Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Werewolves of Baton Rouge—Matty Post 3

I think I might be at the point I need to start reminding people who is in the house we’re at.  This house has Jessie’s eldest son Matty, his wife Brenna, and their two children Sam and Tommy.  Matty is at the top of the medical career already and Brenna is working her way up the rock music star career.

We start the round with a double birthday party for Sam and Tommy.  Sam is becoming a teen, and Tommy is becoming a child.  Sam blows out the candles first.


Sam Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Absent Minded
  3. Technophobe
  4. Loner

Poor Sam is not having good luck with the trait roles.  He looks almost exactly like his father, though.  Really he looks just like Matty at this age.

Here’s an adorable picture of Uncle Toby playing with baby Tommy at the party.  Even though he’s a loner, Toby’s such a sweet guy.


Now it’s Tommy’s turn to blow out the candles, but wait, what, oh no!  Fire!  Fire!  No, no!!!  Alcide, you’re on fire!  You can’t die now, no!  Someone put out those flames!



I was really scared he was going to die, but he survived, barely.  All of his family were so grateful to have him still alive.  They came up and hugged him one after another.



Let’s try this again.  Birthday time, Tommy.


Aww, you’re a cute little boy. 


Tommy Winchester

  1. Loves the Outdoors
  2. Heavy Sleeper
  3. Daredevil

And it looks like he might already have a little girlfriend/future love interest, maybe.  I’ve found that girls that are adorable as children don’t always stay that way as teens.  But he definitely has a best friend for now.



“Uncle Alcide, that fire was sooo cool.  I love fire, but maybe you should stay away from fires.  Daddy says don’t play with matches.  You could get all burned up.”


Sam is a loner now and likes spending his time reading in his room and going out fishing alone.


But he does have a crush on his former babysitter.  She’s kind of cute, so I let him get romantic with her.


Hope this doesn’t mean she’s a heartbreaker.




Brenna’s doing well in her career as a rock star.  She’s slowly making progress up the career ladder.  I think she’s a lead guitarist (level 8), so she’s getting there.


I saw a couple of weird/interesting/unique things this round.  First Matty teleported back to my main legacy house to hang out with Toby, Allyson, Amber, and Rene.  When he teleported, he showed up naked!  Teleporter malfunction, I guess.  He got the embarrassed moodlet from it.  It was entertaining.


Then when Matty was fishing at the graveyard, I noticed a little girl ghost.  I didn’t realize there were children ghosts in the graveyard.  She got on a bicycle.  This was so odd and intriguing to me, I followed her.  She went to the hospital on her bike.  I wonder if she died of sickness as a little girl and is haunting the hospital.  Or maybe I've just been watching too much Supernatural.



I leave you with the family tree at this point.  It’s weird seeing Jessie and Morgana as ghosts.


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  1. I definitely love the ghosts more in sims 3. And they seem like they have more realistic reactions to things, which is nice... like the hugging after the fire.

    Glad you didn't have any birthday immolations this round. :)