself wasn’t going to help anything. He might as well still try for that promotion.

“Sure, maybe we could park in your driveway for a while again,” Tara agreed.

Cameron managed to still have a great date with Tara, but he just wasn’t into it. He was distraught over losing Amanda. He really loved her. He’d never realized it when he was dating all three girls, but there was a difference in the way he felt about Amanda and the way he felt about most women. He hadn’t been using her the way he’d been using Tara or Jan. He was mooching off of them, but he loved Amanda. Without her life seemed . . . empty. He had to find a way to fix things with her. He just couldn’t face the possibility of living life without her.

He tried calling her on the phone first. Just the sound of her voice when she answered the phone made his heart skip a beat. “Amanda . . .” he began.

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“Don’t call me again, jerk!” she yelled before hanging up the phone.

Cameron felt tears in his eyes for the first time since he was a kid. He didn’t cry. He didn’t show emotion. The old man had taught him that. Still, he felt like he could curl up into a ball and cry for days. “Amanda,” he whispered into the air as his lip trembled.

Unable to deal with the emotions he was feeling, Cameron did the only thing that seemed reasonable to him. He went to the bar to drink his sorrows away.

Season Recap

1. Evan became a teen and chose the knowledge aspiration. His lifetime want is to reach the top of the journalism career.

2. Gary got promoted to SWAT team leader. Cameron got promoted to freelance photographer.

3. Both Amanda and Jan caught Cameron cheating with Tara.

Author’s Comments

I honestly had no idea that just being on a date in the presence of another love would trigger the cheating reaction. I really want to get Cameron together with Amanda and had no intentions of ever letting her catch him cheating. But, it happened. Amazingly, this is actually following the plotline of Another World, the soap opera the character names are from, pretty closely. It’s truly not intentional, though. I hope to try to reconcile Amanda and Cameron soon.


  1. That was a nice speech from Cam to Gary about Evan. I think Evan's a cutie and has chosen a good path in Knowledge.
    Cam got caught out huh?! Poor Cam- he seems to really like Amanda and I hope he can make it up with her- community dates can be very dangerous for Romance Sims...lol.

  2. poor Cameron, being dumped although he did kinda deserve it. If it was me I'd have Gary get together with her and then that could add more drama.
    Alhtough I dare say Alyssa Amanda's daughter will have to choose between Evan and the Turner boy Daniel?

  3. Is it bad that I found Cam's date really funny? :)