Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Alcide Post 1

This house is the third Winchester boy, Alcide, and his new bride, Frances Lum Winchester.  I put them in a prebuilt house for the first time in sims 3, but it took money from the legacy house to buy, so that’s fair.  They’ve got a cute cottage type house, but all the furnishings they’ll have to earn themselves.  Alcide just started out in the sports career, but he has maxed athletic skill already, so he should do well.  Frances’ lifetime want is golden fingers/golden tongue.  I put her in the politics career, which I think will be hard, but goes well with her lifetime want.


Alcide Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Artistic
  3. Athletic
  4. Family Oriented
  5. Handy

Lifetime Want—Reach the top of the sports career


Frances Lum Winchester

  1. Can’t Stand Art
  2. Easily Impressed
  3. Hopeless Romantic
  4. Light Sleeper
  5. Slob

Lifetime Want—Golden Fingers/Golden Tongue

Alcide and Frances really seem to love their new house.  I usually hate Maxis houses, and I was being lazy giving them this one, but it’s actually a really, really cute house.  I find myself doing things different than I normally do, but in a good way.  I really like it, and my sims do too.


I built a small pond in the backyard and had Alcide stock it with some basic fish.  Unfortunately I’ve read that you can never get a ‘great place to fish’ in a pond you stock, but it will be a good, quick place for my sims in the neighborhood to get a quick fun burst or work on a bit of fishing skill when time is short before work or when they need to stay close to home with kids.


Alcide already has the athletic skill maxed, but I’ve been working on the body builder challenge with him.  He achieves that within a few days of being a young adult.  That also means I’ve achieved all of the athletic skill challenges between Jessie and Alcide.


Frances and Alcide both want a child right away, so I let them try.


And they do get pregnant right away too.


Frances spent her maternity leave at the park and near the shops performing her guitar to work on her guitar skill and earn tips.  She did pretty well earning money that way.


Baby time!



By request, it’s Sookie from True Blood!


Sookie Winchester

  1. Easily Impressed
  2. Good

Sookie is my first non-werewolf sim, so I thought I’d try to make her traits match book/tv Sookie.

Sookie’s family tree.  I wanted to show you Frances’ so you can see Uncle Lawrence, too.




Uncle Connor is a great babysitter.  That’s one way to do it.  I love that they can do some other things while holding the baby in Sims 3.


Sookie’s Birthday Party:


Rene’s so fun and nice he even gets Toby dancing.




Sookie Winchester

  1. Easily Impressed
  2. Good

Notice that I tried to see if you can see eye color as a baby, but I don’t think you can.  I thought hers were going to be like Frances’, but they’re like Alcide’s.  I think she’s very pretty and very Sookie-like.

Here’s some pictures of little Sookie.



One of my favorite things in sims 3 is watching what my neighbors are doing.  Here’s an adorable picture of Sam and Tommy bonding in their backyard.  They live next door to Alcide.


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  1. Aww, Sookie is going to be a cutie. I also noticed that there are some pretty rad hairstyles going on in this round. Love Sookie's little side braid.