Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Christy Post 1

Christy is the oldest of the triplets.  She married Andres March, a firefighter with base game.  I bought Ambitions almost exclusively for Andres, so he could get his firefighter job back.    So, yay, I have Ambitions now!  I might incorporate some parts of the career challenge into my play now too.

We start off by Andres getting his firefighter job back.  Also, as soon as I had enough points, I changed Andres’ lifetime wish to the firefighter one, rescue 30 sims from fires.  That might be hard, harder than reaching the top of the firefighter career, but I really wanted him to be a firefighter from the moment Christy noticed him.


I’ve found that the firefighter career is super, super easy.  It’s much easier than traditional careers because you can send your sim to work hungry or with low fun and improve those things while at work!  My normal sims are almost always late for work, but I found myself sending him to work extra early because he could replenish his needs easier at the nice firehouse anyway.  Most of the time he eats, showers, and has some fun at first at work. 

Here’s Andres ‘working’:


You can work on skills after hours and gain job experience.  There really isn’t a start and stop time for this job, just hours during which you might have to respond to a fire.  But Andres increased levels many times not during working hours.


The huge downside of it to me is that he hardly seems to get paid anything at all.  He gets paid weekly on Sunday afternoon.  That meant I had to play the whole round without money from his job.  Hard!  He did get money for putting out a fire, but I only had 3 fires this week, so that didn’t amount to much.  He got paid a lot less than Christy this week.  What’s really missing are promotion bonuses.

Here’s some pictures of Andres fighting fires.  At first I was kind of scared for him.  Fire is dangerous and scary in sims.  But I find I enjoy the challenge and puzzle of putting everything out and getting everything necessary done.


Now he’s finally looking like the Andres Christy fell in love with.


Part of the firefighter job requirements is improving athletic skill, so I had Andres do strength workouts.  That really helped his job.


But oh my goodness he got buff really quickly!  He’s only athletic level 5, but he got all the way muscular super fast.  I can’t believe how body builder he looks so fast.


Christy worked at her job in law enforcement.  She’s athletic and easily maxed out the athletic skill.


And she worked after hours on her job too.  I learned from experience with her mother.  I had Christy question her brothers and sisters for police reports.  “Hey, Alcide, can I question you for work?”

Alcide:  “What?  I didn’t do anything!”

Christy:  “Oh, I know.  Apparently this is a good, friendly thing.  They just want to know what you’re into and it helps my progress at work.”

Alcide:  “Oh, okay, Sis”


Christy also dug through the trash of some houses in the neighborhood, hoping to stumble upon a criminal, but I don’t think we had much luck.


Here’s another awesome thing from Sims 3.  If you invite over someone with a toddler, they might bring the toddler with them.  So cute!


Christy and Andres are very much in love.  I think they have great genetics.  They want kids, and I definitely want to use them to create new characters, but they had to wait this round.  They were just too broke from not getting a paycheck from Andres’ job, and I wanted to focus on their careers first anyway.



  1. Yay, Andres is a firefighter again! I really like this couple. I can't wait until they have babies.

  2. You're so good with keeping your sims from having babies. I seem to have a hard time not to breed them. (Getting better though, with a soon-to-be overcrowded Prosperity challenge) :)

  3. LOL, I wasn't so good at keeping them from having babies in the beginning. Morgana and Jessie had six!