Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Turner Family Season 3

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Nicholas Turner—Elder male romance sim with Aries personality
Lifetime want—have 20 simultaneous lovers

Monty Turner—Elder male fortune sim with Sagittarius personality
Lifetime want—own 5 top level businesses

Will Turner—Teen male family sim with Cancer personality
Lifetime want—Graduate 3 children from college

Klaus Turner—Teen male knowledge sim with Gemini personality
Lifetime want—Max out 7 skills

Daniel Turner—Child male sim with Libra personality

Year 1 Season 3—Spring

It was Spring, and Spring is a time for romance. Grandfather Nicholas couldn’t be happier about that. He had several loves already, but he was still a long way from the 20 he desired. He invited Brandi over on a date. She was a pretty young thing, but boy was she conservative. All the moves that normally attracted the ladies just irritated her. But, Nich didn’t give up that easy. He worked his way to a crush with her.

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Will got home from school and realized that it was time for his little brother’s birthday. He couldn’t believe how much Daniel had grown up already. It seemed like it had been only a few days since he’d taught him to walk and use the potty. But, it had been years, some very difficult years. But, it was a night for celebration. The problem was that no one could make it to the party. Nicholas, Monty, and Klaus all had to work. Will tried to convince them that they had to stay home; it was Daniel’s birthday. This was important! But, they reminded him that they’d stayed home for Christmas and that staying home another day would probably result in their being fired, which they all knew they couldn’t afford.

Daniel was off to a good start to his birthday already. He’d won another spelling bee at school, and this time he’d won a logic point. He really was a very bright young boy.

He was surprised to find out that his brother had organized a party for his birthday. Most of the family couldn’t be there, but Will was there. Will had invited all of the children from the neighborhood (Evan, Alyssa, and Philip) and his friend Amaya.

Will brought out a birthday cake for Daniel.

“You shouldn’t have,” Daniel said with a smile.

“I had to. It’s your birthday,” Will said with a tear in his eye.

“But, we can’t afford it,” Daniel whispered to him.

“You only become a teenager once,” Will whispered back. “Now blow out your candles,” he said aloud.

Daniel took after his brothers and turned out just as dashing.

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Will was filled with pride as he saw his brother grow-up well and transition to a teen. It was a minor miracle, he told himself, but he’d managed to make sure that Daniel hadn’t felt too much hardship in his life this far. He was doing well in school, and he was happy. It was almost all thanks to the sacrifices Will had made, but Will would have made them all again in a heartbeat. His brothers meant everything to Will.

Suddenly Will felt someone holding his hand. He looked up to see Amaya, who then reached for his other one and swung them lightly.

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She’s just being flirtatious. It doesn’t mean anything to her. She told you she doesn’t want a steady boyfriend. Will reminded himself of all of the reasons he shouldn’t get attached. But that didn’t steady his heartbeat or stop him from developing a serious crush on Amaya.

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“Amaya, you had better not make me fall in love with you,” Will joked before he pulled her over and gave her a noggy. He thought that horsing around might hide the fact that he was secretly falling in love with her.

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Both grandfathers and Klaus managed to make it home from work before the party was over. With the family complete, the party ended up a roof raiser. There was just one thing left to do. Grandpa Monty gave Daniel his birthday present, a chess set.

“But we can’t afford that,” Daniel protested.

“It’s a good investment for all of us. You can get fun, logic, comfort, and social out of it. It just happens to also be a great birthday present for you,” Grandpa Monty explained.

Daniel couldn’t argue with that. He’d wanted a chess set to learn logic ever since he’d outgrown his block set. And, it would benefit everyone.

That night Will went out to the backyard where his parents were buried. He knew it was suppose to be a happy time, and he was happy, but a part of him still felt sad. His parents should have been there to see this day.

“Mom, Dad,” he whispered, “Daniel grew-up well. He’s a teen, and he’s happy. There’s no chance that the social worker can take him away now, no matter how much I mess up from here. I did it. The family is still together. I didn’t let you down.”

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Will was crying so hard he almost didn’t hear Daniel approach. He quickly wiped his eyes and asked, “Sorry, Daniel. I know I should be inside. Did you need something?”

“No,” Daniel whispered. He walked over to the headstones and put an arm around his brother. “Thank you, for everything that you did for me. I know that you sacrificed a lot.”

Will had to force himself not to cry anymore. “I’m so proud of you,” he whispered around the lump in his throat.

“Tell me about them?” Daniel asked, glancing at the tombstones.

“How much do you remember,” Will asked in surprised. No one ever wanted to talk about Mom and Dad anymore.

“Not much. I remember Mom holding me before she died. I don’t really remember Dad.”

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“They were both really nice,” Will began. “And smart. Mom was a school teacher, and Dad was an adventurer. They cared about family a lot.”

“Why . . . why do you think they didn’t take out a life insurance policy? Why didn’t they come up with any kind of will to say what should happen to us? Do you think that they thought Grandfather Nicholas would take care of us instead of refusing?”

“You remember that?” Will asked.

“I will never forget that day, being told that I didn’t have a mommy anymore, and then the tears in your eyes when Grandfather Nicholas told you no. I didn’t understand at the time what he was saying no to, but the images of that day are burned into my head. Klaus explained it all to me when I was older and started asking questions.”

Will nodded. “I don’t think they realized that they could die so soon. They were young. Nobody thinks about dying that young. I was angry at them at first, too, especially because they didn’t even have life insurance to cover the burial costs, but I realize now it wasn’t their fault. They loved us very much. They just didn’t plan on dying.”

