Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Alicia Post 1

This house is Alicia, one of Jessie Winchester’s triplet girls, and her new husband Connor Baum Winchester.  Alicia is ambitious and wants to be doctor.  Connor is snobby and a schmoozer.  He wants to create the perfect wine cellar, but I think I’m going to change his lifetime wish when I have the points.  I put him in the business career.

Alicia gets into the medical career right away and makes good progress in promotions.   Her logical is really high, and since she’s ambitious I have her work hard all the time.


I let Connor get a nectar maker and work on gardening.  I used testingcheatsenabled true buydebug to buy it.  I don’t really feel the urge to play with World Adventures vacations much.  I’ve never played around with nectar making so I’ll give it a try, but that cellar just sounds crazy hard.  I think it’s just going to be a nectar making hobby, which should work well with the business career because business doesn’t require a skill to progress.  But goodness nectar making is hard!  Gardening is hard enough because it doesn’t increase fun and decreases hygiene horribly.  But on top of that you have to add the nectar making, which doesn’t increase fun very much at all.  The combinations to make good nectar is hard to figure out too.  I’m not really having too much fun with it, but I’m going to give it a shot with playing around.  Any advice on nectar making would be greatly appreciated.


Alicia easily maxed out her logic skill and completed the Celestial Explorer skill challenge.  She’d spent a lot of time on the telescope as a child and teen.


Alicia and Connor seem to be having an easier time with money due to all of Alicia’s promotions, so they try for a baby sooner than Christy and Andres.


Why is it that when you start trying for a baby thinking that if it takes a few times that’s okay, you get pregnant right away?  Oh well.


It’s a girl.  Note this is the first time that eating apples has failed me, but I think I had her eat the third one too late in her pregnancy.  Anyway, here’s baby Selene.  Selene is a vampire, not a werewolf in my roleplay.  Think Selene from Underworld.


Selene Winchester

  1. Perceptive
  2. Disciplined

Alicia ends the round as a medical resident, and Connor is a corporate drone by the end of this round.

Since this is the end of a round, I thought I’d start keeping track of my accomplishments.

Lifetime Wants Accomplished:

  • Top of Military Career—Jessie
  • Raise Six Children from Baby to Teen—Morgana
  • Perfect Aquarium—Matty

Top of Careers Accomplished:

  • Military—Jessie
  • Forensics—Morgana
  • Medical—Matty

Skill Challenges Accomplished:

  • Athletic—Marathon Runner—Jessie
  • Athletic—Fitness Nut (Cardio)—Jessie
  • Athletic—Strong Man (Strength)—Alcide
  • Charisma—Celebrity—Frances
  • Charisma—Personable—Frances
  • Fishing—Amateur Ichthyologist—Matty
  • Handiness—Plumber—Jessie
  • Handiness—Tinkerer—Jessie
  • Logic—Celestial Explorer—Alicia

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  1. Those skill challenges look fun, though I have to admit, the winemaking seems very complicated. It reminds me of when I was trying to figure out the juicer in sims 2: eventually, I just gave up and looked up the recipes for all the possible concoctions because I got tired of trying to figure them out.