Daniel nodded. He mostly understood, even if he was still a little upset that his parents hadn’t planned for their care. “I wanted to talk to you about my aspiration. I’m a teen now, it’s time for me to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

“Do you have any ideas?” Will asked. He didn’t want to push his brother in one direction or another, although he clearly had preferences of what he would like for Daniel to choose.

“Well some things are definitely out. I don’t want to be a selfish romance sim like Grandfather Nicholas for sure. I don’t really want fortune either. It would be nice to have money to take care of the family, but fortune really is a selfish aspiration, too. I guess I want family. I’d like nice things and hot girls and fun . . . but when it comes down to it, family is what’s important. You’ve shown me that.”

“Family,” Will said with a smile. His eyes watered with tears for the third time that night.

The next day was Saturday, and the Turner family started the day with the traditional casual family breakfast. They all really enjoyed the time to relax, eat a full meal, and spend some time together as a family. Will even gave up his grudge and became best friends with Grandfather Nicholas. He couldn’t help being the type of sim he was, and he had contributed all of his wages to the family fund.

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Nicholas used the spring season to his advantage as he worked his way through woman. He made it to, let’s count them, 7 loves. In addition to Tiffany, Katy, and Regina we add

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He had so many ladies now, he couldn’t even remember all of their names. Let’s see there was Rebecca, Melissa, and Brandi, but was that hot blonde’s name? He couldn’t remember. Although not really his goal, Nich had also maxed out his influence potential by having so many girlfriends and other friends.

The spring season really made the teens long for love in their lives as well. Will had been waiting for so long for someone to love, Daniel craved a girlfriend because of his family aspiration, and Klaus was a teen and even knowledge teens wanted girlfriends. One day the boys came home from their private school

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but this time, they brought home a friend, and she was female. They hung out on the living room floor and got to know her better.

Will wasn’t too excited by her looks. He liked redheads or blondes with blue eyes, but he’d learned his lesson with Amaya. It was what was inside a person that was important. He needed to know more about her personality, and most importantly about her future aspirations.

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They found out her name was Shenene and that she was a libra, like Daniel. They also were relatively sure from her wants that she was a pleasure sim. That concerned all of the boys since pleasure didn’t really match well with any of them. Still, she was a girl, a teenage girl, that was available. The boys nearly broke out into a fight over her.

“Come on, she’s really my friend, she came home with me,” Daniel tried.

“You’re the youngest, you have the most time to find someone else,” Klaus explained.

“Please,” Will begged. “I know you both want her, but please . . . I . . . I’ve always looked out for the two of you, but . . . I’ve wanted a girlfriend for years, please . . .”

That settled the argument. Both Klaus and Daniel understood the sacrifices Will had made on their behalf, and he did deserve some happiness in life. Will had deprived himself for too long.

Will asked her if she wanted to go on an outing with the family. He wanted to ask her on a date, but he was too afraid she’d decline. He’d been rejected too many times in his life. He didn’t want to get hurt. But, he shouldn’t have worried. He and Shenene hit it off wonderfully.

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Will finally felt content. He’d always given his all into raising his brothers, and that made him feel proud and happy, but there had always been something missing. He’d never been able to fulfill any of his aspirations. He’d had dreams of that with Amaya, but she hadn’t wanted to settle down with him. He hoped that Shenene wouldn’t break his heart, too. She was, most likely, a pleasure sim, but sometimes sims outgrew such silly aspirations. Their personalities got along well, and she really seemed to care about him. The feeling of hugging her close made his dreams feel so much closer, like maybe it was possible for someone to love him.

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Will still had visions of his dead parents that night. He had them consistently every night, but this night felt different. He could see them together, like they were still together even after death. They seemed like happier ghosts. Perhaps they were pleased that their family was finally on the right track.

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Season Recap

1. Daniel turned into a teen. He chose family aspiration with a lifetime want of raising 20 kittens or puppies. He had a roof raiser party despite the fact that the party had to start without all of his family there.

2. Nicholas now has 7 loves and has had woohoo with most of them.

3. Will finally has a girlfriend, Shenene. She’s a libra, pleasure sim.

Author’s Notes

Will and Amaya held hands completely on their own, which led to Will’s crush. I hadn’t planned on letting him interact romantically with her, because I knew she’d just break his heart. But, it happened anyway.

Daniel turned out really good looking. I think I might have a new favorite sim.

I really struggled in deciding who to hook Shenene up with, but in the end I decided that Will needed the aspiration points the most. She may not be much to look at now, but with a makeover, I think she’ll be all right.


  1. I'm glad you gave Shenene to Will. I just love that boy--he is so noble and self-sacrificing. I had a lump in my throat reading about the conversation out by the gravestones. I'm glad he's come to acceptance of his romancing grandpa Nicholas, too. All in all, this family has come through much better than anyone might have feared. And you're right, Daniel is very handsome. I think it's funny that Grandpa Nick can't remember the names of all his ladies!

  2. Oooh, Daniel turned out to be a real hottie. You know, you can bring Amaya to college with Will and change her aspiration after sophomore year. Shenene looks okay, just way older than she is. I thought she was an adult at first glance.

  3. I'm so happy that Will has found Shenene.
    Grandpa Nicholas is doing very well with his love affairs and Daniel turned out really well didn't he?
    Great update. :)

  4. I am so Happy for Will. He deserves a little happiness in his life and they make a really cute couple.
    The other boys will find someone soon.

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